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  • Only 52% of respondents feel comfortable talking to their GP about emotional and mental health issues. 41% of respondents did not know what was confidential when they visited their GP.
  • We hope to help young people become more empowered in their relationships with services and GPs.
  • Made locally, relevant nationally
  • Right here project

    1. 1. Right Here Brighton and Hove• Who we are: – Lily Blackmore – Campaigns Volunteer – Rebecca Morley-Wilson – Campaigns Volunteer – Mark Cull – Project Manager – Rose Allett – Campaigns Coordinator – Rob Trounce – Digital Media Officer
    2. 2. Right Here initiative• 5 year pilot• Funded and managed by MHF and PHF• National Programme• Brighton & Hove, Fermanagh, Sheffield, Newham• Evaluated by the Tavistock Institute
    3. 3. Right Here Brighton & Hove• Sussex Central YMCA and Mind in Brighton & Hove• Resilience building activities• Campaigns and health promotion• Peer-led research• Fast track counselling
    4. 4. Our work with GPs – 1. GP research• GP research – Young people’s views and experiences of GP services in relationship to emotional and mental health• Ask yourself: Do your clients (aged 16-25) understand what confidentiality means within your service? Do your clients have a choice of gender specific practitioners allocated to their care? Are young people who have been referred by a GP given enough information about your service before their first appointment with you? Is your service available at times which suit young people and their lifestyles? Are young people equal participants in decisions made about their care within your service? How knowledgeable are you about other services within your area that can help young people accessing your service? In the context of your service and your relationships with your clients, how empowered are the young people you support?
    5. 5. Our work with GPs – 2. Assessment visits• Good practice guide• GP practice visits• Sample questions: – How aware are your staff of young people’s issues? – Are confidentiality policies clearly displayed and explained? – Is there information about young people’s rights available on the website or in the surgery?
    6. 6. Our work with GPs – 3. How Can I
    7. 7. Innovation labs• Brainstorming and developing digital products to benefit young people’s mental health and wellbeing• Right Here’s involvement: – Doc Ready – My Places
    8. 8. Doc Ready• An application and/or website geared towards preparing a young person to visit their GP• Currently in the design phase• Will be developed over the next year
    9. 9. Doc Ready case study• Scenario
    10. 10. Case study - paired discussion• If you were using Doc Ready, what functions / features would be helpful to you with preparing this young person to go to their GP?• Please write answers on the provided Post-it notes• Some of your feedback…
    11. 11. WTGF and My Places
    12. 12. Screenshots of the website (3 or 4) (particularly mental health pages)
    13. 13. Questions or comments?• Come and talk to us in the coffee break if you have questions about Doc Ready, Right Here creating a Where To Go For website in your locality, Right Here’s work, or anything else!• Thanks for listening and taking part.