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Facility  Remodel  Project  Powerpoint
Facility  Remodel  Project  Powerpoint
Facility  Remodel  Project  Powerpoint
Facility  Remodel  Project  Powerpoint
Facility  Remodel  Project  Powerpoint
Facility  Remodel  Project  Powerpoint
Facility  Remodel  Project  Powerpoint
Facility  Remodel  Project  Powerpoint
Facility  Remodel  Project  Powerpoint
Facility  Remodel  Project  Powerpoint
Facility  Remodel  Project  Powerpoint
Facility  Remodel  Project  Powerpoint
Facility  Remodel  Project  Powerpoint
Facility  Remodel  Project  Powerpoint
Facility  Remodel  Project  Powerpoint
Facility  Remodel  Project  Powerpoint
Facility  Remodel  Project  Powerpoint
Facility  Remodel  Project  Powerpoint
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Facility Remodel Project Powerpoint


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  • 12 feet is the standard span for structural beams
  • Transcript

    • 1. Media Center Facility Project
      Presented by Paula Hunt
      October 2008
    • 2.
    • 3. J. G. Smith Elementary
      J. G. Smith Elementary School was
      chartered in 1950. It is located at
      210 Lamara Drive near Habersham Village
      in Savannah, GA. It is a Title 1 school and serves as the Traditional Magnet school for the Savannah Chatham County Public School System. J.G. Smith focuses on mastering basic academic skills and developing effective study habits with an emphasis placed on citizenship and American Heritage. It offers accelerated programs as well as certified special education programs to 412 students from pre-K thru 5th grade. It also offers art, band, strings, chorus, safety patrol and numerous other clubs. It is no wonder that students and faculty alike roar with pride and are happy to be a part of lion tradition.
    • 4. Welcome to the Media Center at J.G. Smith Elementary School
    • 5. Existing Media Center
      Book Return
      Fiction/Picture Books
      Supply Storage
      Circulation Desk
      Book Storage
      Computer Area
      Chapter Books
      Teacher Resource
      Equipment Storage
    • 6. Book Return & Circulation Desk
      Students return books to the cubby designated for their classroom. The location is convenient and the space can be used to sort books before checking them in.
      The circulation desk is new - as is the flat screen computer hidden behind our greenery. The red star basket holds markers for students to use while looking for books.
    • 7. Computers and Resource Areas
      The M.C. has six computers and one printer available for students and teachers. They are at the front of the MC in a busy pathway.
      The teacher resource/conference area is another example of our limited space. This area is must often double as a prep area for books.
    • 8. Office and Work areas
      The laminator is in the back of the Media Center. Because this is next to the stage, it cannot be used during story time or presentations. Notice the mechanical unit in the video closet.
      The Media Specialist’s “office” is squeezed in between non-fiction and the kitchen. There is very little work surface and the oversized chair makes it even more cramped.
    • 9. Bookshelves and Stage
      The media center has 11000 volumes located on shelving units that are 42” and 60” high. Picture books are located on the lower shelves making access easy for younger students. The shorter shelves also allow for book display along with the two-sided display table. Chapter books are on the stage.
      The artwork was done by students at the school. It’s great, but cannot be easily updated or added to.
    • 10. How would you change the Media Center if you had a million dollars?
      5th Grade survey answers
    • 11. Remodel - Structure
      I wanted a big change for our media center, but I also wanted to see what might be truly possible in terms of a remodel.
      Structurally I added 12 feet to the entire width of the existing space and removed the plywood walls that were added to create the storage closets. I moved the least used school storage closet to the mechanical /VCR. This also gives access from the hall. I expanded the space from the other closets to create an office for the Media Specialist. A large picture window in the wall would allow for a clear view of the entire room. For easy access, all doors would be at least 32” and passageways
      would be at least 36”.
      The biggest (and most expensive) change would be to relocate and update the kitchen and create a large storage area in the existing kitchen space
      (Existing Kitchen)
    • 12. Mural above circulation
      Student Work Display
      Audio Books
      MS Office
      Fiction Middle Grades
      Story time chair
      Display Table
      Exterior Entrance
      Chapter Books
      Research Comp.
      Easy Reading
      Prep Area
      Teacher Resource
      Pro. Board
      Die Cutter
    • 13. Remodel - Decor
      To add a touch (just a touch) of practicality, I reused some existing fixtures such as the bookshelves, but I brought in brighter tables and chairs with varying cutouts to better fit the younger students as well as to add color. The color scheme would be woods with greens, blues and deep oranges and reds to blend with a rainforest rug and mural that would
      set the theme.
      Easy reading tables in “frog green”
      Optional tabletop for one of the easy reading tables
      Animal cut-out chair
      Remodel – Decor
    • 14. New Entry Area
      Sofa and Chairs
      Research Computer Stations
      Students will jump for joy!
    • 15. The existing two-sided display table would be painted a high gloss deep orange and relocated in the seating area for easy access to books and magazines.
      This entry seating area with sofa and chairs plus heavy duty beanbags (see photo at left) on the stage would give the students the comfortable seating they all asked for.
      A new rocking chair would be located at the base of the stage for story time. Also (as one Kindergarten teacher requested) I would purchase a puppet theater and puppets. This could be used for story time and creative writing class. More overhead light (a combination of general drop-in fluorescent panels and down-lights with pendants over the seating area) plus a lamp on stage will provide needed lighting.
    • 16. The added computer/classroom allows for larger classes (while the four frog computer stations in the entry area are fun for individual students as a place to do research, play educational games, take AR tests, etc.) The computer tables are light weight and have casters for easy conversion into group work areas. The height is adjustable to allow
      for smaller students as well as
      wheelchair access. Laptops
      And wireless internet add
      to the freedom of design.
      Finally, a new prep area and a conference room will add much needed work space and privacy.
      Computer /classroom furniture
      table & chair
      Task Chair – Indigo blue upholstery
    • 17. Thanks for visiting
      J. G. Smith Media Center.
      Come again soon.
    • 18. Lounge sofa & chair: Gaylord Library Furniture
      Features fire retardant foam cushions on steel spring support and hardwood frame. Chair (HT5301) $810.00 Sofa (HT303) $1545.00
      Computer/classroom table: Gaylord Library Furniture
      Features a wire management system, adjustable height (22”-32”) and casters. (SSPA11164) $549.00
      Conference Table and chairs: Gaylord Library Furniture
      Conference table (RAE3672-137) features wire management and optional power domes (RDOME40) that hold 4 electrical outlets. Table $675.00 Power dome $191.00 Chairs $172.00 ea
      Task Chairs: Gaylord Library Furniture
      Task chairs have padded seats and polyurethane vented backs. Chairs meet CA 117 and surpass ANSI standards. (47-103A-121) $379.00
      Student Tables and chairs: TMC Furniture, Inc.
      “Lorca” Table available in round, square & rectangular tops on tubular metal legs and glides. Tops are available in laminate, wood veneer or custom. 36 round (T36L15) $790.00 30x60 (T3060L15) $927.00
      “Lorca” Chair is lightweight and stackable up to 10 high, available in a variety of stain colors and cut-out styles. (HT5301) $345.00
      Computer Carrel: TMC Furniture, Inc.
      “Perimeter” carrel has metal legs and guides to match the Lorca series, comes in a variety of designs, may be specified with power/data and computer access components, available 26” or 29” high.
      Bean bag: Highsmith
      Meets California code117 for flame resistance, refills available
      Chair (W11-59809) $36.59 Refills $17.34
      Puppet Theater and puppets: Creativity Institute
      The theater is compact and portable – 36”w x 14”d x 52”h open, folds flat to 4” d. The theater includes the set of people puppets for $212.47 and the animal set can be added for $119.74
      Rocking chair: Rocking Chair University – custom made rockers