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Company presentation People help People - One World
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Company presentation People help People - One World


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Presentation of People help People - One World, a NGO with development projects in and around Moshi, Tanzania

Presentation of People help People - One World, a NGO with development projects in and around Moshi, Tanzania

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  • 1. Development at the grassroots Help that really matters.
  • 2. People help People – One world Our foundation 1985: Establishment of the association „Citizen Partnership Third World Idstein“ by Ruth Hofbauer, Dr. Werner Schuster and several other community activists 1986: First project with the construction of a water pipeline in Chekereni Weruweru July 2009: Latest Board election December 2009: Renamed „Citizen Partnership One World“ January 2010: International naming: People help People – One World March 2010: Finalization of a water supply project in Machame Mwera April 2010: Start of 3 new projects: Water supply Msareni Primary School, School funds and maintainance work Ludao Day Care Center, Construction of 7 Secondary Schools in District Uru 1
  • 3. People help People – One world Tanzania „Uhuru na Umoja“ (Swahili „Freedom and unity“) • 41 Mio inhabitants • 127 languages • GDP 415 $ / head • Ranked 151 world-development index Germany • 82 Mio inhabitants • GDP 44660 $ / head • Ranked 6 world-development-index 2
  • 4. Moshi, tanzania Moshi – Profile & Problems • Moshi is located in the northeast of Tanzania, close to the Mount Kilimanjaro, one of 26 districts • 120.000 people live in Moshi downtown. It covers an area of 77 sq km • Main sources of income are trade, small business enterprises and agriculture • Main problems include lack of water supply, Youth unemployment and lack of funding to support the educational system 3
  • 5. The objective: help to help themselves People help People to help themselves The projects of „People help People – One World“ support people in Tanzania to improve their living conditions long-term wise. For a better future. 4
  • 6. How? Education is the basis of any action to help. Only with an adequate education people can: - Identify problems - Analyze problems - Work solutions - Implement solutions Education is the foundation of development. 5
  • 7. How? Educationfor the children of Tanzania. Because education is the foundation for a better future. 6
  • 8. The situation Education is compulsory only for primary schools in Tanzania. There, children acquire the basic knowledge of reading writing Arithmetic Enough to build on. But not enough to design the future. 7
  • 9. the Situation Secondary schools make the difference. Secondary schools provide general education. Secondary schools help children to understand problems and to define solution to help themselves. Secondary schools are building a robust foundation for a better future. 8
  • 10. The help People help People - One World actually runs 9 different development projects linked to education in and around Moshi: 1 Msiriwa Secondary School (pilot) 2 Mruwia Secondary School 3 Mangi Sabbas Secondary School 4 Mawella Secondary School 5 Mnin Secondary School 6 Shimbwe Secondary School 7 Kisarika Secondary School 8 Msareni Primary School 9 Ludao Day Care Centre 9
  • 11. The help 7 secondary schools in district Uru Institution Secondary School Ordinary Level duration 4 years, form 8 to 11 Language English Exam National Exam: Certificate of Secondary School Exam (CSEE) Msiriwa Secondary School serves as a pilot to transfer the experience of this project to 6 other schools. A comprehensive field study will be in place as of August / September to identify synergies, such as the construction of a central school kitchen. 10
  • 12. The help 1 Primary School in district Uru With the construction of a water supply pipeline People help People – On world ensures that fewer school days lost through illness and fewer school hours have to be sacrificed for the daily fetching of water. 11
  • 13. The help 1 Day Care Centre in Moshi An institution that also prepares orphans and half-orphans to go to school. People help People – One World ensures that these children can visit regularly the Ludao Day Care Centre via financing the school fees. We also invest behind maintainance of building and interieur. Recently the rain harvest system was renewed. 12
  • 14. The help 1 Day Care Centre in Moshi Glory, Christina, Martin, Lilian, Catherine, Nasra, Karim, Malica, Ahadiel, Clinton, Elisha, Joshua, Johnson, Emanuel, Lwice, Viola, Jackline, Winnie, Mourine, Allan and John are looking forward to regularly visit the Ludao Day Care Centre. 13
  • 15. The help These kind of sub-projects are supported by People help People - One World - Water supply - Power supply - Class rooms - Furniture - Kitchen - Text books - Laboratories - Drug supply - school fees 14
  • 16. The success People help People - One World ensures education of more than 3000 children annually. 15
  • 17. Your help is needed To continue the projects successfully, we need: - Sponsors of school fee projects - Sponsors of text book and drug projects - Sponsors of water supply, power supply and laboratories projects - Sponsors of furniture projects - Supporters of People help People - One World in general. 16
  • 18. Our promise Help that really matters. Transparency is one of People help People - One World’s core principle. Each and every donor can track exactly which project he or she supports. 17
  • 19. Our promise Help that really matters. All employees of People help People - One World are volunteers. 100% of all donations will flow into the project work. The low administration and money transfer costs are covered by the contributions of our members. 18
  • 20. Our promise Help that really matters. Thanks to close cooperation with local partners and regular monitoring visits we can guarantee that 100% of all donations are used as planned. 19
  • 21. Your contact Would you like to help create a foundation for the future of Tanzania? Bernhard Wingerberg, Chairman Telephone: +49 (0) 6126-202313 Mobile: +49 (0)173-3231302 Email: 20
  • 22. We thank you People help People - One World thanks on behalf of the children in Tanzania for your attention 21