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Channel%20 Brochure%20 Lo%20 Res

  1. 1. Dynamic disruption and applied innovation Channel ServiCeS aCCreditation Programme
  2. 2. “ Our NGN offers unparalleled competitive advantage to the channel. They can hand-off any number of converged services via a single NGN connection as physically different cables out of separate ports at the customer premise” Simon Acott Sales Director, Exponential-e Many service providers claim to have an NGN Exponential-e’s Next-Generation Network is diffErENt “ We were very impressed with the real benefits of the Exponential-e VPLS solution over a standard NGN. Exponential-e’s Next-Generation Network... Working with Exponential-e has allowed us to design ...translates into a highly-compelling channel proposition. Exponential-e is the proud holder of the 2009 Comms and deliver our solutions in a way we couldn’t before. The award-winning service is a convergence solution based on wide-area Ethernet and VPLS. The channel get Business Award for “Most Innovative Channel Service”. The service provider’s MPLS NGN and Ethernet (VPLS) VPLS makes the ideal delivery platform for deploying a flexible conduit of highly-adaptable bandwidth with interface is highly attractive for channel customers our hosted communications and for supporting our a simple Ethernet interface. Exponential-e will package who get all the simplicity and easy-to-use benefits of specialist channel services alongside those of its own Ethernet with the robust networking characteristics OPEX-based, application-on-demand delivery model” (and even those of third parties if required) into new of MPLS. Lesley Hansen, Group Marketing Director, TeleWare PLC and very unique converged propositions. Delivered as “ Consistently providing our clients with the very best part of a bundle, each service is securely separated Exponential-e has its own 10Gigabit Ethernet network and handed off to the customer on different cables at which gives it substantial reach throughout the UK their premise. VPLS then unites all locations into a single LAN-like WAN. as well as a penetrating international presence. The company continues to invest heavily in its in business continuity means keeping up-to-date Exponential-e’s channel partners get to create enticing, infrastructure and, since it does not sell to residential consumers, makes its network decisions based purely with cutting-edge technology. Exponential-e were innovative bouquets of ICT solutions and deliver these converged propositions from the service provider’s on the needs of its business customers. the clear choice, due to the technology surrounding state-of-the-art service platform. All new services come their network and their experience within the neatly wrapped up with Exponential-e’s outstanding service levels and performance guarantees. “ Most Innovative Channel Service” financial community”. Comms Business Award 2009 Joe Sluys, Managing Director, Sentronex 02 New Channel Services 03
  3. 3. Exponential-e’s accredited “Innovators” blend the Alternatively resellers may wish to award-winning features of the service providers white-label Exponential-e solutions channel solution with their own specialist services under their own name. Either way the to build appealing new solutions. company has a solution to suit. “ We now have the scalability, resilience, security and Channel can exploit Exponential-e gained from real life deployments separation in wide-area, multi-site scenarios we’d channel solutions to radically transform the way they deliver services and with over 600 customers) simplifies the WAN. VPLS pipes a simple-to-use normally only expect in the LAN and all delivered engage with customers. Ethernet layer over the wide area at a competitive price point. In short we have one from which all customer sites can be Exponential-e’s pioneering use of managed and supported as though resilient platform from which we can do anything” Virtual Private LAN Service technology they are extensions of the same local denny Meijer Co-founder and CTO at Scalable Communications (of which the service provider now has area network. over three years of direct experience deliver channel services differently with a WAN tHAt tHiNkS it’S A LAN Exponential-e’s white labelled channel solution Flood the spare capacity with your specialist * Opt to have Exponential-e’s powerful converged solutions pre-loaded with its services. Converge via secure VLANS. industrial-strength business Internet service. { Channel partners may wish to bundle in Exponential-e’s managed firewall or perhaps SIP-enable a toll-quality voice service and use the converged connection to connect directly into their existing voice provider. Other capacity on the connection could be securely separated and used to support the VAR’s own specialist services. The flexibility of the channel solution is Exponential-e’s key channel value-add is helping to create a ideal for taking to market “off the shelf” simply priced and packaged combinations series of bespoke bundles. Exciting new combinations of services of services from different providers. are supported by competitive pricing with substantial room for Secure separation of services on different a channel margin. The possibilities are endless... ports. Flexible bandwidth per service with associated QoS. 04 New Channel Services 05
  4. 4. Exponential-e’s Channel Programme “ Exponential-e values its channel partners Our extensive channel programme provides Referrer Power Reseller Accredited Innovator training programmes for both sales and our services to provide value-adding support throughout the sales process. This category is ideal for our partners This is for those of our channel partners who This category includes accreditation at pre-sales executives as well as a range of solutions to their own reseller base. A who have clients with requirements for wish to resell our portfolio as it stands. Power three levels – silver; gold and platinum. marketing activities shown below. Critical key feature of our wholesale distribution Channel Engagement corporate WANs and associated managed Resellers have the choice of leveraging our Our silver, gold and platinum Innovators use to this training will be specific modules programme is the training we give to the We offer four engagement models which services but who do not wish to own the name and brand to re-sell our market-leading the award-winning features of our channel designed to productise your specialist distributor’s nominated representative reflect the nature of the relationship our long term relationship with the client solutions. Alternatively the Power Reseller solution to build bespoke and highly- services within our NGN service-wrap. who is trained to become an accredited channel partners wish to have with us. in relation to these requirements. This may choose to white-label our solutions innovative go-to-market propositions. The Marketing development funds are made Exponential-e trainer in their own right. Each method provides a range of benefits category is particularly ideal for partners and re-badge them in their own name. All bespoke solution draws on the combined available to our Accredited Innovators once Accredited companies in this category designed to help our partners identify whose core offering is not wide-area data the required information for either route is strengths of the accredited Innovator pre-agreed revenue targets are reached. also benefit from market development and convert more and more opportunities networking and voice. Exponential-e’s available within the channel portal. Power and Exponential-e’s next-generation funds once pre-agreed revenue targets in their respective parts of the market. Referrers act as our agents to introduce Resellers own the end customer and bill their convergence solutions. Innovators can bundle Wholesale Distributor (accredited) have been achieved as well as marketing Channel partners must be accredited to be our next-generation-network portfolio to customers directly. Sales and Marketing in a range of services including those from This category includes accreditation at support for a pre-agreed number of days given “Innovator” or “Wholesale Distribution” their clients in exchange for a referral fee support and marketing development funds third party suppliers. Accredited Innovators three levels – silver; gold and platinum. per month. status as described below. which is calculated as a percentage of the are made available once specific revenue get access to our accreditation programme The category is specifically designed contracted term. targets have been achieved. which includes structured and formal for our larger partners who wish to use ACCrEditAtioN ProGrAMME Advanced sales training Delegates are taught about the full capabilities of our next-generation network and how it translates Structured pre-sales training Pre-sales training will take a deeper technical look at our combined proposition. Whilst the Support at every stage of the sales process NGN service-wrap. We will hold a series of workshops engaging all relevant parts of the business to build a tailored go-to-market You will be introduced to the marketing team and a joint plan agreed. Marketing support is given to support your own activities into compelling propositions for their clients. Each participant will modules will explore how opportunities can be qualified and proposition around the combined expertise of our two organisations. on a ratio of 1:1 and a marketing interface is required on the be shown how to identify and convert NGN opportunities as well converted, the modules will also show how to design solutions The workshop will scope what the new solution will look like and channel side. as how to articulate our joint offering from both a strategic and around the specific needs of individual clients. The training will how it can be differentiated in the market. Actions for taking it to technical perspective. The proposition will be put in context of give greater detail around the technical attributes of each service market will be highlighted and agreed. Channel portal Password access into Exponential-e’s closed the wider market and the evolution of WAN technologies to-date. as well as service level agreements and service schedules; QoS; user community for channel partners makes available a whole Recent case studies will be used throughout. Delegates will be hardware and product features. Further modules are available Marketing development fund A marketing development fund suite of materials, information and tools. As part of the partner walked through our internal processes and procedures. You will be on request allowing you to tailor-make your training program is available for our accredited partners once pre-agreed revenue community, partners have the opportunity to list their specialist shown the tools and systems we make available to you including according to need. All Participants are required to pass an exam targets are met. Partners should submit a marketing plan detailing areas and advertise them to the rest of our partner community. pricing, operational support and the network operation centre. on completion. the specific activities to be undertaken with the fund. A return This allows our partners to develop as a single eco-system and Additional customised modules are available as an extension to on marketing investment of 15:1 should be achieved via these benefits from the skills of other partners. Exponential-e will the core agenda depending on the accreditation category and Discounted pricing below what is normally made available to activities and should be clearly shown in the marketing plan. facilitate the introductions so that contact is only made if both needs of the partner. These may include a deeper look at the voice our non-accredited resellers gives the opportunity for enhanced parties are willing. proposition; security; virtualisation, storage or other managed retail margins. Marketing support Marketing activities in the form of white solutions. All Participants are required to pass an exam on completion. labelled materials, messaging, news releases, events, collateral Integration with other departments with your account Tailored workshops Available to “Accredited Innovators” who and presentations. The level of support provided will depend on the manager always remaining your primary point of contact. wish to bundle their own specialist services within our converged commitment levels you have agreed with your account manager. 06 New Channel Services 07
  5. 5. fiLLiNG tHE Void Adrian Hobbins, CTO of Exponential-e, on the channel benefits of Next Generation Networks The channel vacuum Filing the void the “service” provider, meaning a travesty as it really limits the network where fixed bandwidth means WAN management Ethernet and MPLS. This is not A recent reader poll by So to fill the void let me scope that the access provider (the channel benefit. allocation per service means doesn’t need specialist skills to the case if your NGN provider Comms Business showed out the channel benefits of service provider that provides unused bandwidth gets lost. be deployed and used. has used layer 2 Ethernet in the that the channel isn’t an NGN as I see them in the the access to the NGN) may In a true NGN world the core. In such a case Ethernet receiving sufficient way that we do with our own be different than the service channel will have the complete The process of allocating There are also speed has been used as a service information from network channel partners every day. For provider that provides various freedom to:- bandwidth according to class advantages. A good NGN is layer with an MPLS core at its service providers about the purposes of this exercise services, such as voice and a) leverage their own internal of service by an NGN is called an incredibly fast, low-latency heart. Ethernet is added to the benefits that Next- I am going to assume that all video communication, e-mail, services Hierarchical Quality of network due to the fact that provide a simple and highly- Generation Networks (NGNs) NGNs are the same. This is a stock quotes, or other services. b) opt for some of the NGN Service and it is vital that your it has a switched core which, familiar user interface into can offer them. huge assumption as there are provider’s services NGN provider supports this put simply, means traffic gets which services can be built. a lot of providers out there So what’s the channel c) keep their own existing suppliers critical feature, otherwise the transported in one single push Customers get all the benefits Perhaps that’s not surprising touting their “NGN capabilities”. benefit of all this? d) and then add as many third benefits of convergence will throughout the network without of robust MPLS engineering when you take a look at the My advice would be to always Well firstly that new bespoke party suppliers as they wish be compromised. What’s more, the need for lots of time- combined with the ease of starting point of many of these check that your NGN provider bundles of services can be In the strictest sense, an NGN the channel gets to hand- consuming re-directs. Great use and simplicity of Ethernet projects and their current can, at the very least, offer offered as packages to end should be all about providing off each of these services as for supporting time-sensitive across the wide area. As status. 21CN, for example, the functionality I list at the customers. What I mean by the channel with freedom and physically different cables applications like voice! Ethernet is protocol agnostic started life as a network end of this article. And when this is that a channel partner choice by allowing them to out of separate ports at the it supports any higher-layer consolidation project. It was I say “offer”, I mean that it is can take a single Ethernet pipe blend-in services into a bespoke customer premises. This keeps And the channel can reap all applications including IP. only much later that it was available TODAY. and connect their customers feature-rich set of bundles and things really simple for the end these benefits at an incredibly positioned differently to become into the NGN network. That options. customer. cost-effective price! How? Of course, not everybody is more customer-centric. The A Next Generation Network Ethernet pipe is the conduit Because they can now have happy with the ability for the press coverage about 21CN is a multi-service network. for any number of services, In an NGN world, the bandwidth The ability enabled by an more bandwidth at cheaper channel to have a choice. Why? has always focused on either Very simply it means that perhaps SIP-enabled voice; available in the pipe which NGN to treat all customer prices per megabit than Because a true NGN represents the cost savings to BT or the the channel can provide business Internet; managed delivers the package of services locations as one single LAN traditional leased lines and STM a real threat to the current consumer services it will enable a mix of services to their services like security or a SaaS to the customer is flexible. So makes service provision a services. Low cost CPE, lower business model of many service and, whilst the scope of 21CN customers using one network application. But what is really you don’t have to staple up simple plug-and-play process. cost management systems, less providers who would rather has been expanded more pipe per customer site. When exciting is that the NGN is an bandwidth against each service When a new site is added, only support manpower required require their customers to recently to include “elements these pipes connect into the enabler to new bundles with in a fixed and permanent one additional connection is and a generally more efficient “carrier-pre select”. They would that better meet the needs of BT’s NGN (assuming it supports the component services coming way. Bandwidth can be flexed needed to establish connectivity network all contribute towards prefer to control both the enterprise customers”, there is VPLS – see checklist opposite) from a number of sources. between each service within between that site and all other a competitively priced channel access and the services. But still very little which clearly they behave as if they are the total capacity available sites in the WAN. proposition. I think our channel partners articulates 21CN’s relevance to part of a single LAN – a LAN The real beauty of an NGN is and varied according to the are slowly but surely becoming the channel. that spreads across lots of this ability to offer different class of service classification It’s really simple. The best Finally, a quick note about wise to this ploy and are more services converged on a single which has been assigned NGNs deploy the same technology. Much of the talk and more opting to act on their “ NGN should be all about providing the pipe from different service providers, perhaps a voice to that service. That’s so different to a traditional legacy technology (Ethernet) in the WAN as used in the LAN which about NGNs imply that a choice needs to be made between IP, right to choose. channel with freedom and choice” service from Gamma Telecom and a hosting service from The first business product different geographical locations. Sungard alongside a business • Can I have Ethernet as a simple-to-use • Will an NGN solution help me to reduce costs? came out of 21CN in October Individual services running on Internet service from the NGN interface across all my customers’ sites? NGN checklist 2008 and there, at last, was the network are all supported provider combined with the • Will it let me control my own network? an opportunity to really get the from the same single platform, channel organisation’s own • Do I have the option of applying QoS to channel engaged and excited systems and management virtualisation capabilities. We each service separately within the • Will the NGN help me generate new about NGN and its potential. processes. do see instances where the converged bundle? revenue streams and lock-in customers? But the launch talked in pure service provider decides to “carrier” terms with the channel In my opinion, one of the most lock the channel into their own • Are five distinct classes of service available • Will I be able to keep my current suppliers message overlooked with a important aspects of an NGN services so unfortunately this including audio and toll-quality voice? for certain services after i move to NGN? preoccupation on footprint, is the deliberate separation functionality is not always made reach, topology and price. of the “access” provider from available to the channel. This is • Is there a flexible bandwidth option? 08 New Channel Services 09
  6. 6. SIP trunking from Exponential-e enables our Managed Security comes as a standalone service channel partners to add a next-generation voice or as part of a converged Ethernet solution bundled solution into their portfolio. with our business Internet service. Traditionally a company PBX is connected to the public your customers to scale their business. Exponential-e’s This solution will be attractive to our channel partners The solution comes with a full design, install and telephone network (PSTN) via ISDN using basic rate or SIP trunking service is a Voice over IP solution but who have small and medium-sized business clients commission service. Patch and upgrade management primary rate circuits. With our solution, this connection provided over a private network. That means plenty wanting to outsource the management of network as well as system back-up are provided as standard. is replaced by a SIP trunk, a line or channel based on of QoS and support for voice-quality codecs including security risks and free up ICT resource for core Finally, VPN access allows both remote locations (such the SIP protocol. G.711 and CD quality wideband audio such as G722.2. business activities. Channel organisations can now as satellite offices) and remote users (such as mobile offer to protect their client’s organisation from workers) to use the Internet for secure connectivity to SIP trunks eliminate the need to purchase and manage Why not put SIP-enabled IP telephony alongside malicious network attacks or user abuse. the central office. traditional TDM-based voice circuits (ISDN) therefore your existing services or mix in other services from significantly reducing the cost of communication Exponential-e? All on a single, easy-to-manage Our firewall monitors the network and ensures that Why not combine the latest managed firewall for a business. Extra voice channels just need extra Ethernet connection. only packets matching a known state are allowed technologies with our popular business Internet bandwidth, rather than a new and dedicated lease line, access. As we can place the firewall at the centre of solutions and Route 1™ sampling algorithm. so it is so much easier and less expensive for the network, it is able to cleanse Internet traffic before it ever reaches the client premises. Security statistics are available for viewing via a firewall portal which Support for Business Internet also allows its users to generate their own reports. voice providers to suit every need Channel organisations who are already active in the Channel may wish to resell our business Internet solution Cloud Computing is the ability to provide core voice market can use us to transit traffic across a either by leveraging our brand or as their own white- resilient MPLS network from customer sites. Such labelled solution, all at prices which your competitors won’t business applications from a hosted environment partners can continue their existing relationship with their current voice carrier. be able to beat. Business Internet from Exponential-e comes in highly-granular flexible bandwidth levels to suit in the network rather than via the traditional Exponential-e voice solutions support:- every need. Our powerful Internet service is delivered over fibre which means it does not suffer from some of the deployments of equipment at the customer site. • Enterprise quality voice and wideband audio performance issues associated with copper-based services. • Guaranteed voice bandwidth with ability to upscale It offers symmetrical upload and download speeds as an At Exponential-e, we recognise that your SME clients And that’s where Exponential-e comes in. Our • Low end-to-end jitter and packet loss with guarantees uncontended service. Our proprietary Route 1™ sampling want “corporate” services but delivered at realistic powerful, fast, highly-secure network has application- on both throughout the network algorithm monitors multiple tier 1 Internet providers prices. We understand that business customers are aware capabilities which allow it to behave intelligently. • Number portability against metrics for route congestion, packet loss, latency increasingly focused on core business activities and It has the ability to combine dispersed customer sites • On-net free voice calling and jitter to select the best route. route 1™ makes our want to outsource more to managed services. We into a LAN-like WAN over which cloud services can be internet service the fastest available in the uk. appreciate that you might be looking at the cloud deployed. We own the cloud domain, and backed-up by model as a way to support this. ISO accreditations, PRINCE project management and an ITIL service framework, Exponential-e can ensure A choice of Cloud computing provides access to previously that its clients move to cloud computing in CHANNEL unobtainable applications and services at affordable a timely and controlled way. prices. But if business customers are to take advantage of cloud computing services they must have implicit trust in the way these services are delivered. SoLutioNS 10 New Channel Services 11
  7. 7. Dynamic disruption and applied innovation To find out more Visit Call 0845 470 4001 Exponential-e Limited 2nd Floor, Central House, 25 Camperdown Street, London, E1 8DQ