INFOGRAPHIC | Workation Nation


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Survey from PGi reveals that the workation is on the rise in America, with 82% of employees choosing to work on vacation in 2013. How do they connect? Mobile devices - smartphones leading the way, but more employees working on vacation with three devices - smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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INFOGRAPHIC | Workation Nation

  1. 1. WORKATIONNATION IT’S GOOD TO UNWIND Vacations are becoming an office urban legend. With devices connecting us around the clock, the working vacation—“workation”— is now the norm, with 82% of employees checking into the office daily on vacation. Workers count down the days until their getaway for good reasons: physical, emotional and psychological. VACATION DEPRIVATIONDespite the proven benefits, most workers leave vacation days behind. VACATION ADAPTATIONWorkations aren’t ideal, but they sure beat wasting vacation days. And tech that lets you work from anywhere—beach, cabin or spa—makes it all possible. For the average worker, 2-out-of-14 vacation days go unused each year. For surveyed workers, smartphones are the preferred tool for business on vacation. of vacation pay is wasted annually, based on an average salary of $39,416/year. return feeling more productive and better about their jobs. say they come back feeling rested, rejuvenated and reconnected. believe vacation brings them closer to loved ones. say their families went on vacation without them. have cancelled or postponed vacations because of work. gave up vacation days because they didn’t have time to use them. $34.3BILLION 40% 11% 4% 7% Smartphones 37%ALL 3 DEVICES 37%ALL 3 DEVICES Laptops Tablets None 65% have joined or hosted virtual meetings from mobile devices during vacation. Sources: PGi || AMA || ABC News || || CNN || Harris Interactive PGi surveyed over 500 knowledge workers to reveal their vacation-workation habits. WORKATIONNATION 23% 42% 15% 45% 35% 91% Working on vacation can still be a day at the beach. For the full survey and tips on making your next workation productive and fun, visit PGi at Survey: