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110429 pgi cv_hotels_english_redux

  2. 2. PGI ENGINEERING is an aw ard w inning, multi-disciplined planning, design and engineering firm. We maintain divisions that focus on design, planning, development, control and direction of projects and technical studies related to the construction sector. Founded in 1992, PGI ENGINEERING is a privately-ow ned corporation. We have completed thousands of projects and each year prepare engineering designs for millions of Euros w orth of construction. The company counts on a highly qualified team w ith a high degree of specialization and extensive experience. Our clients come from both the public and private sectors. They include: Investment groups and individual landow ners Banks City, state, and local governmental agencies, development companies hospitals, insurance companies, and nonprofit institutions. In the last years we specialized on Data Processing offices that helped us to become one of the most w ell-know n companies on the industry. We are acutely aw are of the value and importance of providing close, individual attention to each project and to w orking w ithin the constraints of time and budget. All of these services are available through our offices in Girona, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Tarragona and the delegations w e have in Peru, Casablanca (Morocco)and Montevideo (Uruguay). COMPANY PROFILE PGI ENGINEERING / PGI GRUP is a group of companies of Integrated Services of Engineering, Design Studies and Works Supervision, created in 1992. After more than 15 years PGI GRUP has ranked among the leading companies in its sector at the national level, creating the mark PGI ENGINEERING as service quality distinction. The main field of activity is the construction and installations engineering, at both the project and construction supervision and legalization, energy services, facility management and maintenance. The basic criteria PGI ENGINEERING / PGI GRUP follow s to carry out this w orkare: a) To rationalize the design of the installations and services of a building, w hether of industrial or services use, to obtain a reasonable and adjusted price of execution under the specifications of the client. b) Development of the project until the last details, being this one of the main differentiating factors versus the competition. c) Control of the execution of the w orks in order to obtain an equal or superior quality to the one indicated in the project and if possible at a low er price. That is to say, w e w illdefend the client s interests, both technical and economical. d) Advise and assistance to manage more efficiently maintenance and infrastructure operations, improving design and facility management.
  3. 3. COMPANY PROFILE Currently, PGI ENGINEERING / PGI GRUP has a very important presence as an engineering enterprise in the Construction sector, being responsible for the conception, development, control and direction of the Projects of installations (MEP) in the building area, w ith a total annual cost of execution of w orks for 125.000.000 . PGI ENGINEERING / PGI GRUP counts w ith a large experience in a big range of different kinds of buildings such as cultural, sports, leisure, tertiary sector, health, education etc. PGI ENGINEERING / PGI GRUP belongs to the follow ing associations: - ASINCA: (Techniberia-FIDIC) Association of Enterprises of Engineering of Catalonia (SPAIN). - ASICMA: (Techniberia-FIDIC) Association of Enterprises of Engineering, Consulting, Environment, Architecture and Technological Services of Madrid. - ACI: Association of Installations Consultancy of Catalonia (SPAIN). - AEM: Association of Maintenance Enterprises. - ATECYR: Spanish Technical Association of Refrigeration and Cooling Systems. - CEEC: Cluster of Energetic Efficiency of Catalonia (SPAIN).
  4. 4. COMPANY PROFILE At present, PGI ENGINEERING / PGI GRUP is made up of severalw orkcenters located in Spain, North of Africa and Latin America. In these centers w e find the follow ing companies: -PeGI Engineering, S.L.P. -PGI Ingenieria Madrid S.L. -Consultoria de Projectes Girona SL / Consultoria de Projectes Girona SLP -PGI 2000 Consultoria i Enginyeria Barcelona SL /Consultoria de Projectes Barcelona SLP -CIASA / Consultoria Madrid SLP -URCULO / PGI Ingeniería -PGI Gest SLP -PGI Tarragona 2007 SLP -PGI Energy -PGI Group Atlas / Casablanca -PGI Perú (subsidiary in legalization process)
  5. 5. COMPANY PROFILE_TURNOVER Among all these companies, the team of PGI Grup is more than 100 professionals all w ellprepared and w ith a common goal w hich is to achieve our clients satisfaction. The turnover provided by the different associated professionalcompanies are: COMPANIES VATIN 2008 2009 2010 Consultoria de projectes Girona SL B17517814 4.556.108,20 2.134.063,32 2.165.483,63 PGI 2000 consultoria i enginyeria de Barcelona SL B62310446 4.129.695,27 2.508.792,00 2.345.001,86 PGI Tarragona 2007 SLP B97343842 882.434,12 440.443,59 537.582,79 PGI Gest Engineering SLP B17985052 531.825,11 315.316,48 2.517,02 Consultores de Instalaciones Asociados SA A28816296 2.540.774,49 1.049.296,22 1.085.172,23 URCULO PGI Ingeniería B83814160 1.150.370,24 829.863,10 639.280,19 PEGI Engineering SLP B64902737 952.067,85 3.652.850,52 5.050.332,80 TOTAL 14.743.275,28 10.930.625,23 11.825.370,52
  6. 6. COMPANY PROFILE_AWARDS PGI ENGINEERING is an INSTALLATIONS ENGINEERING group that since his creation in 1992 has experienced a steady expansion in the market thanks mainly to the high degree of professionalism of its human team, facing each project w ith utmost enthusiasm During its career as Business of Engineering, PGI ENGINEERING has participated in the design and construction of more than 3,000 Projects, w orking for all kinds of Clients, national and international. During the year 2010 severalprojects w here PGI ENGINEERING has participated have been aw arded: _The Building Espacio Baronda (Barcelona) has w on the prize to the Most innovative initiative in Architecture . _Offices Plaza Europa 31, (Barcelona) w inners of the Prize to the Best Sustainable Building . _The Seafront of Benidorm has w on the Prize of Architecture in Public Spaces and Infrastructures. _Hotel Aire in Bardenas - the Prize to the Hotel Architecture. _Can Framis Museum - finalist in the FAD 2010 prizes. _ Football Staudium RCDE Español chosen Worldw ide Sportive Facility of the Year in the Stadium Business Aw ard 2010. _Football Stadium RCDE Español Catalonia Building Prize, given by the Technicians in Architecture College of Catalonia.
  7. 7. COMPANY PROFILE_AWARDS _2008 FAD PRIZE to a building w ith the installations designed by PGI: Young People in the neighborhood of Sant Andreu. _2007 The CITY OF COMMUNICATIONS project in Madrid w on the BEX PRIZE (BUILDING EXCHANGE) energy sustainability. _2006 PGI ENGINEERING w on the SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE PRIZE from the Junta de Castilla La Mancha for the Project TELEFÓNICA CALL CENTER _1999 PGI GIRONA w on the "CONSTRUMAT 1999" to technological innovation in building w ith the factory SIMON S.A. in Olot, Girona. _1996 PGI MADRID w on the IDAE-CEI ANNUAL PRIZE 1996 on electricity-saving projects in lighting, for the design of the lighting system developed for the NCR BUILDING in Madrid.
  8. 8. SERVICES PGI ENGINEERING develops his business activity offering the services that follow : Main activity: - ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING IN MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL AND PLUMBING (MEP) Complementary activities: - ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING IN ENERGY SAVING - ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING IN RENEWABLE ENERGIES - ENGINEERING IN ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURES (generation, cogeneration, trigeneration, transmission and distribution, etc.) - ENGINEERING IN ACOUSTIC AND AUDIOVISUAL INFRASTRUCTURES - ENGINEERING IN WATER SUPPLY / WASTEWATER INFRASTRUCTURES (w astewater treatment, purge, purification, etc.) - LOGISTICAL AND INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS Throughout its history, PGI ENGINEERING has provided a broad spectrum of services to an ever-expanding marketplace and w e enjoy w orking w ith our clients on a w ide variety of projects. The projects includes: resort and recreation developments data Processing Centres office and industrial parks retail shopping centres mixed-use development projects academic and research institutions residential developments
  9. 9. HOTEL GRAND MARINA Location: Barcelona Client: TRADE CENTER HOTEL S.L MEP Budget: 6.500.000 Area: 21.000 m²
  10. 10. HOTEL PRINCESS DIAGONAL Location: Barcelona Client: Espais, LandscapeDM S.L. MEP Budget: 5.500.000 Area: 20.000 m²
  11. 11. HOTEL VINCCI Location: Barcelona Client: Iberespais Europa S.L MEP Budget: 1.700.000 Area: 7.220 m²
  12. 12. HOTEL PIOLETS PARK Location: Soldeu (Andorra) Client: ADFINSA MEP Buget: 3.200.000 Area: 15.500 m² www.pgiengineering.com
  13. 13. HOTEL LA HACIENDA CANARIA Location: Tenerife Client: Tarajal Properties MEP Buget: 3.500.000 Area: 35.000 m² HOTEL CASA FUSTER Location: Barcelona Client: Hoteles Center SL MEP Buget: 4.200.000 Area: 7.200 m² HOTEL DE LAS LETRAS Location: Madrid Client: Habitat MEP Buget: 2.100.000 Area: 7.910 m² www.pgiengineering.com
  14. 14. WTC Hotel Location: Barcelona Client: Carlos Ferrater MEP Budget: 2.900.000 Area: 10 700 m² Universal Studios Port Aventura Hotel Location: Tarragona Client: Port Aventura MEP Budget: 6.935.000 Area: 28.100 m² Hotel Novotel Location: Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona) Client: Novotel MEP Budget: 2.175.000 Area: 11.130 m² www.pgiengineering.com
  15. 15. Hotel Diagonal Zero Location: Barcelona Client: Espais S.L MEP Budget: 11.000.000 Area: 42.000m² Hotel Hyatt Spa Resort Location: Casares (Malaga) Client: C.I. Dona Julia MEP Budget: 19.000.000 Area: 44.400m² Hotel Eco Resort San Blas Location: Tenerife Client: AQA MEP Budget: 10.895.000 Area: 44.000 m² www.pgiengineering.com
  16. 16. AIRE DE BARDENAS HOTEL Location: Tudela; Area: 1.800 m² IBIS HOTEL Location: Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona). Area: 3.500 m². CAPITAL HOTEL Location: Barcelona. SENATOR CONVENTION HOTEL Location: Barcelona. PARC TECNOLÒGIC DEL VALLÈS HOTEL Location Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona). Area: 2.500 m². NOVOTEL TERCER MILENIO HOTEL Location: Valencia. BALNEARI BLANCAFORT HOTEL Location: La Garriga (Barcelona). Area: 10.450 m². TRAVELODGE HOTEL Location: Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona). Area: 3.400 m². ICARIA HOTEL Location: Barcelona. Area: 12.300 m². CATEDRAL HOTEL Location: Barcelona. Area: 6.000 m². CONSELL DE CENT HOTEL Location: Barcelona. Area: 5.200 m². ELS CAÇADORS HOTEL Location: Ribes de Freser (Girona). IBIS HOTEL Location: Madrid. PLAÇA DALÍ HOTEL Location: Figueres (Girona). Area: 1.000 m². CENTRO DE CONVENCIONES HOTEL Location: Terrassa (Barcelona). Area: 17.800 m². TRYP CENTRO NORTE HOTEL Location: Madrid. Area: 9.000 m². EMPORDA GOLF HOTEL Location: Gualta (Girona). Area: 10.350 m². HOTEL AND APARTAMENTS BONMONT HOTEL Location: Bonmont (Tarragona). Area: 15.700 m². NH DOELEN CENTRE HOTEL Location: Amsterdam (Holand). H BALNEARI HOTEL Location: Vejer de la Frontera (Cadiz). Area: 3.500 m². URBIS HOTEL Location: Badalona (Barcelona). Area: 8.000 m². HIMALAYA HOTEL Location: Vielha (Lleida). Area: 9.500 m². OTHER PGI´S HOTEL PROJECTS www.pgiengineering.com
  17. 17. GIRONA C/ Fontajau, 42 baixos 17007 Girona - T. 972 222 823 / F. 902 006 731 pgigrn@pgigrup.com BARCELONA C/ Llull, 329 Planta 2ª Local D 08019 Barcelona - T. 933 633 009 / F. 902 006 731 pgibcn@pgigrup.com CAMP DE TARRAGONA Camí de Valls, 81-87 Oficina 101 43204 Reus (Tarragona) - T. 977 958 619 / F. 902 006 731 pgitgn@pgigrup.com MADRID C/ Rios Rosas, 54 Escalera Derecha 1 Centro Izquierda 28003 Madrid - T. 914 177 800 / F. 902 006 731 CASABLANCA Place Charles Nicole APP 2 ETG 7 20100 MAARIF, Casablanca Anfa (Morocco) - pgigrn@pgigrup.com LIMA Avda. José Gálvez Barrenechea, 592-702 Urb. Corpac. San Isidro Lima (Peru) T. +51 1 223 2406 URUGUAY Iturriaga, 3433, CP. 11300 T. 00 598 2 6284906 / F. 00 598 2 6283550 OFFICE LOCATIONS www.pgiengineering.com
  18. 18. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME. www.pgiengineering.com