Postgres Open Keynote: The Next 25 Years
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Postgres Open Keynote: The Next 25 Years






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Postgres Open Keynote: The Next 25 Years Postgres Open Keynote: The Next 25 Years Presentation Transcript

  • 1986 - 1995The Berkeley Years
  • 1996open source
  • advances● development● features● performance● reliability● enterprise adoption
  • no
  • production ready ● 8k row limit ● crash safe ● SMP scaling
  • user adoption
  • windows logo is property of Microsoft
  • conferences
  • walsender walreciever walreciever replication
  • upgrade-in-placewith pg_upgrade
  • expansion
  • predestined?
  • the firebird logo is property of IB Phoenix and is used here under principles of fair use
  • MySQL logo is property of Oracle, Inc.
  • Oracle logo is property of Oracle, Inc.
  • elephant photo from the IUCN photo archive. used with permission
  • Rocky Balboa statue photo is licensed Creative Commons by Adam Fagen,
  • this year
  • innovation● transaction-controlled synchronous replication● serializable snapshot isolation● K-nearest neighbor indexes● writeable common table expressions● security-enhanced Postgres
  • next yearPostgreSQL 9.2
  • performancelazy VXID locksreduced table locksindex-only scansdecreased I/O
  • more innovation● range types● space-GiST
  • year after next● more innovations● performance ● scaling to 256 cores ● advanced partitioning
  • year after next● heavyweight clustering ● PostgresXC ● TransLattice ● more “big data” clustering
  • PostgreSQL 10 and beyond
  • adaptability
  • adaptable Linux
  • adaptable Linux
  • virtualization
  • real 2010virtual hosts
  • photo by @expressmonorail flicker, licensed Creative Commons Share Alike
  • virtualization challenges● zero administration● lowering resource use● sharing● autotuning● lightweight clustering
  • NoSQL
  • radio photos courtesy Sarah Lowry of Used with permission.
  • stock Elvis in concert photo. public domain
  • radio photos courtesy Sarah Lowry of Used with permission.
  • photo property Elizabeth Farmer
  • adapt● JSON & XML● direct language interfaces● zero administration● MM replication
  • PostGresql As A Service (PGAAS)
  • PostgreSQL 20.0
  • we can do it● performance● security● availability● durability
  • we know data
  • See You In 2036!
  • more information● Postgres:● Josh Berkus:● Bruce Momjian: Text and graphics of this talk are licensed Creative Commons Share-Alike. Many photos in the presentation are used with permission and may not be reproduced or redistributed without permission of their owners. Logos used in this presentation are property of their respective owners and are used under principles of fair use.