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    Untitled Untitled Presentation Transcript

    • Doing BrilliantProduction Work
    • www.petesmediablog.blogspot.com @petesmediablog
    • how do you get really high marks and make your work look this good?
    • 9 key words• research• planning• evidence• ideas• feedback• logistics• equipment• production• reflection
    • 1. research• really look at real examples• keep evidence of all your research• research every angle• conventions, audiences, institutions• KEEP RESEARCHING
    • 2. planning• plan for all eventualities- what could possibly go wrong?• record all your planning- visuals• show the process of your ‘journey’
    • 3. evidence• storyboards, animatics, recce photos• flatplans, all your original images• screengrabs of your manipulation of material- digital editing, photoshop, etc
    • 4. ideas• keep ideas simple• have a workable concept with realistic plans• try the ‘25 word pitch’ or the ‘lift pitch’
    • 5. get feedback• at all stages from peers, teachers and others• keep records of the feedback• take notice of it and respond to it
    • 6. logistics• people, places, props, costumes• get it done early- you may need to do it all again• rehearse and prepare• share contact details for all involved
    • 7. equipment• practice on it• prepare it, get to know it• make the most of it• are all the parts there before you use it?
    • 8. production• always shoot extra for coverage• organise your material before editing• start with the big picture• fine tune the detail later
    • 9. reflection• ongoing as well as at the end• stand back from what you have made• get teacher advice on the format of ‘evaluation’
    • MediaMagazine Video Production Competition 2013
    • Categories• short film• film or TV opening• trailer• TV advertising• documentary• animation• music video• gothic horror (BFI Education award)
    • the rules• Video- 30 seconds to 4 minutes (QT or wmv)• send on disk with entry form (via MM website)• individual or group• closing date 25th March• finalists screening at NFT in July
    • 2012 winners