Month 4 - After Applications


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Career Mentoring Meeting Month Four - After Applications

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Month 4 - After Applications

  1. 1. CAREER MENTORING GROUP MEETINGMonth Four – What do I do AFTER I apply?
  2. 2. AFTER YOU HAVE APPLIED: 4 STEPS Step One – Stay up to date  Communication to applicants is date sensitive. If a response is required from you as an applicant, and you do not respond within specified time frames, your application and/or or Offer of Admission may be cancelled Step Two – Track your application  Create online accounts with the institutions as this is the FIRST place they post your admissions decisions and where you will do Step Three – Student Financial Profiles & Residence Applications Step Four – Accepting Offers/Implementing Back- up Plans
  3. 3. CHECKING YOUR APPLICATION STATUS – COLLEGE Humber College  Humber SRS George Brown College  Stuview  STARS – financial awards Centennial  MyCentennial Seneca  My.Seneca  SIRIS
  4. 4. CHECKING YOUR APPLICATION STATUS - UNIVERSITY York University  MyFile  Student Financial Profile (within MyFile) Ryerson  Choose>Ryerson Portal University of Toronto (all)  UtorID  UTAPS – student financial profile – Feb 29th deadline  College Profiles (ie. Victoria College, UTS)
  5. 5. SCHOOLS WITH RESIDENCE If you applied to a school away you will need to complete a residence profile and submit by the deadline There is a fee to hold your spot This is usually done once you know where you are going but you can do the applications without knowing and make payments when you do know Ex. McMaster – June 1st 2012 – plus fee of $600 non-refundable deposit
  6. 6. ACCEPTING YOUR OFFERS You can only accept ONE offer at a time Offers are DATE SENSITIVE so don’t leave it to the last minute, and don’t miss those deadlines! All offers are CONDITIONAL  Conditions are stated on your offer letters you will receive from the schools
  7. 7. ACCEPTING YOUR OFFER – COLLEGE Offers are released starting February 1st View your offer(s) of admission and confirm your acceptance before May 2, using your account. You can only accept any one offer at a time. If after accepting an offer, you change your mind or receive another offer that you prefer, you may accept the new o0ffer so long as you confirm the offer by the expiry date stated by the college. Each college determines its own confirmation deadline on offers made after May 2. Applicants may be notified that they do not qualify for admission at any time during the application process.
  8. 8. ACCEPTING YOUR OFFER – UNIVERSITY You MUST receive a response by May 29th Yes No Alternate Waitlisted You then must ACCEPT your offer by June 1st You can receive offers before May 29th, but not after unless you make changes to your applications All offers are posted and accepted on OUAC
  9. 9. IMPLEMENTING BACK-UP PLANS Making changes to your applications  You can make changes to your University application up until Feb 7th and after  You can make changes to you college applications anytime  Posted OUAC video on Facebook (or you can go to OUAC tutorials) Doing a college application AFTER Feb 1st  Use to see what programs still have openings and apply Admissions Information Service  Early June – End of August  List of all University Programs still accepting applications
  10. 10. UPCOMING EVENTS AND UPDATES Jan 18th – Career Night Feb 1st – Parents Financial Information Night Feb 1st – College Applications Due (still booking appointments) Feb 8th & 9th – Career Mentoring Workshop #5: How to Pay for PSE Contacting Jessica  Cell – 647-206-0641  BBM – 286347A5