The Insiders Guide 6 Megatrends Of Supply Chain Optimization


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The Insiders Guide 6 Megatrends Of Supply Chain Optimization

  1. 1. The Insiders Guide: 6 Megatrends of Supply Chain Optimization In this webinar, Karen Butner, Supply Chain Management Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value, looks at how leading companies can restore stability to their global supply chains and add real value to the business.Today’s complex economic environment and ever-expanding global supply chainsrequire new guidelines for peak performance. Volatile global market conditions andcustomer demand mean that small errors may cost you millions. Companies that arelooking to outperform their competitors need a new paradigm for optimizing supply chainconfigurations and synchronizing supply and demandIn this webinar you will learn:  Easy to apply lessons on how to contend with the fluctuations in customer demand so that you can make better, more accurate predictions about what your customers will need and when  Practical ways of interpreting and leveraging key metrics for properly informed business decisions at every step of the supply chain  Real life examples of how better supply chain management and operations can add value back to the business, especially in volatile market conditionsAbout Karen Butner Supply Chain Management and Sustainability Global Leader IBM Institute for Business Value Karen Butner serves as the Supply Chain Management and Sustainability Global Leader, for the IBM Institute for Business Value, the business think tank of IBM. In this role, she is responsible for research, market insights and thought leadership development and global deployment. She isfrequently invited to keynote at international conferences and is widely quoted in leadingbusiness and industry publications.She has over 25 years of experience in strategy development and transformation. Herindustry concentration is high technology, retail and consumer products, electronics, lifesciences, logistics and telecommunications. Her passion is to assist clients in thedevelopment of strategies and improvement agendas to bring significant value intransforming their global performance.
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