Created by the founders of the worlds largest Process Network, with 98,000 members and counting...                        ...
The 14th Annual                                                                                                           ...
THEMeet Your PEX WEEK 2013 Speakers!                                                                                      ...
Conference Day One                                                                                                 Monday,...
Conference Day One Monday, January 21st, 2013...continued10.30     Networking Break in the Exhibition Hall                ...
Conference Day One Monday, January 21st, 2013...continued1.30   Check In for Standard Pass Attendees                      ...
Conference Day Two                                                                                           Tuesday, Janu...
Conference Day Two Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013...continued STREAMED SESSIONS BEGIN: NO MORE DEATH BY POWERPOINT! Achieving...
Conference Day Two Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013...continued                                                                ...
Conference Day Two Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013...continued             Strategy, Change and Leadership                    ...
ADVERTISEMENT                                                                 6th – 15th                                  ...
Conference Day Three                                                                                                  Wedn...
14th Annual Process Excellence Week 2013
14th Annual Process Excellence Week 2013
14th Annual Process Excellence Week 2013
14th Annual Process Excellence Week 2013
14th Annual Process Excellence Week 2013
14th Annual Process Excellence Week 2013
14th Annual Process Excellence Week 2013
14th Annual Process Excellence Week 2013
14th Annual Process Excellence Week 2013
14th Annual Process Excellence Week 2013
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14th Annual Process Excellence Week 2013


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14th Annual Process Excellence Week 2013

  1. 1. Created by the founders of the worlds largest Process Network, with 98,000 members and counting... INCREDIBLE DISCOUNTS Meet our unprecedented PEX WEEK for Vice The 14th Annual Presidents! speaker line-up! Over 45 of the More info on most senior process leaders including: p. 21.... Eric Michrowski KEYNOTE: Director, Quality and Jim Carroll Process Improvement Futurist Telus Trends & Eric Beylier Innovation expert Vice President/CPO and Head of Global Supply Chain and Procurement Michelle Boutwell TETRA Technologies SVP, IT Strategy and Planning Citi Leo Shuster Director, IT Architecture Jim Durkin Nationwide Vice President, Operations, Vincent D. Pierce, SVP,January 21st – 25th, 2013 • Hilton Bonnet Creek • Orlando FL Cheese and Dairy Business Transformation, Kraft Foods Office DepotOne Week. One Community. Dellroy Birch CIO Fortegra Financial Lynn Kelley, VP, ContinuousOne Vision for Excellence. Chris Bloxham Director Project Integrity and Risk Improvement, Union Pacific Railroad Hay Wun Wain, SVP Management, Subsea Systems Cameron Global Head of Business Process Management,Achieve the next level of growth by making your process improvement program 100% Danica Natoli McGraw-Hillcustomer centric and sustainable – event highlights include: Director , Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Emma Chen-Banas•NEW Innovation Insight: Find out what world class innovators do that you don’t - Jim Best Buy Assistant Vice President, Carroll, World Renown Speaker and Innovation Expert Business Process Chris Galante Improvement• Business Process Evolution: From understanding and analysing to automating Process Improvement Leader MassMutual FinancialNEW and beyond, enhance your process capability to reach BPM peak performance Boeing Group Gregory North•NEW Outcomes Driven Agenda featuring Corporate Leaders Only Sessions and VP Corporate Lean 6 Sigma & Industry Forums designed to help you reach your desired results regardless of Business Transformation which tools you need to get there Xerox The event is a great benchmarking and networking device for examining what others are doing in the Process Excellence arena regardless of industry, product or service. I return from these PEX events recharged, refocused, reaffirmed with newPresented by: Platinum Sponsor: Knowledge Partner: Keynote Sponsor: tools, ideas, friendship and support systems. Industry Chris Galante, Process Improvement Leader, Boeing Awards:Book Now! Email: • Telephone: 1-800-882-8684 + 1 646 378 6026 •
  2. 2. The 14th Annual Join PEX Week 2013 this January 21st – 25th, 2013 • Hilton Bonnet Creek • Orlando FL year to benefit from: One Week. One Community. • Exclusive Keynotes – Giving you One Vision for Excellence. access to the leading minds in the community • For End Users, By End Users – End Users contribution or profiling in every single session!The new future of process thinking is on right on your doorstep – are you ready to step over the threshold? • Goal-Oriented Break OutIf so, PEX Week Orlando is the only global event offering you the opportunity to revolutionise your business processes. Forward sessions – all track sessionsthinking PEX professionals attend PEX Week Orlando to discover the future of customer-centric process management strategies and tailored to your ultimate businesshow to leverage them today to sustain and accelerate your organization tomorrow. objectivesPEX Week 2013 will enhance your Process Excellence learning and development, helping you to grow your industry support network • Audience Generated peer-to-and benchmark against the world’s leading Process centric businesses. Before you review the enclosed agenda here are just some of peer exchange – no more passivethis year’s unmissable learning opportunities: learning from PowerPoint thought leadership presentations, interviews and panels created specifically to stretch your horizons and inspire you to presentations!48 drive high performance • Extensive structured Networking Opportunities – in-depth case studies from some of the F500s most admired and respected companies including: Fannie Mae, Office30PLUS Depot, Xerox, Citi, Merck, McGraw-Hill, Nationwide, Best Buy, Lockheed Martin, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Wellpoint Health, Baker Hughes and more! 25% of our 2013 agenda is dedicated purely to networking 6 highly interactive and practical workshops designed to go past the theory and give you the practical tools and knowledge needed to accelerate your process results Overall, great event. I wish 5 Industry Streams: Manufacturing, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Telco - plus multiple other sessions for other industries I was able to attend more! LSS Program, Siemens Energy 3 themed content tracks: Strategy, Change and Leadership, Value Creation and Sustainability – ALL designed to give you a holistic view, not only of the process disciplines, but the supporting skills needed to generate sustainable results 2 executive and exclusive leadership boardroom discussions: Bringing like minded leaders together to discuss the most pertinent business issues and how process strategies can be leverage to create a competitive advantage Loyalty Discounts Available to ALL 1 Specialised LSS Training Stream: Designed to help those at the project level develop the specialised skills they need! Past Delegates! 1 chance to meet and receive advice from the most innovative consultants, trainers and software providers all ready to help you take your process strategies to the next level End User Attendees from 2012 are entitled to speciality discountedThis is your chance to revitalize, strengthen and accelerate your process strategies where and when they are needed. Want to find out rates for PEX Week 2013* Get inmore? Take a look at the agenda for more in-depth insights into themes, content and opportunities across the week or watch the videofrom last year’s Summit to see what you could be part of! touch to find out 2
  3. 3. THEMeet Your PEX WEEK 2013 Speakers! MOST SENIOR SPEAKER PANEL Speaking for the first time ever at a EVER! Michelle Boutwell Craig Le Clair Douglas A. Norkus process excellence event, the PEX SVP, IT Strategy and Planning Vice President and Principal Enterprise Services Network proudly introduces our Citi Analyst Director, SOF CLSS 2013 KEYNOTE Speaker: Jim Durkin Forrester Research The Lockheed Martin Team Vice President, Operations, Eric Smith Allen Hayes Cheese and Dairy Senior Director, LSS, Project Vice President, Kraft Foods Jim Carroll Management Office Operational Excellence Dellroy Birch Kraft Foods Fortegra Financial Futurist CIO Lynn Kelley Barnaby Fountain Trends & Fortegra Financial VP, Continuous Improvement Director of Shared Business Innovation Expert Union Pacific Railroad Services Chris Bloxham Director Project Integrity and Merck & Co. Emma Chen-Banas Risk Management, Subsea Assistant Vice President, Business Dennis A. Narlock II Acknowledged as one of the world’s leading Systems Process Improvement Continuous Improvement Leader global futurists, trends and innovation experts Cameron MassMutual Financial Group Catalent Pharma Solutions with a massive global blue chip client list. He Danica Natoli Hay Wun Wain Renee M. Dineen helps transform growth-oriented organizations Director, Lean Six Sigma Master SVP Global Head of Business Head of Organizational into high-velocity innovation heroes! Who has Black Belt Process Management Development, Small Molecules booked Jim Carroll for his insight on future Best Buy McGraw-Hill Division trends, innovation, & creativity? NASA. Disney. Chris Galante Roche Pharmaceuticals Keith Holliday The PGA of America. Johnson & Johnson. The Process Improvement Leader Director - Corporate Supply Chain Steve Towers Swiss Innovation Forum. Simply put, Jim helps Boeing & Logistics SVP and Founder to transform growth-oriented organizations Gregory North Sonoco Products into high-velocity innovation heroes. VP Corporate Lean 6 Sigma & Mallikarjun Angalakudati Mark McGregor Business Transformation Head of Operational Performance Principal Analyst Xerox National Grid MWD Advisors Eric Michrowski Ana Lapera Jay R Blanc Selva Director, Quality and Process Director, Process Improvement Director of OperationalWe were extremely pleased with Improvement Strategy Excellence and TQMJim’s presentation... the content Telus Fannie Mae Huawei Technologies Co Ltdwas bang-on and would hopefully Vincent D. Pierce Melissa Connolly Gary G. Jing SVP, Business Transformation IT Director, Strategic Lean Six Sigma Deploymentprompt people to think about the Office Depot Innovation and Leader / MBBrapidity of change going on in our Eric Beylier Organizational Effectiveness Tyco Electronicsworld! Jim’s storytelling approach Vice President/CPO and Head of Baker Hughes Nathaniel Palmerreally helps to get his points across! Global Supply Chain and Darren Glover BPM Practice Director, SRA Procurement Director, Continuous International, ExecutiveHe did a great job. TETRA Technologies Improvement Director, Workflow Management Leo Shuster WellPoint CoalitionWalt Disney Company Director, IT Architecture 3
  4. 4. Conference Day One Monday, January 21st, 20137.00 Check In & Workshop Breakfast For All Access Pass attendees. To make your registration as speedy as possible please provide all of your workshop choices and personal details at point of registration.7.00 Exhibition Hall Opens Explore the most comprehensive PEX Exhibition in the world! See P18-19 to see wholl be there.8.00 – Pre-Conference Workshops10.30 Please select one workshop from A-D and one workshop from E-G at point of registration. (Please note that if you select D, you do not need to also select from E-G). Building Line Management Avoid the Hidden “Eight Leading With Zero-Based Data-Driven Process A Ownership to Enable B Wastes” of LSS/PI Learning C Thinking: How Your D Excellence: Leveraging Big Effective Project and Programs Organization is Catapulted to Data, Analytics, Process Program Leadership Extraordinary, Sustainable Simulation, Business Process Results When the Target is Modelling and Notation Zero and All Losses Are Modelling for Measureable Defined Optimization Results As a Process Excellence leader you’re responsible With Lean, waste is eliminated. Using Six Sigma, Wayne Gretzky said “One hundred percent of the In this fast-paced, high-touch and informative full- for improving business results such as profitability, process variability is reduced. Lean and Six Sigma shots you dont take dont go in.” At Milliken, day workshop, participants will learn how to revenue, cost, cycle time and quality. But in order are being applied by PI experts and knowledge this is interpreted to mean setting sub-optimal understand and leverage emerging technologies to deliver those results, you need to get, and workers on every business process. Increasingly, goals for your organization prevents you from with process modelling and improvement keep, your organization’s attention to ensure LSS/PI success is being focused on the Learning scoring big. Milliken’s team will lead a discussion methods to enable data-driven excellence. An consistent follow-through from multiple Programs themselves. As Dr. Liker, author of The on innovative goal setting and the results you may integrated approach to process improvement will stakeholder groups on the daily actions that affect Toyota Way noted, “The key to enabling people … expect when your organization’s aspirations are be shown, combining BPMN with LSS Process leading indicators. Practical experience finds that is to teach them how to think.” set for zero. From zero safety incidents to zero Mapping and other methods, supporting having a strong executive sponsor is critical to Improving your own processes as a PI leader is quality problems and zero downtime, Milliken’s simulation, big data, analytics, and optimization achieving these breakthrough business results. imperative. You will leave this Workshop with group will examine how to direct your technologies. Instruction will be provided on: • Modelling methodology clarity about the hidden 8 Wastes of various LSS/PI organizational improvement; through zero losses Key Challenges addressed: • Mapping models to a well-defined problem learning models, and what peers are doing, as a and how doing so can drive your system of cost • Obstacles to leadership behavior statement • Lack of clarity on the roles, responsibilities and type of benchmarking. The Quality Group Master reduction and enable sustainability regardless how • Understanding the details of the analytics Black Belts John Best (formerly of Seagate) and competitive your business environment. Discover visible leadership behaviors that optimize derived from the models Jennifer Ralston (formerly of American Red Cross) how all losses—even those in your blind spots— support of programs and projects • How to use them for process improvement • Ineffective engineering of the leadership will share insights about how numerous enterprises should be considered opportunities. You will learn have deployed powerful, sustainable learning why Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is the behaviors necessary to ensure the success of Taught by co-authors of “The BPMN 2.0 designs that replace the wasteful activities. These basic measure of operational performance in all your project or program Handbook” and the forthcoming “LEAN BPMN” activities can reduce knowledge transfer quality, are Milliken’s and Milliken clients’ plants. Gain Participants will be able to: unnecessarily expensive, and allow knowledge to insights during discussions centered on: as well as leaders of the Business Process • Understand why leaders “walk the talk” atrophy over time all reducing potential ROI results, • How zero loss thinking connects your Simulation Working Group, the materials and through the lens of Applied Behavioral Science and the intrinsic value of the PI program to the operating/performance system, allowing you to take-always combine recognized best practices • Use CLG’s proprietary, research-based DCOM® enterprise. The workshop will conclude with a exploit areas that are excellent while attacking and actionable techniques, as well as standards- performance framework to highlight your discussion of actionable change management others in a continuous improvement fashion based modelling methodology and analytics. The continuous improvement program leadership techniques that can enable and sustain effective • Defining losses and developing a ‘directionally’ instruction includes how to incorporate DMAIC opportunities implementation of advanced learning programs, accurate way of thinking and SIPOC measures and data into simulation • Use Applied Behavioral Science tools to design a saving you valuable time and resource in • The connection between time and models, as well as how to leverage predictive plan to enhance effective leadership your quest for learning excellence. dollars in using Milliken’s Money analytics for optimizing core metrics such as involvement and ownership for project Mapping tool Process Lead Time and Process Lead Time. John Best, Vice President of Lean Six execution and governance Sigma, The Quality Group Phil McIntyre and Jeff Rosenlund, Annemarie Michaud, Senior Partner, Directors of Business Development, Jennifer Ralston, Master Champion, The Continuous Learning Group, Inc. (CLG) Performance Solutions by Milliken Quality 4
  5. 5. Conference Day One Monday, January 21st, 2013...continued10.30 Networking Break in the Exhibition Hall Workshop D...continues11.00 – Pre-Conference Workshops1.30 Also presented will be project best practices, including getting the Project Charter right (plus a example template), tips for how to properly setup a Project Selection Steering Committee, as well as Creating a BPM Discipline: Lean Plus: Taking On New Standardisation: The Key to E The Essentials for Lasting F Frontiers G Crossing Business Borders how to incorporate modelling, simulation and analytics within collaboration prioritization Competitive Advantage exercises. Participants will be equipped with both the means and understanding to begin their own Creating and sustaining agility and customer Understanding how to apply a traditional process Whether you have recently merged, have a global successful journey to data-driven process centricity in a global business environment is a methodology within the context of the operation or are rolling out multiple deployments excellence. main enabler of lasting competitive advantage. contemporary organization is challenging. This across your business – standardisation is the Nathaniel Palmer, BPM Practice Director, Isolated continuous process improvement efforts workshop will provide you with the refreshing essential platform that must be achieved before SRA International Executive Director, such as Lean and Six Sigma often come into perspective to engage, motivate and execute in you can take the next step towards business Workflow Management Coalition question in a few short years of their lives. What’s the 2.0 era. excellence. Find out how to drive Standardised missing from such efforts to make them stick as Process in this workshop. well as get to the next level, is a Business Process Session is available for a leading PEX provider-if Management (BPM) discipline across the you think your service would be of interest to our Session is available for a leading PEX provider-if organization that moves strategy systematically attending PEX executives, get in touch on +44 (0) you think your service would be of interest to our into people AND IT based execution. 207 368 9300 or attending PEX executives, get in touch on +44 (0) Implemented through an effectively defined Deadline for sponsorship: October 31st 2012. 207 368 9300 or process of process management that addresses Deadline for sponsorship: October 31st 2012. key topics such as process ownership, process governance, and key new competencies, organizations can not only get such efforts to stick, but also get them to the next level. Talking Heads with Diana Davis, Editor of In this workshop, we will work through a holistic Diana Davis view of ‘the process of process management’ so Senior Editor that participants will be able to understand what’s PEX Week Team: Diana, thanks for offering to share your thoughts on the program for PEX Week 2013 – could you share which PEX Network needed in their organizations to enable lasting were the main things that jumped out to you? competitive advantage through agility and client Diana: Absolutely, it’s always exciting for me to see what the event team will come up with and this year I have to say I think there is a noticeable centricity in a global environment. difference to the last two years that I’ve attended. Mark George, Global Practice Leader, PEX Week Team: Great, what makes you say that? Operations and Process Transformation Diana: Well the focus on outcomes and results throughout the streams is a very different approach to past years where the focus has been on the use (OPT), Accenture of different tools - this should really help the delegates to achieve their results. The other main difference, and one which I find really refreshing, Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, Partner and is the approach of adding an end user onto all sessions. Personally I find the tech sessions quite eye opening, but sometimes I struggle to Executive Director for Business Process understand how the technology comes to life – by adding on the end users it should really help to make every session offer value and practical Management, Accenture next steps. I very much look forward to interviewing some of the speakers too – there are some brand new stories being shared and from some very senior people! David Toth, Management Consulting Executive, Process Transformation, PEX Week Team: Thanks Diana – we look forward to reading your interviews! Accenture *In the lead up to PEX Week, interviews with leading PEX practitioners (including many of our speakers) will be made available free of charge at pexweek.comThis event provided an excellent forum to network with other practitioners. The sessions were informative, and providedwonderful challenges for us to bring back to work.Director, Anderson 5
  6. 6. Conference Day One Monday, January 21st, 2013...continued1.30 Check In for Standard Pass Attendees 4.45 Looking inward: Continuously Improving Continuous Improvement As a discipline, we are often working in our businesses, coaching others on how they can2.00 MAIN CONFERENCE begins…. improve. However, we dont spend much time looking at our own function and methodologies in order to continuously improve our own organizations. Lynn Kelley will provide in depth insight2.00 PEX WELCOME: Vanessa Lovatt, Director, PEX Network into how two organizations applied CI methodology to move their organizations increasingly forward by implementing new solutions and thought processes.2.15 Chairman’s Opening Address Lynn Kelley, VP, Continuous Improvement, Union Pacific Railroad Dave Lubowe, Partner & Vice President, Global Leader – Operations & Supply Chain Consulting IBM 5.30 Streamlining Your Supply Chain and Procurement to Drive More Value2.30 UNMISSABLE DAY 1 KEYNOTE: What Do World Class Innovators and Increase EPS: Why? How? And who needs to do what and when? Do That Others Dont Do? Change management in the Supply Chain & Procurement world is a complex and highly political challenge to even the most process-focused organizations. In order to be successful at such a Jim Carroll, Futurist, Trends & Innovation Expert journey, you must organize your supply chain and procurement team for success, follow all your There is a fundamental truth for every organization today: from products to competition, skills expenditures in a timely and accurate manner using rigorous spend management processes and requirements to organizational capabilities, technology to social media - its all impacting you at a tools, and develop healthy and demanding relationships with your suppliers to sustain faster pace than ever before. And the fascinating thing is that your customers are in the middle of transformation. it! They have a louder voice. More options than ever before. They have the ability to take a brand Eric Beylier, Vice President/CPO and Head of Global Supply Chain and Procurement, from hero to zero in a matter of months by inventory-shopping through their smart phone. The TETRA Technologies power to elevate a small customer interaction into a massive social networking disaster. What do you do? Adapt to the idea that innovative organizations succeed by mastering the pace 6.15 Close of Day 1 of the new high velocity economy - and a new era in which mastering customer centricity isnt an option - its merely a baseline. Futurist, Trends & Innovation Expert Jim Carroll will walk us through the impact of increasing business intensity, innovation, and creativity as it relates to this new customer and what 6.30 – Martin Luther King Day Evening Drinks 8.00 opportunities will come to exist for those who adapt to new ways of thinking and acting. Jim Carroll is one of the worlds leading international futurists, with a client list that ranges from the Celebration Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association to Rockwell Collins, Yum! Brands to Join with your fellow process professionals to celebrate and remember the achievements of International Dairy Deli Baker Association and the Walt Disney Corporation. Martin Luther King Jr. and reflect on his inspirational leadership. One man who changed the hearts, minds and laws of an entire nation will certainly provide you with food for thought over3.15 The Business Process Evolution the next two days! An initial hurdle facing companies that are starting their BPM journey is to select the first processes Dress Code: Conference Attire to understand, analyze and automate. This is now reasonably well understood. Beyond these first steps, we still find many challenges. While the concept of continuous process improvement is solid, experiences and best practices are less hardened and are subject to interpretation. Gaining insight into the process by knowing what to measure and how to present it is one key area requiring attention. The intangibles surrounding continuous process improvement also need further exploration. Matters such as governance and ongoing business participation become key factors to BPM success. This session will explore process insight and continuous process improvement and key linkages between them. Attendees will come away with a set of heuristics and techniques to be leveraged in achieving successful process improvement with BPM. Specific customer scenarios will be used to showcase and highlight these best practices. Eric Herness, Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect for Business Process Management, IBM End User speaker coming soon...4.00 Speed Networking “I suppose its like speed dating, but without the date part!” said a past delegate. An extended structured networking session to facilitate those all important first introductions with your fellow delegates. Take a look in your show guides for the 6
  7. 7. Conference Day Two Tuesday, January 22nd, 20136.00 PEX Sweat-Working 10.15 People Bingo in the Exhibition Hall We realise that many of you will go to the gym to prep yourselves for the hard day of Another structured networking exercise to maximise your opportunity to make conferencing ahead. So, we thought that we would facilitate your gym session, and provide you those invaluable conference connections. Each person has a number on their name with another structured networking session, to guarantee that your time with us is jam-packed badge, and a bingo card. Spend this time trying to find the people whose badge numbers with opportunities to meet with your peers – courtesy of PEX Network. Please sign up on the match those on your card. Hand it to registration on your way back into session and be in registration page, limited spaces available. with a chance to win the title of Best Networker, and a Kindle! (all Bingo cards entered into a prize draw by 1.30 pm January 22nd)7.30 PEX Network Desk opens for enquiries and late Check In One-to-One Meetings - prearranged with VIP delegates Please note that the conference starts at 1.30pm on Monday January 23rd, 2013. 11.008.30 Chairman’s Recap of Day One – 5.00 Start of IBM Corporate Leader’s Boardroom – INVITATION ONLY8.45 Process Ownership: Redefining the Role of Leaders in Driving Process 11.00 Analyst Perspective: Using Metrics to Drive BPM Excellence Transformation Efforts Advancing technology for BPM and analytics is allowing broader and deeper treatment of Effective leadership is an essential component in the success of process excellence. With extended performance metrics. As a result, defining and using performance metrics is an emerging trend horizons, a constantly evolving business landscape and the growing need to be more agile – who and one that offers significant opportunity for business processes management. Based on these should own your processes? C-Suites across the world have responded to this question with trends, Forrester has introduced a value-stream based BPM metric framework that augments different answers, there is no magic formula that will deliver success, so long as the execution is traditional productivity and quality metrics with those focused on customer experience. But even correct. Learn from our panel of Chief Process Owners what the key to successful process these three are not sufficient in an age of digital disruption where products and service, delivery ownership really is. channels, and business models can disappear overnight. Agility is the fourth metric category that • Defining the future scope and role of corporate Process Excellence programs within the evolving enterprises need to add. To test aspects of this BPM metric framework, Forrester business model and new organizational structures surveyed, through PEX Network, 700 Business Architects, Process Analysts, Process • Embracing new leadership approaches to harness organizational creativity and Executives, IT and Senior Business Executives. innovation required for growth • How does technology help to enable the process strategy? What are the risks, Craig Le Clair, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research limitations, challenges and opportunities? • How can leaders look at changing the OE function from a cost centre to a value 11.45 Lean Six Sigma 2.0: The Next Step in the Xerox Quality Journey creator? In this session Gregory North, VP Corporate Lean Six Sigma & Business Transformation, provides an exciting look at how Lean Six Sigma at Xerox is changing to meet the challenges of business in Douglas A. Norkus, Enterprise Services Director, SOF CLSS, The Lockheed Martin Team transformation, building on its history of technology innovation to become a leader in business Dellroy Birch, CIO, Fortegra Financial services. Moving beyond a focus on projects, LSS is being leveraged at all levels, from strategy development to continuous improvement in daily work. Learn how Xerox is building on the power Michelle Boutwell, SVP, IT Strategy and Planning, Citi of LSS with best practices from program and change management, in a pragmatic approach to rapid cycle change – always centered on what is critical to customers and to the business.9.30 Keynote: Talent and Process Excellence applied to U.S Hydropower Dams Gregory North, VP Corporate Lean 6 Sigma & Business Transformation, Xerox As the 52nd chief of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Van and his team of 60 dam safety experts assessed the safety conditions of over 300 hydropower dams and prioritized them for rehabilitation and repair. Hear how the Corps developed the people, technology and processes to 12.30 Networking Lunch in Exhibition Hall mitigate the critical operational risks of dam failure and loss of power generation. General VanAntwerp will also share how The Flippen Group helped them overcome the behaviors that One-to-One Meetings - prearranged for VIP delegates were holding them back, both individually and as a Dam Safety Team. You will leave with a real- life example of "Human Six Sigma" at work. LTG(R) R.L. "Van" VanAntwerp, Chief of Infrastructure and Executive Development EXTREMELY valuable. I have taken all of the information I have for The Flippen Group, and former Chief of Engineers and Commanding General of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers received and forwarded on to the appropriate individuals once returning to work. I was also able to make some very valuable contacts and have follow-up meetings with them in the near future. The advice given was worth every penny! Continuous Improvement, 7
  8. 8. Conference Day Two Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013...continued STREAMED SESSIONS BEGIN: NO MORE DEATH BY POWERPOINT! Achieving business outcomes is the route to success in these challenging economic times. And so our agenda reflects this by streaming our breakouts according to your top priorities. Each of these sessions is entirely interactive, presenting you with the opportunity to engage and exchange with your peers on the issues that matter to you most. CONCURRENT TRACKS: No need to pre-select - simply decide on the day which session you wish to attend in each time slot Strategy, Change and Leadership Value Creation Sustainability Training Stream: New this year: PEX Network have added a stream designed specifically for those at the project level. Develop your skills and learn from experts!!!1.35 – Harnessing organizational Fully leveraging business process Business Insight: Make Data & Black Belts: What’s Your Value?2.20 creativity and innovation required management to drive value, Predictive Analytics Your Next Discover which strategies are most successful for growth agility and cost effectiveness Step to Success when demonstrating your value to executive sponsors. Business is changing, and you need Fortegra adopted a business consultative • Making BPM sustainable and valuable Merck is realizing the value of large data to ensure you are adapting to keep pace. approach to PEX, focusing on rapid, but • Defining and establishing BPM governance analytics projects and has effectively been sustainable improvements within a quarter to capabilities using data in SAP and other sources to gain Session is available for a leading PEX provider- drive EBITDA and margin improvements across • Integrating BPM with Continuous insight into the performance of their end to if you think that you have a client case study the enterprise. Over the last 12 months, the Improvement and enterprise architecture end business processes. The current savings that would be of interest to our attending PEX process excellence focus has generated over • Practical applications for BPM target for 2012 is approaching triple digit executives, get in touch on +44 (0) 207 368 $4M in margin improvements and ~$350K in millions and the success of the analytics is Melissa Connolly, Director of Operating 9300 or sales in the first quarter of 2012. This session enabled by Merck’s data management Systems and Business Performance Deadline for sponsorship: November 30th 2012 will focus on the following: controls. Without high quality data (customer, • Embracing new leadership approaches to Excellence, Baker Hughes supplier, finance, etc), the analytics would be harness organizational creativity and ineffective. This session will discuss: innovation required for growth • Why is data management important to • How can technology help to enable the Process and operational leaders? process strategy? • Increasing the visibility and accuracy of data • What are the risks, limitations, challenges and to aid intelligent decision making and opportunities? increased responsiveness • How can leaders look at changing the • Developing a process for creating and OE function from a cost centre to a changing master data in applications value creator? Barnaby Fountain, Director of Shared Dell Birch, CIO, Fortegra Financial Business Services, Merck & Co. Allen Hayes, Vice President, Operational Excellence, Fortegra Financial My congratulations to your team for pushing the envelope and making the conference a "must attend" event. Vice President, PMP | Hess 8
  9. 9. Conference Day Two Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013...continued INTERACTIVE SESSIONS WITH THE EXPERTS! Strategy, Change and Leadership Value Creation Sustainability Training Stream2.25 - Transformational Leadership Enhanced Value Creation Through The Future of Manufacturing: Plan, Do, Check, Act. Get Things3.15 As chairman and founder of The Flippen Group, Goal-Driven Process Automation Global Trends and Implications Done – FAST! Flip Flippen has spent the last 25 years dedicated Value-creation is at the heart of every business. Based on a groundbreaking report on the Refocus on coordinating your Continuous to growing and developing leaders around the Within a business, goals represent the nexus of future of global manufacturing, this Improvement efforts and move more quickly world. In today’s environment, where change is agreement between different stakeholders, presentation will provide a new perspective on from ‘a problem faced’ to ‘a problem solved’. constant and uncertainty is here to stay, leaders from setting sales targets to achieving product why manufacturing is critical to the health of must go beyond "change management" and have design consensus. As such we often measure the global economy, the state of manufacturing Session is available for a leading PEX provider- a truly transformative impact on their organization the performance of goal attainment as Key worldwide, and key trends that will affect the if you think that you have a client case study and team. In this session, Flip will share tools and Performance Indicators. Yet goals can be more future of manufacturing. These macroeconomic that would be of interest to our attending PEX insights that his company has implemented in than passive indicators; they should be used to trends have clear implications for how executives, get in touch on +44 (0) 207 368 thousands of organizations around the world. You create and sustain business value by actively companies compete and will require 9300 or will leave with a greater understanding of how to optimizing the processes that define business manufacturers to understand this new world, Deadline for sponsorship: November 30th 2012 ‘raise the game’ as a leader and have a powerful, operations throughout a value chain. This talk define and commit to a path forward, and build lasting effect on your team and organization. shows how goal-driven process automation new skills for the journey. Learn whats ahead Questions to be addressed include: can concretely achieve such dynamism. for the manufacturing sector and specific • Can you really grow leadership? Business goals defined within process actions your organization should be taking • How do I multiply the impact I have on my descriptions are used to rapidly and today to ensure future competitive team and organization? continuously adjust the process execution to advantage. • How do I accelerate my performance and that ensure goals are attained in the most Lou Rassey, Principal, McKinsey & of my team? efficient way possible, while providing Company • How do I consistently achieve more and lead transparency to all stakeholders. my team to do the same? Craig Melrose, Expert Principal, Paul Buhler, Chief Scientist, Modus21 McKinsey & Company Flip Flippen, Founder and Chairman of Dominic Greenwood, COO, The Flippen Group End User Contributor coming soon.... Whitestein Technologies End User Contributor coming soon.... End User Contributor coming soon....3.15 Networking Coffee Break One-to-One Meetings4.05 - Deploying Hoshin Kanri as a Delivering business benefits Creating a Long-Term Continuous Black Belt Refresher- Old Hats and5.05 Competitive Weapon through supply chain Improvement Roadmap Through Young Guns! In recent times there has been a significant performance improvements Deliberate Talent Development This session is tailored for those of who you increase in the adoption of Hoshin Kanri. have long been certified to learn a little • Developing a framework to enhance process Many CI programs struggle with clear career paths Executives in leading companies like Danaher, something from the newest additions to the excellence across suppliers and customers for Black Belts. Particularly the development of Black Toyota and ITT attribute a significant part of their Six Sigma family. And vice versa. • Understanding (and measuring) the costs of Belts progressing to Master Black Belt roles. Hear success to their Hoshin based business systems. Share tips and advice on how to guarantee poor supply chain process management how to create a roadmap to develop talent and But getting strategy deployment methodologies success, and remind yourself of the underlying • Deployment enablers and challenges: sustain your LSS teams’ capability for the long-term. like Hoshin to stick is difficult and requires principles of Lean Six Sigma, and the best Embedding a preventative vs. reactive Benefits of having a structured approach include: organizations to overcome both technical and execution strategies. business planning culture • Ensuring clarity of skills and competencies cultural challenges. Join Paul Docherty as the Managing supply chain risk, including • within the BB and MBB roles outlines how leading organizations have Session is available for a leading PEX provider- supplier quality and service risk management • Described behavioral actions, guidelines and effectively developed and sustained strategy if you think that you have a client case study to enhance value and reduce operational risk operational definitions for “understanding,” deployment as a competitive weapon. that would be of interest to our attending PEX “experienced” and “advanced” as a basis to Keith Holliday, Director - Corporate executives, get in touch on +44 (0) 207 368 Paul Docherty, Founder and Executive evaluate a “composite” BB or MBB Supply Chain & Logistics, Sonoco • Developing actionable personal development plans 9300 or Director, i-nexus Products Deadline for sponsorship: November 30th 2012 • Creating transparency for internal resources of End User Contributor coming soon.... the process to move within the LSS capability Danica Natoli, Director, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Best 9
  10. 10. Conference Day Two Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013...continued Strategy, Change and Leadership Value Creation Sustainability Training Stream5.10 Case Studies Panel: Removing Leveraging the latest BPM Sustaining a Process Improvement BPM 101 – Everything You barriers to change: Tried and tested technologies to achieve greater Culture by combining Lean Six Needed to Know but Never Dared change management tactics to drive visibility, customer-centricity and Sigma and Business Process to Ask! business process excellence success flexibility across complex Management From leveraging BPM methodology to creating Transforming a business using generic processes and operations • Combining LSS and BPM methodologies to a common language between business and methodology is tough enough, without the create flexibility when executing Continuous technology teams – this is your BPM Examine how to leverage BPM to achieve additional challenge to sustain those hard fought Improvement initiatives download. Discuss with our panel of BPM customer centricity that actually works! changes. Discover the value of incorporating • Taking a value-stream based approach to experts how effective deployment works, and Leveraging BPM systems in addition to strategic change management into your business, Continuous Improvement what to avoid on your BPM journey. traditional process excellence methodologies and turn disruptive change into a viable return on will enhance your process visibility, data • Executing Continuous Improvement time invested. Panellists will discuss: initiatives with Process teams, not project Deadline for sponsorship: November 30th 2012 capture and control, and workflow • Striking a balance: Encouraging innovation to management. teams create a pull for improvement while driving Plus, learn how to link business and real time • Building a culture of superior execution by change through the push from senior operational intelligence into BPM platforms developing capabilities in problem solving, management for greater awareness and customer fact based / hypothesis driven analysis, and • Is change management a critical element of responsiveness. implementing and sustaining meaningful BPM and LSS? How much effort and attention changes should be given to managing change? Leo Shuster, Director, IT Architecture, • Driving change to the corporate environment - Nationwide Session is available for a leading PEX provider- and anticipating and dealing with the if you think that you have a client case study consequences that would be of interest to our attending PEX • Building internal connectivity and collaboration executives, get in touch on +44 (0) 207 368 in a decentralised framework? 9300 or Deadline for sponsorship: November 30th 2012 Panelists: Mark McGregor, Principal Analyst, MWD Advisors Vincent D. Pierce, SVP, Business Transformation, Office Depot ALL ATTENDEES, SPEAKERS & SPONSORS RETURN TO THE MAIN PLENARY FOR THE AWARDS CEREMONY6.00 –6.45 PEX Awards Showcase PEX Network proudly presents our re-invented, customer-centric Global Awards Ceremony. From November to January our judges will carefully select the winning applications through shortlisting processes and rigorous interviews. Join with us to celebrate the year’s most successful practitioners and hear from our global practitioner community and their thoughts on the winners and runners up in our traditional categories, as well as our newest addition Most Customer Centric Initiative and the newest criteria component to each category – customer delivery! See P16 for more details...7.00 – 2013 PEX Week Pool Party10.00 Join the PEX Network to celebrate our 14th Annual Process Excellence Week. Included as part of this networking event will be acknowledgements of the PEX Hall of Fame, a chance to congratulate our award winners and some down-time to reflect on the day’s insights over a drink or two. Light entertainment and refreshments will be provided to help you unwind after a long day of conferencing. Relax with your peers to compare and contrast your learning so 10
  11. 11. ADVERTISEMENT 6th – 15th November 2012 Invigorate your process excellence program for 2013 with our PEX Masters online eventThis online event perfectly compliments PEX WeekOrlando 2013...• Blends personal, organizational and process tools to give you inspiration and practical insight to reinvigorate your process excellence program for 2013• Focuses on the management challenges of process excellence and emphasizes a practical case-study based approach to learning• Gives you 12 hours of online presentations over 6 days, designed to provide insight in to the management challenges and solutions of achieving excellence in your organisation - not the tools. Listen Live or On Demand• Joins you with peers from the likes of Siemens Financial Services, MASCO Contractor Services and Capital One Financial ServicesIf you are attending PEX Week Orlando you can book PEXMasters for $59.99 (it’s normally $99)Email for your unique code 11
  12. 12. Conference Day Three Wednesday, January 23rd, 20138.00 PEX Network desk opens for enquiries 9.15 Award Winners Circle: Share in their Excellence Wondering how the teams you rejoiced with last night reached those8.30 Sustaining Process Excellence for the Long Haul – and Driving Greater outstanding improvements? Want to learn more about the execution of these award winning projects? Join us in discussing and reviewing this year’s award-winning entries, Customer Impact and take your chance to ask your burning questions to the award winners themselves. Many process excellence initiatives falter after several years. To sustain process excellence for the Facilitated by PEX Network’s expert Judges: long haul and be truly impactful to the customer, the initiative must become part of the standard Chris Galante, Process Improvement Leader, Boeing operating system, part of the culture, where the focus is on both performance improvement and talent development. In addition to having ongoing senior leadership sponsorship and engagement, Dennis A. Narlock II, Continuous Improvement Leader, Catalent Pharma Solutions creating bench strength and building excitement in the employee base to improve their process and problem solving skills is a major component of building a lasting process excellence culture. 9.30 – Start of Corporate Leader’s Boardroom – INVITATION ONLY 2.00 Hay Wun Wain, SVP Global Head of Business Process Management, McGraw-Hill 10.00 Networking Break One-to-One Meetings INDUSTRY CLINICS BEGIN: Choose from the following sessions and discuss the most pressing issues you are facing specific to your industry sector. Delve deep into the commercial, regulatory and operational challenges obstructing your path to excellence, or learn from other sectors and find out how they are tackling these issues from an alternative perspective. CONCURRENT TRACKS: CHOOSE ONE Manufacturing Case Study Financial Services Case Study Energy Case Study Telcos Case Study Employee Engagement Study10.50 Creating a long-term Blended Toolkits: The Engaging Suppliers in Driving the Customer Employee Engagement roadmap for change: Pragmatic Approach to Operational Excellence Experience: An outside-in Steps that Drive Results Taking Process Business Excellence initiatives focus on Reducing Many studies have shown that more Improvement to New Extensive research into the current • Process discipline strategies you – and Customer Effort often, people leave leaders, not Levels at Kraft Foods state of commerce indicates that the your suppliers – should be using now TELUS Communications has been on organizations. In the scientific C-suite is pressing for outcomes, • Successfully modelling system-wide industries, many organizations fall To effectively reduce waste, optimize a “Customers First” journey to rather than incremental improvement. risk management and scenario into the pattern of filling leadership flow, and manage input costs, Kraft significantly improve the customer Discover the real advantages of re- planning processes positions with technically savvy talent; integrated Supply Chain leveraged experience. To guide the focus of framing your approach towards • Reducing the process excellence basing success solely on the perceived the principles of Lean Six Sigma and continuous improvement with an achieving business goals, and take “disconnect” between suppliers and benefits associated with advanced Integrated Business Planning to outside-in perspective, TELUS has away a range of strategies to ensure production companies degrees. While this can be beneficial deliver record performance. been drawing the linkage between that you are practising 21st century • What to do when you find gaps with from a technical perspective, the Customer Effort, propensity to Jim Durkin, Vice President, process and delivering value to your supplier continuous improvement industry is increasingly calling for a recommend and profitability while Integrated Supply Chain, CEO. efforts blend of science and leadership skills also focusing on understanding the Kraft Cheese and Dairy Value Stream from the customers in order to motivate and retain key Ana Lapera, Director - Chris Bloxham, Director talent. Key challenges addressed will Business Unit perspective. Learn from this case Process Improvement Project Integrity and Risk include: Strategy, Fannie Mae Management, Subsea study how this focus has impacted • Positioning talent to keep pace with Systems, Cameron project prioritization, team focus, significant organizational 12