Urfa mardin tamas-hegedus


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Tamás Hegedűs / Member of the Hungarian National Assembly Chairman of the Hungary-Turkey Friendship Group

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Urfa mardin tamas-hegedus

  1. 1. Tamás Hegedűs Member of the Hungarian National AssemblyChairman of the Hungary-Turkey Friendship Group 25. September 2012.
  2. 2. I. An Overview of the EU’s Cultural LegislationII. The Legal Background of Turkey’s Accession ProcessIII. Cultural Cooperation with Non-EU Member StatesIV. Culture Program 2007-2013V. European Capital of Culture - Pécs and Istanbul in 2010VI. Summary
  3. 3. „It does not matter how many victories a nation has on the battlefield, continuous victory is only possible by an army of culture.” (Mustafa Kemal Atatürk)
  4. 4. „Civilization and sciencies are a source of strenght for us by which we progress forward.” (Mustafa Kemal Atatürk)
  5. 5. (Jean Monnet)
  6. 6. 1. Treaty of Rome (1957) Article 151.2. Treaty of Maastricht (1991) Article 128.3. Treaty of Lisbon (2007) Article 167. Defines the role of the EU on cultural field and sets out four objectives: 1. Contributing to the flowering of Member States’ culture 2. Encouraging contemporary cultural creation 3. Taking the cultural dimension into account in all Community policies 4. Encouraging cooperation
  7. 7. Not supranationalNational sovereigntyEU as an inscentiveImportance during the accession process Copenhagen Criteria
  8. 8. 1959. Applies for associate membership of the European Economic Community1963. Ankara Agreement1987. Applies for membership of the European Economic Community1999. Official candidate status2004. Decesion to open the accession talks 12 June 2006. Concrete negotiation talks on the basis of the 35 chapters - 13 chapters have been opened - Science and Research has temporary closed - Education and Culture had been the second-opened chapter (26 October 2005.)
  9. 9. Participation in Culture-Related Community Programseg. 7th Framework Program, LLP 2007-2013, Jean Monnet Program, Youth in Action, Culture Program 2007-2013.Financial Supporteg. IPA, TAIEX, Twinning Program
  10. 10. Budget: 400 million Euros The Aim of the Project: enhance the cultural area common to Europeans through the development of cultural cooperation between various actors. Cultural Contact Points
  11. 11. Since 1985The Aim of the Project:living proof of the richness and diversity of European cultures
  12. 12. Achievements:- established the good relationship- new forum at the representational level- establishing informal ECoC network- UNeECC- Centre for Young Artists and Designers
  13. 13. 20 Common Projects:- Travel Around the Turkish Crescent- Muezzin sang in Pécs- Turkish Film Week in Pécs- Temporary City Project- Csontváry exhibit in Pera Museum-Pécs-Ruhr-Istanbul Music Caravan
  14. 14. Abraham’s Wheel
  15. 15. Avrupa Birliği’ne ihtiyacı olan Türkiye değildir. Türkiye’ye ihtiyacı olan Avrupa Birliği’dir.It is not Turkey, who needs the European Union, but the European Union is, who needs Turkey.