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The Penang Island Jazz FEstival have been privileged enough to have attracted major personalities from across the region and our globe, and have had a series of wonderful discussions about styles of music, festivals, programming, marketing and branding, amongst other things. More at !

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The Island Music Forums - Penang Island Jazz Festival

  1. 1. PENANG ISLAND JAZZ FESTIVAL 2013 “GOING BEYOND” : THE ISLAND MUSIC FORUMS Over the last ten years, the forums at the Penang Island Jazz Festival have become an absolutely key part of the Festival’s overall programme. We have been privileged enough to have attracted major personalities from across the region and our globe, and have had a series of wonderful discussions about styles of music, festivals, programming, marketing and branding, amongst other things. This year the Festival is expanding the forum from its’ normal one session to four sessions with one inter-weaving theme throughout the four sessions with top personalities from the world of festivals and music. We will be joined by the key drivers of two of the world’s leading international major music markets – WOMEX and jazzahead!. It is exceptional to have access to the wisdom and experience of people like Ben Mandelson and Peter Schulze here in Penang, especially at a time when there is increasing emphasis on the potential for MICE and for export from the ‘creative industry’. Their insights will be supplemented by a range of other major world figures, including John Cumming, Jae Jin In, Catherine Mayer, Peter Lee and Hee-sun Kim. With such fantastic presenters/panelists in town, the four forum sessions that comprise “Going Beyond: The Island Music Forums” will focus on what lies behind the motivation for organising an event like the Penang Island Jazz Festival. They will address such issues as how musical horizons can be expanded in a world of globalisation; the business of being a musician and the importance of music exchange and collaboration and how that best works; the challenges of marketing music and the importance of creating relevant networks; and how we might react to the increasing interest in celebrating and documenting our musical heritage. “Going Beyond: The Island Music Forums” offers a unique opportunity to all of us to meet world leaders in their respective fields, and join in the discussions, hearing and sharing insights about topics that are shaping our music world. Everyone is welcome; free entry; free flow of ideas. Join us! GOING BEYOND 1: “Expanding Music Horizons/Networking Beyond The Mainstream” International Music Expo FOCUS - Feature on WOMEX Presentation on WOMEX by Founding Director Ben Mandelson Panelists : Ben Mandelson, Hee Sun Kim Moderator : Ian Patterson GOING BEYOND 2: “Popular Music Heritage Preservation” Presentation on Penang’s Popular Music of the 1940s to 1960s by Curator James Lochhead Panelists : James Lochhead, Peter Schulze and Ben Mandelson Moderator : Grey Yeoh GOING BEYOND 3: “Networking, Music Marketing and Music Export” International Music Trade Show FOCUS – Feature on jazzahead! Presentation on jazzahead! by Artistic Director Peter Schulze Panelists : Peter Schulze, Catherine Mayer, Peter Lee Moderator : Richard La Faber GOING BEYOND 4: “Music Cultural Exchange & Collaboration”
  2. 2. Presentation on “Take Five Programme” By Co-Founder and Festival Director of London Jazz Festival John Cumming Panelists : John Cumming, Jae Jin In, Hee Sun Kim, Moderator : Grey Yeoh FORUM PANEL MEMBERS BEN MANDELSON (Record Producer, Musician, Founding Director – WOMEX) Born in Liverpool in 1953, and living in London, Ben Mandelson is a leading freelance world music record producer, and was one of the group of UK music professionals who created and launched the current ‘world music’ genre. He was the co-founder and A&R manager / house producer for the influential GlobeStyle Records label in London for artists in many parts of Europe and other continents. Next to his onsite recording and production experience, his musical credentials include the guitar duties in Magazine, and as long-time band member of Billy Bragg's Blokes. He was a founding member of the early worldmusic cult band band 3 Mustaphas 3, and Founding Director of the premier world music trade fair WOMEX (and current working supervising board-member). PETER SCHULZE (Artistic Director - jazzahead!) Born in 1947, Peter studied Composition and Tonmeister in Berlin and from 1970 – 1998 was the jazz editor at Radio Bremen/Germany producing more than 1,600 radio concerts. From 1998 – 2001, he was the Head of music department of Radio Bremen and Artistic Director of pro musicaantiqua, a biannual radio festival of ancient music. From 1975, Peter was a Co-founder of Archive of Popular Music - a publicly accessible archive that holds around 100,000 records and extensive literature on popular music. A Co-author of a radio series of 150 features on “history of popular music” (many of
  3. 3. which came out on Bear Family Records in 1998 as a 52 CD-Box with a 320 page booklet), Peter was also the Artistic Director of Berlin Jazzfest from 2003 to 2007. From 2005, he was the Artistic Consultant of jazzahead! and since 2011 has been one of its two Artistic Directors. Peter was a member of the Board of Directors of the Europe Jazz Network (EJN) from 2005 until 2010 and has been the Chairman of the Association "Friends of the Sendesaal" since 2002 and Artistic director of sendesaalbremen since 2009. JOHN CUMMING (Director - Serious / London Jazz Festival) John Cumming is the main programmer and producer of jazz at Serious. From the late 1960s he worked primarily in theatre as director and lighting designer, and in 1973, joined South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell running both the theatre and music programmes, and it was there when he started the Bracknell Jazz Festival, building it for over more than a decade into the country’s major international platform for contemporary jazz and improvised music. He co-founded Serious in the mid-1980s, initially as an international production and management company, and later joined forces with David Jones into developing the company’s role as producer and commissioner of new music, and creator of concert series, festivals and touring projects. Today, the company covers a massive range of innovative new music activity in all areas of creative music including a substantial learning programme alongside professional development schemes devised for working artists. Serious is responsible for the London Jazz Festival and is also an Associate Producer at the Barbican Centre. A member of a number of Arts Council and Regional Arts panels and committees, John was until recently, a long-standing board member of Europe Jazz Network. He received Services to Jazz Awards at the 2005 BBC Jazz Awards, and in 2012 from the All Party Parliamentary Jazz Appreciation Group. JAE JIN IN
  4. 4. (Founder, Artistic Director - Jarasum International Jazz Festival / Director - Gwangju World Music Festival) Founder and Artistic Director of Korea’s biggest jazz festival - Jarasum International Jazz Festival, Jae Jin (JJ) is one of the leading music producers in Korea having produced and promoted over 1,000 jazz concerts. He began organizing concerts in mid 1990s and ran a theatre in Seoul which served as a venue for jazz and new musical genres from 1998 to 2000. A Founder member of AJFO – THE Asian Jazz Festival Organisation, JJ is also a Director of Gwangju World Music Festival and a Professor lecturing in Music Business in a University in Seoul. Highly recognized as one of Asia’s top jazz producers, JJ has been invited as a speaker and international guest to many conferences and festivals all over the world and has also been on the artist selection panel for jazzahead’s international night. DR. KIM HEE SUN (Ethnomusicologist – Korean and Asian Music) Dr. Kim Hee-sun earned the BA and MA from Seoul National University's Department of Korean Music and the Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology from the University of Pittsburgh. She formerly served as a research fellow at the Asia Research Institute at the National University of Singapore (Cultural Studies) and as a research fellow at the Asian Music Institute at the Seoul National University. Currently she is a professor at Kookmin University. Currently she is one of the most active internationally-working scholars of the younger generation working on Korean and Asian music, and actively participates in the globalization of Korean culture project. She has recently published her book Contemporary Kayagŭm Music in Korea: Tradition, Modernity and Identity, as well as chapters in many widely-circulated publication including Music of Korea, Sanjo, Gugak Performance Program Guide and numerous academic papers on world music, Korean and Asian music and culture. CATHERINE MAYER (Owner, Managing Director – JustJazz) Catherine Mayer is the Owner and Managing Director of Europe’s oldest Jazz booking agency – Just Jazz (est. 1960), which was set up by her father who initially started working in the music business after World War 2. A former tennis pro and law major, Catherine grew up being surrounded by music and developed a love and passion specifically for Jazz. With a combination of the love and passion with her
  5. 5. professional skills, Catherine has developed the agency to being one of the leading artist management and promotions agencies representing acts such as Manhattan Transfer, Take 6, New York Voices, Count Basie Orchestra, Patti Austin and many others internationally. PETER LEE (Founder, President – Hong Kong Jazz Association / Festival Director – Hong Kong International Jazz Festival) Founder and President of Hong Kong Jazz Association, Peter has more than 20 years’ experience in journalism, has been a jazz promoter since 1985 and a jazz educator since 1993. A former lecturer on pop and jazz music for Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the University of Hong Kong and the Baptist University of Hong Kong, he is also a Founding member of the Asian Jazz Festival Organization (AJFO), and is involved in a number of jazz festivals among which are as Festival Director & Consultant for the Beishan World Music Festival in Zhuhai and Founder & Director of the Hong Kong International Jazz Festival. JAMES LOCHHEAD (Co-Producer/Principal Researcher, Curator – Penang Popular Music Project) James Lochhead has worked in many different capacities over his many years - community worker, social policy researcher and advocate, fund raiser, event organizer, initiator and/or committee member of various organisations, part time musician, poet, husband and parent, often all at once. He has been in Penang more on than off since 1980, and has been very involved in both promoting musical and arts performances generally in Penang (partly through the monthly Little Penang Street Market) and, together with Paul Augustin (and the support of hundreds of others), in the documenting of Penang's musical heritage which developed into the realization and production of two exhibitions held at The Penang State Museum – “Penang’s Popular Music of The 1940s & 1950s” in 2010 and an additional decade added on for the second exhibition in the early part of 2013 “Penang ‘s Popular Music of The 1940s, 1950s & 1960s”. On-going work continues on the project to build information and resources to eventually be documented and fully digitalized, catalogued and available to the public.
  6. 6. FORUM MODERATORS GREY YEOH A trained multimedia and visual designer who collaborates in socially-engaged art projects both online and for live performances, Grey Yeoh has since 2008, been involved in the arts by co-curating the art-historical exhibition ‘12 Years’ and the ‘Emergency Festival 2008’, as well as collaborated on the visual designs for several Malaysian theatre productions, including ‘Gostan Forward’, awardnominated ‘WayangFajar’and most recently ‘Something I Wrote’ by the Five Arts Centre. He is the former creative producer for the online information portal for Malaysian youth, ‘PopIN’ and the online satire talk show ‘That Effing Show’. He curated a series of talks at the recent Kakiseni Arts Festival titled ‘Kata TindakSeni’- looking at the state of the performing arts in Malaysia today. Grey currently works as an Arts Manager for British Council in Malaysia, and is also a HAO Summit Singapore Fellow, an Asia Society Asia21 Young Leader and the Advance Cultural Leadership Programme Hong Kong Fellow. Grey guest lectures to diploma students at two institution of higher learning in Kuala Lumpur. IAN PATTERSON Since 2006, Ian Patterson has been a contributor for multi-award winning website All About jazz, the largest jazz webzine in the world and the jazz site with the widest global reach. As a Senior Contributor he has written over 350 articles and interviewed some of the top names in jazz and creative music. Until recently, Ian was based in Laos, which allowed him the opportunity of covering jazz and music festivals/ concerts within the Asian Region, in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, mainland and Australia. In addition, he has promoted jazz in Ireland, England, Italy and France. Ian was seduced by jazz 27 years ago, but he does not
  7. 7. subscribe to the theory that jazz’s Golden Age is in the past. The whole history of jazz is a continuum, and the present, he firmly believes, might just be the most exciting time yet. RICHARD LA FABER “I am who I am and what I am because of who I was and what I want to be” Dreams are meant to be lived and Richard La Faber is a classic example of someone who is living the Dream. Throughout his life he has never wavered from his passion for speaking, teaching, entertaining and inspiring – a dedication that has seen him winning a number of accolades and awards, Richard La Faber wears many hats including that of Radio Personality, Master of Ceremony, Voice Actor, Communications Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Success Life Coach/Mentor, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Lecturer, Author, Blogger and is currently working on his new book and online training program “Power Networking: Turning Strangers into Supporters.” Besides his long term continuity of hosting the Malaysia Airlines Golden Era Inflight program and being the MC for Penang Island Jazz Festival’s main stage programme since the beginning of the festival in 2004, Richard is also actively involved in the La Faber Academy which specializes in life-skills coaching & training.