Plants and Flowers in Baguio


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Here are the pictures of some flowers or plants found in Baguio City. It also includes the use and the scientific names of plants or flowers.

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Plants and Flowers in Baguio

  1. 1. Plants in baguio Group members: Mark Ehdz Axalan Seymour Agraan Joshua Pagaduan Jhon Paul Jalea
  2. 2. Helianthus annuus Taxonomy Origin UsesDomain: EukaryotaKingdom: Plantae •sold as a snack foodPhylum: Tracheophyta    (seed)Class: Magnoliopsida Southeastern •peanut butter US •SonnenblumenkernbrotOrder: Asterales      •Sunflower oilFamily: Asteraceae used forGenus: Helianthus    cooking oil.Species: Helianthus annuus carrier oil margarine biodiesel •food for birds •medical ointments
  3. 3. Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis Taxonomy Origin Uses Kingdom: Plantae •Used as landscape Division: Angiosperms shrubs. Exact origin is • Paper-making Class: Eudicots unknown. • Beverage Order: Malvales (Hibiscus Tea) Family: Malvaceae •Food Genus: Hibiscus can be candied Species: Rosa-sinensis used as garnish vegetable (Hibiscus sabdariffa) food-coloring
  4. 4. Lactua Sativa Taxonomy Origin UsesKingdom: Plantae Asia  FoodDivision: Magnoliophyta Leafy vegetableClass: Magnoliopsida SaladOrder: Asterales SandwichesFamily: Asteraceae  Help promote sleepGenus: Lactua Bulk to the intestinalSpecies: Sativa tractCommon Name: Lettuce
  5. 5. Pinus Kesiya Taxonomy Origin UsesKingdom: Plantae Beguet,  Latex rubbed overDivision: Pinophyta Philippines arthritic painsClass: Pinopsida Source of PhilippineOrder: Pinales turpentine oil.Family: Pinaceae Used in making paperGenus: Pinus pulp and boxes.Species: P. kesiya Temporary electricCommon name: Baguio Pine poles Source of timber
  6. 6. Spinacia Oleraceae Taxonomy Origin UsesKingdom: Plantae Persia  Good for theDivision: Magnoliophyta lymphaticClass: Magnoliopsida , urinary, andOrder: Caryophyllales digestiveFamily: Amaranthaceae systems.Genus: Spinacia  Laxative effectSpecies: S. oleraceae Weight lossCommon Name: Spinach Beverage Spinach juice Source of iron and folic acid
  7. 7. Zea Mays Taxonomy Origin UsesKingdom: Plantae Mesoamerica  FoodDivision: Magnoliophyta Substitute for riceClass: Liliopsida replacement for wheatOrder: Poales CombreadFamily: Poaceae PopcornGenus: Zea Main ingredient ofSpecies: Z. Mays tortillas and tomalesCommon Name: Corn  used as fish bait
  8. 8. Colocasia esculenta Taxonomy Origin UsesKingdom: Plantae Southeast FoodDivision: Magnoliophyta Asia Leafy VegetableClass: Liliopsida  MedicineOrder: Alismatales For arterial hemorrageFamily: Araceae Used in earache andGenus: Colocasia ottorheaSpecies: C. esculenta Used in cases ofCommon Name: Gabi alopecia  Laxative effect
  9. 9. Zinnia Peruviana Taxonomy Origin UsesKingdom: Plantae South US to  Popular FloweringDivision: Magnoliophyta South plantsClass: Magnoliopsida AmericaOrder: Asterales Attract butterflies andFamily: Asteraceae hummingbirdsGenus: ZinniaSpecies: Z. peruviana  Defense againstCommon Name: Peruvia whiteflies Zinnia  Companion plants
  10. 10. Salvia officinalis Taxonomy Origin UsesKingdom: Plantae Europe  Anti-sweatingDivision: TracheophytaClass: Magnoliopsida AntibioticOrder: AsteranaeFamily: Lamiaceae AntifungalGenus: SalviaSpecies: S. officinalis Essential oilCommon Name: Garden Sage Used for hyperlipidemia
  11. 11. Petunia × hybrida Taxonomy Origin Uses Kingdom: Plantae South EconomicallyDivision: Magnoliophyta America important in terms ofClass: Magnoliopsida worldwide use as anOrder: Solanales ornamental plant.Family: Solanaceae Model systems forGenus: Petunia research on floralSpecies: P. hybrida developmentCommon Name: Petunia Good system for genetics research and studies on somaclonal variations.
  12. 12. Kalanchoe pinnata Taxonomy Origin UsesKingdom: Plantae Madagascar TraditionalDivision: Magnoliophyta medicineClass: Magnoliopsida HypertensionOrder: Saxifragales Kidney stonesFamily: Crassulaceae SprainsGenus: Kalanchoe EczemaEspesye: K. pinnata InfectionsCommon name: BurnsKataka-taka Headaches Others Antiulcer Analgesic Antimicrobial
  13. 13. Anthurium andreanum Taxonomy Origin Uses Kingdom: Plantae Columbia • Anthurium is one of Division: Magnoliophyta the important economic Class: Liliopsida flowers of export Order: Alismatales potential. Family: Araceae •Floral displays Genus: Anthurium •Ornamentals Species: A. andreanum Common Name: “Flamingo Flower’
  14. 14. Hydrangea macrophylla Taxonomy Origin Uses Kingdom: Plantae China and Beverage Division: Magnoliophyta Japan Amacha is a Japanese Class: Magnoliopsida beverage made from Order: Cornales fermented leaves of Family: Hydrangeaceae Hydrangea macrophylla. Genus: Hydrangea Species:H.macrophylla Medicine Common Name: Milflores Hydrangeae Dulcis Folium is a drug made from the fermented and dried leaves of H. macrophylla var. thunbergii with possible antiallergic and antimicrobial properties.
  15. 15. Alstroemeria aurea Taxonomy Origin UsesKingdom: Plantae South •Alstroemeria speciesDivision: Magnoliophyta America and hybrids haveClass: Liliopsida gained world-wideOrder: Liliales importance as cutFamily: Alstroemeriaceae flower crop due toGenus: Alstroemeria its attractive flowersSpecies: A. aurea andCommon Name: the excellentPeruvian keeping quality of lily them. Nevertheless, they are also suitable for growing in pots and for garden and landscape uses.
  16. 16. Bougainvillea Spectabilis Taxonomy Origin Uses Kingdom: Plantae South Ornamental plants Division: Magnoliophyta America Houseplants Class: Magnoliopsida Landscapes Order: Caryophyllales Family: Nyctaginaceae Others Genus: Bougainvillea • Bougainvillea vines Species: B.. Spectabilis can be used to cover Common Name: problem areas in your Bougainvillea yard such as a slope or bare areas. • Teaching Tool
  17. 17. Fragaria Ananassa Taxonomy Origin UsesKingdom: Plantae France  Consumed freshDivision: Magnoliophyta  Used in preparedClass: Magnoliopsida foods, such as cerealOrder: Rosales bars.Family: Rosaceae  Popular dessertGenus: FragariaSpecies: F. Ananassa  Strawberry JamCommon Name:  Strawberry Wine  Used as a natural acid/base indicator
  18. 18. Solanum Esculentum Taxonomy Origin Uses Kingdom: Plantae Peru and  Make a cooked salsa Division: Magnoliophyta North Chile and can it Class: Magnoliopsida Order: Solanales  Appetizers Family: Solanaceae Genus: Solanum  Tomato vinegar Species: S. esculentum Common Name: Cherry  Stir fry Tomato
  19. 19. Leucaena leucocephala Taxonomy Origin UsesKingdom: Plantae Mexico  Excellent source ofDivision: Magnoliophyta And Central high-protein cattleClass: Magnoliopsida America fodder.Order: Fabales  The young pods areFamily: Fabaceae edible andGenus: Leucaena occasionally eaten.Species: L. leucocephala  Produces very goodCommon Name: Ipil ipil charcoal.  Source of paper and used in the production of rayon.
  20. 20. Gomphrena globosa Taxonomy Origin Uses Kingdom: Plantae Brazil,  Flowers are boiled Division: Magnoliophyta Panama to make a tea which Class: Magnoliopsida Guatamela is used for baby Order: Caryophyllales gripe, oliguria, Family: Amaranthaceae cough and diabetes. Genus: Gomphrena  It is commonly used Species: G. globosa in long-lasting leis Common Name:Globe since it retains its Amaranth shape and color after drying.  Used to make a garland for Brothers Day in Nepal.
  21. 21. Rosa Indica Taxonomy Origin UsesKingdom: Plantae  Asia, Some  Ornamental plantsDivision: Magnoliophyta EuropeClass: Magnoliopsida  Cut flowersOrder: RosalesFamily: Rosaceae  PerfumeGenus: RosaSpecies: R. Indica  Rose hips areCommon Name: Rose occasionally made into jam, jelly, and marmalade, or are brewed for tea.  minor source of Vitamin C
  22. 22. Brassica oleracea Taxonomy Origin UsesKingdom: Plantae Europe  Used because of itsDivision: Magnoliophyta large food reserves.Class: LiliopsidaOrder: Brassicales  For Stomach pain,Family: Brassicaceae excess stomach acid,Genus: Brassica stomach ulcer andSpecies: B. oleraceae and a stomachCommon Name: Cabbage condition called Roemheld syndrome.  Breast-feeding women sometimes apply cabbage leaves and cabbage leaf extracts to their breasts to relieve swelling and pain.
  23. 23. Rosmarinus of ficinalis Taxonomy Origin Uses Kingdom: Plantae Mediterranean  Rosemary is used as Division: Magnoliophyta region an ornamental plant Class: Magnoliopsida in gardens and for Order: Lamiales xeriscape landscaping. Family: Lamiaceae Genus: Rosmarinus  Used for topiary Species: R. officinalis Common Name: Rosemary  Oil is extracted from the leaf and used to make medicine.  For increasing menstrual flow and causing abortions.
  24. 24. Allium Cepa Taxonomy Origin UsesKingdom: Plantae Ancient Egypt  Onions are oftenDivision: Magnoliophyta chopped and used asClass: Liliopsida an ingredient inOrder: Asparagales various hearty warmFamily: Amaryllidaceae dishes, and may alsoGenus: Allium be used as a mainSpecies: A. cepa ingredient in theirCommon Name: Onion own right.  Frequently used in Science education for demonstrating microscope usage.
  25. 25. Abelmoschus esculentus Taxonomy Origin Uses Kingdom: Plantae South Asia,  Decoction of young Division: Magnoliophyta Ethiopia and okra fruit is used to Class: Magnoliopsida Western treat inflammation of a Order: Malvales Africa mucous membrane, Family: Malvaceae especially of the Genus: Abelmoschus respiratory tract, Species: A. esculentus accompanied by Common Name: excessive secretions.  Okra juice is used to treat sore throat associated with coughing.
  26. 26. Phaseolus vulgaris Taxonomy Origin UsesKingdom: Plantae Central or  starch blockers,Division: Magnoliophyta South America supplements said toClass: Magnoliopsida interfere with theOrder: Fabales digestion ofFamily: Fabaceae carbohydrates andGenus: Phaseolus thereby promoteSpecies: P. vulgaris weight loss.Common Name: Sitaw  Leaves are used as a pot-herb, and to a lesser extent the green-shelled beans are eaten. In Java, young leaves are eaten as a salad. After beans are harvested, straw is used for fodder.
  27. 27. Musa acuminata Taxonomy Origin UsesKingdom: Plantae Southeast  Eaten rawDivision: Magnoliophyta AsiaClass: Liliopsida  Medicinal UsesOrder: Zingibirales AnemiaFamily: Musaceae Blood PressureGenus: Musa Brain PowerSpecies: M. acuminata ConstipationCommon Name: Banana Depression Hangovers Heartburn Morning sickness
  28. 28. Gamochaeta simplicicaulis Taxonomy Origin Uses Kingdom: Plantae US  Ornamental Division: Magnoliophyta Class: Magnoliopsida  altar offerings Order:Astera Family: Asteraceae Genus: Gamochaeta Species: G. simplicicaulis Common Name: Everlasting
  29. 29. Bellis perennis Taxonomy Origin UsesKingdom: Plantae Europe  Used as potherbDivision: MagnoliophytaClass: Magnoliopsida  Young leaves can beOrder: Asterales eaten raw in salads orFamily: Asteraceae cooked.Genus: BellisSpecies: B. perennis  Flower buds andCommon Name: Daisy petals can be eaten raw in sandwiches, soups and salads.  Used as a tea and as a vitamin supplement.
  30. 30. Carica Papaya Taxonomy Origin UsesKingdom: Plantae Mexico  Meat tenderizingDivision: MagnoliophytaClass: Magnoliopsida  Herbal medicineOrder: Brassicales Digestive ProblemsFamily: Caricaceae treatment of cuts,Genus: Carica rashes, stings, andSpecies: C. papaya burns.Common Name: Papaya  For Contraception and abortion.
  31. 31. Aster Alphinus Taxonomy Origin UsesKingdom: Plantae US  Garden UsesDivision: Magnoliophyta used as borders orClass: Magnoliopsida even as a vivid,Order: Asterales colorful groundFamily: Compositae cover.Genus: Aster used in landscapingSpecies: A. alphinus to decorate large,Common Name: Aster open areas.  Garden Extras attractive garden plants brings something extra to outdoor environments: butterflies.
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