My Philosophy of teaching statement


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my own philosophy of teaching statement for our final product in teaching profession.

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My Philosophy of teaching statement

  1. 1. Philosophy of Teaching Statement Teaching is not an easy task or profession especially if you’re not into thisprofession. When it comes in teaching, lot of paper works are waiting for you to checkand to record it. Tons of books or references in your shelf, lesson plans that need tofinish on time, test papers to construct, making instructional materials just for yourstudents. But those things are not what teaching is. For me teaching is making adifference on the life of the learner. Making them a different person and making themto be a productive member of the society. Teaching makes the child discover newthings in life. Teaching is helping and molding them to be what they desire forthemselves and to their country as well. It is also giving your time for them as anattention and sign that you truly care for them and showing them how important theyare in our community. Learners appreciate the little time you got for them just toteach them even though you are not related with them. Learning is fun as others say. It is fun because you learned new things andapplying it in your life. But learning will no longer be fun if it is measured throughquizzes, projects or recitations. We all know we are doing this because it’s one of theways to know if they did learn. But we must be aware that grades don’t measure howintelligent you are; grades are used to know on how diligent you are. Learning isacquiring knowledge on what your teacher taught you. When you learned somethingfrom them you apply it in your life and somehow you’re excited to show to others onwhat you learn. But sometimes learning can be a painful process. Learning doesn’thappen the moment you know it. There are others who can get it but you’re not. Ittakes time until you completely knew it. But even though you’re late to learn it learningstill works on your part. That’s how learning is fun. Every teacher wishes for the best for her learners. Teacher is the secondparents and school is the second home of the learners. Teachers are happy to see thattheir learners succeeded after a long years of studying. As a future teacher, the firstthing I will do is to make them a better and a responsible learner. Once they know theirresponsibilities they know how to be a better person because you taught them toprioritize their responsibilities and reach out their goals in life. I also want to teachthem how to strive hard. It’s not an easy thing to do but with lot of encouragementand inspiring them I know that they’ll strive hard to reach their expectations and akind of life they want. Teaching them on to hold on their dreams and ambitions is alsoone of the main things I want to teach them. Being a teacher holds many responsibilities and duties in life. A teacher musthave at least a philosophy in his/her life to make them a better and an effectiveteacher. Having philosophy in life will lead you on what kind of style you want in yourteaching as long as you make your learners learned from you. Teaching philosophies
  2. 2. will served as a guide the moment you are in the teaching profession. It contains manystrategies to on how your learners will learn. Now as a future teacher I want to be a licensed professional teacher. My aim isto make a difference on the life of my students. In this profession, you have tosacrifice everything- gimmicks, time, money and sometimes love life. But it’s up to everyteacher on how to manage these sacrifices. Once I become a teacher, I want to passthe LET exam-just once only. I must study hard for this because I’ll never be a licensedteacher without this. Perhaps after a year or another, I will take my master’s degreeand doctoral. I will continue to pursue other studies to be nationally andinternationally competitive as well. I have a high hopes for myself and to my chosenprofession as well.