Descartes: Discours de la Methode

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  • 1. Prepared by: Eileen M. Pagaduan BSE42
  • 2. Born: March 31, 1596 Died: February 11, 1650  La Haye en Tourraine, Kingdom of France Stockholm, Swedish Empire Nationality: French Era: 17th Century Interest: Metaphysics, Epistemology and Mathematics
  • 3. Contributions: Introduced Cartesian Coordinate System Studies imaginary numbers and trigonometric functions Synthesized algebra and geometry Invented analytic geometry Espoused rationalism and dualism
  • 4. 1637 Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting One’s Reason and of Seeking Truth in the Sciences Je Pence, Donc Je Suis (I think therefore I am) Cartesianism
  • 5. 6 parts: 1.) Various considerations touching the sciences 2.) Principal values of the method which the author has discovered 3.) Morals and maxims 4.) God and soul 5.) Physics, the heart and soul of the man and animal 6.) The Author
  • 6. Part 1 “ All people possess good sense” Truth form fiction Elevating an average round above the rest All people have a natural light that can onscured through education
  • 7. Part 2 Works of an individual are superior than work in groups because individual work follows the plan. Never believe anything unless it is prove Reduce problem to its simplest parts Orderly in thoughts and proceed form the simplest to difficult Create a long chain in reasoning (problem solving)
  • 8. Part 3 Provisional moral Obey rules and customs Decisive and sticks to decision Try to change himself than the world Examine all the professions in the world and figure out what is best
  • 9. Part 4 Existence of God and soul I think therefore I exist All good things must stem from God, as most all clear and distinct thoughts
  • 10. Part 5  Theory of light to theory of human anatomy Humankind’s soul is rational Soul cannot be killed or perished therefore soul is immortal
  • 11. Part 6  Physical science Conflict between church and is ideas Pursuing of truth and knowledge
  • 12.é_Descartes