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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Ubisign.comDigital Signage as a ServiceJanuary
  • 2. 2Digital Signage as a Service Nortinov Entry in Digital Start of Operations Search for funding Business Innovation Signage Market Launch Contest Project Development and Implementation Award Winner Universities and Schools, Retail, QSR, Museums, … Primavera SGPS becomes a partner R&DCompany History
  • 3. 3Digital Signage as a serviceConcept• It’s a Means of Communication ;• Takes advantage of place-based, network connected displays for presenting contextualized audiovisual content;• Current ICT-based technology allows displays and content to be remotely managed over the Internet;• Easily integrates with queue management and event management solutions, mobile communication and different interaction technologies (bluetooth, RFID, touchscreens, etc.).
  • 4. 4Digital Signage as a serviceMain Benefits• In a business perspective, it improves communication with customers.• Displays at the right place, where people gather or pass by, displaying the right content mix, containing ads, relevant information and entertainment, enable: • Stronger Brand Awareness • Sales uplift • Decreasing perceived waiting times • Better Customer Experience • Products or events promotion• In terms of Corporate Communication, allows for: • Important news and policies updates • Company Best-practices and Values reinforcement • Training content broadcasting
  • 5. 5Ubisign.comWhat is is a web-based Digital Signage Service enabling you tounleash the power of the “5th screen” and take your businesscommunication to the next level.
  • 6. 6Ubisign.comWhy • enables you to manage and schedule multimedia content and distribute your message across a digital signage network of one to thousands of display screens, all from a central location and using nothing more than a web browser. All media, playlists and schedule information is safely stored at a central database hosted by professional providers. • enables businesses to implement and manage a Digital Signage Network with lower costs and better efficiency. • service can be used for a wide range of purposes, including generating advertising revenue, building or reinforcing brand awareness, influencing buyer decision at the point-of-purchase and improving customer experience
  • 7. 7Ubisign.comService Architecture
  • 8. 8Ubisign.comMain features – Web Backoffice • Online Content and Display Network Management; • Rich Internet Application – Custom layout and content playlist definition with multi-layer support; • Independent content playlist scheduling (hour/day-part/day/week…) • Playlist updates on-the-fly; • Video, computer animation, images and text content support • External dynamic content sources (RSS feeds, Twitter, Youtube, websites) support; • Online Display Network monitoring and reporting; • Online Proof-of-play logs
  • 9. 9Ubisign.comUbisign Player - Main Features • Provides reliable channel content playback according to defined schedules defined; • Periodically synchronizes channel contents and schedules and sends back heartbeat information and logging data for monitoring and reporting purposes; • Supports any single screen resolution to multiple screens; • Supports landscape and portrait screen orientation; • Synchronizes only modified channel content; • Supports automatic download pause and resume in case of network failure; • Content caching enables player running when network is down; • Watchdog service automatically restarts player in case of failure;
  • 10. 10Ubisign.comMedia Types SupportedMost current media types are supported, from Image files to Flashanimations, Video files, Video and Audio streaming, Text, Html, RSS andMedia RSS News, Weather forecasts, etc. It also supports externaldynamic content from popular web services like youtube, flickr, picasa,twitter, etc.
  • 11. 11Ubisign.comMinimum Requirements for using the service Network Management and Channel Editing • PC with Internet browser and Silverlight plug-in (IE8 recommended) • Broadband Internet access to Portal Ubisign Player • PC with Dual Core CPU • 1 GB RAM for Windows XP/ 2GB RAM for Windows Vista / 7 • Broadband Internet connection • Video capture card if live video is required • High-end dedicated Video Graphics card recommended
  • 12. 12Common Markets for Ubisign.comBank & Financial
  • 13. 13Common Markets for Ubisign.comCorporate
  • 14. 14Common Markets for Ubisign.comEducation
  • 15. 15Common Markets for Ubisign.comHealthcare
  • 16. 16Common Markets for Ubisign.comHospitality
  • 17. 17Common Markets for Ubisign.comRetail
  • 18. Thank You!