Theme 2   the fear place vocabulary flash cards mod2013
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Theme 2 the fear place vocabulary flash cards mod2013






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Theme 2   the fear place vocabulary flash cards mod2013 Theme 2 the fear place vocabulary flash cards mod2013 Presentation Transcript

  • The Fear Place Key Vocabulary Houghton Mifflin ReadingTheme 2 – Give It All You’ve GotFrom © Brent Coley 2008 | Modified by P. HOLT January 2013
  • See if you cancorrectly define the following vocabulary words.
  • If necessary, usethe context clues from the samplesentences to help you.
  • adventure
  • adventure Sample Sentence: It will be anadventure to travel to the Canadian rainforest.
  • cautious
  • cautious Sample Sentence:You should always be cautious when you cross the street.
  • cautious Definition:adj. Careful; nottaking chances
  • concentrate
  • concentrate Sample Sentence:I couldn’t concentrate on my homework because of all the loud noise outside.
  • concentrate Definition:v. To give your full attention to something
  • discomfort
  • discomfort Sample Sentence:John felt discomfortwhenever he had toget up in front of the class and talk.
  • discomfort Definition: n. A feeling of uneasiness ordistress; not being comfortable
  • dismayed
  • dismayed Sample Sentence: She was dismayedwhen she realized she lost her car keys.
  • dismayed Definition:adj. Troubled ordistressed; full of concern
  • excitement
  • excitement Sample Sentence: The president’sarrival caused much excitement in the small town.
  • excitement Definition: n. A stirred-upfeeling; a state ofincreased activity
  • immobile
  • immobile Sample Sentence:Four flat tires and an empty gas tank left the car immobile.
  • immobile Definition:adj. Unable to move; fixed in one place
  • stamina
  • staminaSample Sentence: After months oftraining, Bill finallyhad the stamina to run a marathon.
  • stamina Definition:n. The strength tonot get tired quickly
  • terrified
  • terrified Sample Sentence:Marcus was terrified when he saw the rattlesnake on the path.
  • terrified Definition:adj. Very frightened; filled with overpowering fear
  • unsure
  • unsureSample Sentence: Due to the cold weather, we wereunsure about going on the picnic.
  • unsure Definition:adj. Not certain; having doubts