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You can view our powerpoint used in our last business networking meeting!

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Pe pp2013

  1. 1. We were informed last minute onmaking this Presentation, so weapologize in advance for any errors!Please enjoy the presentation…PE Biz Services, Inc. Development team
  2. 2. Greetings from PE Biz Services, IncThank you for allowing us the opportunity in sharing a littleabout our company and our impact on the small businesscommunity!
  3. 3. Agenda or Summary Layout Please save all questions till the end Item 1 History of PE Biz, Services, Inc Item 2 Our impact on small business Item 3 Educated, Dedicated, Certified Item 4 Not just your average Tax Preparer Item 5 Thank you!
  4. 4. A Brief HistoryPetersdorf Enterprises, LLCAfter serving as a franchise owner PE Biz Services, Inc.for many years, Mary Petersdorfstarted to notice the passionless With the influx of small business“black and white” world the giant owners over the years, Marytax corporation operated under. began to notice that her call wasDetermined to break away from far beyond simply doing taxes forthe A-Typical tax practice, Mary struggling business owners andsold her franchise and began families.working independently… serving Mary started studying more andalmost a thousand more; determined to gain insightdedicated clients and understanding of the financial cog that drives smallfor over 20yrs businesses, in result Mary expanded her company to include the full scope of financial advocacy and support.
  5. 5. Our impact on small Series 1 Series 2 Series 3businesses! 5For over 3 decades (as PetersdorfEnterprises – PE Biz Services, Inc.) 4.5our company has been blessedwith the trust and opportunity to 4assist hundreds of companies. 3.5 3Our current business servicesrendered to our clients speak for 2.5itself in the continued growth of 2their financial stability. As ourcompany continues to grow into 1.5the new financial age. 1 0.5From basic accounting, andbookkeeping, to payroll and 0accounts management; ourcompany has managed to assist Category 1over a dozen companies in 2012 Category 2from bankruptcy/or financial Category 3failure through our diligent and Category 4spiritual dedication and education.
  6. 6. “To know the state of the flock, you must first know how totend them!”Educated Dedicated Certified
  7. 7. Not just your averageTax Preparer! Tax Preparation. Back TaxesIf it has anything Every Stateto do withTaxes, it has Every Situationeverything to dowith us! Tax Planning IRS Support
  8. 8. Thank you! PE Biz Services, Inc. 400 Jackson Ave. NW Ste# 206 Elk River, Mn. 55303763-441-7207 -