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  • 1. Jesus said, “Love your enemies and pray for those who bully you.” Think about anyone who has been unpleasant to you in any way. Think about why it would be difficult to like them. Think about why it would be difficult to love them.
  • 2.  Lower attainersKnow facts about how a Christian works to show God’s love Middle attainersUnderstand what Jackie sacrificed and risked. Reflect upon Jackie’s story Higher attainersConsider how religion can have an impact on society PLTS Target – To act as self managers
  • 3. Kowloon
  • 4. drug addiction triads
  • 5. St Stephen’s Society
  • 6. Magazine Article Assessmenta) Angel in the DarknessJackie Pullinger b) Our reporter spoke Q2 -works amongst the to Jackie when shepoorest people. visited England. Answer -She firstly lived. . . Q1 -She left England. . . c) Think. . . What could you Answer - do. . . . . . ? If you were. . .
  • 7. Our Roving Reporter Interviewed Jackie on her recent visit toEngland. Our reporter asked Jackie loads of questions, here aresome that we asked herQ1:Why did you move to Hong Kong?A1:I moved to Hong Kong because I heard on the news that walledcity in Hong Kong needed help so I prayed to god and asked shall Igo to walled city or not, so he answered by turning to the pagewhere it said leave your home to help others so I did just that. Ionly had £6 on me at the time so I asked the priest of the churchthat I go to for ticket to Hong Kong and they said yes so I wasoff to Hong KongQ2:What kind of work did you do in Hong Kong?A2: