Stretching For Excellence Internship Program Management


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Volunteer Internship Program

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Stretching For Excellence Internship Program Management

  1. 1. Stretching for Excellence
  2. 2. April 24, 2007© Petra Duran-SmithPage 2 Definition of Internship • Webster’s Dictionary tells us that the word “intern” derives from the French word: interne, meaning internal and is describing an advanced student or graduate, usually in a professional field gaining supervised practical experience. • Wikipedia sees an intern as one who works in a temporary position with an emphasis on education rather than merely employment, making it similar in some respects to an apprenticeship. • Internships’ may often vary from company to company, but they are built on the same understanding and principles: “An internship is a work-related learning experience for individuals who wish to develop hands on work experience in a certain occupational field. Most internships are temporary assignments that last approximately three months up to a year. “
  3. 3. April 24, 2007© Petra Duran-SmithPage 3 How this internship will benefit …(Company) • (Company), like any other organization today, is facing a tight labor market and fierce competition for quality employees. As a result, (company) understands the value of internships and sees itself as a mentor of future generations. • The opportunity to attract young, eager, and enthusiastic interns is not something to be squandered. With a little guidance and an outline of job duties and expectations, a summer internship student could end up being the next hire. • Interns we engage will gain exposure to every facet of business procedures. This internship will not only complement the permanent work force with term employees who can complete special projects, but it will help to ease work loads and smooth the workflow during summer vacations.
  4. 4. April 24, 2007© Petra Duran-SmithPage 4 • Interns will provide not only cost-effective services while giving (company) early exposure to talented candidates, but also the possibility of evaluating prospective future employees. • (company) will have the benefit to form a mutual partnership with different departments in Universities state wide. (company) will have the opportunity to support and lead the students during their education in college and enhance the recruitment image on campus, while strengthening community and industry links wherever this internship is accessible. • Through (company), students will gain valuable insights into the relationship between theory and practice, hence, a better understanding of the relevance of course work in their major. The internship will educate interns on the fundamental skills of every department aspect of our organization.
  5. 5. April 24, 2007© Petra Duran-SmithPage 5 • Moreover, a student participating in an internship will be prepared to meet the technical needs of the industry, giving him/her a competitive edge, and (company) the prospect of securing outstanding interns for the organizations’ interests leading to the possibility of permanent employment.
  6. 6. April 24, 2007© Petra Duran-SmithPage 6 The Program • The (company) “Stretching for Excellence” Internship Program is intended for current college students enrolled in subject specific undergraduate or graduate programs who are interested in working hard on meaningful assignments. • Like an airplane stretching its wings in the endless sky, interns are expected to stretch their academic and intellectual wings in order to contribute to (company) at their highest level and to the best of their ability. • While the internship is an unpaid position and is offered to Students, who are willing to volunteer their services to our organization, it will reimburse every intern with credits for their selected college courses. • Positions for this internship program will be located in our main office in City, State and in our City, State office, but are intended to expand to our subsidiaries across the United States.
  7. 7. April 24, 2007© Petra Duran-SmithPage 7 Internships: General Criteria • Dates: Summer Session (June-September) Length: we suggest 10-12 weeks - According to Universities the length of the internship will have to be based on a one-on-one basis, in agreement with the student/professor. • Compensation: volunteer internship, college credit reimbursements = full credit internship • Hours of Work: Our offices are open on 9.30 am to 5.30 pm regular work day. (Mo-Fr). • Requirements: GPA Requirement – 3.0 or above. Junior or senior college status, preferably with subject emphasis according to internship direction.
  8. 8. April 24, 2007© Petra Duran-SmithPage 8 • Mailing Address: Human Resources Department COMPANY Address City, State, Zip-code Fax # e-mail: humanresources@(company).org Contact: Ms. Petra Duran-Smith Tel # e-mail: petra.duran-smith@(company).org
  9. 9. April 24, 2007© Petra Duran-SmithPage 9 Selection Process • To be considered for the (company) “Stretching for Excellence” internship, following documents need to be submitted: – A current resume – An official college transcript if already graduated, or, an unofficial college transcript if still matriculating – Two (2) signed letters of recommendation. These letters should be from someone who knows the student and can comment on his/her capabilities: a former boss, a professor, an advisor, a supervisor or someone comparable
  10. 10. April 24, 2007© Petra Duran-SmithPage 10 Internship Positions include assistance in following departments Retirement & Insurance Department • Analyzing and preparing of openers in area of retirement and insurance benefits. • Developing and negotiating of retirement and insurance programs. • Providing an in-house performance measurement system that tracks the professional investment managers employed by (company) retirement plans. Information & Technology Department • State-of-the-art department provides operations support, network, Internet, websites, telecommunications, voice communications and office automation applications. • Providing the information technology support services to assist ….. and staff in the preparation, reproduction and distribution of information • System maintenance and technical support for all computer-related system, incl. overseeing new hardware/software installations for all (company) sites, as well as the daily operation of the PC and data communications networks.
  11. 11. April 24, 2007© Petra Duran-SmithPage 11 Government Affairs Department • Carrying out the legislative/’political program of (company) by conveying the (company’s) message to the U.S. Congress and the executive branch of government and its departments and agencies. • Developing and recommending strategies to the officers to address problems in all “industrial” aspects of the (company). • Counseling and advising the Executive branch/Board/Directors on issues particular to their individual groups on councils. Engineering & Air Safety Department • Supporting committee and project teams. • Representatives on various engineering, operational, security and human performance-related projects • In coordination with the Government Affairs Dept., preparing Congressional testimony, as well as appearing before congressional committees.
  12. 12. April 24, 2007© Petra Duran-SmithPage 12 Finance Department • Preparing and monitoring of all (company) budgets, including the expenditures associated with (company) committees. • Developing and implementing internal systems, based on the Spending Limit Concept to provide appropriate controls and to allow the flexibility required for the effective financial administration of (company) operations. • Finance and accounting operations of the (company) incl. financial Analysis and Reporting, cash management, Payroll and Accounts Payable. Communication Department • Implementing (company)-wide communications programs to maximize understanding, appreciation, and acceptance of (company's policies and activities. • Responsibility for the company’s magazine and all other print or electronic (Web) publications used by (company) to communicate information to its members and to the public. • Developing studies and maintaining current information on public opinion and preferences and prejudices regarding the aviation industry and (company)
  13. 13. April 24, 2007© Petra Duran-SmithPage 13 Human Resources Department • Implementing and maintaining a wage and salary administration program for all employee classifications. • Maintaining necessary personnel records for all employees, incl. overseeing the entire personnel function for all in-house employees and out-based staff. • Administration for the (company) travel office and ensuring that the goals and objectives of the (company) are reinforced and advanced through employee training, development and communication. Economic & Financial Analysis Department • Providing of financial, statistical, economic agreement analyses, and advocatory function to members, contract administrators and committees. • Maintaining (company's) computerized database, which contains accurate and up-to-date information • Analyzing and researching to support (company's) position in areas such as grievances, litigation, commissions, etc.
  14. 14. April 24, 2007© Petra Duran-SmithPage 14 Legal Department • Providing legal advice to (company) officials and monitoring outside council. • Legal advice to (company’s) governing bodies, national officers, national committees and the (company’s) professional staff. • Under supervision the department’s lawyers, representing the (company’s) interests in litigation in federal and state courts in administrative proceedings before federal and state agencies, and in arbitrations. Representation Department • Assisting and advising members on labor relation issues. • Monitoring and directing matters related to industry bargaining and employment relations • Coordinating programs with other departments, government agencies, on topics of related situations with the increasing globalization of the industry.
  15. 15. April 24, 2007© Petra Duran-SmithPage 15 Eligibility • All applicants must be at least 18 years of age on or before the first day of the internship. • All applicants must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at a college or university. • All applicants must be authorized by the government to work in the U.S. permanently - no exceptions. • We will contact accepted applicants by phone or mail about the status of his or her candidacy after the Internship Program staff has reviewed all applications. We will schedule an in-person interview with all candidates selected to move on in the process. We will ask the most qualified candidates to return for a second interview with (company) senior executives either in person or by telephone.