N level english prelim answer scheme


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N level english prelim answer scheme

  1. 1. BMC InternationalCollege 4 Sep 2013
  2. 2. 1. Looked/ counted 2. Dreamt/thought 3. Brought/flown/accompanied/ followed/sent 4. Blown 5. Fear/dislike 6. Dropped/descended 7. Rolling 8. Slipped 9. Started 10. Left/exited 11. Prepared/inflated/provided 12. holding./clutching/touching 13. Steward/stewardess/attendant 14. Taken/rushed/carried 15. Survivor/hero/god
  3. 3. 1. …see large number of coconut trees, a lot of coconut palms swaying in the wind and, being lit by the setting sun 2. Illuminated 3. …a) small, b) welcomed/greeted/ c) alighted/alight d) soothed/greeted/hit/welcomed e) pleasant/amazing/ocean/nice/tropical/various 4. Tea is the main export crop of Ceylon/There is nothing else to do except drink tea. 5. hut, neon lights, irregular patches of coarse grass
  4. 4. 6. Expecting/eager/hoping 7. The lights were bright and intense but not dazzling 8. …and cold/drizzling…familiar 9. …dimly shining 10. …came to the end of your journey, ironed clothes…flower/souvenir 11. He was uncomfortable 12. early, wet/chilly
  5. 5. 13. roared, ear-splitting, thundered 14. for better grip, to fasten themselves to the aircraft…to protect their ears/hearing against the sound of the aircraft engines 15. Frightened/feeling scared/terrified 16. …being trapped in the plane’s under carriage/wheel compartment/…and falling out of the airplane
  6. 6. 17. i)…the situation for the author and his family was very difficult as they were living in cramped conditions and his father was not able to earn enough to support his family… ii) sugarcane plantation/village…harsh conditions and lack of freedom…
  7. 7. 18. …search for a better life…the need for freedom 19. …dizzy…unable to be aware of his surroundings… 20. …was not able to fasten himself securely to the aircraft and so was easily captured. 21. a) get closer b) very briefly c) quickly d) strictly controlled.
  8. 8. 1. Escape from Cuba for months 2. …made our way to the airport runway 3. Our plan was to stow away on aircraft leaving Cuba 4. As the plane stopped at end of the runway just before take-off 5. I wore rubber-soled shoes, 6. …carried ropes to fasten myself to the aircraft…and cotton to prevent me from going deaf… 7. I sprinted to the aircraft’s wheels 8. I twisted and wriggled and pulled myself into the wheel area..
  9. 9. 9. …I wanted to escape from Cuba… 10. …because food was scarce and strictly controlled 11. …our house was very cramped and had eleven people living in it 12. the government shipped me off to vocational school, without any choice 13. …as students, we had no freedom and sometimes had to plant cane 14. As we descended, I felt dizzy and passed out 15. …when I awoke, I was in Madrid, Spain