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In this Text Your Ex Back review, relationship specialist Derek Maak walks you through the new Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back 2.0 system. The original Text Your Ex Back PDF ebook has undergone major changes in version 2.0 and is now a much more robust system for helping you get your ex back using text messages. So does Text Your Ex Back work? Michael Fiore texts and texting techniques have caught the eye of major media outlets like the Rachael Ray show and continue to be extremely popular among users. With the transformation from a single PDF file to a full on multimedia experience with a private member's area, bonus texts, audio and video files, and new social features, Text Your Ex Back should remain a top choice for those who want to get their ex back.

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Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back Review PDF Guide

  1. 1. Text Your Ex Back Review How To Use Tiny Text Messages To Get Your Ex Back All New Text Your Ex Back Version 2.0 Is Here Major Improvements, Even Better ResultsPresented by: http://TextYourExBackMichaelFiore.com/
  2. 2. What Is Text Your Ex Back 2.0? • Text Your Ex Back 2.0 is a multimedia training course written by Seattle based author and relationship coach Michael Fiore. • It teaches you how to get your ex back using tiny text messages sent from your cell phone.
  3. 3. So Who Is Michael Fiore?• Michael Fiore is a world famous relationship coach who teaches men and women how to use technology to improve human connection.• He has authored several texting guides including Text Your Wife Into Bed, Text The Romance Back, and Text Your Ex Back.
  4. 4. So Who Is Michael Fiore?• In just a few short years, Mike Fiore has emerged as a rising star in the relationship niche.• He has appeared on the Rachael Ray Show, Fox News, CBS Radio, thousands of other news programs and blogs across the internet, and has been interviewed by the New York Times.• He is a leader in the development of powerful, in-demand texting strategies for improving relationships.
  5. 5. Text Your Ex Back PDF Review• In Text Your Ex Back 2.0, Michael Fiore teaches you his proven “texting formulas” you can use to open your ex to the idea of being with you again.• Michael says… “In this program I’m going to lay out a step-by-step process that will show you how to use simple text messages from your cell phone to rekindle the romance with your ex, open him or her up to the idea of being with you again, and get things off on the right foot as you start dating each other.”
  6. 6. Text Your Ex Back PDF Review• Michael teaches you 5 main types of text messages and a lot of cool little tricks and subsets of texts within each category.• The 5 main types of texts you’ll learn are: – Across The Bow Texts – Best Of The Relationship Texts – Intimacy Booster Texts – The Green Eyed Monster Text – Emotional Honesty Texts(In TXB 2.0, Michael also introduces you to Attraction Texts)
  7. 7. Across The Bow Texts• According to Michael…“An “Across The Bow” text is a shot in the dark. It’s thatfirst text you send when you haven’t talked to or seenyour ex in a while, and is designed to let them know thatyou’re thinking about them, that you don’t have anynegative feelings towards them, and that you’re nothorribly, horribly messed up over the break up (even ifyou actually are).”
  8. 8. Across The Bow Texts• You’ll use across the bow texts to open the lines of communication with your ex in a positive way.• This means you won’t sound needy, desperate, or overly eager, and you won’t put any pressure on your ex that might force him or her away for good.
  9. 9. Best Of The Relationship Texts• Michael describes best of the relationship texts like this… “In your ‘Best Of The Relationship’ texts you’re going to bring up past experiences using as much POSITIVE emotional language and DETAIL as possible. The ‘Text Judo’ here is that we’re taking the powerful emotions your ex already feels around you and pushing them towards positive thoughts instead of the negative thoughts they may have now.”
  10. 10. Best Of The Relationship Texts• These texts are extremely fun and they work great to remind your ex what they loved about you in the first place.• And Michael even reveals a really cool trick using the word “remember” that allows you to take control and direct memories in your ex’s mind to get the positive outcome you want.• You’ll also learn about the “small ask” which is a neat little trick to lead into these types of texts.
  11. 11. Intimacy Booster Texts• Intimacy booster texts are designed to make your ex yearn for the closeness and support you once shared.• Under the right circumstances (like when your ex is going through a difficult time), they are extremely powerful.• Michael teaches you exactly when and how to use them for maximum effect. He even teaches you how to “save your ex’s bacon”.
  12. 12. The Green Eyed Monster Text• The green eyed monster text refers to jealousy and as you probably guessed Michael teaches you how to use positive jealousy to your advantage.• These texts use the powerful concept of social proof to make you appear more attractive and valuable to your ex.• But follow Michael’s advice in Text Your Ex Back exactly. You can really mess these up if you don’t do them right.
  13. 13. Emotional Honesty Texts• I think Michael says it best when he says…“All of this stuff works REALLY well . . .But sometimes you justhave to cut past the bullshit and tell your ex how you reallyfeel. No excuses, no blaming, no fighting, no crap. You justtake out your cell phone (and with your thumb shaking andlip quivering) tell your ex THE TRUTH.”
  14. 14. Emotional Honesty Texts• Michael teaches you how to establish an emotional connection with your ex by opening up and speaking from your heart when the time is right.• And best of all, you won’t come across as needy or desperate and you won’t have to worry about tripping over your words, breaking down crying, or becoming angry or embarrassed because you’ll be doing it all through text messages.
  15. 15. More Cool Stuff In Text Your Ex Back• Besides what I’ve already talked about, in Text Your Ex Back Michael Fiore also teaches you… – Attraction texts and how to turn your ex on even if they don’t want to be. – How to start dating and take your relationship from the virtual to the physical. I love his “self fulfilling prophecy” technique for making your ex feel even more attracted to you than they really are at the time. – He also teaches you how to continue building attraction and intimacy through text messages once you’ve started dating your ex again.
  16. 16. What’s New In Text Your Ex Back 2.0?• Instead of being just a single PDF, TXB 2.0 is now a private member’s area that contains 11 modules each with their own accompanying audio, video, and PDF files. The overall content of the Text Your Ex Back program has nearly doubled.• Clearer instruction, including an all new Plan Of Attack PDF, that details specific texting strategies and explains which texts to send, how many, how often, and other important “logistical” details.• Many more text examples in each module plus a brand new bonus PDF containing 100 done-for-you texts. Use the template style of these texts to easily adapt them to your own relationship.• All new social features in the member’s area where users can ask questions, get help, and support each other in a safe, private environment. You can be open and honest about your relationship and won’t have to worry about your ex finding out.
  17. 17. Does Text Your Ex Back Work?• So your next question is probably, “Does Text Your Ex Back really work and will it work for me?”• Text Your Ex Back works extremely well in a lot of different situations as Michael Fiore’s Facebook wall can attest to, but it’s not a “magic bullet”.• Not every relationship is salvageable and there’s no single text that will magically make everything better overnight. However, Michael’s texting formulas and text messaging system can greatly improve the chance your ex will respond positively to the idea of being with you again.
  18. 18. Does Text Your Ex Back Work?• Even if you’ve been out of touch with your ex for a long period of time and even if they’ve started dating someone else or you’re faced with a long distance relationship, Text Your Ex Back can still work for you.• Through concepts he calls “text judo” Michael can show you how to turn even strongly negative emotions from your ex into positive ones.• The worst case scenario is an apathetic ex. If your ex shows apathy toward you (meaning no emotion whatsoever good or bad), then it can be extremely difficult to win him or her back.
  19. 19. Am I Guaranteed To Get My Ex Back?• Obviously Michael can’t GUARANTEE you will get your ex back if you go through the Text Your Ex Back program. No one can guarantee that and any program that does is something to be extremely leery of.• What Michael does guarantee is this… “…after you go through this training you’ll have a much deeper understanding of why your relationship ended, how the romantic and sexual mind of your ex actually works, and how you can consciously create the relationship you’ve always dreamt of by ‘tuning’ the way you think about love, sex, and romance, all while tapping out a few simple messages with your thumbs.”
  20. 20. Will Text Your Ex Back Work For Me?• For me, having access to Michael’s knowledge, insights, and techniques has been extremely helpful, but the only way to know if the program will work for you is to try it.• If you feel like you don’t get any value from the program, then Michael will give you your money back, no questions asked. He offers a full 60 day money back guarantee on all his products.• Even if you don’t get your ex back, TXB 2.0 can help you get closure so you can move on and you’ll still gain a ton by learning Michael’s texting techniques.
  21. 21. Final Thoughts On Text Your Ex Back• What I love the most is the fact that the Text Your Ex Back PDF and multimedia training system works for a large number of people and gives you an incredibly rare and real opportunity to take positive experiences and memories and turn them into psychological triggers that elicit desire and attraction in your ex, all at the push of a few buttons on your cell phone. It’s just awesome stuff!
  22. 22. Where Can I Learn More?• If you’d like to learn more about Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back 2.0 texting guide or if you have any questions, please visit… http://textyourexbackmichaelfiore.com/ http://facebook.com/textyourexbackreview
  23. 23. This is Derek Maak. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next presentation! You can click here to visit the official Text Your Ex Back website