1st revision of english - 7th grade/ 8th grade - 1st quarter


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1st revision of english - 7th grade/ 8th grade - 1st quarter

  1. 1. Luiza Collet – 7th grade – Teacher Patrícia – 1st Quarter – February CONTENT -Hotspot 4  Unit 1 – Talking about what you usually do and what you’re doing now using the present simple and the present continuous.  Unit 2 – Talking about future plans and arrangements using going to and present continuous. Unit 1 GRAMMAR PRESENT SIMPLE PRESENT CONTINUOUS USE We use the present simple to talk about routines or facts. ROUTINE EXAMPLE: I go to the club once a week. -When we are talking about routines, we use adverbs and expressions of frequency. FACT EXAMPLE: Madrid is the capital of Spain. USE We use the present continuous to talk about something we are doing at the moment. Ex.: I’m dancing at the moment.  verb to be + ing -When we use the present continuous, it’s common people put some expressions like “at the moment” and “now”. ADVERBS OF FREQUENCY Ex.: always, usually, never, hardly-ever, sometimes… I sometimes lay the table. (adverb comes before the verb) EXCEPT!
  2. 2. I am always late. (verb to be comes before the adverb)  EXPRESSIONS OF FREQUENCY Ex.: once a week, every day… We put them in the beginning or in end of the sentence: I lay the table every day. Once a week I lay the table. VOCABULARY Look at these adjectives and their meanings. -You can use synonyms to make your writing more interesting. Ex.: He lived in a very big house with a massive garden and a huge wall around it. New words!        Aid = help. Pub = English bar => public bar (style of Outback). Couple = two (casal, dois). Leisure Centre = centro de lazer. Mobile library =(biblioteca móvel). Huge aid agency = (Organização de ajuda comunitária enorme) Cocoa bean = (cacau). EXERCISES
  3. 3. a. b. c. d. e. 1. Complete these sentences with the correct form f the verb in brackets. Use the present simple or the present continuous. I never _________ (walk) to school but today I _________ (walk) because my mum’s car broke. She _________ (dance) ballet at the moment. George ________ (play) tennis once a week but today he ________ (not/play) because he is sick. My parents ________ (travel) to New York now, but I can’t go with them because I ________ (go) to school every day. They ________ (stay) at Adam’s house. 2. Choose the correct word from the box to complete this e-mail from Julie. go sitting leisure centre doing are playing
  4. 4. Unit 2 GRAMMAR FUTURE FORMS Planos ou compromissos Previsões com provas Plans or commitments Forecasts with evidence 1. Going to (be+going to) It’s going to rain! I’m going to play football next weekend. (Indicates intent) (Indica intenção) 2. Present continuous Geralmente colocamos uma expressão de tempo que indica futuro. Generally put a time expression indicating future, because we need one expression to know that is future. She is playing cards at 8 o’clock this evening. (Indicates a scheduled appointment) (Indica que é um compromisso agendado) EXAMPLES: I’m going to watch a football match at Harry’s house. I’m watching a football match at Harry’s house tomorrow.
  5. 5. VOCABULARY Match the verbs in A to nouns in B. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Do homework Go swimming Have lunch Wear goggles Clear the table Spend the morning Try out a new invention Meet Uncle Bernard New words!     Court = (quadra) Rollerblades = (patins) Inflatable = (inflável) Goggles = (óculos de natação) EXERCISES
  6. 6. 1. Look at Gemma plans for next weekend. Make sentences with going to. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 2. Write sentences in the present continuous. a. She/meet/Joe/ park/10.00am/on Thursday _____________________________________________________________________________ b. I/play/badminton/at 2.00am/in the club/on Saturday _____________________________________________________________________________ c. They/ swim/at 4 o’ clock/ in the evening _____________________________________________________________________________ 3. Match verbs in A with the nouns in B. A B 1 do a the day 2 go b a new invention 3 have c swimming 4 clear d homework 5 spend e lunch 6 try out f the table STUDY WELL!!  This study was corrected by the teacher.