1° study of english – 6th grade – 2012 – september –teacher patrícia


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1° study of english – 6th grade – 2012 – september –teacher patrícia

  1. 1. 11°-Study of English – 6th grade – 2012 – September –Teacher Patrícia1 -Study of English st 6th grade – 2012– September – Teacher PatríciaSubject:  Hot spot: Talking about what you did in the past using the regular irregular verbs (Module6) Vocabulary of Module 6  Grammar time Unit 14
  2. 2. 2 1°-Study of English – 6th grade – 2012 – September –Teacher Patrícia  Past simple of the Irregular verbs - Unit 21 Look at Julie’s bedroom this morning, when she was late for school than choose the correct words.Homeworkrk Julies fish 1. She put on/ didn’t put on her dress. Julie’s breakfast 2. She made/ didn’t make her bed. 3. She fed/ didn’t feed her fish. 4. She drank/didn’t drink her orange juice. 5. She ate/didn’t eat her cereal. 6. She switched off/didn’t switch off her computer. 7. She forgot/didn’t forget her sandwich. 8. She closed/didn’t close her notebook. 9. She cleaned/didn’t clean her room. 10. She picked up/ didn’t pick up her clothes. 11. She opened/didn’t open her window. 12. She arrived on school/didn’t arrive on school by skate. 13. She woke up/didn’t wake up late.
  3. 3. 3 1°-Study of English – 6th grade – 2012 – September –Teacher Patrícia In this exercise, you can see many verbs in the past. Now, look at the table, with the regular and irregular verbs that you saw before, with the infinitive and the past form of the verbs: Regular Irregular Infinitive Simple Past Infinitive Simple Past Switch off Switched off Wake up Woke up Clean Cleaned Forget Forgot Close Closed Put on Put on Open Opened Make Made Pick up Picked up Feed Fed Arrive Arrived Drink Drank Eat AteRemember! Study tip Phrasal verbs:Question: Did you wake up? Switch off Put on Pick up InfinitiveAfirmative: I woke up. Past simple Wake upNegative: I didn’t wake up. Infinitive
  4. 4. 41°-Study of English – 6th grade – 2012 – September –Teacher Patrícia  Past simple of the Irregular verbs - Unit 22Look at the Glooms family, they went to the seaside in the summer: 1. Mandy sent a lot of postcards. 2. Sam and Pam built a sandcastle. Vocabulary 3. Gordon rode a donkey. 4. Vincent ran along the beach. Postcard = cartão-postal 5. Helga talked to two fishermen. 6. Vera wore a wetsuit. Sandcastle = castelo de areia 7. Rudolph hung out in a café. Donkey = burro (animal) 8. Cynthia sat in the shade. 9. Dolphins swam in the sea. Fishermen = pescadores Shade = sombra Complete the text. Last summer, the Glooms had a day out as the seaside. Martha _____ in the sea and Sam and Pam _____ a huge sandcastle. Cynthia _____ in the shade and Mandy _____ a lot of postcards. Rudolph _____ in a café and Helga _____ to fishermen. Gordon _____ a donkey and Vincent _____ along the beach. Vera _____ a wetsuit and Bernard _____ balls for Bonehead. SAT RODE SPOKE SWAM BUILT WROTE WORE THREW HUNG OUT RUN
  5. 5. 51°-Study of English – 6th grade – 2012 – September –Teacher Patrícia Wh – questions  Where = indicates place (onde).  Why = indicates reason (por que)  When = indicates time (quando)  What = (o que)  Which = (qual)  How = (como)  How much = indicates uncountable quantities  How many = indicates countable quantities Formulation of the wh- questions in the past simple (object questions) Wh Auxiliar verb object rest Exs.: Where did the Glooms go last summer? What did Vera wear? Who did Helga speak to? When did he see you?
  6. 6. 61°-Study of English – 6th grade – 2012 – September –Teacher PatríciaPast simple of regular and irregular verbs - Unit 23Gulliver’s travels - Read the beginning of the story of Jonathan Swift: Unit 23 - Hot Spot 2 - Colin GrangerVocabularyStorm = tempestade Arrow= flecha Wagon = carroçaWaves = ondas Bow = arco Ship = barcoRock = pedra Horse = cavalo Soldier = soldado
  7. 7. 7 1°-Study of English – 6th grade – 2012 – September –Teacher PatríciaThere is/ there are – Present simple We use there is/ there are (there was/there were), to talk about something that exists in a place. Is common that Brazilian people use the verb “have got” to indicate something that exist in one place, but it is wrong! You always should use “there is/ there are”…. Ex.: -Have got a table. X -There is a table. Present simple: there was/ there were Ex.: -There was an art book at my house. There was happiness in this country before the dictatorship. -There were horses on the farm. There were five bananas in this basket. PRACTICE: Last weekend it was Megan’s birthday party. Look at the picture, than complete the labels with there was/there were.Last weekend it was Megan’s birthday party, it was so cool! _______ many people dancing andhaving fun, _______ a radio, and _______ some good music. _______ a lot of presents, but______ just one teddy bear, and _____ one purple present. ________ a lot of good food, and_______ a cake. ______vase of beautiful flowers, ________ a comfortable sofa…. Her partywas perfect!
  8. 8. 81°-Study of English – 6th grade – 2012 – September –Teacher PatríciaGrammar time: Past simple - Unit 14Verbs of the unitREGULAR VERBS Talk – talked Bake – baked Weigh – weighed Invite –invited Play –played Score –scored Travel – travelled Visit – visited Collect- collected Climb - climbed Dance – danced Study – studied
  9. 9. 9 1°-Study of English – 6th grade – 2012 – September –Teacher Patrícia Tidy – tidied Help – helped Finish – finished Cook –cooked Enjoy/ enjoyed Stay – stayedIRREGULAR VERBS See – saw Do – did Get – got Have – had Write – wrote Be (is, are) – was/ were Eat – ate Wear – wore Think – thought Run – ran Give – gave Swim – swam Take – took Drink – drank Find – found Make – made Sing – sang Buy – bought Read – read Tell – told Send – sent Meet –met Forget – forgot Go – went Win – won Break – broke Lose – lost Come – came Wait – waited (it is not a irregular verb)
  10. 10. 101°-Study of English – 6th grade – 2012 – September –Teacher Patrícia MORE! – Irregular verbs
  11. 11. 11 1°-Study of English – 6th grade – 2012 – September –Teacher Patrícia THE IRREGULAR VERBS TABELInfinitive Meaning Past Simple Infinitive Meaning Past SimpleBe Ser, estar Was/ were Know Saber KnewBecome Se tornar Became Leave Sair LeftBegin Começar began Lend Emprestar LentBreak Quebrar Broke Light Acender LitBring Trazer Brought Lose Perder LostBuild Construir Built Make Fazer MadeBurn Queimar Burnt Meet Encontrar MetBuy Comprar Bought Put Colocar PutCan Poder Could Read Ler ReadCatch Pegar uma Caught Ride Andar de... Rode bola,resfriadoChoose Escolher Chose Run Correr RanCut Cortar Cut Say Dizer saidDo Fazer Did See Ver SawDraw Desenhar Drew Send Mandar SentDrink Beber Drank Shoot Atirar, tirar foto ShotDrive Dirigir Drove Sit Sentar SatEat Comer Ate Sleep Dormir SleptFall Cair Fell Smell Cheirar SmeltFeed Alimentar Fed Speak Falar spokeFeel Sentir Felt Spend Gastar ou passar spent tempoFind Achar Found Stand up Levantar Stood upFly Voar Flew Steal Furtar StoleForget Esquecer Forgot Swim Nadar SwamGet Pegar um livro Got Take Pegar/levar TookGive Dar Gave Think Pensar ThankGo Ir Went Throw Jogar ThrewHang out Passar um tempo Hung out Understand Entender Understood com os amigosHave Ter Had Wake up Acordar Woke upHear Ouvir Heard Wear Usar no corpo, vestir WoreHit Bater Hit Win Ganhar WonHold Segurar held Write Escrever WroteHurt Machucar hurt
  12. 12. 12 1°-Study of English – 6th grade – 2012 – September –Teacher Patrícia 1. Complete:Infinitive Meaning Past Infinitive Meaning Past Simple SimpleBe Ser, estar Know SaberBecome Se tornar Leave SairBegin Começar Lend EmprestarBreak Quebrar Light AcenderBring Trazer Lose PerderBuild Construir Make FazerBurn Queimar Meet EncontrarBuy Comprar Put ColocarCan Poder Read LerCatch Pegar uma bola,resfriado Ride Andar de...Choose Escolher Run CorrerCut Cortar Say DizerDo Fazer See VerDraw Desenhar Send MandarDrink Beber Shoot Atirar, tirar fotoDrive Dirigir Sit SentarEat Comer Sleep DormirFall Cair Smell CheirarFeed Alimentar Speak FalarFeel Sentir Spend Gastar ou passar tempoFind Achar Stand up LevantarFly Voar Steal FurtarForget Esquecer Swim NadarGet Pegar um livro Take pegar/levarGive Dar Think PensarGo Ir Throw JogarHang out Passar um tempo com os amigos Understa Entender ndHave Ter Wake up AcordarHear Ouvir Wear Usar no corpo, vestirHit Bater Win GanharHold Segurar Write EscreverHurt Machucar
  13. 13. 13 1°-Study of English – 6th grade – 2012 – September –Teacher Patrícia 2. Complete:Infinitive Past Simple Infinitive Past SimpleBe KnowBecome LeaveBegin LendBreak LightBring LoseBuild MakeBurn MeetBuy PutCan ReadCatch RideChoose RunCut SayDo SeeDraw SendDrink ShootDrive SitEat SleepFall SmellFeed SpeakFeel SpendFind Stand upFly StealForget SwimGet TakeGive ThinkGo ThrowHang out UnderstandHave Wake upHear WearHit WinHold WriteHurt
  14. 14. 141°-Study of English – 6th grade – 2012 – September –Teacher Patrícia GOOD LUCK!!! Este resumo foi altamente corrigido pela professora!! or This study was highly corrected by the teacher!!