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A slightly dated presentation (2008) done to show how Open source software can be used for task around home. Main task are a greeting card, a picture slideshow, a checkbook, a poster or newsletter. KOffice is now Calligra Suite. OpenOffice and LibraOffice are similar. Many other slideshow / photo management options are available now. Gimp main menu has changed File -> Create -> Logos instead of Xtns -> Logos.

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Home suitehome3

  1. 1. Home Suite Home Office Suite Projects for Home Use
  2. 2. Office Suite Projects at Home The Christmas Card The Slide Show Checkbook Newsletter / Poster Other Programs
  3. 3. Loosely Integrated set of Applications The Office Suite Word Processor Processes words, letters and pages Spreadsheet Mostly a calculator Presentations Slide Show Drawing Vector and Pixel Database Address Book Other Applications Desktop Publishing eMail / Calendar
  4. 4. Applications OpenOffice.org Writer, Impress, Draw, Calc, Base Koffice KWord, Kspread, Kpresenter, Kexi, Kivio, Karbon14, Krita, Kplato, Kugar GnomeOffice Abiword, Gnumeric, Evice, Evolution The GIMP Scribus Google Docs
  5. 5. The Version 3 on 13 October 2008 Freedom NeoOffice for Mac Suitefrom www.kfacts.com/oooart
  6. 6. Making Greeting Cards Fancy Words Folding paper to make cards Clip Art Side opening, bottom opening Pictures Back Right inside Front Back Front Left inside Top Inside Bottom Inside
  7. 7. Words with Style
  8. 8. Text Blocks Hashed border for typing Green squares for frame adjustment Click on frame border (green squares) Right click border (with hand) Select Line Change frame border Select Area Change text background Select Text Change text Green handles move corners and edges Shift -Preserve aspect ratio O D T
  9. 9. OOo Draw Text Drag a rectangle Type words Select words Set font Set size Set alignment De select Select ( Small Green Squares ) Modify with tools Rotate Set in Circle Set to Circle Distort
  10. 10. Convert to Curve Right Click Area... Gradient Text Right Click Area... Gradient Area... Bitmap CHRISTMAS Text Outline Shadow
  11. 11. OOo Draw 3D Text Convert to 3D Right click - 3D Effects Geometry Reduce depth Increase radius Select (Green handles) then select again Allows object rotation
  12. 12. Hint : In OOo Writer View->Toolbars->Fontwork Double Click to Edit Text Character font not used
  13. 13. The GIMP Logos Save with .png extension
  14. 14. Multi-Line GIMP Enter text in word processor and Logos cut-and-paste into dialog
  15. 15. Gimp Layers Edit Layers Bucket Fill a new Background Turn off top Layer 7 Clicks later Save with .png extension
  16. 16. Text on a Curve
  17. 17. Insert Bezier Curve Most control through Properties Dialog
  18. 18. Insert curve points Left mouse to place points Right mouse to end Properties -> Shape -> Edit Shape Move Nodes Move Control Points End Editing
  19. 19. Text to Curve Insert Text Frame Insert Text Frame Edit Text Edit Text Select Text and Curve Select Text and Curve (Shift click) (Shift click) Item -> Attach Text to Path Item -> Attach Text to Path Properties to adjust curve and text Save as .png
  20. 20. Graphics for your Card Clip Art Family Pictures
  21. 21. Clip Art Most Linux distributions have a clip art package for OpenOffice.org After installation toggle Gallery Drag and Drop
  22. 22. Google Images Also: Google “ClipArt”
  23. 23. Customize by adding a portrait Insert -> Picture -> From File Filter Color Graphics Mod Transparency Line Shadow Area Crop
  24. 24. Gimp Portrait Oval Select
  25. 25. Gimp Portrait Oval Select Add Layer Mask Selection to Mask
  26. 26. Gimp Portrait Oval Select Add Layer Mask Selection to Mask Gray Checks are Clear Edit Mask Select -> All Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian 75
  27. 27. Result on White Save as .png
  28. 28. Other Projects Picture Slide Show Checkbook Poster / Newsletter CD Label
  29. 29. The Slide Show for Special Events OOo Impress Best with Few Pictures OpenOffice.org Photo Album Extension Text, Transitions, Animations Photo Albums gThumb, F-Spot, digiKam KPhotoAlbum Shows picture info Rearrangeable photos Videos KDE Screensaver
  30. 30. OOo Impress Slide View Slide View Custom Animation
  31. 31. Add Pictures From File Insert -> Picture -> From File Will overwrite selected picture Green Squares Hold shift to scale at fixed aspect ratio Avoid Links Check with Edit -> Links ... Custom Animation for additional pictures Also, Slide Transitions Master Pages Need java media framework (jmf) for video
  32. 32. Checkbook – OOo Calc Checks and Deposits Maintain total and cleared total Hide blank lines
  33. 33. Format Cells Date format Currency (Money) format
  34. 34. EQUATIONS “=” starts equation Many functions Reference other sheets Equations
  35. 35. Conditional Formating Blank cell style has font same color as background
  36. 36. Newsletter or Poster Word Processor Easy image placement Text flow Spell check Optional Text Frames Desktop Publishing Accurate color Accurate placement Professional printing
  37. 37. CD Label Use OOo Draw Insert Circles <F4> or Right Click to place and size Apply gradient to Area Add Text Convert to Polygon Set in Circle and rotate Add clipart
  38. 38. Scribus Everything is in a frame Frames are in levels Properties Dialog Edit Shape Use when accurate page placement is needed Reads ODT (Text)
  39. 39. Frame Properties
  40. 40. Document Formats Open Document Format .odt - Word processor .odp - Presentation .ods - Spreadsheet .odg - Graphics zip compressed xml Rename extension to .zip and uncompress Content and images ISO/IEC International Standard (Version 1.0) on May 3, 2006 OpenDocument unanimously passed Not OfficeOpen XML (OOXML) .doc, .ppt, .xls are dead
  41. 41. Other Office Suites
  42. 42. KOffice A few additional applications in the suite Version 2.0 Multi-platform Requires KDE 4
  43. 43. Koffice Workspace
  44. 44. Good backup to OOo Well Designed Interface Elements Somewhat unstable Fast start (under KDE) ODF files
  45. 45. Gnumeric Spreadsheet Advanced Statistical Functions Python Scripting
  46. 46. Abiword Word Processor First .doc reader GIMP integration
  47. 47. Google docs Internet collaboration made easy Suite in Firefox browser Send invitations
  48. 48. Google Write editing OOo Document
  49. 49. Google docs Spreadsheet – Checkbook uploaded
  50. 50. Google docs Presentations – no .odp
  51. 51. Sharing Files Fonts Install MS Core Fonts Use Veranda or Nimbus Roman No 9 Problem  areas Connect Lines Equations Export to pdf Not long term solution Google Docs
  52. 52. Summary Office software can be used in typical homes Greeting cards Checkbook Slideshow Newsletter / Poster Open Document Format gives options Many applications use same format pdf not the answer
  53. 53. Please Promote Open Document Formats Think Others send Microsoft format and expect you to pay several hundred dollars to view or edit Only download and install OpenOffice.org Portable Apps Upload to Google Docs Abiword, Koffice alternates You own and control your data