2012 PDCA Annual Report


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2012 PDCA Annual Report

  1. 1. 2012 ANNUAL REPORT
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTSChair’s Message ............................................................................ Page 3Past Presidents ...............................................................................Page 42012 PDCA Membership ............................................................... Page 52012 Year End Financial Report .................................................. Page 62012 PDCA Supporters ................................................................. Page 11ABOUT USThe Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) is the only trade associationdedicated to the success of painting and decorating contractors. Nearly 2,000 contractorsin America and Canada are proud members of this organization founded in 1884. PDCA isrecognized and supported by many industry manufacturers and suppliers as the premierorganization committed to helping painting and decorating contractors improve their business.PDCA offers contractor members many opportunities to develop and grow through participa-tion in education programs, attendance at local networking meetings, use of PDCA IndustryStandards and much, much more. Explore the PDCA website at www.pdca.org to learn moreabout why PDCA Painters Are Better.OUR MISSIONThe Painting and Decorating Contractors of America serves the coating and wall covering indus-trywith standards, education, training, advocacy, and best practices essential to member success. The 2012 Annual Report is published by the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) 2316 Millpark Drive | Maryland Heights, MO 63043-3530 Toll Free: 800.332.7322 | 314.514.7322 | Fax: 314.890.2068 www.pdca.org Copyright 2013© Painting and Decorating Contractors of America1 2012 ANNUAL REPORT
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  4. 4. PDCA 2012 ANNUAL REPORTChair’s Message 2012 OVERVIEW PDCA has turned MEMBERSHIP: Membership grew by 3.5% in 2012 the corner and is after a slight increase of .5% in 2011. This uptick in staring to grow membership comes at the end of at least 11 years of again. Those of you decline (2000-2010). Membership recruitment was who had the op- supported by the PDCA National Champions con- portunity to attend tinuing to distribute Free Trial Membership applica- the 2013 Painting tions. The online application was redesigned and & Decorating Expo now includes an option to locate and join the local had a great learning PDCA unit. Membership recruitment efforts in 2013 experience, a good will be focused on membership engagement at the time and a chance local level. A Unified Support Effort (USE) is a pilot to meet with your project being tried in four Councils in the Central peers. Region. It is designed to provide stronger recruit- ment and administrative support by PDCA NationalLast year, the PDCA Board of Directors started the and is funded by a simplified dues structure offset-process of looking into PDCA and analyzing what ting the cost of a Regional Coordinator.is working and what needs to be changed to makeus better. There is a new Ad Hoc Committee of 17 COMMUNICATIONS: PDCA National continuesPDCA members from every segment of our member- to improve and streamline communications forship. They will start the process, give their findings members. In 2012, PDCA Encore was created asto the Board of Directors, who will then give their a black and white printed summary of importantinput and possibly put out a survey to the members membership messages for those members withouton the key points for their input. All of this informa- access to the internet. The weekly edition of Industrytion will be gathered by Richard Greene, PDCA’s Briefs concluded a successful first year resulting inCEO, to form a plan on what we can implement to additional revenue of approximately $23,000. Amake PDCA better for the members. membership communication module was added to the website to help local units improve their com- munication capabilities to their respective unitThere is a great amount of work to be done by ev- members. The Get Smarter, Get Better, Get Businesseryone. In order to make changes to PDCA that will marketing theme was adopted for the 2013/2014meet the needs of today’s member. fiscal years.I hope everyone has a good new year and I will see UNIT SUPPORT: Monthly leadership conferenceyou in Reno. calls continued in 2012. Leadership tools added to the website included officer job descriptions, “how to’s” on creating successful chapter meetings, a video presentation from the South Jersey Chap-Dave Ayala, United Pro Painting ter of PDCA profiling a successful chapter meetingPDCA Chair along with other information designed to support3 2012 ANNUAL REPORT
  5. 5. PDCA 2012 ANNUAL REPORTsuccessful events at the local level. In addition, a ing more than 100 registrants each month. 2012new Operation Information Update (OIU) form was Expo in Las Vegas was a very successful event;submitted by a leadership task force, approved by looking forward to another great event in St. Louisthe Board of Directors, distributed to local units for in 2013. The PDCA Industry Standards continue tocompletion and returns compiled for review by the evolve with review two Standards in 2012 and pos-Board of Directors. The information collected allows sible development of two new Standards in 2013.PDCA National to submit accurate information to Promotion of member engagement and participa-the IRS for maintenance of the umbrella non-for- tion will be the education focus in 2103.profit tax designation and to evaluate local unitsthat need additional attention and support. PDCANational will continue leadership training and en- PDCA TRUSTSgagement efforts in 2013. PDCA’s A. E. Robert Friedman Scholarship Fund For more than 30 years, PDCA has been able toPARTNERSHIPS: The three National Champions award scholarships to deserving students becausecontinued their support of PDCA in 2012. Also in of the A. E. Robert Friedman Scholarship Fund. The2012, 3M Company raised their commitment to Fund was formed in 1978 to honor Bob FriedmanPDCA and became a Partner level member. The on the occasion of his 40th anniversary as legalnumber of National Associate members grew by counsel for the Painting and Decorating Contractors5%. These key relationships amount to nearly 30% of America. He served in that capacity until 1981.of overall PDCA revenue. PDCA Members are regu- The Scholarship Fund is open to any high schoollarly reminded and encouraged to use these ven- senior or college-age student seeking to further theirdors and suppliers as much as possible. Recruitment education. Rules can be found on the PDCA website at www.pdca.org.focused on growing National Associate memberscontinues in 2013. PDCA Education Foundation In 1984, as PDCA prepared to celebrate its firstADVOCACY: PDCA continues to join with the Real 100 years as a national association, BenjaminEstate Roundtable to monitor changes and additions Moore & Company presented PDCA with a gift ofto the EPA RRP ruling. $10,000. This gift was used to establish a founda- tion whose purpose would be to provide ongoingEDUCATION: PDCA National applied extensive educational programs for contractors in the coatingmanpower to the building and completion of an and wall covering industry. In 1986, PDCA formally established the PDCA Education Foundation as aimproved Contractor College delivery and class 501(c)3 organization. The Foundation has fundedattendance tracking system. Included in this was a the production of many PDCA programs and pub-much improved accreditation processing component lications, including The Hazard Communicationthat allows members to complete the whole accredi- Manual, Cost & Estimating Guide, and countlesstation application online; making the accreditation estimating seminars. All programs and publicationsapplication process far more simple and easy. Ad- have been produced with the Foundation’s originalditionally, ClickSafety has been added to Contractor intent: to upgrade the industry through continuingCollege for members to provide safety training to contractor educational opportunities. The Educationtheir employees online. PDCA continues to pro- Foundation has played a significant role in fund- ing the PDCA Contractor College and Accreditationduce the monthly webinar series that is now attract- programs. 2012 ANNUAL REPORT 4
  6. 6. PDCA 2012 MEMBERSHIPMember Type The PDCA Membership Statistics Presented as of December 31, 2012 NumberAffiliate Member 17nternational 59 BY MEMBERSHIP TYPEMember at Large Level 1 451 BY REGIONMember at Large Member Affiliate Level 2 17 38 CENTRAL REGION MEMBERS International Member at Large Level 3 59 4 Iowa Council 5 Member at Large Level 1 451 Kentucky Blue Grass Council 16 Member Level 1 at Large Level 2 Member 38 642 Lincoln State Council 39 Member Level 1 Aat Large Level 3 Member 4 156 Wisconsin Council 26 Member Level 2 Level 1 Member 642 287 Ohio-Indiana Council 41 Member Level 3 Level 1 A Member 156 104 Michigan Council 30 Member Level 2 287 Mid-America Council 48 National Associate 34 Member Level 3 104 Rocky Mountain Council 64 National AssociateAssociate National Level 2 34 10 Texas Council 34 National AssociateAssociate Level 2 National Level 3 10 21 Nebraska Council 14 ast Service Member National Associate Level 3 21 7 Chicago Council 16 Honorary Past Service Member 7 46 SUBTOTAL 330 Honorary 46 EAST REGION ree Trial Membership 305 Free Trial Membership 305 Middle Atlantic Council 214 Florida Council 44 OTAL Number TOTAL 2,181 2181 Massachusetts Council 8 17 New England Council 71 59 Garden State Council 14 451 New York State Council 80 38 Affiliate Member International SUBTOTAL 431 4 WEST REGION 642 Member at Large Level 1 Arizona Council 37 156 Member at Large Level 2 Oregon Council 40 287 Member at Large Level 3 Council Washington 75 104 Member Level 1California Council 184 34 Member Level 1 A State Council Golden 51 10 Member Level 2Nevada Council 11 21 Member Level 3Hawaii Council 15 7 National Associate SUBTOTAL 413 46 National AssociateTrial Members Free Level 2 305 305 Members-At-Large 493 National Associate Level 3 Non-Voting Past Service Member Western Canada 15 2181 Honorary Members Honorary 46 International Members Free Trial Membership 59 National Affiliate 17 Affiliate Member National Associates 65 International Past Service Members 7 Member at Large Level 1 SUBTOTAL 209 Member at Large Level 2 TOTAL 2,181 West 413 Member at Large Level 3 Central 330 Member Level 1 East MEMBERSHIP REGION 431 Member Level 1 A Member Level 2 Member Level 3 National Associate West National Associate Level 2 Central National Associate Level 3 East Past Service Member Honorary Free Trial Membership 5 2012 ANNUAL REPORT
  7. 7. 2012 YEAR END FINANCIAL REPORTOPERATING REVENUESMembership $711,111 56% REVENUESCommunications $28,646 2% MembershipUnit Support $66,019 5% CommunicationsPartnerships $100,000 8% Unit Support PartnershipsExpo $191,443 15% ExpoEducation $162,077 14% EducationTotal Revenues $1,259,296 100%OPERATING EXPENSESMembership $203,229 16% EXPENSESCommunications $103,130 8% MembershipUnit Support $140,783 11% CommunicationsPartnerships $31,402 3% Unit Support PartnershipsExpo $317,304 25% ExpoEducation $270,368 22% Education GovernanceGovernance $179,732 15%Total Expenses $1,245,948 100%ASSETSCurrent AssetsCash and Investments $1,290,244(restricted and unrestricted)Accounts Receivable $5,743Inventory $18,125Prepaid Expenses $55,718Total Fixed Assets $57,236Total Assets $1,427,066LIABILITIES & EQUITYCurrent LiabilitiesAccounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities $236,782Deferred Dues $346,256Total Current Liabilities $583,038Net Assets $844,028TOTAL LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS $1,427,066 2012 ANNUAL REPORT 6
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  9. 9. Past Presidents/Past ChairsDavid Ayala (2012-Present) Norman Strauss (1984-1985) Cleo Klaas (1949-1950) William E.Wall (1914-1915)Darylene Dennon (2010-2012) David G. Kuhlman (1983-1984) J.P. Davis (1948-1949) John M. Stiles (1913-1914)David Jones (2009-2010) William L. Harrison (1982-1983) A.F. Shepherd (1947-1948) J.W. Worley (1912-1913)Mark Casale (2008-2009) Theo Ebert (1981-1982) Jess B. Worthingon (1945-1947) William G. Baxter (1911-1912)David Siegner (2007-2008) Clyde C. Knight (1980-1981) Michael McCarthy (1941-1945) James Roach (1910-1911)Carol W. Adkins (2006-2007) Carl G. Bradley (1979-1980) Ben Wickberg (1939-1941) Samuel J. Brown (1909-1910)Gregory W. Schnurr (2005-2006) Tilden A. Bonin, Jr. (1977-1979) Henry Afman (1937-1939) C.E. Van Syckle (1908-1909)Robert C. Miller (2004-2005) Robert W. Ireland (1976-1977) Gordon P. Marshall (1936-1937) Stewart N. Hughes (1907-1908)Richard Liddeke (2003-2004) Carl Leuteneker (1975-1976) J.B. DeWar (1934-1936) Oliver S. Ross (1906-1907)Doug Hampton (2002-2003) Arlo J. Fairbanks (1974-1975) A.S. Grant (1932-1934) R.L. Peters (1905-1906)Ned Lyerly (2001-2002) Myron Heiberg (1973-1974) C.H. Dabelstein (1931-1932) John DeWar (1904-1905)Brandt Domas (2000-2001) Martin C. DeVries (1971-1973) John C. Yonk (1930-1931) W.J. Edwards (1902-1904)Steve Murphy (1999-2000) Joseph F. Sansone (1970-1971) William Paris (1929-1930) Alexander Grant (1901-1902)L.E. Travis, III (1998-1999) Helge Haltgren (1969-1970) Charles J. Fowler (1928-1929) Francis F. Black (1900-1901)Charles F. Mann, IV (1997-1998) Gordon M. Mortensen (1968-1969) Alfred E. Joy (1927-1928) D.T. Holland (1899-1900)Michael B. Miller (1996-1997) D. Avery Boyd (1967-1968) J.P. Rising (1926-1927) P.J. Brankin (1898-1899)Robert M. Herold (1995-1996) L.L. Schmidt (1966-1967) F.M. Michael (1925-1926) R.H. Stewart (1897-1898)Larry J. Fuchs (1994-1995) J. Famer-Heggem (1965-1966) Charles Greenhaigh (1924-1925) Thomas A. Brown (1896-1897)James R. Stelzer (1993-1994) Alfred D. Quilici (1963-1965) H.W. Rubins (1923-1924) M.F. Shay (1895-1896)Paul J. Corey (1992-1993) S.W. Kooperman (1962-1963) Joel Kennedy (1922-1923) John Theobald (1894-1895)Robert L. Cusumano (1991-1992) Leon V. Switzer (1960-1962) James Phinnemore (1921-1922) F.A. Ballinger (1893-1894)Jon Leuteneker (1990-1991) R.F. Brueggemann (1959-1960) Fred W. Dupke (1920-1921) John Beattie (1891-1893)Richard Grund (1989-1990) R.H. Reynolds (1958-1959) Neil M.Wuirhead (1919-1920) M.H. Godfrey (1890-1891)William F. Johnson, Sr. (1988-1989) Ray N. Elvart (1956-1958) Oscar L.Wood (1918-1919) J.G. McCarthy (1888-1890)Martin A. Berger (1987-1988) William Gelfan (1954-1956) George E. Egdorf (1917-1918) Titus Berger (1885-1888)George M. Lukas (1986-1987) R.H. Bohl, Sr. (1953-1954) William J. Albrecht (1916-1917)Lawrence E. Gove (1985-1986) J.W. Zucker (1950-1953) A.M. McKenzie (1915-1916) E DITED PDCA Accreditation Program CR DCA AC “PDCA Accreditation is a stepping stone for any company wanting to achieve a business P A E R IC G C ON TR A C TO RS O F AM worthy to be called a real business. I was amazed at the professional and easy layout of AT IN C OR & DE the courses.” OR T ING PA IN CO T – Joel Hamberg, Joel Hamberg Painting, Inc. N T R AC P rofessional and industry certification is a proven means to indicate that your company has gone the extra step to separate itself from the competition. The Painting and Decorating Contractors of America Accreditation Program, offered through Contractor College, is carefully crafted to encompass every facet of painting and decorating contracting. As an accredited PDCA contractor, you have the industry approval of being a dedicated, ethical, and better business owner. Ac- creditation provides the customer with the comfort that they have chosen a certified professional. Prove your worth to potential customers and become a PDCA Accredited Contractor. Start today! Visit www.contractorcollege.org. 2012 ANNUAL REPORT 8
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  11. 11. 2012 COMMITTEESThank you to the 2012 Committee Resolutions National Associates Committeemembers listed below. Your service Pete Wirtz – Chair and BOD Liaison Bruce Schneiderand dedication to PDCA and the Bill Schneeberger Marsha Basscoating and wall covering industry is Joel Hamburg Steve Martyrgreatly appreciated. Bill Shoning Richard Ahlstrom Doug Hampton Tim SternauGovernance Committees Brenda MollerGovernance Committees shall report to Issue Resolutions Roland Koliliasthe Board of Directors (BOD) and are Bill Shoning (Chair) Joe Richardsonappointed by the Chair. Dave Ryder (Vice Chair) Craig Bunting Carol Adkins Mark FosterGDC Governing Documents Committee Rob French Russ Neale Paul Corey Raed SalahMichael Walker (Chair) David ParkerPaul Corey Operational Committees Bob CusumanoBruce Baggenstos Mike CareyMark Adams Standards Ronald McKenzieCarl Postupak Bob Cusumano – Chair Albert Waksman Michael Walker - BOD Liaison Lynn FifeCredentials Steve Gray Richie ConfortTony Serverino (Chair) Doug Hampton Rick BushBill Shoning L.E. Travis III Daniel BrownRob French John Calderaio Karen DeMontigny Ron Yarbrough Les LieserExpo 2013 Kevin McKayBarbara Chmielewski Membership Laura ForbushTony Kozak Kenneth Palazzo, Chair David NewmanKaren McClain Bradley Horton Sherman L. WeissSteve Nagelmann Dave Scaturro Jeremy AndersonRodney Paglialong Steve Burnett Abby VeshiaDarylene Dennon Karen Graham Nancy NoskoTerry Osburn Karen McClain Mark Zielinski Cathy Beckius Katy WillenbrinkFinance Karl Schmitt Ben LeonardDarylene Dennon (Chair) Steve LongRich O’Neil Education Committee Harvey FerdmanKen Palazzo Scott Lollar, (Chair) Greg SargemaNiguel Costello Keith Cornelius Denise LinnCarol Adkins Nigel Costolloe Mark Madison Cleve Dayton Debbie ZimmerOfficer Nominating Darylene Dennon Kevin LaRueSteve Nagelmann – Chair Don Fahrbach Dan PassinaultCarol Adkins Warren Hoffman Jerry LeBeauTony Severino Suzanne McGinnis Chris RingCarl Postupak Tony Severino Lynnie Winter Pete Wirtz Tari WarwickPolicy Alignment Dave BarnesSteve Nagelman (Chair) Diane WalshDave Ryker (Vice Chair) Bill SilvermanMike Walker Karl SchmittCarl Postupak Keith Cornelius Mike Collins Mark Pyk Brent Campbell Joe Biestek 2012 ANNUAL REPORT 10
  12. 12. THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES FOR THEIR GENEROUS SUPPORT IN 2012 PDCA NATIONAL CHAMPIONS PDCA NATIONAL PARTNERS PDCA FRIENDS PDCA NATIONAL ASSOCIATESAbatron Fringe Benefit Group Painters and Allied Trades (LMCI)ADP Front Range Coating Consultants, Inc. Precision CoatingsAdvisors on Target Gardner-Gibson Pro Painting Products LLCArroWorthy Great American Marketing PropellerBehr Process Corporation IdeaPaint Pro-Tect Painting International, LLCBind/ITW Industrial Finishing IPS Industries, Inc. SANDEXCabot/Valspar Kelly-Moore Paint Co., Inc. Sascho SealantsCaulk Savers KOVRD Products SaverSystems, Inc.Citi Cards/Shell Fleet Card LJ&S Products Paintrifuge.com SmartGuard Products, Inc.ClickSafety, Inc. Luxi Tools Stride ToolComplementary Coatings Corp. M&S Consulting Titan ToolConstruction Peer Group Corp. Market Hardware, Inc. Tritech Industries, Inc.Corona Brushes Inc. McCauley Tools, Inc. V Spout CorpEvergreen Technology Modern Masters, Inc. XIM Products, Inc.Faux Effects International, Inc. Norton/Saint-Gobain Abrasives X-RiteFranmar Chemical Nutech Paints LLC11 2012 ANNUAL REPORT
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  15. 15. ter Adm mar it On S Cont e Get racto Pain ting r Col and lege Get Dec orat ing C ontr Sm acto rs of Ame rica arte rYOUR TICKET TO GET SMARTER!Contractor College, offered by the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA),provides member contractors maximum flexibility in continuing their education, withonline courses, monthly webinars, annual education expo and an accreditation program.It provides the necessary components to build a high performance business – and it’sincluded in PDCA membership. Contractor College, offered by the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA), provides member contractors maximum flexibility in continuing their education, with online courses, monthly webinars, annual education expo and an accreditation program. It provides the necessary components to build a high performance business – and it’s included in PDCA membership. 2013 Monthly Webinar Schedule Subject to change. Contractor College Webinars take place on the third Wednesday of every month. Date Title January 16, 2013 5-Year Business Plan February 20, 2013 Closing Secrets & Tips Your Competitors Hope You Never Learn So You Can Say Yes More March 20, 2013 High Level SEO April 17, 2013 Adding Additional Sales to Your Current Clients Project May 15, 2013 Customer Relationship Management - CRM June 19, 2013 Applying For Industry Awards - How They Can Benefit Your Business July 17, 2013 Developing Your Social Media Plan August 21, 2013 Understanding Contract Clauses September 18, 2013 Estimating For Profit October 16, 2013 How to Build a Safety Plan to Protect Your Company November 20, 2013 Financial Forecasting For The Construction Industry December 18, 2013 Goal Setting For The New Year Become a PDCA member today at www.contractorcollege.org. Contractor College Webinars are only available to PDCA members. Webinar registration requires member login id. For more information on how to become a PDCA member, please call 800-332-7322.