PCSC2: "The Experience Economy" - What it Means for Product Development and Innovation


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Mike Alvarado and Jeof Bean's presentation from ProductCamp SoCal. Held November 6, 2010 at Cal State Fullerton - The Mihaylo College of Business & Economics.

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PCSC2: "The Experience Economy" - What it Means for Product Development and Innovation

  1. 1. "The Experience Economy"- What it means for Product Development and Innovation Mike Alvarado and Jeof Bean November 2010
  2. 2. “Experience Leaders” Developing, Delivering, Benefitting
  3. 3. What is the Experience-centric Economy? 1. The Internet is the Platform 2. How do you influence influencers?  Who does it  Who does it well 3. Social technologies heighten the sensation  Prospects and customers – high visibility influencers creating feedback loops about experiences with your processes, people products 4. Executing - Deliver with people, processes, products Internet Mastery of the influencers Executing Social technologies
  4. 4. Framing the Exploration What role will trust and experience play in future economies? How should this drive product development and innovation? How does user-centric design evolve to fully address the experience dimension? Is trust simply an unknowable ideal?
  5. 5. Pushing Design Boundaries What role does online, two-way dialogues with customers and prospects play? Is regular interaction with customers and prospects outside of sales or support situations occurring? Do customers and prospects surprise you with public communication about new or novel solution or product uses?
  6. 6. Where are you in the process of leveraging The Experience Economy? YOU Situation Analysis Calculate The Opportunity Alternatives Project Definition Dependencies, Assumptions, and Risk Management Investment Required Approval to Proceed
  7. 7. Trust Experiences Customer Experiences User Experiences Economic Value Products and / or Services Technology Ideas (IP), Sweat Equity Where are you along the continuum of developing, delivering and benefitting from “Experience Leadership?” The Experience Continuum ©2010 Del Mar Research & Consulting, LLC and the Product and Business Development Co.
  8. 8. Questions???
  9. 9. Jeof Bean | Principal | Del Mar Research & Consulting, LLC | DelMarResearch.com | JBean@DelMarResearch.com | 858-334-9266 Del Mar Research & Consulting specializes in increasing client growth, while decreasing the uncertainty and costs of product development, experience design and marketing. Jeof’s experience spans strategic to tactical with small innovative companies and large successful organizations like ComplianceMAX, ProMedia Wireless, I Drive Safely, LPL Financial, AT&T / Bell Labs, Sprint and Quest Diagnostics. Jeof has an M.S. in Business Management, a B.S. in Psychology / Marketing and has served as Adjunct Professor of Business Management and Marketing, Centenary College. He is on the Board of Directors of the San Diego Software Industry Council's (SDSIC) User Experience Group and User Experience expert review panel; author of several marketing, and product development articles; and a frequent guest speaker. Mike Alvarado | Principal | The Product and Business Development Company (PBDC) Michael_j_alvarado@earthlink.net | 408.646.4621 “Co-creating the Conditions for Success” Mike Alvarado is a resourceful, driven and dynamic business leader skilled at envisioning, cultivating, and harvesting global business and market opportunity. Excellent at discovering new revenue streams, implementing creative market entry strategies and managing complex international business relationships. His clients engage him on projects related to improving their technical product portfolios and optimizing their new product innovation productivity. Mike has an M.B.A. from Santa Clara University he is in the process of completing an M.A. in Applied Anthropology from San Jose State University.