http://www pragmaticmarketing com/publications/magazine/6/4/beyond seo drivi
“Many executives frustrated with their websites have beenMany executives frustrated with their websites have been 
told th...
How typical web sites are developed . . .
•Outside web developers or creative professionals
•Some internally—
t i ll ith l...
Four steps to optimize website business 
performance and the user experienceperformance and the user experience
1 Understa...
Understand the market first . . .
A. The Do‐Fors  Communicates what the company does for 
the prospect or customer.  It is...
What is your site’s job description?
Develop the user experience strategy 
and design
• The user experience encompasses all aspects of a visitor’s interaction ...
Measure the design against the objectives
• Validate that customers’ needs are met and tasks are easy to do. Putting 
Companies that have gone Beyond SEO to deliver 
pleasing customer experiences g
This has helped them met or exceed their b...
Case study  Skinit Customizer Increases Conversion by 350%
Skinit, Inc. is the global leader in consumer electron...
Jeof Bean | Principal | Del Mar Research & Consulting, LLC | | | 858‐334‐9266...
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PCSC2: Beyond SEO - Driving Customer Attraction, Retention and Top Line Growth


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One of Barbara Nelson's presentations from ProductCamp SoCal. Held November 6, 2010 at Cal State Fullerton - The Mihaylo College of Business & Economics.

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PCSC2: Beyond SEO - Driving Customer Attraction, Retention and Top Line Growth

  1. 1. http://www pragmaticmarketing com/publications/magazine/6/4/beyond seo drivi ng_customer_attraction_retention_and_top_line_growth
  2. 2. “Many executives frustrated with their websites have beenMany executives frustrated with their websites have been  told that investing in search engine optimization (SEO) should  be their next step in making the most of their website’s  performance While some business owners and leaders haveperformance. While some business owners and leaders have  noticed improvements, most are still not sure that this effort  truly optimizes the website for their business.” “What they are sure of is that SEO can be very expensive. At y y p this stage, it is common to hear CEOs and business owners  ask, “We have spent all this money on SEO, is there anything  beyond spending even more money on SEO to maximizebeyond spending even more money on SEO to maximize the contribution of our website?”   The answer is “Yes!”
  3. 3. How typical web sites are developed . . . •Outside web developers or creative professionals •Some internally— t i ll ith littl t “d d•typically with little or no prospect or “demand  side” information •Many use the website‐in‐abox approach reassign anMany use the website in abox approach, reassign an  existing Intranet, or model their content from another  business What is usually missing . . . 1. Connecting with the prospect and customers; and 2. Providing a great user experience for website  i ivisitors
  4. 4. Four steps to optimize website business  performance and the user experienceperformance and the user experience 1 Understand the market first Find out what prospects value1. Understand the market first. Find out what prospects value— before you put up content and push it out to the market. 2. Specify the business purpose of the website. Know the market  problem your site will solve and which parts of the business youproblem your site will solve and which parts of the business you  want to accelerate. 3. Develop the user experience strategy and design. Map the market  and business needs to the solution’s design; ensure consistent g brand and messaging throughout the design. 4. Measure the design against the objectives. Validate that  customers’ needs are met and tasks are easy to do; test with  people who fit the profile of your target customers.
  5. 5. Understand the market first . . . A. The Do‐Fors  Communicates what the company does for  the prospect or customer.  It is more important than  what your company actually doeswhat your company actually does B. Do not put up content and then push it out. Find out  what the prospects really value about your products or  services and how they want it described. A. These are your Do‐Forsy B. apply the Do Fors directly to the development of the  site along with the rest of the content reflecting  what prospects valuewhat prospects value C. User intelligence is critical in transitioning the website  f bfrom an accessory to a true business asett 
  6. 6. What is your site’s job description?
  7. 7. Develop the user experience strategy  and design • The user experience encompasses all aspects of a visitor’s interaction  ’with the company’s services, products, and website.  • To meet the exact needs of the customer and to deliver simple, elegant  solutions that are a joy to experience goes beyond giving customerssolutions that are a joy to experience goes beyond giving customers  what they say they want and merely providing a checklist of features.  • Ensure consistent brand and messaging throughout the design InEnsure consistent brand and messaging throughout the design. In  many regards, your user experience is your brand.  •You must develop an understanding of what motivates your users and p g f y manage their expectations while consistently representing your brand  and message throughout their experience with your company, services,  and products.
  8. 8. Measure the design against the objectives • Validate that customers’ needs are met and tasks are easy to do. Putting  your solution in context for your customers and users is key to validating that  the solution meets their needs and is easy to use.the solution meets their needs and is easy to use.  • You need to work with people who fit the profile of your target customers  and conduct design reviews to gather feedback.  • Develop prototypes to review concepts to ensure that your site meets  customer and user needs.  • Test of the ease of use of the solution and not the intelligence of your  customers.  •If the tasks are hard or impossible to complete, then your solution is not  easy to use.
  9. 9. Companies that have gone Beyond SEO to deliver  pleasing customer experiences g This has helped them met or exceed their business  objectives
  10. 10. Case study  Skinit Customizer Increases Conversion by 350% Overview Skinit, Inc. is the global leader in consumer electronic device personalization. Skinit was preparing to enhance the previously successful Photo Uploader a web-based application that allows consumers upload theirPhoto Uploader, a web based application that allows consumers upload their own photos and manipulate designs for their personal electronic devices. The objective was to enhance the features of the new solution and provide an intuitive and flexible interface with a rich user experience that increased conversion. Testimonial “Increasing the conversion of our Customizer application notour Customizer application not only increased revenue it also enabled us to provide a more compelling customer experience which has driven significant interest in new and existing partner programs.” – Paul Buss CEO of Skinit– Paul Buss, CEO of Skinit.
  11. 11. Jeof Bean | Principal | Del Mar Research & Consulting, LLC | | | 858‐334‐9266 Del Mar Research & Consulting specializes in increasing client growth, while decreasing the  uncertainty and costs of product development and marketing. Jeof’s experience spans strategic to  tactical with small innovative companies to large successful organizations like ComplianceMAX,  ProMedia Wireless, I Drive Safely, LLC, LPL Financial, AT&T / Bell Labs and Quest Diagnostics.  Jeof has an M.S. in Business Management, a B.S. in Psychology / Marketing and has served as  Adjunct Professor of Business Management and Marketing, Centenary College. He is on the Board  of Directors of the San Diego Software Industry Council's (SDSIC) User Experience Group and User  Experience expert review panel; author of several marketing and product development articles;Experience expert review panel; author of several marketing, and product development articles;  and a frequent guest speaker. Sean Van Tyne| User Experience Director | FICO| y | p | | y Author and Speaker, Sean Van Tyne is the User Experience Director for FICO where he provides  leaderships for teams across the US, UK, and Asia. Prior to FICO, Sean was AVP of User Experience  for LPL Financial where he helped define new market segments and develop the product  management iterative design and agile development plan Prior to LPL Sean was Director of Usermanagement, iterative design, and agile development plan. Prior to LPL, Sean was Director of User  Experience for Mitchell International. Prior to Mitchell, Sean was Director of Product Design for  Medibuy. Sean is the current President of UX SIG (www uxsig org) Founder and Chair of the UX BusinessSean is the current President of UX SIG (, Founder and Chair of the UX Business  Information Group for SDSIC, and advisor on numerous professional and corporate boards.