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Big Ideas Conferences: Feeding Our Constant Cravings for Innovation & Collaboration
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Big Ideas Conferences: Feeding Our Constant Cravings for Innovation & Collaboration


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Session: Big Ideas Conferences: Feeding Our Constant Cravings for Innovation & Collaboration …

Session: Big Ideas Conferences: Feeding Our Constant Cravings for Innovation & Collaboration
Presented By: Donna Kastner
Date and Time: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 3:00pm

Published in: Education, Business

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  • E-180, C2-MTL
  • Transcript

    • 1. Big Idea Conferences:Feeding Constant Cravings forInnovation & Collaborationby Donna KastnerVelvet ChainsawConsulting
    • 2. “As the world ismore connected digitally,it only seems to accentuatethe need for personalinteraction,so conferences areenjoying a real surge.”Mike Federle, COO, Forbes Media
    • 3. Constant Cravings forInnovation/Big Ideas
    • 4. Conferences havetremendous potentialto ignite big ideas…Unfortunately,many fizzle & fall shortof expectationsAgreeDisagreeSo So/Not Sure
    • 5. Big Idea Conferences:Learning Objectives• Identify critical drivers for innovationand key attributes for innovation stewards• Explore best ways to leverage digitalchannels as collaboration accelerators• Design powerful “Go Forth” closers, filled withnext-step action paths to help participantsfilter and refine ideas
    • 6. Innovation & Big Ideas DiscoveryYesSomewhatNot sureCritical need for yourconference audience?
    • 7. IBM Global CEO Study• 1,700+ CEOs,64 countries,18 industries•Top 3 Priorities:• Empoweringemployees• Engaging customers• Amplifying innovation
    • 8. Flavor duJour?
    • 9. InnovatorsThink Different(ly)5 Discovery Skills that distinguishinnovative executives from others:1. Associating2. Questioning3. Observing4. Networking5. ExperimentingHelp attendees understand innovationmethodology (WHY you’re doing what you’re doing)
    • 10. Who AreYou Designing For?3-5 Participant Segments6-9 Participant Segments10+ Participant Categories
    • 11. Framing Innovation in Proper Context Two MindsetsPromotion Focus(cares more about advancing)Prevention Focus(cares more about safety)The Secret to EffectiveMotivation
    • 12. Promotion FocusPrevention Focus Innovation Sweet SpotPrimary segments? Secondary segments?Is one focus more dominant?Overlap? Potential to coalesce?Create villages within a larger event?ApproachPleasureAvoidPain
    • 13. Innovation: CriticalThreads (Drivers)•HelpAudience Grasp InnovationMethodology•Frame Innovation in Proper Context•Big Idea Chat Igniters
    • 14. Big Idea Chat Igniters•Interactive Presentations (10-min sparks)•Storytelling (Industry Practitioners)•VisualCues (Graphic Facilitators)•Idea Mapping(Brainstorming – StickyWalls)•Hands-OnTesting/Coaching Labs•Roundtable Discussions•AgendaWhitespace & Pod/Cluster Seating
    • 15. Idea Chat Igniters: Graphic Facilitators
    • 16. Idea Chat Igniters: Sticky Walls
    • 17. Idea Chat Igniters:Roundtable Discussions
    • 18. Idea ChatIgniter:Continue theConversationCafé(Something toadd to yourLearning Lounge?)
    • 19. Idea Chat Stewards•Staff,Volunteers,Partners, etc.•Solid command of topic(s)(not necessarily SMEs)•Friendly, helpful, approachable•Hip-pocket list of chat igniters•Ambiverts (or well-coached extroverts/introverts)•Visible and engaged
    • 20. Setting the Climatefor Big Idea Chats
    • 21. Creating an Environmentfor Big Idea Chats
    • 22. Leverage Digital to AccelerateChats & Connections Offers Requests
    • 23. Leverage digital (mobile app) tospark more/better idea chats? Idea tote board? Offers & Requests Workshop RSVPs(see who else is attending)
    • 24. Big Idea Conferences: Wrap Up• Help Audience Grasp Innovation Methodology• Frame Innovation in Proper Context• Big Idea Chat Igniters• Conference Innovation Stewards• Create EnvironmentWhere Idea Chats Flourish• Leverage Digital to Accelerate Collaboration• And finally…
    • 25. Peak End Rule
    • 26. The Big Finish: Next steps…• What one idea intrigued you most?What next steps will you take?• Did you meet someone you’d like to keepin touch with? Assemble a big idea think tank?• Follow-up session? One-on-one or group?Donna Kastner ▪Velvet Chainsaw 380-5055
    • 27. Image Credits• Thomas Hawk• William Hook• John Althouse Cohen• Kevin Dooley• Michelle Boos-Stone• StuartWilliams• Tourisme Montreal• C2-MTL• E-180• Harvard Business Review