The Attendee Engagement Technology Debate


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Session: The Attendee Engagement Technology Debate
Presented by: Midori Connolly , Principal, AVGirl Productions
Date and time: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 10:00am

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • Emotion - we become emotionally invested when we are engaged.
    Education - we have a vested interest in the outcome because we are seeking increased knowledge. Many attendees just need more information and they are committed to the experience for this reason. Give them the content they desire to increase educational opporunities.
    Exposure - whether sponsors, suppliers, attendees, most people are looking for a way to build their reputation. Can also mean exposure for your event to new markets.
    Enhance - how can we enhance an experience so that we reach a desired outcome?

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  • The Attendee Engagement Technology Debate

    1. 1. The Attendee Engagement Technology Debate Tuesday, 6/25/2013
    2. 2. “Us” Midori Connolly,AVGirl Productions @AVGirl Midori Panelists: Lauren Mulherrin, @bXb_Group Culture 22 – bXb Group LLC,Account Executive Eric Olson, @Eric_Ols Zerista, COO Anthony Miller, @ActiveBusiness Active Network Business Solutions, VP Strategy & Business Development #pcmaec
    3. 3. “You” •Google Docs •Prezi •Voting •Twitter: #pcmadebate •Post-session Follow-up #pcmaec
    4. 4. What does ENGAGEMENT mean to you?
    5. 5. Exposure. Education. Entertainment. The Terms of Engagement Emotion.
    6. 6. Debate #1 Point by Chairman Naught S. Shur, 30 year Member, Society of Outdated Concepts: Technology is a distraction at our meetings, the younger generations are the only ones using it and there is no way to measure value. #pcmaec
    7. 7. Debate #1 CounterPoint by Lauren Mulherrin #pcmaec
    8. 8. Table Discussion and Notes Please take your notes here: (Case Sensitive) #pcmadebate
    9. 9. WhoWins?
    10. 10. Debate #2 Point by Countess Beans, CEO, Abacus: Measuring engagement is just a catch phrase that my tech vendors use to sell their products.This is an intangible concept, hence there is no data that can make this a viable metric. #pcmaec
    11. 11. Debate #2 CounterPoint by Eric Olson #pcmaec
    12. 12. Table Discussion and Notes Please take your notes here: (Case Sensitive) #pcmadebate
    13. 13. WhoWins?
    14. 14. Debate #3 Point by Stuch N. Mudd, Executive Director, National Pudding Manufacturer Association: Technology is moving too fast. I receive a new email every day that is a new mobile, social or other interactive technology, it’s ridiculous for us to try to keep up with it all. #pcmaec
    15. 15. Debate #3 CounterPoint by Anthony Miller #pcmaec
    16. 16. Table Discussion and Notes Please take your notes here: (Case Sensitive) #pcmadebate
    17. 17. WhoWins?
    18. 18. The session isn’t over! Single Google Doc: Twitter notes, Link to Prezi “Living” doc! Prezi – your notes/takeaways++
    19. 19. Talk to us! Midori Connolly 619.517.5916 Unified EventTechnologies @AVGirlMidori Eric Olson 720.839.4394 Mobile and Community Solutions @Eric_Ols Lauren Mulherrin 312.970.5881 Marketing Communications and InteractiveTechnologies @bXB_Group Anthony Miller 888.351.9948 Smart Events ManagementTechnology @ActiveBusiness #pcmaec