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PCI Geomatics Overview
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PCI Geomatics Overview


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  • “The speed of the GXL-Aerial system is impressive, and was a key determining factor in our purchase decision. We have operationally integrated the GXL into our production chain, and are currently processing images captured by our UltraCamXp camera. The integration of the GXL was very quick, thanks to the technical support provided by PCI Geomatics. We have been able to get up to speed and fully operational in order to process very large projects that had extremely rapid completion time requirements. By using the GXL system, we are able to save time and money – allowing us to expand our business.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Corporate Presentation High Speed, Scalable Image Processing Solutions
    • 2. 80 + Employees > 25,000 licenses installed worldwide HQ: Toronto Awards & Accolades Offices in: Innovation Awards Gatineau, for60 Resellers USA, ChinaWorldwide GXL Geomatica
    • 4. GEOSPATIAL VALUE CHAINImage Image Pre- Image Tools & Value-AddedCollection Processing Processing Work Flow Content Selected CapabilitiesSatellite Orthorectification Image Extraction Display , Storage and Google Maps/Earth DisseminationSAR (Radar) Atmospheric Spatial Analysis Microsoft Bing Maps correction Ingestion ToolsLIDAR Image Classification Location Based Services Image Mosaiking Enterprise IntegrationAirborne Camera Customized Vertical Applications – Pan Sharpening Algorithms Open Source natural resource,Other Image Sensing Development weather, land planning, etc. Selected Competitors/PartnersDigital Globe PCI Geomatics PCI Geomatics PCI Geomatics Google / Yahoo / MicrosoftVexcel / Microsoft ERDAS (Leica) Definiens AG ESRI / Intergraph ESRI / IntergraphGeoEye ENVI (ITT) ERDAS (Leica) Pixel Factory Vertical Applications (e.g., (InfoTerra) RapidEye for Agriculture and ENVI (ITT) Iunctus for Oil and Gas)
    • 6. We provide…Powerful and scalable image processing solutions that let you quickly and efficiently produce informationproducts from any type of imagery SCALABLE TO WE ARE UNMATCHED ANY SIZE SENSOR AUTOMATED PROJECT AGNOSTIC WORKFLOWS BUILDING HIGH SPEED ADVANCED SOLUTIONS MULTI FOR RADAR CPU / GPU CAPABILITY 30 YEARS
    • 7. WHICH SOLUTION IS RIGHT FOR YOU? $1M $500Price($000’s) $200 $10 10 GB 100 GB 500 GB 1 - 5TB 5 - 10TB
    • 8. WE ARE NIMBLE…So is our technology Ingest Discover View Process Ortho QA Export Analyze Mosaic Prep
    • 10. DATADISCOVERYStop searching for the imagery you already have…Easily discover and build your imagery catalog.
    • 11. Image and Set Metadata Query Box, Results and Image Selection Image Pane showing Footprints
    • 12. VIEWYOUR IMAGERYBefore you get started, you need to see the whole picture.
    • 13. Mosaic Tool View Mosaic PreviewSaves back to project xml file Edit cut linesto run through MosaicGeneration Edit Normalization Edit Color balancing
    • 14. IMAGEPROCESSINGMake beautiful ortho / mosaic products…Automatically.
    • 15. Automated GCP/TP PCI offers advanced algorithms to automatically collect Ground Control and Tie Control points
    • 16. Automated Cutlines Lower quality, extensive editing High quality, minimal editing
    • 17. Automated Color Balancing No color balancing applied Seamless mosaicking / color balancing
    • 18. Automated Cloud Detection andHaze Removal Raw Image Haze Corrected AOI Ikonos (4m) Multispectral Image
    • 19. Automated Workflows
    • 20. CHECK THEACCURACYTools that make it easy to tweak and fix your products.
    • 21. Multi User Mosaicking WorkflowsUSER 1 (Selects left / locked top right) USER 2 (Selects right /locked left)
    • 22. ANALYZE &EXPORT YOURRESULTSProduce stunning outputs in record time for further analysis.
    • 23. Urban Change DetectionSpot (2002) Kompsat (2007) LEGEND Red: Urban Development
    • 24. Forest Monitoring APPLICATIONS:  Assess Health of Forestry  Monitor Deforestation  Timber Harvest Amazon, Brazil Multispectral Image draped over terrain model District of North Vancouver IKONOS data used to identify and assess the health of urban forest stands
    • 25. Land Use Mapping Image Multispectral Image Classification Land Use Map
    • 26. Flood Mapping (SAR Imagery)
    • 28. For over 20 years, i-cubed has used PCI software to generate high quality orthorectified products that aredelivered to its customers through various platforms, including on-demand streaming. Processing largeland masses is a critical aspect for i-cubed, since customers look for the depth of their imagery catalogsover different areas of interest around the world.OTHER RESULTS Ability to process multiple different types “ of images to create seamless mosaics “We never would have High quality pan-sharpened image undertaken a project of products this magnitude if not for the cost-effective automation and flexibility that PCI software offers” - Russ Cowart President
    • 29. Blackbridge Geomatics operates a ground receiving station in Lethbridge, Alberta. They use PCItechnology to quickly and efficiently produce continuous maps of complete provinces (e.g. Alberta,British Columbia) based on the large volumes of SPOT imagery.OTHER RESULTS Ability to scale operations based on demand “ Traditional methods for National Imagery Project: over 5,000 correcting SPOT images were SPOT 4/5 images orthorectified covering simply too expensive and time- the complete Canadian landmass (see: intensive to meet the needs of our client, the Government of Canada. The scalability of a PCI Geomatics automated orthorectification system will allow for the rapid and cost- effective production of accurate images with little user intervention” - Brett Michelson Vice President
    • 30. Esri invited PCI to become a Gold Level Business partner in 2009, recognizing PCI’s expertise in highspeed, high quality satellite image processing. Faced with the daunting task of pan sharpening,orthorectifying and mosaicking 50 million km2 of GeoEye imagery, Esri turned to PCI Geomatics. OTHER RESULTS “  “Through the use of the GXL Implementation of a Cloud based GXL system capable of Cloud system that PCI has processing up to 3 terabytes per day deployed to our Amazon Cloud instances, we are working  Integrated processing and publishing petabytes of color diligently to provide high- balanced, continuous base resolution and high-quality imagery to content as quickly as possible  See for for the samples of Esri published ArcGIS Online platform” imagery processed by the GXL Cloud System - Steven Lambert Senior Program Manager
    • 31. Société Topographie Informatique selected PCI’s GXL solution to process its high resolution UltraCamimagery quickly and efficiently – turnaround time is a key aspect of their business. In a highly competitiveaerial market, STi has been able to differentiate itself from competitors - and obtain more projects.OTHER RESULTS Quick integration of the GXL system into STi’s production chain thanks to dedicated, on site training by PCI Geomatics experts “ Ability to correct thousands of UltraCam images per day “The speed of the GXL- Expansion into new markets thanks to cost Aerial system is savings impressive - by using the GXL system, we are able to save time and money – allowing us to expand our business” - Georges Munceanu President
    • 32. Contact PCI GeomaticsTORONTO GATINEAU50 West Wilmot 490 St-Joseph Boulevard www.pcigeomatics.comRichmond Hill, ON Gatineau, QCCanada, M4B 1M5 Canada, J8Y 3Y6 info@pcigeomatics.comPhone: (905) 764-0614 Phone: (819) 770-0022Fax: (905) 764-9064 Fax: (905) 770-0098 @pcigeomatics Page 32 Copyright © 2012 PCI Geomatics