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PCHS Technology Update
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PCHS Technology Update


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Students at PCHS can dissect a cadaver and see the effects of drugs on the brain - online. Way cool programs

Students at PCHS can dissect a cadaver and see the effects of drugs on the brain - online. Way cool programs

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Technology at Park City High School
  • 2. Audiovisual Equipment All classrooms are equipped with audiovisual equipment. This equipment was a much needed and welcomed addition to Park City High School. The equipment is navigated by a control panel that allows the teacher to project what they want onto a screen in front of the classroom. External devices such as document cameras, video iPods, laptops, etc. can be used in every classroom via the control panel. SmartBoards and Mimio’s are interactive whiteboards that are used in classrooms throughout the building. Promethean ActivExpression is a classroom communication tool which allows students to express themselves with words, numbers, symbols, and more.
  • 3. Number of Computers Park City High School has 383 computers. We have 1 PC math and science lab, 2 Mac labs, 3 Career and Technology Education labs, 1 of which is a PC lab, as well as a mobile cart stocked with 30 Mac laptops.
  • 4. Internet Access All students are given Internet accessibility per the acceptable use agreement form signed by their parents. There are other extenuating circumstances, however, that could forbid them access to the Internet. All teachers are given a teacher webpage. This webpage can be used as a direct communication tool for students, parents, and administrators. is one example of a teacher webpage that is being used at the high school.
  • 5. Music Department SmartMusic is a web-based program that allows for personal practice at school and at home. The student can log in and choose compositions from an extensive database. While practicing the composition SmartMusic will grade their performance. The music teachers create assignments. The software will record what the student practiced as well as show an assessment of notes and rhythms. The music department also uses a software called Finale. Finale allows students to create compositions. For example, our school song was not a full score. Each section was available, but, the full score was not. Finale allowed the creation of the final score. (Written example available.) The music department can then export parts of the music for each section of the band. Finale also allows for student auditions for college. For example, a trumpet player can hook themselves up to a soundboard and create his audition with a virtual piano accompanying him or her. .
  • 6. Career and Technology Financial Literacy Our Financial Literacy department uses a number of websites. One particular assignment given to students is to look up commercials and determine how culture and society influence what a person buys. Several of these ads, however, cannot be viewed due to its content being blocked. (YouTube). Financial literacy also looks at the stock market This virtual stock market site allows students to invest money and learn the stock market without actual money transactions.
  • 7. Career and Technology Multimedia and Photography Our Multimedia classes use Adobe Creative Suite 4. This application contains some of the most powerful software on the market today. Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver, are just a few of the applications that are used in this class. This software allows for the creating and editing of photos. These photos can then be used to create portfolios for college submission. These classes have created Sundance passes as well as posters for upcoming school events. Webpage design is also an important part of the curriculum. Using Dreamweaver they can create web portfolios. Using Flash to create 2D animation allows the student’s creativity to shine. Illustrator can be used to create magazines that could potentially encourage a student to go into a graphic design career.
  • 8. Career and Technology Family and Consumer Studies All of the sewing, embroidery, hemming, and serger (blade cutting) machines are using technology. Currently there are students looking into careers such as sportswear design due to their involvement in these classes using this type of technology. Foods classes use the Internet regularly for recipe searches as well as up to date nutritional information. Currently, the students are researching regions of the United States for culinary patterns . Geographical, cultural, weather patterns, and export patterns all affect culinary patterns. is a great website for nutritional information. It also allows for differentiation because all content is accessible in Spanish as English.
  • 9. Career and Technical CAD Drafting AutoCad 2010 is the industry standard for most drafting-related companies. Manufacturing, design, engineering, and architecture all fall under this umbrella. Students can create portfolios for college applications with the knowledge they gain in this class.
  • 10. Career and Technical Film Our film department creates a 20 minute live informational news program every school day. FinalCut Pro is just one software the students use to edit their film. They also use Final Draft which is a scripting software. They are also using audio and visual equipment to produce the final product which is our Miner Morning Show. This show can be viewed, intranet, on the following webpage.
  • 11. Career and Technical Health Science Anatomy and Physiology use an amazing website that allows the students to experiment on a human cadaver without leaving the school. This website not only educates them on the basics of human anatomy, but also allows for layers of skin to be removed in order to see muscle and bone. Physical structures are not only defined they are also accurately pronounced to the student. Document cameras are also used in this classroom for pictures, specimens, and slides. The heart, for example, can be placed under the document camera and then displayed through the overhead projector. This visual tool is an incredible piece of equipment that is used often by most departments.
  • 12. Career and Technical Health Science Continued Medical terminology is a key part of this curriculum. With the help of a DVD series call “The Dean Vaughn Total Retention System” students learn medical terms easily. The students have 350 medical terms to learn. They do a pre and post assessment on these terms. During the pre-assessment the students correctly identify about 30 of these medical terms. After using the DVD series, their post assessment scores range near 330 medical terms correct.
  • 13. Foreign Language Department Our Foreign Language department uses software such as RosettaStone as a supplement to the teaching in the classroom. We also use a software called Ni Hao for our Chinese Language courses, another supplement to learning. is a foreign language course management system currently being used by a member of our Foreign Language Department. This online system allows the teacher to be able to place all of the students’ homework online, as well as set up the system to correct the homework. Students can access their homework from any web browser. These are just a few of the benefits this type of technology has given to the teacher using it.
  • 14. Science Department, is just one website that our science teachers use to conduct virtual labs. It also provides information on DNA to protein, stem cells, cloning, as well as many other amazing scientific subjects. The science department also uses a software called Labquest. Labquest allows students to use probes to gather and analyze information. The science department also constructs and programs Lego’s into robots using Lego Mindstorms. These robots use two motors which are programmed by the students using the Lego software. There are several sensors on the robot that can be programmed for light, touch, sound, etc. Resources such as online homework, tutoring online, and resources on their teacher webpages allow students access to the science department 24/7.
  • 15. Social Studies Department The Social Studies Department uses a number of education websites. allows students a first-hand account of events from the past through the eyewitnesses who were there. is an amazing site filled with original photographs from the Civil War The Artchive, Veterans Day, The Making of the West, and Art History Interactive are all software the Social Studies department uses as supplemental information.
  • 16. Psychology Our Psychology teacher uses an educational website on how drugs . affect the brain. The is a very entertaining yet eye opening website. This Alzheimer's website displays the different stages of Alzheimer's using images of the brain. The students can take a tour of the different areas of the brain that are affected by Alzheimer's. Students have the ability to choose the tour in different languages which makes differentiation a key element of this website. is a great online tutorial used by our Psychology teacher as a supplement to her class.
  • 17. English Department Moodle, a course management system is being used sparingly at the High School due to a few technical issues that are currently being looked into. However, we do have one English teacher using this product regularly despite the technical glitches. He has quickly become a strong advocate of its functionality. One of our English teachers has purchased 30 PC laptop computers that his class uses for word processing. This allows him the flexibility of not having to depend on a lab or mobile cart. These computers are NOT allowed on our network (virus concerns), however, the use of the computer for Creative Writing does not necessitate Web access. “is the worldwide standard in online plagiarism prevention.” This software is used by the English Department and others.
  • 18. English Department Continued The English Department also heads up our Yearbook and Journalism classes. Our School newspaper, The Prospector, is completely online. The Journalism class, under the instruction of Matt Nagel, is learning technical skills such as web design. Yearbook is also completely online. allows students to log in with a job number, their username and password, and upload photos easily to the yearbook. By using Photoshop students can manipulate photographs prior to upload.
  • 19. Math Department The Math Department has a plethora of software and online resources they use everyday. Software such as Geometers Sketchpad, Infinite Software (pre algebra, algebra 1 and 2) as well as a host of test generators are just some examples of what the math department utilizes. TI- Smartview software is used to project the TI-Calculator and keystrokes through the overhead projector. Demonstrating how to properly use the calculator. Online homework is also an essential part of the math curriculum. is an online homework program that provides immediate feedback on math problems. Accuplcer is an online math placement program that is used at PCHS and TMIS. This program is widely used in community colleges and 4 year institutions.
  • 20. ELL Department Pronunciation Power is a software not only used at the high school but also the Learning Center. This software is useful for non-native English speakers to develop their English Language skills. There is a ripple effect in in improving grades, test scores, and communication skills. The ELL department also uses the Internet extensively using the Google Advanced feature to search for websites and documents specific to the language of the students and their parents. BoardMaker is a software that increases access to academic vocabulary. This is an excellent tool for beginning proficiency. The following website’s are used by the ELL department: which provides supplemental resources for the Edge curriculum. helps with pronunciation and spelling.
  • 21. Special Education Department Severe population Special education uses a software called Mind Reading. This software helps our severe special education students with social skills. Sentence Masteries is a software used as a direct instruction program for reading. The Internet is used extensively by the Special Education Department.,, and, are just a few examples.
  • 22. Special Education Department Jaws software “provides equal access to information and computing for those with vision impairments or learning disabilities.” This software is currently being used at the High School. Duxbury software turns print material into Braille. Kurzweil software can read printed material as well as turn it into Braille. Sortagories is a software used as a supplement to our language reading classes. .
  • 23. Fine Arts Department The Internet is used daily for reference material and visual images. is just one resource used. Photographing everyday and uploading these images to iPhoto is another part of the curriculum. AP Art Portfolios are created and uploaded through CollegeBoard. Students can receive college credit for their work. Westminster, for example, can give up to 6 college credits if the AP Art Portfolio scores a 4 or higher.
  • 24. Library The library subscribes to 4 online subscription databases for student research: These resources can be found via our PCHS Library resources page:
  • 25. Moving Forward Unblocking Websites Category “Adult Content” Sub Category “R” Rated YouTube falls under the “R Rated” category. The teachers have to download educational videos on their home computers (if they have one) and bring them into their classroom via a thumb drive or other external device. Such videos are: Chemistry demo’s Animation on DNA replication, protein synthesis Stem Cells Video on the periodic table Commercials, used for Financial Literacy Plagiarism video used by our librarian Brian Williams in his own words…first had account of Hurricane Katrina
  • 26. Moving Forward Unblocking Websites Category “Internet Communication” Sub Category “Web Logs/Personal Pages” Web Logs/Personal Pages is a category that blocks websites such as: Blogs - type of webpage with regular entries that can be interactive. The following articles are blocked falling under this category: If Every Student Had a Computer Podcast 323: R U in My Space 20 Places to Find Curriculum Ideas and Lesson Plans Online Google Documents Introduces Templates Google Docs is NOT “clunky old PC software One to One computer lab best practices Also blocked under this category: The mission of the Skype an Author Network is to provide K-12 teachers and librarians with a way to connect authors, books, and young readers through virtual visits. “Ning” is blocked under the category Internet Communication Online Communities. An online service to create, customize, and share a social network. ASCD educational community corresponds regarding educational topics using Ning. There are several links in Ning that point to the category Web Logs/ Personal Pages.