PCHS Bands Newsletter JANUARY 2011


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PCHS Bands Newsletter JANUARY 2011

  1. 1. PC BANDS NEWSLETTER OF THE PARK CITY HIGH SCHOOL BANDSNew York,New York BANDAPALOOZA!!Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, The 3rd Annual Bandapalooza will pay honorand Varsity Jazz Ensemble on their to the legacy and life of James (Jim) Santyway to the Big AppleThe   PCHS   Wind  Ensemble,   Percussion  Ensemble,   and   Varsity   Jazz   Ensemble   Mark   your   calendars  now  to   attend   Carol,  in  their   front   yard  during   the  will   be   traveling   to   NYC   in   April   to   the   3rd   annual   Bandapalooza   on   summer   of   2010.     The  honoring   of  Compete   in   a   National   Competition.     Thrusday,  February   17.    The  concert   Jim’s   legacy   will   continue   at  The   students  will  be   departing  on  April   will   feature  the  EHIMS   6th   and   7th   Bandapalooza   with  7   and   returning   on   April   12.     The   grade   bands,   the   TMIS   8th   grade   the   world   premier  highlights   and  speciHics   of   the  trip   are   band,   the   Symphonic   Band,   the   of   The   Unfailing  listed  on  the  next  page. W i n d   E n s e m b l e ,   Heart.     The   piece   and   the   Percussion   was   commissioned  Student   and   chaperone   Ensemble. by   the  PC  Bands   in  packages   must   be   paid   in   memory   of  Jim,  and  full  by  March  1.    If   you  need   The  2011  edition  of   was   composed   by  to   know   the   remaining   Bandapalooza   is   Dana   Gress.     Dana  balance   on   a   student   or   dedicated   to   the   is   a   graduate   of  chaperone   account,   please   m e m o r y   a n d   P a r k   C i t y   H i g h  contact   Mr.   Hughes   at   contributions  of  Jim   School.     He   spent   a   Dana Gressbhughes@pcschools.us   Santy.     Jim   served   p o r t i o n   o f   h i s  Students   will   be   bringing   this   community   in   professional   career   teaching   music  home   more   information   many   capacities   within   the  Park  City  School  District,  regarding  this  tour  over  the   throughout   his   life.     a n d   i s   c u r r e n t l y   t h e   L e a d  next  3-­‐4  weeks. S o m e   o f   h i s   Performing  Arts   Teacher  at   Winans   James (Jim) Santy highlights   include   Academy  for  the   Performing  Arts   in   his   time  spent   as   a  Band   Director   in   Detroit.     The   Unfailing   Heart   was   the  Park  City   School  District,  as  well   written   to   provide   a   musical   Upcoming Events as   serving   on   the   PCSD   School   journey   through   Jim’s   life.     The   Board.     After   retirement,   Jim   composer,   Mr.   Gress,   will   be   in  February  8   BBall  vs.  Wasatch   remained   an   advocate   for   the   PC   attendance  at   Bandapalooza  to  be  a                                                         (Pep  Band) Bands   and   PCSD   through   his   part  of  the  premier.    February  11   Big  Band   i n v o l v e m e n t ,   s u p p o r t ,   a n d                                                                 Sweetheart  Gala continued   attendance   at   different   Admission   to   Bandapalooza   is   free,  February  17   Bandapalooza! events.     and   open  to   everyone.     Please   help  March  10   Region  Jazz  and   us   honor   the   legacy   of   Jim   Santy                                                         Jazz  Concert The   Park   City   Marching   Band   through   your   attendance   on  March  19     Region  Solo/Ensemble honored   the   legacy  of   Jim   Santy   by   February  17th.March  25/26     State  Jazz performing   for   him   and   his   wife,  March  30     Region  Band/Perc.                                                         and  Band  Concert Solo and Ensemble Festival is rapidly approaching. If your student is intendingApril  28       The  Drum  Show on participating in Solo/Ensemble, they need to be working on their music now.April  30     State  Solo/Ensemble Make sure you are asking about their preparation; and if they need helpMay  6/7     State  BandMay  25     Jazzapalooza choosing literature, have them talk to Mr. Taylor, Mr. Hughes, or their privateMay  26     Band  Concert lesson teacher. Whatever piece they are preparing for Solo/Ensemble will alsoJune  10     Graduation be a very useful audition piece as auditions for next years ensemble will take place very quickly after we return from February break.
  2. 2. PEP BAND Big Band Sweetheart GalaThe PCHS Pep Band hasperformed at two sets ofbasketball games this season.Our final chance to supportour basketball teams will on THE BIG BANDTuesday, Februar y 8th SWEETHEART GALA ISagainst Wasatch. Mr. ON FEBRUARY 11Hughes and Mr. Taylor haveset a goal to create the The   Big   Band   Sweetheart  loudest gym in Utah, G a l a   i s   r a p i d l y  spearheaded, of course, by approaching.     This   event  the greatest and largest pep is   going  to   be   one   for   the  band in the region! Come scrapbook   as   the   band  support the Miners as they plays   music   to   take   you  t a ke d o w n t h e Wa s p s through   the   different  starting at 5:00 PM. time   periods   of   big   band   history.     In   addition   to   the   wonderful   music,   JR. g r e a t   f o o d ,   a n d   opportunity   drawing   MINERS prizes,   we  will   be  helping  a   very   special   couple   celebrate   their   50th   wedding   anniversary.     There   are   still   ten   premium   (next   to  The Jr. Miners Percussion dance   Hloor)   tickets   left.     If   you   would  like   to   purchase   tickets   for   the   event,   please  Program is now three weeks contact   Mickey   Palomaki   at   901-­‐8421.     The   tickets   are   $60   each   with   a   minimum  old, and the students purchase   of   two   tickets.     Thank   you   to   the   Gala   organizing   committee   under   the  involved are already leadership   of   Nancy   Taylor   for   all  of   their   hard  work   in   preparing   this   event.    Also   a  ‘swinging for the fences’. huge   thank   you   to   all   of   the   student   and   adult   volunteers   that   will   be   working   the   evening  of  the  event.The group is made up ofpercussionists from 7th and8th grade and is instructed Support  the  Sweetheart  Gala  Opportunity  Drawing!by Bret Hughes, SamSantistevan, and individuals Did  you  know  there  is  an  opportunity  drawing  at  the  Sweetheart  Gala?  from the Percussion  Ensemble. This group is Did  you  know   the   monies   raised   from  the  opportunity  drawing    help  offset   expenses   the  allowing these 7th and 8th band  incurs  when  traveling  for  national  competition,  replaces  broken  cases   and  allows  for  grade percussionists that instrument  and  music  library  purchases?opportunity to get a step  ahead in percussion, and Did  you  know  cooler  stuff  to  win  in  the  drawing  =  more  tickets  sold  =  more  money  raised?learn the elements of   Wed  love  to  have  you  help  by  donating  some  of  the   cool  stuff   to  the   drawing.     If   you  have  percussion that they cannot season  tickets   to   sports   or   cultural   events   or   a   business   that   could  donate   items   or   gift  get in a normal classroom certiHicates,  wed  be  thrilled  to  have  your  item  donated.    If  it  something  you  think  would  be  setting. The group will fun  to   win,  wed  love  to  have  it!    Its   not   just  good  for  the   band,  its   good  for   your  business  p e r fo r m a l o n g s i d e t h e too!    The  opportunity   drawing   is   a   long   standing   tradition   at   our   event   and  people   look  Percussion Ensemble on forward  to   the   array   of  prizes  they  may  receive  from  their  ticket  purchases.    We  are  grateful  April 28th at the Drum to   our  donors!    We  verbally  thank  them  at  the  event   and  through  inclusion  in  our  program  Show! This group is and  thank  you  sign  at  the  event.sponsored by Vic Firth  Sticks, Remo Drumheads, Wed  like   to  have  all  items  in  our  hands  by   Friday,  Feb.   4.     Wed  be  more  than  happy  to  pick  Pearl Drums, and Zildjian your   item   up.     Please   call   or   email   Jennifer   Barber   at   435-­‐640-­‐6920   or   geoHbarber@aol.com.    Thanks!Cymbals.
  3. 3. New York, New York...The Schedule The Details of the NYC Tour •••Flights:    JetBlue  Airlines Show:  Phantom  of  the  Opera Tours:  Fifth  Avenue          Depart:    April  7-­‐11:30  PM  (JB#92)          Sunday,  April  10th          St.  Patricks          Return:  April  12-­‐11:54  PM  (JB#87)          The  Majestic  Theatre          Trump  TowerHotel:  Hampton  Inn Tours:  Statue  of  Liberty          FAO  Schwartz          Hampton  Inn  Times  Square          Friday,  April  8th Optional  Activity:  Baseball          851  8th  Ave,  51st.              Upon  arrival  in  NYC          Monday,  April  11th          NYC,  NY  10019   Tours:  Financial  District          Mets  vs.  Rockies          (212)  581-­‐4100          Friday,  April  8th Possible  Activity:  ClinicsCompetition:  Heritage  Festivals          Guided  Walking  Tour          Master  Classes          Saturday,  April  9          Includes  Ground  Zero          Local  University  Professors          Riverside  Church Tours:    Midtown          All  Ensembles                    Upper  West  Side          Central  Park And  Tons  More...          More  Details  to  Follow          Met  Art  Museum PC BANDS Park City High School 1750 Kearns Blvd Park City, UT 84060 Band Parent and Family