The Online Office #digivol SEP12


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The Online Office presentation delivered at the WCVA & Communities 2.0 Volunteering in a Digital Age Conference in Sep 2012

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The Online Office #digivol SEP12

  1. 1. The Online Office Or I’m Virtually Working, Honest Josh HooleCircuit Rider Development Manager, Communities 2.0
  2. 2. What we’ll cover1. The Cloud2. Google Drive3. Super Cloud Tools4. Virtually Working5. What works for you?
  3. 3. Your Organisation - Reality• What’s your organisations’ attitude to technology?• What is your leadership role?• Who will drive any changes?• Who will implement any changes?• What support will you need?
  4. 4. The Two Aims of Technology 1. Do things better 2. Do better things
  5. 5. The Cloud
  6. 6. Cloud Computing - eh?•Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on- demand, like electricityWikipedia
  7. 7. Cloud Computing – Key features• Tools and software based on • Needs internet connection the internet • Too many Cloud tools to• Accessible from anywhere try them all• No upgrade or licensing • Implementation & training issues issues• Per person per month costs• Works on any internet- enabled machine
  8. 8. Online Office - Google Drive
  9. 9. Collaboration
  10. 10. Online Office - Key features• Tools and software based on • Doesn’t always cope with the internet big funding bids...yet• Works on multiple platforms • Potential culture change &• Collaboration training issues• Seamless remote working • Better for smaller, remote• Easy for users to grasp teams• Simple price structures
  11. 11. Online Office - Think about…• Will it work for your organisation?• What will be the benefit to being able to work remotely?• Will we still need a file server in the office?• How will staff react to change?• Who will help set up and maintain systems?
  12. 12. Cloud Tools
  13. 13. Cloud Computing - Tools Event management, sell Document storage sharing tickets, get feedback & synching, multi-platform Video Note storage, sharing and conferencing, chat, remot synching, multi-platform e training Herding cats! Collaborative Publish to the world decisions, polls, meeting times
  14. 14. Top Tech ToolsSharing Stuff / Remote Access • DropBox – shared & synchronised file storage
  15. 15. Top Tech ToolsSharing Stuff / Remote Access• Small Cost 2GB Cost 50GB office server set DropBox Free £79 p.a. up Small £800 + set £800 + set up Business up and on and on costs Server costs
  16. 16. Top Tech ToolsTaking Notes • Evernote – Capture, share & sunchronise anything (but mostly notes!)
  17. 17. Top Tech ToolsTaking Notes • Notes & ideas • Task lists • Web clips • Photos • Audio • Fully searchable
  18. 18. Top Tech ToolsEvents • Eventbrite – event management tool to manage, promote, s ell & run your events
  19. 19. Top Tech ToolsHerding Cats• Doodle- Schedule events, meetings, ve nues etc• Connects with your calendar
  20. 20. Top Tech Tools - Publishing • Issuu - Publish your newsletters to the world
  21. 21. Cloud Computing - Think about…• Is it the right solution for your organisation?• Is your current tech set up meeting your needs?• There’s probably a tool out there for every problem - just ask a Circuit Rider!• Get independent advice to compare options
  22. 22. Remote Working - Kit iPad 2 Netbook Highly versatile mobile Highly Portable computer PC £400 - £600 £200 - £400 Smartphone Mobile Multitasking handheld Broadband phones 3G Internet on the £0 - £200 + monthly fee move £20 + monthly fee
  23. 23. Remote Working - Think about…• Do you trust your staff?• Are you open to managing a remote team?• Training needs and remote support?• What is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?• Insurance?
  24. 24. Your Organisation - Magic Wand?• What changes would you make to run more efficiently? Oh, and you’ve got £1 million.• Discuss
  25. 25. Any Questions?
  26. 26. @Communities2_0 @jho34460845 474 8282