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Increase Your Impact Through Technology Presentation to CVC's

Increase Your Impact Through Technology Presentation to CVC's



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C2 0 increase impact through tech sep11v4 C2 0 increase impact through tech sep11v4 Presentation Transcript

  • Increasing Your Impact Through Digital TechnologyJosh HooleCircuit Rider Development Manager, Communities 2.0
  • What is Communities 2.0?
    We help community groups, voluntary organisations and social enterprises benefit from technology
    Funded through Welsh Government and European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
    Here until April 2015
    Work in target areas
  • What we’ll cover
    Third Sector & Digital Inclusion
    Managing Information
    Engaging & Sharing
    The Cloud
    Online Office
    Virtually Working
  • Issues for Our Sector
    £83bn cuts in Public Spending
    'Big Society' increasing expectation and role for voluntary & community action
    'Make do & mend' culture
    Government & other providers moving services online, e.g. Student Loans, Universal Benefits, Charity Commission, Big Lottery
    More efficient to digitise services
  • So...we need to think
  • What is Digital Inclusion?
    Getting people online
    8.73million non-liners in UK (ONS)
    785,000 non-liners in Wales
    Over 66% are Older People
    Majority of the rest are:
    In Social Housing
    Low waged
    Disabled people
  • Why Digitally Include?
    • Being online is fundamental to being an active citizen, consumer, employee, friend...
    • Barriers are Inspiration, Skills & Price
    • Able to save between £250 - £550 per year
    • Able to access information & services online
    • C2.0 has helped over 3,500 people & 200 Organisations
  • Coffee
    Then let's talk tech!
  • The Two Aims of Technology
    Do things better
    Do better things
  • Managing Information
    • How do you manage info?
    • Record interactions with people and organisations
    • Analyse interactions and impact
    • Join up departments
    • Produce Management reports
  • Managing Information – Key features
    • Available everywhere
    • Instantly record activity
    • Automatic backups
    • Automatic seamless upgrade
    • Bespoke
    • Needs internet connection
    • Loss of ‘control’ for Info Officer
    • Cost is similar – needs developer time (est. £5K - £15K)
  • Managing Information – Online Solutions
    • Salesforce - High end and Free for 10 users
    • CiviCRM – Free but host yourself
    • Webex - Simpler Access-style database from £8 - £10pppm
    “We can reach more people and complete more work in a shorter time, which is exactly what we need”
    Lisa Johnson, Information Services Manager, Barnardo’s
    • Aims  - simpler & designed for Third Sector for £750
    • MailChimp - Online email management
  • Managing Information – Think About…
    • How does your organisation use information?
    • Who are your relationships with?
    • What information do you record?
    • What information do you need to extract?
    • Keep it simple
  • Sharing & Engaging – Social Media
  • Sharing & Engaging
    UK Social Media in 2010 video
    • It’s PEOPLE talking to PEOPLE about YOU
    • It’s PEOPLE talking to YOU about YOU
    • It’s YOU talking to PEOPLE about YOU
    • Common Craft Video
  • Sharing & Engaging – Key features
    • Connect directly with supporters & service users
    • Have conversations about your issue
    • Use the expertise of others
    • Provide opportunities for people to interact
    • Follow and lead
    • Needs good guidelines and good communications
    • Potential ‘time suck’
    • Not always easy to measure true impact
    • Slow return on investment
  • Sharing & Engaging – Who’s doing it?
  • Sharing & Engaging – Think about…
    • What are you aiming to achieve
    • Get the right people involved
    • Engage in the conversations
    • Go to where your audience already are
    • Start by using Social Media to help inform YOUR job
  • The Cloud
  • Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, like electricity
  • Cloud Computing – Key features
    • Tools and software based on the internet
    • Accessible from anywhere
    • No upgrade or licensing issues
    • Per person per month costs
    • Works on any internet-enabled machine
    • Needs internet connection
    • Will it truly meet your needs
    • Too many Cloud tools to try them all
    • Implementation & training issues
  • Cloud Computing - Tools
    Document storage sharing & synching, multi-platform
    Event management, sell tickets, get feedback
    Video conferencing, chat, remote training
    Note storage, sharing and synching, multi-platform
    Herding cats! Collaborative decisions, polls, meeting times
    Publish to the world
  • Cloud Computing - Think about…
    • Is it the right solution for your organisation?
    • Is your current tech set up meeting your needs?
    • There’s probably a tool out there for every problem – just ask a Circuit Rider!
    • Get independent advice to compare options
  • Online Office - Google Apps
  • Online Office - Key features
    • Tools and software based on the internet
    • Works on multiple platforms
    • Collaboration
    • Seamless remote working
    • Easy for users to grasp
    • Simple price structures
    • Doesn’t always cope with big funding bids...yet
    • Potential culture change & training issues
    • Still needs a techie
    • Better for smaller, remote teams
  • Collaboration
  • Online Office - Think about…
    • Will it work for your organisation?
    • What will be the benefit to being able to work remotely?
    • Will we still need a file server in the office?
    • How will staff react to change?
    • Who will help set up and maintain systems?
  • Remote Working - Kit & Caboodle
  • Remote Working - Kit
    Highly Portable PC
    £200 - £400
    iPad 2
    Highly versatile mobile computer
    £400 - £600
    Multitasking handheld phones
    £0 - £200 + monthly fee
    Mobile Broadband
    3G Internet on the move
    £20 + monthly fee
  • Remote Working - Think about…
    • Do you trust your staff?
    • Are you open to managing a remote team?
    • Training needs and remote support?
    • What is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?
    • Insurance?
  • Your Thoughts - Solutions
    Scenario 1
    • Mental Health support organisation has 3 outreach workers and 2 office staff
    • Lots of travelling
    • Client database in the office
    • Need to share information
    • How can they become more efficient before they go bust?
  • Your Thoughts - Solutions
    Scenario 2
    • Office-based advice and information organisation
    • Send regular information about events and fundraising but can’t afford printing costs
    • How can they remain in contact with their members?
  • Your Organisation – Magic Wand?
    • What changes would you make to run more efficiently, if you were given £1 million?
    • Discuss
  • Your Organisation - Reality
    • What’s your organisations’ attitude to technology?
    • What is your leadership role?
    • Who will drive any changes?
    • Who will implement any changes?
    • What support will you need?
  • Day 2 – Technology Seminar Option
    Social MediaDeveloping a plan, which tools, why and how
    Online CommunicationsBetter ways to share with and engage communities
    Improve Your Web PresenceMake your online presence work for you
    Using Google AppsMove your office online and collaborate
  • What we’ve learnt
    Third Sector & Digital Inclusion
    Managing Information
    Engaging & Sharing
    The Cloud
    Online Office
    Virtually Working
  • 0845 474 8282