Effective Powerpoint
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  • 1. Patricia Johnson
  • 2.
    • Start with an outline.
      • Click Outline view button
        • Lower left corner
    • Organize slides
      • Enter titles and text
        • Rearrange slides throughout
  • 3.
    • Use Templates.
      • Predesigned arrangement for text and graphics.
        • Located in Layout button under Home Tab.
          • Certain formats have differing appeal.
    • Move text boxes.
      • Use formatting toolbar.
      • Right click on text and drag.
        • Present text to different age groups.
  • 4.
    • Templates.
      • Insert Tab then select folder for photo or clipart.
      • Insert Tab then Charts.
        • Will be inserted from outline.
    • Blank slides.
      • Insert Tab then select folder for photo or clipart.
        • Drag to position.
      • Insert Tab then Charts.
        • Drag to position.
  • 5.
    • Transition of slides.
      • Choose Style and Timing -Slideshow menu.
        • Holds attention between information.
    • Character movement.
      • Animation Tab.
        • Choose action, timing and sound.
          • Adds to focus on the subject and fun.
  • 6.
    • Make slide notes to elaborate on content.
      • Bottom of page-click to add notes.
        • Speaker notes are not visible during show.
        • Allows speaker to have information on topic expansion.
        • Showing just slides can be boring and uninformative.
        • Interaction allows teacher to maintain focus of students.
  • 7.
    • Keep it short.
      • Slideshow Menu Tab-Timing Box.
        • Allows you to present your material and adjust quantity if too long.
          • Present facts on each slide without overloading
          • the students. Keep their attention.
    • Rehearsing the flow.
      • Do entire production on computer.
        • Alerts teacher to errors.
        • Helps teacher feel more confident.
  • 8.
    • Keep presentation short.
      • Students don’t pay attention for long.
    • Animation is minimal and effective.
      • Too much distraction will take away from speaker.
    • Stop moving text.
      • Focus should be on speaker and text.
    • Use the right font.
      • Younger children use like simpler fonts and larger print.
    • Colors are great.
      • Color creates atmosphere for you lesson.
      • Contrasting colors can be seen better.
  • 9.
    • Mathematics.
      • Formulas displayed during lecture.
        • Draw on screen while explaining slides.
    • Reading or Literature.
      • Animation and explanations.
    • Science.
      • Notes, formulas, rules.
      • Planets, animals, plant identification.
    • Art.
      • Show famous art.
      • Show children’s art.
  • 10.
    • Create presentation of class work for Parent-teacher conferences.
      • Using imaging software.
        • Scan in children’s work.
      • Photoshop software.
        • Include class pictures and field trips.
  • 11.
    • Save presentation in Powerpoint.
    • Transport to school.
      • Left corner button-publish.
        • Send to folder –copy to CD or removable disk drive.
        • Click active presentation and add all linked files for color, fonts, and graphics.
        • Presentation cannot be modified once it is copied.