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We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as quality solution providers for all your printing and packaging requirements. Over 30 years in the printing industry, we’ve worked with various clients with varied requirements and have successfully delivered quality products & services on every occasion. We cover the full gamut of your print needs - from company profiles to brochures and catalogues, coffee-table books to calendars, folding cartons and labels to luxury rigid cartons as well as point-of-sale material. Established in 1982, we are the preferred partner of many of our customers for all their quality print requirements. We believe in 3 Rs:
1. Right Quality
2. Righty Quantity
3. Right Time

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  • & delivery sheet size preset systemRemote-controlled positioning of separator, vacuum slowdown wheel and side joggersVacuum feeder tapesPneumatic side-layDouble sheet detectorsMechanical, photoelectric and ultrasonicHigh precision ink keysActive stabilized inking systemHigh-speed printing startup systemThree-way remote-controlled registerCircumferential, lateral and cockingMitsubishi multi-mode dampening systemAD-mode, semi-AD mode and ITD modeAutomatic plate changing systemAutomatic preset inkingImpression pressure presetting systemIntelligent Press Control II (IPC II)
  • Ganesh Mudra Printing Press

    1. 1. Quality Offset Printing, Silk Screen Printing & Designing Print solutions that help YOU
    2. 2. Agenda• An Introduction to Printing• About Us• Products We Print• Our Infrastructure• Reach Us
    3. 3. A Brief IntroductionAN INTRODUCTION TO PRINTING
    4. 4. History of Printing 3500 BC Mesopotamian limestone cylinder seal and impression220 AD 1439 ADChina – Woodblock printing Johannes Gutenberg invented Book Printing
    5. 5. Different Types of Printing Engraving Thermography Offset Fine stationery Raised printingReprographicsCopying & Duplicating Digital Letterpress Screen Flexography GravureT-shirts and Billboards Huge runs of Magazines and Can labels Direct-mail catalogues
    7. 7. 4 Color Printing Results
    8. 8. The Printing Landscape Brand Printed Job Owner Brief Creative Logistics Agency Printed Job Artwork Brand Printer Owner Purchase Order
    9. 9. The Printing Process Press• Transfer • Lamination Artwork to • Print on • Binding Plates paper • Varnishing Pre Press Post Press
    10. 10. Pre Press Artwork • Check Computer • Setup Job to Plate • Color Separation 4 Color Plates
    11. 11. Press
    12. 12. Post Press• A job can undergo one or many processes after printing. Some of them are listed below. Cutting Binding Lamination Varnish Punching
    13. 13. Our EcosystemABOUT US
    14. 14. About Us• Established in 1982• Experience of over 30 years• Expertise in 4 Color Offset Printing• Successfully delivered a wide array of commercial printing jobs• One Stop Solution for all your printing requirements• Our Motto: Print solutions that help YOU
    15. 15. The Value Delivery Timely Delivery Best Quality Brand Owner Best Practices End User Commitment Alliances
    16. 16. Our Clientele
    17. 17. Our Suppliers
    18. 18. What do we do?
    19. 19. Quality and Timely DeliveryPRODUCTS WE PRINT
    20. 20. Our Products adding more
    21. 21. Calendars
    22. 22. Brochures
    23. 23. Catalogues
    24. 24. Leaflets
    25. 25. Coffee Table Book
    26. 26. Folders
    27. 27. Envelopes
    28. 28. The SetupOUR INFRASTRUCTURE
    29. 29. Our Infrastructure Pre Press Press MIS Post Press
    30. 30. Pre Press• For accurate conversion / transfer of your artwork to printing we have a CIP 4 CTP machine• Powered by the latest softwares, we accept artwork in any possible formats and make it ready for print CIP 4 Plates Artwork CTP for Print Provided by Computer Accurate transfer Client / Agency to Plate to printing machine
    31. 31. Pre Press • Screen 4 CTP • Xerox DC 12 printer with Splash Driver • Get your proofs in the best quality with our digital printer • 2 Mac Pros • Softwares • First Proof 1.4, Ink Proof 2, Pixel 5.5/5.52, H. Q Rip 510 7.2
    32. 32. Diamond 1000• Brand NEW 4 Color Offset Printing machine from Japan• One of ONLY 5 machines in Mumbai• Computerized Control of Registration, Inking & Dampening• Bigger diameter of blanket drum means less bend in paper• Paper floats and as a result dries faster• Sheet size: 20” x 28”• Upto 15,000 Sheets per hour
    33. 33. 125• Single Color printing machine from Sweden• Sheet size: 19” x 25”• Upto 4,000 sheets per hour
    34. 34. Post-Press / Finishing• 3 Cutting Machines• 1 Film Lamination Machine• 2 Punching Machines• 2 Folding Machines• 2 Pinning Machines• 2 Packing Machines • Tape • Shrink
    35. 35. The MIS Advantage • Maintains all records of your order • Accurate and most efficient estimation of Job Rate • Track your printed job • Process costing • Centralized procurement of raw material
    36. 36. Our Alliances• We have teamed up with BlueDart and FastTrain courier service• Ensure timely and accurate delivery• Our alliances help our clients to save on their logistics cost
    37. 37. Reaching you in time• Our owned fleet of vehicles ensure your products reach you in time
    38. 38. You are invitedREACH US
    39. 39. Our LocationsPress Office• Workforce of over 80 • A well trained staff of 12• Over 10,000 sq ft of employees cater to your working space every print related query• Easy dispatch to all and requirement locations • Use of latest softwares• Equipped with latest and MIS to efficiently machine handling manage print jobs equipment
    40. 40. Reach Us• Registered Office • 116 / A, Sussex Industrial Estate, Dadoji Kondeo Marg, Byculla East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Pin – 400027• Press • Gala # 7 / 8 / 9, Jay Jalaram Industrial Estate, Pimplus, Thane Nashik Highway, Bhiwandi, Maharsahtra, India. Pin – 421302• Telephone: +9122-64572820 to 43• Email:• Facebook:
    41. 41. LET’S PRINTSanjay