Labor Market Information for CareerLink ® Business Services Teams - Kim DeLellis & Tim McElhinny


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Labor Market Information for CareerLink ® Business Services Teams - Kim DeLellis & Tim McElhinny

  1. 1. Labor Market Informationfor CareerLink® Business Services Teams Kim DeLellis and Tim McElhinny Center for Workforce Information & Analysis (CWIA)
  2. 2. Recommended Data Sources• Pennsylvania Employers Database• Help Wanted Online (HWOL)• New Hires Real Time• Job Spidering• Employment Assessment Reports 2
  3. 3. PA Employers Database• CONFIDENTIAL Access database tool designed for WIBsand CareerLink ® offices• Lists every employer in the state that has an UnemploymentCompensation (UC) tax account – covers about 95 percent ofall PA employment• User can easily identify local employers by location, sizeclass, or targeted industry cluster• Pre-populated with WIAs, PA Targeted Industry Clusters andSub-Clusters and PA Green Clusters 3
  4. 4. PA Employers Database 4
  5. 5. Help Wanted Online (HWOL)• Measures employer demand by counting online job postings• Job postings are captured from several sites including: • Monster • CareerBuilder • Employer Job Boards • Government Job Boards• Assigned an Occupation Code (SOC), an Industry Code (NAICS), and anemployer if possible• CWIA then compiles statewide & local lists (by WIA) of Job Postings by: • Industries/Industry Groups • Occupations/Occupation Groups • Employers•CWIA distributes these to Local Workforce Investment Boards & CareerLinks ® to: • Help people find jobs • Determine training needs • Identify emerging industry and occupational trends • Find employers for business services team outreach – use Top Employers list 5
  6. 6. Example of Local HWOL Data Example from Montgomery County WIA Online Job Postings by Employer Employer Jun-11 Jun-10 ChangeJudge Group, Inc. 149 86 63Lockheed Martin 145 7 138Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies 132 45 87Allegis Group 122 76 46Medical Staffing Source of America, INC 120 46 74Bayada Nurses 111 134 -23Genesis HealthCare 100 89 11Kforce Professional Staffing, Inc. 95 90 5PDJBConsulting 88 124 -36Merck 86 258 -172Aerotek 85 41 44Universal Health Services Inc. 80 37 43GSI Commerce Solutions, Inc. 72 41 31Pottstown Memorial Medical Center 69 64 5Merck/MSD 69 0 69Source: The Conference Board Help Wanted OnLine™ data set*This data is for workforce development purposes only and not for public release. • Use top employer list for focused employer outreach • Find employer contact information using the PA Employer Database or CWIA’s Employer Search feature on our website • HWOL lists by select Targeted Industry Clusters by WIA can be developed 6
  7. 7. New Hires: Real Time• By Federal Law, every employer must report a new hire within 20 days • This is done to aid in child support collection• This data is available to use for LMI purposes and is available much sooner thantraditional LMI data sources, around 30 days from close of quarter• Published in Fast Facts, posted on CWIA’s homepage, and distributed to LocalWIBs and CareerLinks ®• Uses of New Hires Real Time data • Provides evidence that hiring is taking place all the time • Shows where (WIA) and in which industries employers are currently hiring • Identify emerging industry trends • Can focus on new hires in your Targeted Industry Clusters• Combine with PA Employer Database, Job Spidering, and CWIA’s Employer Searchfeature on our website to find employers • Input new hires three-digit industry NAICS code• Focus on trend analysis: compare to a year ago and use volume for significance 7
  8. 8. Job Spidering• Job Spidering allows job seekers to review thousands of online jobs fromdozens of web sites in one location• Different from HWOL; rather than counting and grouping, Job Spidering allowsthe searcher to apply for the job• Located on and is free to the public for use• HWOL data and New Hires data can be used to identify where the demandexists, and can help guide Job Spidering employer searches. 8
  9. 9. Job Spidering• Job postings are categorized in labor market informationlanguage• Assigned an Occupation Code (SOC), an Industry Code (NAICS), andan employer if possible; and searchable by geographic area• CWIA recommends using the Top 25 (or more) Employer job spideringsearch feature to find employers for outreach• Input Targeted Industry Codes into Advanced Search by employerindustry or do searches in conjunction with our many other labor marketinformation products for focused employer searches• Job Spidering Micro Data is being distributed (upon request) to: • LWIBs for trend analysis • CareerLinks ® for client and business services teams 9
  10. 10. Real Time Demonstration: JOB SPIDERING We will now go through a liveJob Spidering demonstration on CWIA’s web site 10
  11. 11. Employment Assessment Reports• Companies with Layoffs – Rapid Response• Businesses with Hiring Difficulties• New or Relocating Companies 11
  12. 12. Employment Assessment ReportsData Items:• Staffing Patterns/Occupational Listings• Openings & Wages• Related Occupations• Educational Requirements• Average Work ExperienceAnalysis:• Reemployment/Employment Outlook• Competition 12
  13. 13. Summary• Pennsylvania Employers Database – research employers in yourservice area. Data can be used for many things including HWOL, NewHires & Job Spidering searches.• Help Wanted Online (HWOL) – measures employer demand bycounting online job postings. Contact your site administrator for local jobposting file access .• New Hires Real Time – shows where and in which industries employersare currently hiring• Job Spidering – finds job postings by industry and employer• Employment Assessment Reports – look at occupational patterns orlayoffs within companies and explore all possible types ofhiring/reemployment options. 13
  14. 14. CWIA Contact Info CWIA Contact InformationKim DeLellis 717-772-1364Email: kdelellis@pa.govTim McElhinny 717-787-3948Email: 14
  15. 15. CWIA Contact Info CWIA Contact InformationCustomer Response Line: 877-493-3282 or 877-4WF-DataEmail: workforceinfo@pa.govOn the web: 15