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Fpr pd6 b Fpr pd6 b Document Transcript

  • Practice Direction 6B –Service out of the JurisdictionThis Practice Direction supplements FPR Part 6, Chapters 2 and 3Contents of this Practice DirectionScope of this Practice Direction Paragraph 1Service in other Member States of the Paragraph 2European UnionDocuments to be filed under rule 6.46(2)(c) Paragraph 3Service in a Commonwealth State or British Paragraph 4Overseas TerritoryPeriod for responding to an application form Paragraph 5Service of application notices and orders Paragraph 6Period for responding to an application notice Paragraph 7Further information Paragraph 8Scope of this Practice Direction1.1 This Practice Direction supplements Chapter 4 (service out of the jurisdiction) of Part 6.(Practice Direction 6A contains relevant provisions supplementing rule 6.43(2) in relation to themethod of service on a party in Scotland or Northern Ireland.)Service in other Member States of the European Union2.1 Where service is to be effected in another Member of State of the European Union, theService Regulation applies.2.2 The Service Regulation is Regulation (EC) No. 1393/2007 of the European Parliament and ofthe Council of 13 November 2007 on the service in the Member States of judicial andextrajudicial documents in civil or commercial matters (service of documents), and repealingCouncil Regulation (EC) no. 1348/2000, as amended from time to time and as applied by theAgreement made on 19 October 2005 between the European Community and the Kingdom ofDenmark on the service of judicial and extrajudicial documents in civil and commercial matters.2.3 The Service Regulation is annexed to this Practice Direction. (Article 20(1) of the Service Regulation provides that the Regulation prevails over other provisions contained in bilateral or multilateral agreements or arrangements concluded by the Member of States and in particular Article IV of the protocol to the Brussels Convention of 1968 and the Hague Convention of 15 November 1965)Documents to be filed under rule 6.46(2)3.1 A duplicate of – (a) the application form or other document to be served under rule 6.45(1) or (2); (b) any documents accompanying the application or other document referred to in paragraph (a); and (c) any translation required by rule 6.47; Jordan Publishing www.familylaw.co.uk
  • must be provided for each party to be served out of the jurisdiction, together with forms forresponding to the application.3.2 Some countries require legalisation of the document to be served and some require a formalletter of request which must be signed by the Senior Master. Any queries on this should beaddressed to the Foreign Process Section (Room E02) at the Royal Courts of Justice.Service in a Commonwealth State or British OverseasTerritory4.1 The judicial authorities of certain Commonwealth States which are not a party to the HagueConvention require service to be in accordance with rule 6.45(1)(b)(i) and not 6.45(3). A list ofsuch countries can be obtained from the Foreign Process Section (Room E02) at the Royal Courtsof Justice.4.2 The list of British overseas territories is contained in Schedule 6 to the British NationalityAct 1981. For ease of reference these are – (a) Anguilla; (b) Bermuda; (c) British Antarctic Territory; (d) British Indian Ocean Territory; (e) Cayman Islands; (f) Falkland Islands; (g) Gibraltar; (h) Montserrat; (i) Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands; (j) St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha; (k) South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands; (l) Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia; (m) Turks and Caicos Islands; (n) Virgin Islands.Period for responding to an application form5.1 Where rule 6.42 applies, the period within which the respondent must file anacknowledgment of service or an answer to the application is the number of days listed in theTable after service of the application.5.2 Where an application is served out of the jurisdiction any statement as to the period forresponding to the claim contained in any of the forms required by the Family Procedure Rules toaccompany the application must specify the period prescribed under rule 6.42.Service of application notices and orders6.1 The provisions of Chapter 4 of Part 6 (special provisions about service out of the jurisdiction)also apply to service out of the jurisdiction of an application notice or order.6.2 Where an application notice is to be served out of the jurisdiction in accordance withChapter 4 of Part 6 the court must have regard to the country in which the application notice is to Jordan Publishing www.familylaw.co.uk
  • be served in setting the date for the hearing of the application and giving any direction aboutservice of the respondent’s evidence.Period for responding to an application notice7.1 Where an application notice or order is served out of the jurisdiction, the period forresponding is 7 days less than the number of days listed in the Table.Further information8.1 Further information concerning service out of the jurisdiction can be obtained from theForeign Process Section, Room E02, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London WC2A 2LL(telephone 020 7947 6691).TABLEPlace or country Number of daysAfghanistan 23Albania 25Algeria 22Andorra 21Angola 22Anguilla 31Antigua and Barbuda 23Antilles (Netherlands) 31Argentina 22Armenia 21Ascension Island 31Australia 25Austria 21Azerbaijan 22Azores 23Bahamas 22Bahrain 22Balearic Islands 21Bangladesh 23Barbados 23Belarus 21Belgium 21Belize 23Benin 25Bermuda 31Bhutan 28 Jordan Publishing www.familylaw.co.uk
  • Place or country Number of daysBolivia 23Bosnia and Herzegovina 21Botswana 23Brazil 22British Virgin Islands 31Brunei 25Bulgaria 23Burkina Faso 23Burma 23Burundi 22Cambodia 28Cameroon 22Canada 22Canary Islands 22Cape Verde 25Caroline Islands 31Cayman Islands 31Central African Republic 25Chad 25Chile 22China 24China (Hong Kong) 31China (Macau) 31China (Taiwan) 23China (Tibet) 34Christmas Island 27Cocos (Keeling) Islands 41Colombia 22Comoros 23Congo (formerly Congo Brazzaville or French 25Congo)Congo (Democratic Republic) 25Corsica 21Costa Rica 23Croatia 21Cuba 24Cyprus 31Czech Republic 21 Jordan Publishing www.familylaw.co.uk
  • Place or country Number of daysDenmark 21Djibouti 22Dominica 23Dominican Republic 23East Timor 25Ecuador 22Egypt 22El Salvador 25Equatorial Guinea 23Eritrea 22Estonia 21Ethiopia 22Falkland Islands and Dependencies 31Faroe Islands 31Fiji 23Finland 24France 21French Guyana 31French Polynesia 31French West Indies 31Gabon 25Gambia 22Georgia 21Germany 21Ghana 22Gibraltar 31Greece 21Greenland 31Grenada 24Guatemala 24Guernsey 21Guinea 22Guinea-Bissau 22Guyana 22Haiti 23Holland (Netherlands) 21Honduras 24 Jordan Publishing www.familylaw.co.uk
  • Place or country Number of daysHungary 22Iceland 22India 23Indonesia 22Iran 22Iraq 22Ireland (Republic of) 21Ireland (Northern) 21Isle of Man 21Israel 22Italy 21Ivory Coast 22Jamaica 22Japan 23Jersey 21Jordan 23Kazakhstan 21Kenya 22Kiribati 23Korea (North) 28Korea (South) 24Kosovo 21Kuwait 22Kyrgyzstan 21Laos 30Latvia 21Lebanon 22Lesotho 23Liberia 22Libya 21Liechtenstein 21Lithuania 21Luxembourg 21Macedonia 21Madagascar 23Madeira 31Malawi 23 Jordan Publishing www.familylaw.co.uk
  • Place or country Number of daysMalaysia 24Maldives 26Mali 25Malta 21Mariana Islands 26Marshall Islands 32Mauritania 23Mauritius 22Mexico 23Micronesia 23Moldova 21Monaco 21Mongolia 24Montenegro 21Montserrat 31Morocco 22Mozambique 23Namibia 23Nauru 36Nepal 23Netherlands 21Nevis 24New Caledonia 31New Zealand 26New Zealand Island Territories 50Nicaragua 24Niger (Republic of) 25Nigeria 22Norfolk Island 31Norway 21Oman (Sultanate of) 22Pakistan 23Palau 23Panama 26Papua New Guinea 26Paraguay 22Peru 22 Jordan Publishing www.familylaw.co.uk
  • Place or country Number of daysPhilippines 23Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands 31Poland 21Portugal 21Portuguese Timor 31Puerto Rico 23Qatar 23Reunion 31Romania 22Russia 21Rwanda 23Sabah 23St. Helena 31St. Kitts and Nevis 24St. Lucia 24St. Pierre and Miquelon 31St. Vincent and the Grenadines 24Samoa (U.S.A. Territory) (See also Western 30Samoa)San Marino 21Sao Tome and Principe 25Sarawak 28Saudi Arabia 24Scotland 21Senegal 22Serbia 21Seychelles 22Sierra Leone 22Singapore 22Slovakia 21Slovenia 21Society Islands (French Polynesia) 31Solomon Islands 29Somalia 22South Africa 22South Georgia (Falkland Island Dependencies) 31South Orkneys 21South Shetlands 21 Jordan Publishing www.familylaw.co.uk
  • Place or country Number of daysSpain 21Spanish Territories of North Africa 31Sri Lanka 23Sudan 22Surinam 22Swaziland 22Sweden 21Switzerland 21Syria 23Tajikistan 21Tanzania 22Thailand 23Togo 22Tonga 30Trinidad and Tobago 23Tristan Da Cunha 31Tunisia 22Turkey 21Turkmenistan 21Turks & Caicos Islands 31Tuvalu 23Uganda 22Ukraine 21United Arab Emirates 22United States of America 22Uruguay 22Uzbekistan 21Vanuatu 29Vatican City State 21Venezuela 22Vietnam 28Virgin Islands – U.S.A 24Wake Island 25Western Samoa 34Yemen (Republic of) 30Zaire 25Zambia 23 Jordan Publishing www.familylaw.co.uk
  • Place or country Number of daysZimbabwe 22Annex – Service Regulation (Rule 6.44)http://www.justice.gov.uk/civil/procrules_fin/contents/form_section_images/practice_directions/pd6b_pdf_eps/pd6b_ecreg2007.pdf Jordan Publishing www.familylaw.co.uk