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19th Century Art: Library Resources
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19th Century Art: Library Resources


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. 19 th Century Art Library Resources
  • 2. How to Find:
    • Books
  • 3. Books
    • PAFA Library home page
    • PAFA Library online catalog
    • PAFA Library search tips
    • Catalog of The Academy’s
    • 16,000 volume collection of books, videos and artist files.
  • 4. Academy Library
    • http://www.library.pafa.
  • 5. Academy Library
    • Call Numbers
    • M – Individual Artist’s Monographs
    • N – Visual Arts
    • NA – Architecture
    • NB – Sculpture
    • NC – Drawing, Design, Illustration
    • ND – Painting
    • NE – Print Media
    • NK – Decorative Arts
    • TR -- Photography
  • 6. Books
    • Access Pennsylvania
    • Catalog for over 700 Academic and Special Libraries in the State of Pennsylvania. Approximately 16.8 million titles
    • and 70.9 million items, many of which can be obtained via Inter Library Loan.
  • 7. Access Pennsylvania
  • 8. Books
    • TCLC (Tri-State College Library Cooperative)
    • Walk-in reciprocal borrowing from 47 area college and university libraries.
    • Must be a student in good standing.
    • Must have a letter of introduction.
    • Libraries include: Moore, the Art Institute, Villanova and St. Joseph’s University.
  • 9. TCLC
  • 10. Books
    • WorldCat
    • Search the collections of over 10,000 local, national and international libraries.
  • 11. WorldCat
  • 12. How to Find:
    • Articles
  • 13. Articles
    • Art Full Text / Art Index
    • If off campus, click here
    • Full text, abstracts and indexing of international,
    • peer-selected publications
    • Art Full Text: Full-text coverage of nearly 200 art related journals from 1997 to the present.
    • Art Index: Indexes over 500 art related journals from 1983 to the present.
  • 14. Art Full Text / Art Index
  • 15. Articles
    • Academic Search Elite
    • If off campus, click here
    • Scholarly collection
    • Journal coverage for most academic areas of study
    • (Language, linguistics, arts, literature, medical sciences, etc. )
    • Full text (most in PDF format) for 2,027 scholarly publications (1,581 are peer-reviewed)
    • Over 100 top scholarly academic journals in PDF back to 1985.
    • Indexing and abstracts for 3,534 scholarly journals (of those, 2,778 are peer reviewed) with many dating back to 1985.
  • 16. Academic Search Elite
  • 17. Articles
    • JStor
    • If off campus, click here
    • The Arts & Sciences III collection includes journals in languages and literature, as well as essential titles in the fields of music, film studies, folklore, performing arts, religion, and the history and study of art and architecture. There are 150 titles in this collection.
  • 18. Jstor
  • 19. Key Journals ART BULLETIN: Available in print form at the library from 1977 to the present, available electronically at JSTOR (1919 – 2005) and Art Full-Text (1995 – present) ART HISTORY : Available electronically at Academic Search Premier (1985-2008) ART JOURNAL: Available in print form at the library from 1977 to the present, available electronically at JSTOR (1960 – 2005) and Art Full-Text (1995 – present)
  • 20. Key Journals BURLINGTON MAGAZINE: Available electronically at JSTOR (1903 – 2003) JOURNAL OF THE WARBURG & COURTAULD INSTITUTES: : Available electronically at JSTOR (1939 – 2005) OXFORD ART JOURNAL: Available electronically at JSTOR (1978 – 1999) and Art Full-Text (2004 – present) NINETEENTH-CENTURY ART WORLDWIDE: A JOURNAL OF NINETEENTH-CENTURY VISUAL CULTURE: Available online at http://19thc- artworldwide .org/
  • 21. Encyclopedias/ Dictionaries
  • 22. Encyclopedias/Dictionaries
    • Artlex
    • Definitions for more than 3,600 terms used in discussing art / visual culture, along with thousands of supporting images, pronunciation notes, great quotations and cross-references.
  • 23. Encyclopedias/Dictionaries
    • Artspoke: A Guide to Modern Ideas, Movements, and Buzzwords, 1848-1944 , Short, alphabetically arranged essays provide definitions including information about who, when, where, and what. Timeline and illustrations. REF N 6490 .A75
  • 24. Encyclopedias/Dictionaries
    • A Companion to Art Theory
    • ed. Paul Smith & Carolyn Wilde.
    • Survey of art theory in the context of Western visual art consists of 41 original essays written by experts in the field. Extensive introduction on the formation of modern art theory. Organized chronologically so that readers can trace developments of visual art theory, including modern conceptions of art and current theoretical preoccupations.
    • Extensive bibliographies for each chapter
    • REF N 7475 .C662 2002
  • 25. Encyclopedias/Dictionaries
    • Encyclopedia of Aesthetics With 600 original articles by distinguished scholars from many fields and countries, this is a comprehensive survey of major concepts, thinkers, and debates about the meaning, uses, and value of all the arts: from painting and sculpture to literature, music, theater, dance, television, film, and popular culture. In-depth surveys of Western aesthetics and broad coverage of non-Western traditions and theories of art. Includes cross references, bibliographies, and an index.
    • REF BH 56 .E55
  • 26. Encyclopedias/Dictionaries Encyclopedia of American Art Before 1914 A one-volume work covering all the major artistic developments in the USA from the Colonial period until 1914. 835 entries, with 500 illustrations. REF N 6507 .E53 2000
  • 27. Encyclopedias/Dictionaries Encyclopedia of Comparative Iconography Compares the uses of iconographic themes from mythology, the Bible and other sacred texts, literature, and popular culture in works of art through various periods, cultures, and genres. Includes 119 signed, alphabetically arranged essays on actions (harvesting, kiss/kissing), situations (upside down, widowhood), and concepts (whiteness, calumny). Entries were written by 42 prominent contributors, most of whom are faculty in art history, classics, archaeology, or literature at universities in the U.S. REF N 7565 .E53 1998x
  • 28. Encyclopedias/Dictionaries
    • Grove Dictionary of Art
    • ed. Jane Turner.
    • With 6700 contributors, it covers all aspects of the visual arts in all places at all times, with a weather eye to the contemporary. Includes biographical, geographical, philosophical, and theoretical information, as well as forms and themes, social aspects, and cultural influences. The entries all include useful bibliographies, and a vast array of images. 34 Vols.
    • REF N 31 .D5 1996
  • 29. Encyclopedias/Dictionaries Oxford Concise Dictionary of Art Terms REF N33 .C575 2001   Oxford Concise Dictionary of Art and Artists REF N33 .C59 2003   Oxford Dictionary of American Art and Artists REF N6505 .M59 2007 Oxford Concise Dictionary of Art Terms REF N 33 .C575 2001   Oxford Concise Dictionary of Art and Artists REF N 33 .C59 2003   Oxford Dictionary of American Art and Artists REF N 6505 .M59 2007
  • 30.
    • Biographical Sources
  • 31. Biographical Sources
    • AskArt
    • Online database containing over 155,000 artists. Biographical information about American artists as well as book and periodical references, along with International artists' auction records and images. Over 6,000 museums and dealers are also referenced. On campus, users have complete access to information about the artists’ biographies, auction records, financial graphics, magazine ads pre-1998, and images.
  • 32. Biographical Sources
    • A Biographical Dictionary of Women Artists in Europe and America Since 1850
    • by Penny Dunford.
    • Biographical summaries include impact of personal lives on artistic lives, exhibitions and awards, locations of examples of works, and references. Includes some American artists not yet in other sources.
    • REF N 43 .D85
  • 33. Biographical Sources
    • Dictionary of American Sculptors 18 th Century to the Present
    • ed. Glenn Opitz.
    • Entries of basic information for over 5,000 sculptors. No references or bibliography. Over 200 photographs of representative works.
    • REF NB 50 .D53
  • 34. Biographical Sources
    • Dictionary of Artists Models
    • The first work on its subject. Each entry contains an interpretive essay, biographical information, a selection of the model's works, and a bibliography. Extensive cross-referencing allows readers to find models who have pseudonyms or alternative names, and an index to artists helps connect them with their models.
    • REF N 7574 .D53 2001
  • 35. Biographical Sources
    • Dictionary of Victorian Painters
    • REF ND 496 .W66
    • Dictionary of Women Artists Born Before 1900
    • REF N 43 .P47
  • 36. Biographical Sources
    • Latin American and Caribbean Artists of the Modern Era ,
    • Entries for more than 12,700 painters, sculptors, graphic artists, etc. in Latin America and the Caribbean region active during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Entries include the artists’ years, countries, bibliographies, brief biographical information, stylistic notes, a record of each artist’s exhibitions, and a list of collections where his or her work can be seen.
    • REF N 6502.4 S45 2003
  • 37. Biographical Sources
    • Nineteenth Century Painters and Painting
    • REF ND 190 .N67
  • 38. Biographical Sources
    • St. James Guide to Black Artists,
    • Biographical and career information, as well as brief critical essays, on nearly 400 of the most prominent black artists. Each entry includes selected exhibition listings, collections, publications, comments by the artist (when available), and a signed, critical essay by an authority in the field.
    • REF N 40 .S78 1997
  • 39. Biographical Sources
    • Who Was Who in American Art 1564-1975
    • REF N 6536 .W49 1999
  • 40.
    • Other Resources
  • 41. On Reserve
    • Art in Theory 1815 - 1900: An Anthology of Changing Ideas
    • Indispensable introduction to the history of the art of the period. Collects two hundred and sixty texts by artists, critics, philosophers and literary figures. Each section is prefaced by an essay that situates the ideas of the period in their historical context, while relating theoretical concerns and debates to developments in the practice of art. Each text is briefly introduced by an outline giving the circumstances of its original appearance and indicating its relevance to the development of modern artistic theory. Extensive bibliography on pages 1067-1080.
    • N 6450 .A779 1998
  • 42. Call Numbers to Browse
    • Visual Arts—History—19 th Century: N 6450-6465
    • Visual Arts—History—U.S.--19 th Century: N 6510
    • Visual Arts—History—Great Britain--19 th Century: N 6767
    • Visual Arts—History—France--19 th Century: N 6847
    • Painting—History—19 th Century: ND 190
    • Painting—History—Great Britain--19 th Century: ND 467
    • Painting—History—France--19 th Century: ND 547
  • 43.
    • Websites
  • 44. Websites
    • Art History Resources on the Web: 19 th Century Art
    • Chris Witcombe, Professor of Art History,
    • Sweet Briar College, VA.
    • Provides access to 19 th century art through metasites such as The WebMuseum, Carol Gerten's Fine Art, etc., as well as direct site links, galleries and museums
  • 45. Websites
    • 19 th Century European (and British) Art on the Web
    • Colorado State University
  • 46. Websites
    • Voice of the Shuttle: Art
    • 19 th Century: Europe
    • 19 th Century: United States
    • Alan Liu, University of California, Santa Barbara.
    • Multidisciplinary, comprehensive site with pages for
    • 19 th Century American and European artists and works.
  • 47. Websites
    • World Wide Arts Resources
    • Gateway and search engine to arts information and culture on the Web.
  • 48.
    • Selected
    • Museums and Galleries
  • 49. Museums and Galleries
    • Corcoran Gallery of Art
    • Dahesh Museum of Art
    • High Museum of Art
    • Joslyn Art Museum
    • Walters Art Museum
  • 50.
    • Writing The Paper
  • 51. Writing The Paper
    • Writing
    • Writing the Art History Paper –
    • Online guide from Dartmouth College
  • 52. Writing The Paper
    • Evaluation
    • Evaluating Web Resources
    • Online guide from Purdue University
  • 53. Writing The Paper
    • Chicago Manual of Style
    • The Chicago Manual of Style Online
  • 54. Writing The Paper
    • Modern Language Association (MLA) Format
    • MLA Formatting and Style Guide
  • 55. Writing The Paper
    • Plagiarism
    • CCA Libraries Guide to Plagiarism Detection and Prevention
  • 56. Writing The Paper
    • Copyright and Fair Use Information
    • Guide from Stanford University
    • Copyright Crash Course