Korean Visa requirements:
Passport should be valid at least 6 months from date of departure (until April 20, 2015)
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Seoul searching korea library tour joining instructions


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Seoul searching korea library tour joining instructions

  1. 1. LAST NAME FIRST NAME MIDDLE INTIAL NICKNAME INSTITUTION (COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY) DESIGNATION CONTACT ADDRESS EMAIL ADDRESS O.R. NUMBER TELEPHONE/S FAX NUMBER MOBILE PHONE PROF. LICENSE NUMBER AMOUNT PAID PASSPORT PASSPORT NUMBER DATE ISSUED PLACE EXPIRATION CONTACT PERSON IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: ______________________________ _________________ __________________ Name Relationship Contact Number JOINING INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Accomplish the Registration Form, to be submitted together with proof of payment (see no.2) via email attachment, to FE ANGELA M. VERZOSA, International Affairs Committee Chair, ( or, or to her Facebook inbox ( 2. Deposit the amount of P1000 as non-refundable registration fee in any BPI Family Savings Bank branch within your area to PAARL’s BPI Family Savings Bank- Mabini Pedro Gil Branch (Maxi-Check Account No. 00595-1- 07820-6) 3. Deposit the amount of P5000 as reservation deposit (refundable if visa is denied) in any BDO branch within your area to the checking account of Oasis Travel and Tours Co. (Acct. No. 400112191) 4. Send proof of payment (scanned bank deposit slip) and scanned image of your passport to Ms. Maritess Cuan, Managing Director of Oasis Travel, via email ( or fax to (63-2) 247-6450. 5. Prepare documents for your Korean Visa application (see next page) and call Oasis Travel for pick-up, and for all other inquiries regarding visa assistance/processing at Tel Nos. 247-2181; 2474880; 2476450. Deadline for submission of documents and reservation fee is July 30. OFFICIAL REGISTRATION FORM Registration fee of P1,000.00 Refundable Deposit - P5000 Reservation Deposit – 10,000 Balance: Remarks::
  2. 2. Korean Visa requirements: Passport should be valid at least 6 months from date of departure (until April 20, 2015) Application form duly filled up ( may be hand written or typewritten ) 1 passport size (white background) colored picture Photocopy of the passport Bio page (page 2) Note: If you have valid visa/s from any of the OECD countries like US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan within the last 5 years, you are only required to submit the above basic documents and photocopy of the visa/s and arrival stamp, and if employed, the Employment Certificate. Additional documents required if you do not have valid visa from any OECD country: Photocopy of NSO Birth certificate (for students) Photocopy of Marriage certificate ( for married women only ) If employed – Original Employment Certificate (with contact number and address of employer, and date of issue) Photocopy of Income Tax Return from previous year Original Bank Certificate with any amount in bank (not bank statement) addressed to Korean Embassy For student – School certificate and photocopy of school ID Booking Terms and Conditions: • The refundable deposit of P5000 will be returned in full if visa is denied. • Once visa is released, a deposit of P10,000 is required to complete the reservation fee of P15,000 for booking confirmation. • Full payment of the total travel package (Php 39, 380 less the reservation fee of P15,000) is required before ticket issuance and finalization of hotel bookings. Deadline: 2 September 2014 • For participants with Philippine travel tax exemption, please submit a certificate of Philippine travel tax exemption from the Department of Tourism. • For participants with no exemption, the amount of Php 1,620 for travel tax should be paid together with the full payment of the total travel package. The amount of Php 550 for terminal fee shall be paid at the airport. • Travel package rates are subject to change without prior notice depending on the number of participants. • Package Restriction : Non-refundable, non-rebookable, non-endorseable, non-reroutable. • AMENDMENTS IN THE TOUR PACKAGE By nature, any form of travel requires considerable flexibility and should allow for alternatives. The itinerary sequence, mode of transport, accommodation, flight schedules, etc. is subject to change without prior notice due to local conditions. Other Reminders: • Please come to NAIA three (3) hours before the CHECK-IN time for PRE-DEPARTURE ORIENTATION ( that is, 9pm on October 15, Wednesday). • Korean Airlines Flight Schedule: KE 624 16OCT MNL-INCHEON ETD 0030 ETA 0520 16OCT KE 623 19OCT INCHEON-MNL ETD 2005 ETA 2300 19OCT Baggage allowance: 20k for check-in luggage and 7k for hand-carry • Weather in October in Seoul (autumn season) averages to 13°C or 55°F (Bring heavy jacket to keep warm) • The South Korean Won is the currency of South Korea. One US$ = 1,023 won (100 pesos = 2333 won)