Librarians and Information Professionals as Bibliotherapists


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lecture presented by Zarah C. Gagatiga at PAARL Academy’s 2-day Modular Training Program on Bibliotherapy Services through Book Prescription Shops in Libraries & Information Centers, held on 19-20 May 2011, at the Librarians’Center of the National Bookstore Superbranch, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

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Librarians and Information Professionals as Bibliotherapists

  1. 1. PAARL Academy: Modular Training on Bibliotherapy Librarians and Information Professionals as Bibliotherapists Acquisition and Technical Preparations Librarians Center, National Bookstore 20 May 2011 9:00 AM – 3PM Zarah C. Gagatiga
  2. 2. Librarians as BibliotherapistsAng buhay ng librarian ay What’s your color! masayang tunay! – Group dynamics Masayang tunay! Group name Masayang tunay! Group cheer/chantAng buhay ng librarian ay Role assignments – masayang tunay! facilitator, scribe, reporter, time keeper, Masayang tunay! DA
  3. 3. Librarians as Bibliotherapists Group work – Answer the following questions  Why am I here  What did I bring with me?  What did I leave behind?  What have I learned so far?  What will I bring home or take back to my library?  Buzz group  Bigger buzz group (one group, one question to answer)
  4. 4. Librarians as Bibliotherapist Bibliotherapy is a treatment used by information professionals to make therapeutic use of selected reading materials for clients and patrons (Weaver, 1999) Bibliotherapy is the provision of health information and support through books (Brewster, 2008) Bibliotherapy has two kinds: Clinical and Developmental
  5. 5. Librarians as Bibliotherapists The role of the librarian is an intermediary…seeking to resolve patron’s informational needs and wants (Ettinger, 2008 Library Journal). …a dedicated librarian can act as a bibliotherapist and suggest some good books for people suffering from depression, blood pressure or cardiac problems (Vyasamoorthy, 2009).
  6. 6. Librarians as Bibliotherapists Librarians shall render impartial service to all library users, regardless of their race, beliefs, age, gender, or social status.  Code of Ethics for Registered Librarians, Philippine Librarianship Act of 2003 – The literacy influences of Gaiman (movie) and Gourlay (blog)
  7. 7. Librarians as Bibliotherapists Candy Gourlay’s blog  Neil Gaiman’s speech post – What does a in accepting the librarian make? Carnegie Award 2011  Libraries are the Future  http://www.carnegiegre was-librarians-pet-and- other.html ards/media_ceremony. php?file=1
  8. 8. Bibliotherapy & Book PrescriptionShop Models Book Break – The Royal – Mental health professionals Borough of Kensington & issue a prescription of Chelsea books – Patient goes to the library Book Prescription Shop in Essex – Arts Council, UK – Librarian provides the books 2006  Patients profile – anxiety – Mental health professionals disorder and mild select titles depression – Librarian acquires titles and  Partnership between the make them accessible National Health Service and the public library.
  9. 9. Bibliotherapy & Book PrescriptionShop Models Kirklees Council – Well - SOCIAL – generic and Into Words covers a wider range of – MEDICAL – counselor or reading materials for therapist play major role different kinds of in the implementation of users/clients a bibliotherapy session - - bibliotherapy sessions – Motivation – Reading may take place in and Engagement – libraries and community Discussion – Follow up - centers Feedback
  10. 10. Librarians as Bibliotherapists Requirements  Areas of Concentration  Personal stability  Collaborative not  Genuine interest to help competitive others  Careful planning  Ability to empathize without being  Deliberate provision judgmental, moralizing, and access of books didactic and information  Salup and Salup, 1978  Literary merit of the literature  Salup and Salup, 1978
  11. 11. Acquisitions and Technical Preparations  Personal Timeline Grade school years High school years College to adulthoodHighlightsLowlights Can you see patterns and cycles? What are these patterns and cycles? How often did these pattern and cycle appear? What does the highlights and lowlights of your life tell you?
  12. 12. Pied Beauty by Gerard ManleyHopkins, SJGlory be to God for And all trades, their gear dappled things – and tackle trim All things counter, original,For skies of couple-colour spare, strange; as a brinded cow Whatever is fickle,For rose-moles all in freckled (who knows?) stipple upon the trout With swift, slow, sweet, that swim sour, a dazzle dim;Fresh firecoal chestnut He father-forth whose falls; finches wings; beauty is past change;Landscape plotted and pieced – fold, fallow Praise him. and plough:
  13. 13. Batik-batik na Kariktan ni Paring BertAlejo SJLuwalhati sa Diyos sa Tanawing bukid na mga batik-batik na pinatag at pinitak- bagay – sa langit na pastulan, taniman, at kambal kulay tulad ng parang; bakang may balat; Ang tanang kalakal,Sa bulaklaking kaliskis ng gulong nila’t mga lapu-lapung lumalangoy kagamitan; sa dagat Tanang bagay na iba,Bagong-baga ng bukod, bihira’t di kilala; kalalaglag na bunga; pakpak ng langay- langay
  14. 14. Batik-batik na Kariktan ni Paring BertAlejo SJAnumang pabagu-bago,  Ano ang iyong nakita? pinaghalu-halo (sino’ng  Ano ang iyong narinig? makatatanto?)  Ano ang iyongNg mabilis, mabagal; naramdaman? matamis, mapait,  Ano sa buhay mo ang maningning, madilim; batik-batik?Bumubukal sa ama na  Ano ang iyong ganda’y di mag-iiba: pakiramdam at kaisipan Siya’s purihin. sa mga batik-batik ng buhay mo?
  15. 15. Fireworks! Matapos sagutin ang  Sa iyong mga batik- mga tanong, ibahagi sa batik na kariktan, alin katabi ang mga sagot. dito ang, sa iyong Buzz Group palagay, magagamit Pakingan ang awit ni mo upang makatulong Katy Perry na sa iba – pamilya, Fireworks at namnamin kaibigan, komunidad? ang bawat salita  Take your time.
  16. 16. Acquisition and TechnicalPreparations Know your READER  Know the library’s – Readers’ profile COLLECTION – User needs analysis – Review your acquisition – Reading survey policy – Focused Group Discussion – Align collection development program to – Circulation Statistics assessed needs of readers – Understand current and  Course Offering and available literature Curriculum Outline – Know the basic literary  Developmental Stages of types and genre Reading (Chall, 1983) – Seek partnerships, linkages and networks
  17. 17. Acquisition and TechnicalPreparations Group Activity # 1 – Read the book assigned to your group – Analyze the book following the book’s story elements (theme; characters, problem-solution). – Provide a short review of the book. – Think of a client or a group of clients to whom you can recommend the book. – Give your reasons why they would “want” to read the book.
  18. 18. Acquisition and TechnicalPreparationsdo Group Activity # 2 – Look at the circulation statistics of your library – What do the numbers tell you? Pay attention to the peaks and valleys of the collection your library has circulated. – Make conclusions from these movements. What is the cause of these movements? – How can you test your hypothesis (course of action)?
  19. 19. Acquisition and TechnicalPreparations Group Activity #3 – Sample Annotated Bibliography – bibliography-of-filipiniana.html – bibliography-work-in-progress.html – Choose five to ten books in the bookstore. – Make an annotated bibliography of the books you chose on a clean sheet of paper. – As a group, post all of your annotated bibliographies on a Manila Paper – Get ready for a “gallery walk”.
  20. 20. Let’s process! Let’s talk!Explain which of the three activities is most appealing, if not, useful to you.Go back to the question “What will you bring home or take back to your library?”Open Forum / Response / Comments