Lenten Carbon Fast 2010


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Lenten Carbon Fast 2010

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Lenten Carbon Fast 2010

  1. 1. Compiled from many sources with help from Because the world can change a lot in 40 days.Lenten Carbon Fast 2010 Lent is a time to repent, reflect, sacrifice, and listen for God. This year, our church isjoining with many others in taking on a Lenten Carbon “Fast.” May this season serve as awake-up call to be mindful of the ways that our daily choices impact everyone, especiallypeople living in poverty. Each of these actions will reduce our production of climatechange pollution and help to preserve God’s great gift of Creation. www. GreenMyChurch .com SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY Make one of your“So whenever you give alms, do not sound a trumpet before you ... so that your alms may be 17 Turn down your 18 Go meat-free 19 journeys more 20done in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you.” —Matthew 6:2-4 thermostat by at today. Christians environmentally least one degree. Aim have been eating less friendly today. CouldAsh Wednesday reminds us to be faithful in action even when no one is paying attention. for 68 degrees during meat during Lent for you combine twoIf we are all living in harmony with the rest of God’s Creation, especially when no one is looking, the day and 60 degrees generations. Choosing trips? Carpool ratherour households, our churches, and our society will also be transformed. at night. Program your meat-free meals is one than driving solo? (3bl.Remove one light bulb from your home and live without its light for the next 40 days. thermostat if you can. of the most powerful me/8aczrn) Bike or walk,This will decrease your energy use, and act as a reminder of your Lenten Carbon Fast. Always turn the heat off things you can do to or take bus or Metro, when you leave home. reduce your carbon instead of driving? footprint. (VegDC.com) (waba.org, wmata.com)Remember yourbaptism today, 21 Check windows and doors for 22 If you’re going to 23 Be aware of your 24 Let your 25 Look to purchase 26 Plan ahead to 27and the power of water. drafts with a ribbon be away from an hot water use dishwasher locally-grown food bring reusableTry to conserve: Leave or feather. If it flutters, appliance for over an today. Turn off the breathe. Run the today. Plan to walk to bags with you to geta bucket in the shower make or buy a draft hour, turn it off as you water while scrubbing dishwasher only with a farmers’ market this groceries today. If youor kitchen sink, and dodger, or seal leave the room. Even dishes. Take a shower a full load, and skip the weekend, or consider already use reusablecollect “grey water” to leaks with caulk and on an “energy-saver” instead of a bath, and try energy-intensive drying joining a community- grocery bags, purchase awater the plants. Have weatherstripping. setting, a computer, to take a shower that cycle by choosing the supported agriculture set of reusable producea lawn? Consider a rain (3bl.me/tgpdn6) game console, or TV lasts half as “air-dry” option; (CSA) group that bags for fruits andbarrel so you can water For professional wastes more energy long as usual. or just open the delivers local produce veggies. (ecobags.com)the lawn with rain. weatherization, contact when it’s on than if you door overnight. (localharvest.org).(3bl.me/kkqzrp) WeatherizeDC.org. really turn it off.Run your washing Turn off lights Making travel plans?machine only with 28 Speak out! 1 you’re not using. 2 Be aware of how 3 Consider 4 Pick up at least one 5 Consider getting 6full loads. Ask our leaders to Shut off lights as you much food you composting your piece of litter on the there without flying.Turn the knob on take action on climate leave a room. You can discard this week. food waste. Put the ground when you are If you have to fly, balanceyour washing machine change today. put reminders on Look for opportunities nutrients from food out walking today, and out the carbon impactto “cold/cold”, and leave (daysix.org, 1sky.org, your switchplates to avoid wasting food waste back into the soil, dispose of it properly. by buying offsets. Fundit there. Washing your chesapeakeclimate.org) (gwIPL.org), or install by planning well, and not into a landfill. a project that preventsclothes in cold water motion sensors (about eating leftovers. Learn more about one ton of greenhousegets them just as clean $20 each) that turn composter options for gases for each ton thatas washing in hot water, lights off automatically indoors and outdoors. your trip will cause.but uses half the energy. (ShopIPL.org). (3bl.me/fmf29e) (3bl.me/std348)
  2. 2. SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY Compiled from Lenten resources by:Tearfund, Nat’l Council of Churches’ Eco-Justice Program, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Saint Mark Presbyterian Hang your clothes 7 Give the dryer a rest. Many electronics draw power even when 8 End junk mail that wastes resources. Stop 9 Check the tire pressure of your 10 Save paper today: print double-sided, 11 Minimize disposables 12 Begin spring gardening by going 13 to dry on a rack off. Today, unplug your unwanted catalogs car today, or take it to or wrap your next today. Bring a mug to organic. Grow your lawn or clothesline appliances that are off; (CatalogChoice.org), a gas station or any My present in color comics, get coffee. Use cloth and garden without toxic (3bl.me/wmq35y). Many place computers, radios, credit card offers Organic Market (where or a reusable gift bag. To napkins at a meal. Wipe chemicals, and order a Church, Rock Spring Congregational UCC, IA IPL, NC IPL, and from Green America, and The Catholic Coalition on Climate Change. households spend more and TVs on a power strip, (1-888-5-OPTOUT), a trained “Pit Crew” can reduce paper towel use in up with a rag instead of “Pesticide-Free” lawn than $100 a year on the and turn it off between and other junk mail check your tire pressure, public restrooms, order paper towels. Stick a fork sign! (PesticideFreeLawns. energy used by their uses. Also, unplug your (DMAchoice.org). Or and fill as needed). Cars “These Come From in your purse or briefcase org) Don’t have a yard to dryer, while the air can phone charger when it’s hire a service to cancel it with low tire pressure get Trees” stickers: for the next time you eat garden? Borrow one: dry your clothes for free. not charging. for you (41pounds.org). lower mileage. (3bl.me/ef2zhd) out during the workday. (3bl.me/t2dbt3) The world’s poor will be hit 14 Many caring people15 Are you recycling everything you can? 16 Support clean 17 18 It’s hard to open 19 20 hardest by climate are working to Refresh your memory energy by purchasing ourselves up to the Celebrate Spring! change. Join Christians protect Creation. Find today on what items your “Renewable Energy When heating water realities of the climate Plant a native tree taking action and raising a green organization city or county allows Credits”. It may be an on the stove, use a crisis. Today, learn (CaseyTrees.org), or our voice on behalf of today, and sign up for for curbside recycling. option through your pot with a lid to something new support tree-planting in Creation and the poor. their e-newsletter. Place an item that can utility, by switching conserve energy. about climate change. other countries Endorse Faith Principles (ChesapeakeClimate.org, be recycled, but that you energy suppliers, or by (AmericasClimate (Greenbeltmovement.org, on Global Warming: GreenAmericaToday.org, usually don’t recycle, into purchasing RECs online. Choices.org, CO2covenant.org) (3bl.me/mwsqmx) SierraClub.org) your bin. (green-e.org) ClimateCrisis.net) 21 Purchase more 22 Own stock? Find out if shareholder 23 Help people on the“front lines” of 24 Subscribe 25 Learn about mountain-top 26 Help your kitchen fridge function 27 Have an “embrace mindfully today. resolutions have been climate change. Carbon to any magazines? removal mining: efficiently by placing jugs the silence” Sunday. Print, cut out, and tape filed to “green” the Covenant links US If so, write an email Appalachian mountains of water inside (water Turn off everything, together a “Wallet company’s practices. churches with carbon- to the publishers today, are blown apart, retains cold better than and unplug it if you can. Buddy” where your credit (ProxyDemocracy.org) reducing projects in asking them to switch poisoning streams. air), and by pulling the No TV, no radio, no ring card can remind you of Stay informed and vote developing countries: to environmentally (3bl.me/dzs4ve) How fridge out to scrub tones. Stay home after questions to ask yourself your proxy on behalf (CO2covenant.org). responsible paper much of this coal is down the coils. church. It’ll be good for before buying: of greener business Others bring clean and printing practices for your electricity? Second fridge or freezer the soul. (NewDream.org/ practices. (ICCR.org, energy to villages: (BetterPaper.org). (iLoveMountains.org/ in the basement? Try to walletbuddy2.pdf) 3bl.me/rk4fw5) (SELF.org, EnergyCures.org) myconnection) make do with one. Think today about Place an insulating Replace the Maundy Thursday the role of our 28 Show reverence 29 cover over your 30 incandescent light 31 Replace the light bulb 1 Good Friday 2 Holy Saturday 3 church in its local for life and for the hot water heater. You can bulbs in your house, even you removed on Ash environment. Could Earth today by obeying find a “blanket” at most if they haven’t burned out Wednesday with an “At that moment the It can be difficult to our community better the speed limit hardware stores. (If you yet, with CFLs. Replacing energy-saving curtain of the temple was contemplate our own care for Creation? Get when driving. have an electric water one incandescent light CFL lightbulb. torn in two, from top to end. Think today about involved with our green Every 10 mph in speed heater, it’s an easy job to bulb with a CFL saves Learn more about how bottom. The Earth shook, greening your “final work, and get inspired reduces fuel economy by do yourself. If you have 150 lbs of carbon dioxide your electricity is and the rocks were split.” arrangements,” when the by other “green souls” 4 mpg, and increases the an oil or gas-powered a year. Don’t forget to generated with the —Matthew 27:51 time comes. One option through Interfaith Power risk of getting into heater, you may need a save one CFL for Maundy online PowerProfiler. is to help protect natural & Light (gwIPL.org). an accident. plumbing professional.) Thursday. (ShopIPL.org) (3bl.me/5wx8cs) lands: (3bl.me/w5a9vw)4 Easter “Jesus’ appearance changed the world. His disciples were being asked: speak truth to power, love your enemies, but most of all love God and your neighbor. This was a new way of being in relationship. Today’s Take some time today to reflect on all of the activities that you have performed during Lent, and how they seemingly ‘impossible appearance’ is that humans are changing the climate. This calls for a new way of being in have brought you into greater harmony with the Earth the world, to relate differently to each other and to nature. There are great glimmers of hope on the horizon.” and all life. Conclude your Carbon Fast by making a personal pledge to serve God and serve others by — The Rev. Canon Sally G. Bingham pursuing a more sustainable way of life.