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Watt Watchers
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Watt Watchers


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Watt Watchers …

Watt Watchers

Published in: Design, Education, Technology

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  • 1. Enrollment Form-Spring03 NL Date: ________ Watt Watchers of Texas 1-888-US WATTS (1-888-879-2887) P.O.Box 68660, El Paso, Texas 79968 Fax: 1-888-879-2887 e-mail: Your Name: _________________________________________________ The Newsletter for Watt Watchers and Watteam. Now incorporating WATTimes and the Texas School Energy Manager News. Spring 2003 School Name: _______________________________________________ School Address: _____________________________________________ (Free kit will be shipped to your school / Street address preferred) Published Quarterly by The Energy Center, The University of Texas at El Paso City: ______________________ Zip: _____ - ____ County: ______ Sponsored by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts - State Energy Conservation Office, and the United States Department of Energy School Phone: ( ) ____ - ______ School Fax: ( ) ____ - ______ Volume 7 Number 1 Best Time to Call: _______ Number of Students in your school: ______ Name of School District: ______________________________________ State Comptroller lauds local school’s efforts to save energy By: Brian Williams Lubbock Avalanche-Journal When someone says “lights out” at With the state facing an almost $10 billion projected Hutchinson Junior High, it’s for a good reason. shortfall, Strayhorn has recommended to legislators $3.7 On Friday, the Central Lubbock billion in savings, including $1.7 billion in state general School’s conservation efforts attracted the revenue funds for the upcoming two-year budget. Texas’ attention of State Comptroller Carole Keeton budget must be balanced, according to the state Strayhorn, a person with passions for constitution. education and for saving money. Suggestions include in creasing health-care costs to state Strayhorn helped recognize students employees, having Texas join a multistate lottery, merging for their energy-saving efforts. the Texas Railroad Com mission and the Public Utility The school is involved in Watt Commission, postponing a Medicaid registration rule and Watchers, a program encouraging students having private companies operate a lodge in the Davis Remember: and staff to turn off lights and computers in Mountains and a tourist railroad in East Texas, both• Screen Savers DO NOT save energy! rooms that aren’t being used. overseen by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.• Energy Star® features may not be enabled! The 800-student school has cut its utility Strayhorn said more education dollars should go directly• A typical monitor uses 60-90 watts costs about 12 percent, which is estimated to into the classroom.• While in SLEEP mode, it uses 2-10 watts save $6,000 for the school year, said “What you are doing here is very significant,” Strayhorn• Save energy, save money, prevent pollution Hutchinson Principal Mike Bustillos. said Friday at Hutchinson. “You are really protecting the• Use EZ Wizard and EZ Save programs “There’s a lot of money spent on utilities future for future generations. We just need to let you be the• Turn off your monitor at night overall,” Bustillos said. “If we don’t make a conservation effort, it’s easy role model and the pacesetter for the rest of the state.”• All in a days rest for things to be left on unnecessarily.” Watt Watchers is a state-sponsored program to help school• More information: The school also has a paper recycling program and has districts save energy funds, primarily by having students look for energy increased use of paperless communications. Bustillos said Hutchinson waste in the halls and classrooms, especially with lights being left on. has 70 percent of its allotment for paper and copier use remaining Strayhorn said the 2001 Legislature left 75 percent of Strayhorn’s with less than half the school year left. cost-saving recommendations on the table; however, she said she Watt Watchers of Texas He said the efforts are squeezing more out of a tight education believes lawmakers this time around will be more receptive to cost- dollar. saving advice from her and others. Strayhorn, a former schoolteacher, is a strong proponent of belt- 766-8719 tightening. The Energy Center University of Texas at El Paso Watt Watchers Hits the West Coast With Incredible Success P.O. Box 68660 By: Amy Tingley El Paso, Texas 79968 Things really are bigger in Texas. Our Watt Watchers of Texas program is so big it reaches all the way to Salem, Oregon. Sometimes it is hard to determine just When one considers what they would regard as far northwest where Texas ends Texas, I wonder if Salem, Oregon would come to mind. Probably not. However, Salem Keizer Public Schools in Salem, Oregon, are so active in the Watt Watchers programs sometimes it is difficult to think of them WATTS INSIDE Please Route: TO: as being anywhere else. A couple of years ago, a spin-off program called Watt Watchers of America was developed and over the last Watts Across Texas...........2 year Oregon has built a road right into Texas. News ............................... 3 o Science Chair When Watt Watchers of America began, the program was o Student Council “Ed”itorial Part 2..............4 funded by the Environmental Protection Agency Region 6 which o Librarian includes Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. The Activities...........................6 o Energy Manager America version was created as a pilot for what will hopefully become a National program encompassing the entire United States. West Coast WW cont.........7 Since our Texas schools were doing so well with Watt Watchers Energy Classroom Ideas.....8 it was obvious that there was a need all over the U.S. for such a program to teach today’s students about the importance of being energy Pull Out Posters ..........9-12 efficient. Once the program was up and running, enrollments from all over the world came into the Watt Watchers office. We have Watt Earth Day 2003...............14 Spring 2003 Watchers in New York, California, Washington, Georgia, New Jersey, Oregon, Spain and Honduras. Though the pilot America program Preserve your Kit.............15 ended in May of 2002, many of our Watt Watchers still remain active Energy Managers.......16-17 with continued support from our web sites and by keeping track of what our original program, Watt Watchers of Texas, has going on. Program News...........18-19 1-888-US WATTS continued on page 7... and America begins... Enrollment Form..............20
  • 2. 2 19 WATTS ACROSS TEXAS Watt’s Happening at Lincoln Jr. High? PROGRAM NEWSWritten by: Ashley Webb, 2002-2003 VicePresident, Lincoln Jr. High Student Council These members go around our school When the Life Skills class goes out on Thank You, Thank You, Thank You The Student Council of Lincoln Jr. High campus every Monday, Wednesday, and duty, they take a clipboard with all the for watching WATTS in Texas Friday to check each teacher’s room for any teachers’ names and mark if they had thein Coldspring-Oakhurst CISD decided to let lights that are on if the teacher is not in the room lights on or off. This way they can find a pattern Schools!the Life Skills class help them out by doing Watt at the time. in the amount of teachers that do or don’t leaveWatchers. When they found out that they would It is the end of another school year and it is time for Watt They may do the lights on while out of the room. So far, theyget to help the Student Council, the kids were Watchers to thank all the students and sponsors for Watching this any period have found that the majority of the teachersso excited and wanted to start on it right away. Watts in Texas Schools! To show how much we appreciate of the day, just on our campus leave the lights on but some your hard work we have available to all our students and whenever they do not. They made hats out of recycled sponsors a Certificate of Appreciation. These certificates have the timenewspaper and decorated them all up. Each can be viewed on the web site ( to go out. If the Ms. Bain said that she wanted her Lifeof the hats has a Texas flag light bulb on the and you can contact us at 1-888-USWATTS to receive your teacher is not Skills class to do an on-campus communityside of it and the kids decorated them with certificates. in his/her project for the school, so when we went to askmarkers and crayons. They also have special room and the if they would like to do this, she and all herpencils that they take along with them while on We also want to acknowledge those teachers and Watt Watchers students were so happy.duty. The pencils have a light bulb for an eraser classrooms that consistently remembered to turn off their catch themand they say “Watt Watchers” on them. A lights when leaving the room with our very own “Zero Hero” with the lights The Life Skills students of Lincoln Jr.nametag with the name of the student is worn Award. This award will be available on the web to download on, they leave High love their job as Watt Watchers andeach time a trip is made around the school to or contact the Watt Watcher Office at 1-888-USWATTS and a ticket on this always want to do it. We, as Student Councilcheck the rooms of the teachers. we send your certificate to you. teacher’s members, are so glad that we came up with door. If the Watcher patrol hats are left toWatt Getting ready to make their right: the idea of letting the Life Skills class help us The students that are doing Watt We have had another INCREDIBLE year here at the Watt teacher is out Krystal Fagan, Donte Wyatt out with some of our projects. The StudentWatchers are Erin Boyce, Erica Dewalt, Watcher Headquarters and we have all of you to thank for of the room Council is also happy that they love their jobMartha Smith, Krystal Fagan, Amy Grisham, our continued success! and the lights are out, they are given a thank and are doing such a great job at it.Jamarcus Reece, Matt Ferrell, and Donte you note. When the teacher is in their room,Wyatt. the lights are allowed to be on without getting a ticket from the Watt Watchers. Sometimes the teachers and coaches Attention : The following joke around with the students of Watt Watchers school districts have enrolled or Zero Hero Award and ask how much the ticket is for leaving the are in the process of enrolling lights on while out of the class. When they do their entire school district in the this, the students get really excited. The Watt Watt Watchers program! Watchers of our school just love to go out and Energy Managers - Call Watt do this. If their teachers, Ms. Cathy Bain, Mrs. Is Presented to: Watchers today to enroll your Margie Vanburkleo, or Mrs. Ethel Sanders, entire district! forget to turn them out, the students remind Watt Watcher Patrol getting ready to go out from left to right: Erica DeWalt, Donte Wyatt, Allen ISD Coach John Housman receives his thank you from them that they need to and they do. Martha Smith, Krystal Fagan, Erin Boyce and Arlington ISD Watt Watchers patrol Donte Wyatt and Matt Ferrell teacher Cathy Bain. Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD Cedar Hill ISD Cypress Fairbanks ISD Our Classroom remembered to turn out the lights more than any other classroom in our school. We Dallas ISD helped save money for our campus and district and hope to save our planet. Galena Park ISD Pasadena ISD Round Rock ISD United ISD Sponsor Watt Watchers of Texas National Solar Energy Conference June 21-26, 2003 A Watt Watchers Farewell Presented by the American Solar Energy Society A former Watt Watcher returns to the Vickie’s passion for teaching classroom, and what a lesson she has for illuminates once again. Though she is missed You’ll want to attend! them. here, we know she is lighting the minds of her Register online at Vickie Gomez, recently a Program students daily, as an educator and as a Watt Call Watt Watchers for more information 1-888-USWATTS Coordinator for Watt Watchers and to whom Watcher. Now that Vickie is around, you can we previously referred to as our “road warrior,” bet there will not be a wasted watt throughout turned in her famous eyeball stickers and she Lee Elementary in El Paso, Texas. Teachers attend this great Energy for Teachers workshop presented by Watt Watchers headed back to the classroom. She came to Saturday, June 21, 1:30 – 5:30 pm ($15) Watt Watchers as a retired teacher with an Stay tuned for more on Lee Education materials available from the Texas State Energy Conservation Office will be presented through hands-on activities contained electric spirit that lit up the Watt Watchers Elementary’s Watt Watchers program!within them. Teachers will experience the award winning Infinite Power of Texas Lesson Plans and Fact Sheets that are available for FREE! program. Her love for students and her passion These lesson plans were developed by a team of professional educators and renewable energy experts, using information from the fact for teaching fused with Watt Watchers perfectly. sheets as a starting point for building knowledge. Teachers will also learn about the Knowledge is Power Energy Efficiency Curriculum Vickie took our program on the road toSupplement for K-8 grades. Knowledge is Power provides teachers with experiential lessons that teach the importance of energy efficiency many conferences; you might remember her in our homes and schools. All of the materials are correlated to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). This session will also handing out those crazy eyeball stickersinclude information about the U.S. Department of Energy’s Junior Solar Sprint Program, which is a classroom based, hands-on educational saying, “Here, have an eyeball. It will remind Victoria Gomez... program for 6 - 8 grade students. JSS student teams apply math, science, and creativity to construct model solar-powered cars and race you to watch watts.” She would fluoresce with a true Watt Watcher for life. them in interscholastic competitions hosted within their schools or within their states or regions. Each participant will receive the 25 Infinite the reaction of those with whom she spoke as Power Fact Sheets and accompanying Lesson Plans; the Knowledge is Power curriculum supplement; and JSS information packet. she would explain how Watt Watchers worked. Continuing Education Credit certificate also provided.
  • 3. 18 3 WATT WATCHERS THE TRANSMISSION LINE What’s new on the Energy Encounters! Opinion/Editorial From: Texas State Comptroller the central unit do its job. Are you using an old stove for something that can be reheated in a E WIR web? Attention High School Students, Teachers, Carole Keeton Strayhorn more energy efficient microwave? Taking a look HE Energy Managers, Student Councils, and at your every day energy use may help you find FFT We’ve had some early blasts of winter TO Watt Watchers would like to apologize Science Clubs: new ways to save energy and that means saving HOfor the inconvenience of having our enrollment Energy Encounters... in Texas and the U.S. Energy Information money. WS Administration expects a winter price Saving energy isn’t limited to adults. As NEform temporarily out-of-order. We are in the Coming to a school near YOU!process of correcting the problem and we increase for homes heated with natural gas, one tough Grandma watching out for Texas, Ihope to have the form up and running in no Houston area schools propane and electricity. Unless you’re using want to help your school get tough on energytime at all. In the meantime, there are a couple April 5th at Pearland 9th Grade Center solar energy or wind power, this affects you. savings. SECO’s Watt Watchers programof alternatives to our on-line form: our Contact Kirstin for more information To keep those bills from rising, energy involves students in energy efficiency, promotesenrollment form is available on-line in a PDF 1-888-928-8326 savings will be necessary. An arm of the Texas activities that instill an energy efficient ethic informat at Austin, San Antonio, Rio Grande Valley area Comptroller’s office, The State Energy all aspects of school operation, and educatesEnrollment_Form.pdf just fax the completed High Schools we are looking for hosts in your Conservation Office (SECO) is the state our future leaders about energy issues.form toll-free to 1-888-US Watts or email us area. If you are interested in hosting an agency charged with helping Texans use Student Watt Watcher teams in overat Or, just call us at 1-888 Energy Encounter at your school please energy more efficiently. While SECO works 2000 Texas schools patrol assigned areas ofUS WATTS and we will take your information contact Kirstin for more information. primarily with cities, school districts and state their schools, checking for lights on inover the phone. agencies to create ways to save your tax unoccupied rooms. “Tickets” and thank you dollars through more efficient energy use, it’s notes are left for the occupants to remind them energy saving guidelines can help you and Don’t forget to check out our web siteto download the great activities listed in our Sneak Peak! your family save energy and dollars in your to turn off the lights when they are not needed. And lighting accounts for 25 to 40% of energyEnergy Education section on pages 8 and 13. home or business as well. use in schools. This is a proven method ofThere are also activities posted on our web You may be thinking energy savings promoting energy conservation habits andsite for Earth Day. Check it out today! means sitting in a cold house with the lights reducing school energy bills. Our energy future Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham turned off. Turning off lights not in use and depends on decisions students will make about said in January it should be cost-effective to If you have photos of your Watt turning the thermostat down while you aren’t energy use. Ask about bringing the Watt produce hydrogen-fuel cars in large numbersWatchers Patrol please email them to us at Our Summer 2003 issue of Watt’s News home obviously are good ideas and will help, Watchers program to your school. and have them in showrooms by We would love for all of Email Updates will be a change of pace. We are going to fo- but there are ways to save energy and money SECO is helping state agencies, cities, The cars could reduce U.S. demandTexas to see how your patrols operate. cus on providing information pertinent to ad- without sacrifice. and school districts save money, but these for foreign oil by 11 million barrels per day by Do you receive the Watt Watchers I know it sounds like losing weight ministrators, facilities personnel, and of course, energy savings principles can help you and 2040, according to the Energy Department. monthly email update? If not, email without diet and exercise, but the leading force our friends - energy managers. every hard working Texan keep more of your But even with aggressive research, a us at and we will in increasing energy efficiency is technology. hard earned money in your pockets. For state hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle would not be better add you to our list of 1,600 other And keeping up with technology can not only The Summer ‘03 issue will have spot- agencies we are projecting a 15-20% savings than a diesel hybrid in terms of total energy participants who receive our up-to- dampen your heating bills, but also ease the light articles from districts all around the state in energy costs if energy savings plans are use and greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, date program information. pain of those scorching electric bills that arrive as well as a highlight for Arlington ISD and their implemented. I hope these suggestions help the study said. plans to incorporate Watt Watchers district- with the onset of summer air conditioning. you save money as well. Technology is That’s because virtually all industrial wide. Heating and air conditioning everywhere, and it is helping energy efficiency hydrogen supply at the moment comes from equipment purchased and installed 15 years and that helps the environment. natural gas. In the future, analysts say, large ago may use twice the electricity of today’s By using less electricity, our power plants amounts of hydrogen will be separated from energy efficient equipment. This means you burn less fuel and produce fewer emissions. This water, where it bonds with oxygen, through the can make up for the cost of a new unit with means that your energy savings not only helps use of alternative energies like wind and solar “Saving Energy in Texas schools.” lower utility bills, and with twice the efficiency those savings come sooner rather than later. you keep those winter and summer light bills down, it helps make Texas air cleaner. Now power. But for now, the green method of making hydrogen is too expensive, according Since heating and cooling unit that’s a win, win situation. to the study. manufacturers are now required to provide “If we learn how to do it, I think that’s information about the energy efficiency of their For more information on SECO and energy absolutely wonderful, but I wouldn’t hold my products, take a little extra time and ask about saving tips for your family or business, visit: breath,” said Malcolm Weiss, a researcher the unit’s energy use. Remember, a few extra and http:// with MIT’s Laboratory for Energy and dollars for a more energy efficient heater/air Environment. “Ignoring the emissions and The New Watt conditioner can save you much more money energy use involved in making and delivering in the long run. Similar improvements have the fuel and manufacturing the vehicle gives aWatchers CD is Here! also occurred in portable units. And if your old Study finds hybrid cars greener misleading impression,” he said. air conditioner breaks on the hottest day of Beyond 2020, hydrogen cars will win This new CD-Rom has the entire Watt July (they always do), it might actually be than hydrogen cars out, predicted the researchers, who do not cheaper to buy a new one rather than fixing By ReutersWatchers program on it including the new recommend stopping work on the hydrogenKnowledge is Power curriculum supplements! an old energy deficient dinosaur. fuel cell. “If auto systems with significantly And speaking of technology’s aid in NEW YORK — Hybrid cars, whichAlso, the CD includes The Infinite Power of lower greenhouse gas emissions are required your quest for energy savings, use the Internet combine electric motors with small petroleumTexas lesson plans and Dan Rather video. in, say, 30 to 50 years, hydrogen is the only before you go shopping. SECO’s web page engines, will outpace the environmental benefitsThere is more information on the CD than there major fuel option identified to date,” said John ( contains a of hydrogen fuel cell cars until at least 2020,is space on this page to tell you all about it. Heywood, an MIT researcher. host of energy saving ideas and helpful links according to a university study.So, if you are already enrolled in Watt That hydrogen would have to be that will help you find the energy ratings of all Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles have lowWatchers all you have to do is just watch for produced without making greenhouse gas sorts of products for home and office. And emissions and energy use on the road, butthis in the mail. However, if you are not yet emissions, through a noncarbon source such don’t forget to look for the Energy Star logo converting a hydrocarbon fuel such as naturalenrolled in the Watt Watchers program… enroll as solar energy or from conventional fuels on the products you buy. gas or gasoline into hydrogen to fuel suchtoday and receive your CD with your new kit. while sequestering the carbon emissions Simple common sense can save vehicles uses substantial energy and emitsCall 1-888 US WATTS and provide us with your underground. energy and money as well. If you and your greenhouse gases, the study said.information so we can enroll you today! So far, Japan’s Honda Motor Co. Ltd. coworkers are trying to warm up your office The Massachusetts Institute of and Toyota Motor Corp. are the leading with inefficient space heaters you may be Technology study was published after the Bush makers of hybrid automobiles. Hybrids have making that cold office even worse and administration announced in January an fossil fuel engines that work alternatively or in wasting energy at the same time. If your space initiative to develop hydrogen fuel cells. concert with electric motors to reduce smog “Every school should be a heater is near the thermostat, the heating/ Combined with last year’s government-industry “Freedom Car” program to build vehicles fueled emissions and increase fuel economy, without cooling system may not be working for ever having to be plugged in. Watt Watchers school.” everyone else so more people have to use by hydrogen, the initiative will be powered by $1.2 billion in government funds. those inefficient appliances rather than letting Source: Reuters
  • 4. 4 17 THE “ED”-ITORIAL Manager NewsBy: Ed Gonzalez Starting a Paper Waste Reduction Program The following steps will ensure a strong, In the plan, recommendations to teachers, c. Post Paper Reduction Reminders by Printers and Copiers. Remind people State Energy Conservation Office“paper waste reduction program” in your students, and administrators regarding TEXAS Energy Efficiency NEWSschool. As I mentioned earlier, there are many practices that will result with paper use to copy double-sided by postingschools throughout the United States that reduction should be included. reminders near the copiers, using Workshops for Public Facilitiesalready have such a program in place, and c. Make Necessary Adjustments. In every interesting posters or entertaining Energy Systems Associates, Inc. is pleased to offer two concurrent workshops for you and your staff, provided by the State Energywith great success. So follow these steps if program, adjustments are always made. If slogans (“2 sides are better than one,” Conservation Office (SECO), Comptroller of Public Accounts and funded by the U.S. Department of would like to start an effective, successful you and your green team need to adjust “make a 2 (copies) for 1 (page) offer,”program in your school: goals or the plan of action, do so. But make “get a second impression,” etc.) and Administration: Maintenance & Operations:1. First Get Permission from your sure that the changes will improve the change them often to maintain interest. Financing & Master Planning Energy Efficiency Through Maintenance & Operations Principal. Anytime you want to start a new program and not harm it. Setting Up the Energy Program “Repairing” the Maintenance Department program in your school, the principle · Make the campaign complete with slogans Understanding Utility Bills and Deregulation Lighting Illuminations 6. Measuring Success. Every month, should always be notified. Principals and a kick-off event. Include representatives Indoor Air Quality Indoor Air Quality measure any reduction in paper use control the resources in schools, and there from management and all levels of staff to throughout the school. One good way to may be a good chance that he/she will assist the green team launch the program. WORKSHOP CALENDAR monitor success is by asking the provide you with the necessary tools to purchasing individual whether there has · Encourage students to use both sides of April 10, 2003 Austin September, 2003 San Antonio succeed in your proposed program. been a reduction in orders for paper reams writing paper, whenever possible; 9:00am-3:30pm J.J. Pickle Center 9:00am-3:30pm Date and Location to be announced2. Select A Sponsor For your Program. By on a monthly basis. Ask your green team · If more than one child attends a school, 10100 Burnet Road, Austin, Texas 78758 October, 2003 Midland selecting a sponsor for your program, you to develop measuring tools that can gauge send home general information with only the May 6, 2003 Wichita Falls 9:00am-3:30pm Date and Location to be announced will increase your chances of getting a buy- the success of your program. oldest child, to avoid duplication; 9:00am-3:30pm Region IX Educational Service Center November, 2003 El Paso in from the faculty. Your sponsor, a teacher 7. Gain Recognition. Once you achieve your · Encourage teachers to conduct some 301 Loop 11 Wichita Falls, Texas 76306 9:00am-3:30pm Date and Location to be announced that is interested in environmental goals or have registered significant lessons and student drills on blackboards June, 2003 San Angelo protection, will assist you in implementing victories, make sure instead of on paper, when feasible; 9:00am-3:30pm Date and Location to be announced Final times, agendas and other location specific information will the program throughout the school. everyone knows about · Route or post internal staff July, 2003 Amarillo be sent to registered participants approximately 2 weeks prior to3. Build a Green Team. Once you have the successes of the communications. When practical, use half 9:00am-3:30pm Date and Location to be announced each workshop. selected a sponsoring teacher and he/she program. Have the sheets of paper for memos; has accepted, then the next step is principal publicly · Make double-sided copies. Provide Who Should Attend the M & O Workshop? Sponsored By: building a “green team”. In your team, try congratulate you and scrap paper near the copier so that people Facility Directors responsible for maintenance and operation & the The Comptroller of Public Accounts, State Energy Conservation Office to include the person who is in charge of your team and encourage can retrieve paper and copy onto the other maintenance staff and The U.S. Department of Energy These workshops are being ordering and buying paper, a member of him/her to inform the side; Who Should Attend the Financing & Planning Workshop? provided by the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) with funds the administration, a member of the school district Administrators, Superintendents, Board Members, and Financial Directors from the U. S. Department of Energy. · Encourage teachers/administrators to responsible for budgeting and financing for custodial staff, other teachers, and other administration of the send information electronically. Use e-mail students that are interested in the program. success of your work. facility upgrades, maintenance and operations department, equipment Contact Debra Brown with for forms, document transmittals and faxes; replacement and major system renovation projects.4. Begin a Paper Waste Audit. A paper 8. Continue Improving the Energy Systems Associates, Inc waste audit is simply researching how Program. Continual · If applicable, reduce unwanted mail. Presenters of the Programs: phone: 512-258-0547 or email: much your school spends on purchasing improvement is a Contact mail senders to take your school’s esa Energy Systems Associates, Inc., a Texas based professional paper, identifying every type of paper use cornerstone of any name off their mailing list or mark unwanted engineering firm with more than twenty years experience in the field of throughout the school and how much successful waste first class mail “Refused, Return to Sender”; energy efficiency, will be presenting these workshops on behalf of the SECO paper is used on a monthly basis (all reduction program. Don’t be satisfied with office. In addition to these workshops, members of this firm also present a · Provide trays to collect and reuse one-sided workshop entitled Investment Grade Energy Audits for the Association of types). Questions that you should consider your early successes. Constantly look for paper. Encourage employees to save and when conducting the paper audit are: improvements and ways that you can Energy Engineers reuse paper printed on only one side at · Do we need this? reduce more paper use. Think of it as a their desks. Collect paper that has been · Can we use less? cycle that never ends. printed on one side for reuse in copiers and · Can we reuse it? By properly following these steps, and once fax machines. Also, use the one-sided ENERGY STAR® Purchasing & Procurement · Can we recycle it? your program is established and ready to go, By: Michelle Salisbury paper to make scratch pads; • Product specifications for ENERGY STAR qualified · Can we use it more efficiently? your green team should start seeing results ® · Provide trays to collect and reuse ENERGY STAR makes it products.5. Develop Your Paper Waste Reduction anywhere from the first month to the second. envelopes and file folders. Encourage easy for organizations to purchase • Savings/Life-cycle cost calculators that show how much Plan. It’s that fast. But remember, each step is reuse of large envelopes and file folders energy-efficient products, reduce energy and money organizations can save by purchasinga. Set Goals and Timeline. Once you have critical. If you skip any step, chances of your by providing centrally located trays for their their energy costs, and prevent air ENERGY STAR qualified products all the information regarding paper usage program being successful has significantly collection. Your school office can buy pollution. ENERGY STAR • Drop-in procurement language that organizations can in your school (how much it buys annually, decreased. And all that work you will do may mailing labels with the return address and Purchasing encourages and assists incorporate into their purchasing policies how much is used, what types of paper not yield the results that you and your green logo to place over old addresses on governments, schools, and • Store locators and manufacturer contact information are purchased, etc.), have the green team team expected. So make sure that you follow envelopes to facilitate their reuse. Always businesses in procuring ENERGY For more information, participate in an ENERGY STAR set some goals to reach. For instance, one all the steps. encourage teachers and administrators to STAR qualified products. These products use 25 to 50 percent less energy Purchasing Internet presentation ( goal can aim to reduce overall paper THINGS TO CONSIDER first reuse items such as large envelopes than their traditional counterparts, reduce fossil fuel use, and lower index.cfm?c=business.bus_internet_presentations) or visit usage by 10% in one year. Develop a When you and your green team begin and file folders at their desk; greenhouse gas emissions. Institutions and businesses can save hundreds and click “Education” then “Purchasing & timeline to ensure progress in your developing your Paper Waste Reduction Plan, of thousands of dollars annually by purchasing and using ENERGY STAR Procurement.” program and make sure that you and your keep the following ideas in mind: · Promote the routing of memos and qualified products. green team stick to it. · Educate Teachers, Administrators and newsletters. Instead of making a copy for Five easy steps to procure ENERGY STAR qualified More than 13,000 product models in over 35 product categoriesb. Set Implementation Plan (Plan of Students on the Benefits of Paper each person, route one copy around the products bear the ENERGY STAR. To qualify, these products must meet strict Action). The green team should develop Reduction. school. Ask originators to send fewer 1. Review purchasing policies and identify product categories guidelines for energy efficiency: Office Equipment, Heating & Cooling a plan in which to make the program work. copies to your office; where savings exist. Equipment, Lighting, Exit Signs, Windows, The benefits of purchasing a. Let them know that their paper reduction 2. Visit for product listings. Use the Savings ENERGY STAR qualified products are 1) reduced energy costs without efforts not only save paper, but also · Practice preventive copier maintenance. Calculators to determine savings opportunities and life cycle compromising quality or performance; 2) reduced air pollution because costs. postage costs (from reduced mail Keep copiers and printers in good repair fewer fossil fuels are burned; 3) significant return on investment; and 4) 3. Coordinate with the appropriate offices within your organization volume), and storage space and make it policy to only buy copiers and extended product life and decreased maintenance to encourage the purchase of identified ENERGY STAR qualified requirements. All these savings add to printers that make reliable double-sided The ENERGY STAR Purchasing Tools help organizations quickly and products. a leaner, more efficient office that copies. Let your copier maintenance easily identify, specify, and procure ENERGY STAR qualified products. 4. Modify procurement language and educate employees. benefits everyone. person know when a copier is performing To help purchasers, the ENERGY STAR Purchasing Tools also list products 5. Communicate your success. poorly (toner is low, jams frequently, etc.). b. Promote a “Think Before You Copy” considered energy-efficient but do not bear the ENERGY STAR. Available Regular copier maintenance is important, Attitude. Workers should be on-line at, the ENERGY STAR Purchasing Tools Michelle Salisbury is a Senior Analyst at the Cadmus Group, an especially if the toner is low. Many times environmental consulting firm based in Watertown MA, which is under encouraged to make sure they really includes many valuable resources: copiers are used until all the toner is gone contract with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to implement need the copies they are making and and promote ENERGY STAR. She can be contacted at 617-673-7153 not to make excess copies. continued on page 15... or
  • 5. 16 5 Texas School Energy WEATHERIZATION Saving Energy In Your Home By: Karl E. Dreher Volume 3 Number 1 The efforts of Watt Watchers have been l protection equipment. The points of delivery hoo geared to save money for the schools through TEXAS NEWS include the registers and return air grills. Here Sc reduced electricity use, and you’ve all the losses can occur between the ducting and participated with a benevolent spirit, working the registers or grills, back into the wall. Foam in unison for the general good. So, hey, you ENERGY MANAGER type weather stripping or caulk can stop these deserve a shot at saving some of your own losses. Now we’ve closed our hypothetical money! Putting some bucks in your own bank window over two-thirds of the way. while you lessen energy use, reduce pollution, act as stewards, save the planet for the next Next in line is the fireplace. That generation, yadda, yadda, yadda. This will, of surprises most of us. We think that our Now Incorporated into Watts News course, require some one-time effort, often fireplace provides a warm and cozy called work, on your home. (Not to be confused atmosphere while supplying extra heat, but, with homework, which lasts forever and is an according to the Iowa Energy Center, “...most obvious plot by adults to mess up your entire fireplaces operate at a total efficiency of -10% SAVINGS PLAN social life.) So, let’s get ready to reduce and to + 10%. In other words, some fireplaces lose psyched to save. School district plant manager Chuck Thomas has had a big impact in only a year on the quality caulk, but larger openings, like electric 10% more heat than they give.” See their web service entrance, may require other materials page, referenced below, for ways to improve job. The trained engineer trimmed $4 million from the district’s utility expenses. This is a good time to remind all our like insulation or expanding foam. Figure 2 the efficiency of your fireplace. Now our readers that conservation does not mean shows some of the areas you will want to seal. hypothetical window is over 80% closed.By: L. LAMOR WILLIAMS deprivation or discomfort. Conservation simply With this accomplished, we’ve closed theThu, 13 Feb 2003 means that we utilize our resources in a more hypothetical window one-third of the way. Next in line is plumbing penetrations.Star-Telegram Staff Writer efficient manner, or meet our needs with less The problem here is that they are generally energy usage. In the case of weatherization, “We don’t want to give them too much leeway and have them difficult to access, like under sinks and behind ARLINGTON—Like an energy-efficiency detective, Chuck we are primarily reducing air leakage. In most running the bill up,” he said, joking. toilets. But, if you can do the attic thing, youThomas is always searching for ways to cut utility costs. cases, heating and cooling your home is the Huston also schedules hours of operation for air-conditioning can do this. Besides, you’re almost finished. After a year with the 10th-largest public school system in the largest utility expense, but can be reduced by and heating systems. The complex system allows him to heat or cool We are closing the hypothetical window evenstate, he’s already shaved $4 million from the Arlington district’s energy 10 to 40%. That can be a lot of savings! This only one part of a building, such as a gymnasium for games or activities. more.bill. Soda machines are no longer lighted. Maintenance crews take article is not intended to teach you all you needone trip instead of two to make repairs. More than 25,000 computers The maintenance crew chipped in by restoring and then to know to weatherize your home, but will give converting old half-size buses into mobile workshops to cut down on Next are the fans and vents. Approachand other pieces of equipment in the district’s 73 buildings and other you some basic information and good sources the number of trips necessary for service calls. This year, Thomas said, these like the registers in the ducting system.facilities are turned off after hours. for instructions and product recommendations. he hopes to add a few full-size buses to the fleet for a total of eight. The goal is to prevent unwanted leakage Last year, the district’s total utility bill was $8.1 million, compared The supplies you will need can be purchased The savings have been astounding. In 2001, the fleet of about around the device, so seal between the wall orwith $12.1 million for 2001, according to district reports. at your local hardware store or home supply 100 service vehicles logged 1 million miles, completing 34,000 work ceiling and the device. Ensure that the vent’s “He has experience and expertise that none of the rest of us center. orders, Thomas said. Last year, it logged 488,567 miles for 40,000 damper is working properly, and that there arehave,” Superintendent Mac Bernd said of Thomas. “He sees things work orders. no obstructions in the exhaust path. Now ourwe might not think of.” Understanding the problem gives us a Gasoline bills plummeted from 142,000 gallons of diesel fuel The combination of windows and doors hypothetical window is 98% closed (watch your No amount of savings is irrelevant, said Thomas, a trained good start on solving the problem, so let’s start consumed in 2001 to 69,795 gallons in 2002, he said. make up another 21% of the leaks. These fingers).engineer who most recently worked for the Richardson school district. with the source of leaks, or infiltration, as the “The trucks only get about 7 miles per gallon in town,” he said will require some sort of weather stripping asThis year, he’s aiming for more savings and is looking at whether professionals call it. The graph below illustrates with a chuckle. described in Figure 3. You should choose a The remaining leakage is arounddifferent light fixtures could be an answer. the source of leaks in the average home. quality product, able to stand up to the electrical outlets and switches. This can be Thomas has not been alone in his efforts. Jeff White heads the L. Lamor Williams, (817) 548-5494 movement of doors and windows. If your blocked with inexpensive foam gasketscustodial department, which has been diligently turning off equipment windows are very leaky or are single pane, installed under the cover plate. So, we’veleft on after hours and making sure to turn on only individual lights you may consider storm windows. In addition stopped 100% of the leaks! Not really, that’sneeded while cleaning. to the rigid, permanent exterior type, there are nearly impossible, but we’ve reached an Joe Huston, an energy management specialist for the district, many inexpensive products, using vinyl tracks infiltration level consistent with air exchangespends much of his day surrounded by five computers that monitor and sheeting, that are installed on the inside requirements for healthy indoor air quality.thermostats in each classroom — they can be adjusted on site by only of the window. Having completed this, ourabout four degrees once a target temperature has been set. hypothetical window is over halfway closed. The references provide additional information on products and processes, and can answer your questions on weatherization. Additionally, they describe a free federal The Energy Toolbox weatherizing program that you, or someone you know, may qualify for. References: FEMP Lights On-line Training DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy The Office of Federal Energy Management Programs is pleased class does not cover special issues for outdoor lighting, retail or Source: Network (EREN) (Figures 1-3) consumerinfo/energy_savers/insulatinbody/to offer its lighting efficiency training course over the Internet, as a web- residential lighting. The course complements other FEMP workshops htmlbased distance learning class. It has received rave reviews for both by stressing the impact of efficient lighting on whole building energy DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energyconvenience and high quality content. Course materials can be savings, and using life cycle cost analysis. Clearinghouse (EREC) Experts often equate the leakagedownloaded weekly from the class web-site, at work, at home, or Course Timing and Fees losses to leaving a window open year round.anywhere you have access to the Internet. You review the course Course fee $37. Electronic text, which provides excellent Iowa Energy Center We’ll try to close that hypothetical window. Let’smaterials on your own schedule over the nine sections. The lessons references, is the Advanced Lighting Guidelines 2001. It must be Another 15% of the losses are through start with the biggest sources, where our effortsinclude color photographs, and animated illustrations. The instructors downloaded by the student from the New Buildings Institute. Students the ducts. The ducting presents a different residential/homeseries/tightening/ will produce the most results. The first is floors,and students communicate on-line. There are opportunities for are given fifteen weeks to finish course materials, which consists of 36 set of problems, with losses occurring in the Weatherization Assistance Program walls and ceilings, the source of nearly one-questions to the instructors. lessons and nine quizzes. Satisfactory completion of all section quizzes system, and at the points of delivery. w w w. e r e n . d o e . g o v / b u i l d i n g s / third of the total losses. Figure 1 illustrates The Course Focus is necessary for course credit. Course registration is open from March Thoroughly check all the ducting in the attic weatherization_assistance/ some examples of leaks, including light fixtures, The course focuses on managing lighting efficiency retrofits for 3 - April 7, 2003. Course materials must be completed by June 30, and/or basement, both rigid and flexible, for attic entrance, wall top plate penetrations, Karl Dreher is homebuilder with manythe workplace. It is designed for building or facility Energy Managers, 2003. leaks. Losses are most likely to occur at joints electric service penetrations, baseboards, years of experience. He currently worksor anyone who wants to get up-to-speed and up-to-date on lighting For more information please go to the FEMP Lights web site at and connections. Crawling around in the attic around doors and windows, nooks, crannies, at the Energy Center as a Program Coor-efficiency for the workplace. The class addresses workplace lighting, really isn’t much fun, and can be a health etc. These leaks are mostly sealed with a good dinator.including offices, institutional, industrial and warehouse spaces. The hazard. Be sure you wear proper respiratory
  • 6. 6 15 STUDENT ACTIVITY PRESERVE YOUR KIT Utility Bill Organizer The great thing about the Watt of them. Watt Watchers is committed to Watcher program is that it’s flexible! You supporting our current schools because we Grade Level Subjects: can do this program any way you want to as want you to stay active and even expand your 3-8 Math, Science long as you are watching watts. Some energy-saving activities. We are capable schools patrol once a day, some patrol three of and willing to supply as many kits as Lesson Overview: times a day, some patrol five times a day. possible to everyone needing materials. Let Students will learn about the cost of utilities at home. We don’t tell you how many times a day to us know what materials you need and we Students will organize their home utility bills and make a comparison of cost and use. patrol, we just want you to patrol all year. The will do our best to supply them. Watt Watchers program is most beneficial What are some of your options as a Time: to schools if they patrol everyday of the sponsor of the Watt Watcher program? 30 - 50 minutes for initial lesson; 30 minutes per day over a week school year. Some of the materials in the kit are Here’s why consumable and will have to be replaced by Vocabulary: Your school could save $50 per year your school as they are used, like the ticketsTEKS: utility, bill, organize TAKS: for each classroom that turns off its lights and forms. Other materials are meant to beGrade 3 - Math - 3.7(B), 3.14(C), 3.15(A), 3.16(B), 3.17(A); Science - 3.1(A,B), 3.2(A,B,C,D,E) Grade 3 - Math Obj.2,5,6; Science - Obj.1 for two hours per day for one school year. It’s able to correlate the Watt Watcher Program to permanent parts of your kit, these areGrade 4 - Math - 4.7(B), 4.14(C), 4.15(A); Science - 4.1(A,B), 4.2(A,B,C,D,E) Grade 4 - Math Obj.2,5; Science - Obj.1 true! Each classroom is assumed to have 9 the state curriculum guidelines (TEKS) and the notebooks, lanyards, and name badge holders.Grade 5 - Math - 5.7(B), 5.13(C); Science - 5.1(A,B), 5.2(A,B,C,D,E) Grade 5 - Math Obj.2,5; Science - Obj.1 four-foot light fixtures with four fluorescent tubes state assessment guidelines (TAKS). These Pencils and nametags are items that are oftenGrade 6 -Math - 6.11(A,B), 6.12(A); Science - 6.1(A,B), 6.2(A,B,C,D,E) Grade 6 - Math Obj.6; Science - Obj.1 each (or an equivalent). Such a fixture requires state guidelines require students to learn to given to the participants in the program. WeGrade 7 -Math - 7.11(A,B), 7.13(A); Science - 7.1(A,B),7.2(A,B,C,D,E), 7.4(B) Grade 7 - Math Obj.5,6; Science - Obj.1 192 Watts of electricity (4 tubes at 40 Watts use maps, make charts, analyze graphs, read, are capable of mailing you new nametags andGrade 8 -Math - 8.14(A,B), 8.15(A); Science -8.1(A,B), 8.2(A,B,C,D,E), 8.4(B) Grade 8 - Math Obj.6; Science - Obj.1 each plus 20% for ballasts). The school year make decisions, use problem solving skills pencils when needed. For participants in the is assumed to last 180 days. Electricity is and many more useful tools. If you don’t have program, we also have a certificate ofOne of the last things on our minds is energy. We use it for everything and could not make it through a single day without it. But we rarely assumed to cost $0.08 (8 cents) per kilowatt a copy of these correlations check out our web appreciation.even think about how much we use or what kinds of energy or the cost and certainly not the pollution consequences. The place to start is by hour (kWh). Two hours per day was chosen site. You can download the list of TEKS and It is impractical for Watt Watchers toadding up our own household energy use and comparing it to the national average. based on a teacher leaving the classroom at TAKS objectives that are used while supply your program with the consumable lunch for one hour and one other hour during participating in Watt Watcher patrols at http:// supplies, like forms, that are needed to keepYour parents pay the bills but it is highly unlikely that they know how much energy we use or how much it costs, and certainly don’t know how the day (for example, preparation period, the program active. A complete set of originalsthey compare to other U.S. households. You can make a tool to help them find out about your family energy use. recess, the first hour after school.) The money For_Teachers.htm. is included in the Watt Watchers manual. Feel that is saved from turning off the lights can be Preserving your Kit free to reproduce these as needed. Forms areA simple utility bill organizer will help them collect electric, natural gas and water bills in one convenient spot. You can help them by charting used for a variety of things – school supplies, Preserving your kit is a very important available to download from our web site at http:/your family’s monthly use and cost for electricity, natural gas and water. new equipment; we have even known schools aspect of doing WW year round in your school. / to get new playgrounds with their energy Kits get worn or misplaced if you don’t take Downloads.htm.“Household and transportation energy costs are over $2,500 per year for an average American family. savings. the necessary care needed. A Watt Watchers The permanent parts of your kit are The savings that your school will receive kit contains: notebooks, lanyards, name tags, meant to be used year after year. NotebooksThe average American family spent $1,338 on household energy in 1997 or $111.50 per month. is not the only reason why we should pencils, sample tickets, forms, and manual, and lanyards are expensive to supply. Please participate in WW all year. Students enjoy which are all essential parts of a successful try to hold on to these items, they can not beThe average American family spent $1,234 for vehicle fuel expenditures per household in 1994 for an average of 572 gallons of gasoline being able to teach teachers, since the program. The idea behind providing each replaced every year.per vehicle.” students are the ones on patrol they are the school with a complete kit is to make it easy If you move to a new school we hope ones giving out reminders for teachers and to get the program active on your school’s that you will leave your Watt Watchers kit behind administrators to turn off the lights. The campus. with a new sponsor. Please enroll your newMaterials: students take on the responsibility of making Many sponsors wonder what they school, and we will be glad to send you a new8.5 x 14” cardstock the entire student body, teachers and should do with their kit from year to year. Can kit.Graph paper or charts for recording energy use and cost administrators more aware of energy use. Watt Watchers send a new kit every year? If If you have any questions about thisArtwork or photos for collage Here’s how we could we would send new kits out year after information or anything concerning your Watt Watchers staff has done some year, however, that is not cost-effective. Our program, please contact us at 1-888-Instructions: research on how our program works with the overall mission is to have Watt Watchers active USWATTS or by email at lower portion of sheet up to form a pocket for bills. Glue or staple on sides. Put drawings, cut - out colored pictures or a photo collage Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) on every campus in the State of Texas, all 7,500on the pocket front. and Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). With that research we wereThe area above the pocket can have directions and facts pasted to it with artwork around the edges. A hole punched at the top in the centerwill provide a way to hang the UBO from a hook inside the cabinet door. Alternatively, it could be attached to the refrigerator with magnets. Paper Waste Reduction ProgramThe back of the UBO can be used to attach three pieces of graph paper to allow charting monthly use and costs for electricity, natural gas continued from page 4...and water. Encourage the students to do this with their parents. and that wears down machines. A copier software guidebook if you are unsure of that works well is less likely to jam and this The importance of programs how to print selected document pages; and like this one is that it makes Examples of Charts to use on back of helps save paper; Utility Bill Organizer · Print envelopes without labels. Save the you, your teachers and · Set computer defaults to print double- cost of buying mailing labels and eliminate administrators more efficient Electricity cost per kWh kWh used N atural Gas co st p er ccf ccf u sed co st p er gallons sided. Set up computer software for default the waste associated with those labels by and more environmentally Water gallon u sed two-sided printing including word printing addresses directly on envelopes. conscious. You will be January January January processing, spreadsheets, electronic mail, Most printers can easily print directly on a tomorrow’s teachers, February February and others; variety of envelopes. Educate employees engineers, lawyers, doctors, February March March on this printer function and keep scientists and any other · Preview Documents before Printing. March instructions posted. Printing addresses professional that you can think of. You are the Apri l Apri l Proofread documents on screen before Apri l directly on envelopes also maintains the future, and the future will hopefully lead to a printing. Don’t forget to use the speller/ May May May recyclability of those envelopes, unlike healthier, cleaner, more resource efficient grammar function to detect errors; June June “sticky” labels, which are a paper recycling planet. You can begin ensuring this future by June establishing a comprehensive paper waste · Print only the pages you need. You just got contaminant. July July reduction program in your school. The July back that 20-page report you wrote and August August August These are only a few suggestions that you and knowledge that you acquire through this there are changes to make on pages 2, 3, September your green team should consider when program may be passed on to kids younger September September 4, 7, and 15. After making the changes, do developing your program. But there are many than you. So, take a change and be brave, October October you print out the whole document? If yes, October more that you can include in your program. begin a paper waste reduction program in your consider instead printing only the pages November November November Give it a shot; try to think of more options. I’m school today and help this world become a you need. Most software programs provide D ecember sure you can think of at least five more. better place to live. D ecember D ecember this option under the print function. Consult Total Total Total your information management staff or your
  • 7. 14 7 EARTH DAY 2003 WEST COAST WATCHERS continued from page 1...By: Amy Tingley Tellers, plus LIVE entertainment. Admission to Earth Day 22 April, 2003 the festival and most of the activities is free of One of the greatest supporters of the Watt Watchers of America program is, without conservation stories, the REAP web site, the REAP Newsletter, and custom-made post-it For Earth Day 2003 Salem Keizer Public Schools has teamed-up with its local Earth Day 2003. What are your plans?The well-known adage “You can’t teach an old Who says you can’t change charge. Located at: Sterling Ridge Village a doubt, Salem Keizer Public Schools in thank you and reminder tickets. Kat also visits transit authority, Cherriots, to promote Car-dog a new trick” is relatively true; the the world? Center Kuykendahl & Woodlands Parkway Salem, OR. Watt Watchers received a call the schools on a regular basis to help in more from Kathleen (Kat) Hill, utilities conservation ways than anyone can imagine. Free Day. It is a contest among the middle and high schools to get as many riders on theimportance of Earth Day needs to be taught For more information visit http://at an early age. The concept behind Earth specialist for the Salem Keizer Public Schools The REAP Web site features different public transportation system as possible. www.thewoodlandsgreen.orgDay and making a positive impact on our vitalBBQ Championship, a kids’ carnival, and around a year ago. Since then, Kat and her Watt Watchers schools with pictures of Cherriots is providing free transportation onearth is a mind set. Not many people have pledge walk to support Austin parks. energy savings partner David Furr, the utilities students preparing for watt patrols, patrolling Earth Day on all buses. Each rider will turn in Texas Parks and Wildlife Earth Daythe inherent passion to care for our natural Parks throughout Austin on Saturday coordinator for the school system, are the school and handing out tickets. slips for the school they support and the schools events:resources. It is the duty of those who are morning, April 26th and then at Auditorium invaluable in our endeavor to make Watt The REAP Newsletter features with the greatest numbers will receive $1,500 April 19, 2003 - Brazos Bend State Park -already devoted to making a difference to Shores on Town Lake will expect: Watchers a household name throughout the announcements for the Watt Watchers and a band for a dance. Another creative Earth Day Celebration - A full day of family •teach our young ones at this receptive age. If 30,000 total combined attendance at entire United States. program including projects completed by student within the school system is creating a fun all aimed at educating you on what we all all eventswe teach our students how to care for our earth The 2001-2002 projected utility cost for students. Kat highlights one student at “how-to-ride the bus” video. It’s an incredible can do to protect the Earth. We will havetoday — then tomorrow we just might have a • To raise money for APF programs that Salem Keizer Public Schools was Crossler Middle School who may yet be the project and an excellent lesson for students. exhibits, hands-on activities, andcleaner, healthier, and safer place to live. enhance Austin Parks & Recreation programs $4,351,149; but the actual cost was next Steven Spielberg with his humorous, demonstrations from local, state, and national and facilities $4,136,686 for a savings of $214,463. This action-packed video adventure entitled “Watt-Earth Day 2003 celebrations are planned • To provide exciting events for is especially remarkable because their Man.” The video was written, produced, andthroughout our great state of Texas. attendees that create high visibility and schools did not begin the Watt Watchers directed by Jared Stanley with the leading positive associations for Partners. program until the middle of the 2001-2002 character played by Jeremy Sauer. The video Attendance at all park events is FREE school year. is captioned for the hearing impaired. (except the VIP reception). Registration fees P a r r i s h Kat and David work hard for the Salem to participate in races are separate. The kids’ Middle School alone Keizer Public Schools. They have signed on carnival and food & beverage concessions will reduced energy as Energy Star® partners and are working involve ticket sales costs by 13 percent towards benchmarking their schools to For more information on each event for 2002. School determine what each school consumes in El Paso please visit Austin ParksFest’s web site at Principal Mike energy per square foot of space. This is the FREE Event April 26, 2003 Johnson challenged first step in earning an Energy Star® label for Jared Stanley from Crossler Middle School10 AM – 4 PM his staff and students a school. talks with his Watt Watchers sponsorChamizal National Memorial San Antonio to reduce energy Kat and David continue to work with the Trycia Smith. Visit the Keep San Antonio Clean Calendar usage by 20 percent Parrish Middle School Information Technology department toEnergy and Environment exhibits, food and students pose with theirentertainment. for local environmentally friendly events: http:// for 2003. implement the computer monitor power Oregonians Kat Hill, David Furr, and all Watt Watchers sponsorStop by and visit the Watt Watchers! Laurie Baird. management feature on each school’s of the staff and students in Salem Keizer Public conservation and environmental groups. WeA project of the El Paso Solar Energy compatible computer monitors. To put it Schools do so much for our Earth, their will also be offering guided nature hikes,Association Dallas With support from Kat and the simply, the power management feature community and for Watt Watchers. They really educational programs, historical interpretation,For more information visit: FREE Event April 25, 2003 Resource Efficiency Action Program (REAP), consists of putting each monitor into sleep are a true example of why Watt Watchers of and games. Please check our Web page for 11 a.m. – 4p.m. the schools throughout her district are taking mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. Each Texas believes that “Every school should be a more details at or call. (979) 1500 Main Street Watt Watchers to very creative levels. Kat monitor that is put to sleep will save the schools Watt Watchers school.” 553-5101. Houston Dallas, TX 75202 provides schools with her creative energy approximately $20 per year. brazos/brazos.htm FREE Event April 19, 2003 Earth Fest: Free public festival10 AM - 6 PM combines environmental exhibits, live music April 26, 2003 - Colorado Bend State Park -Rice University and giveaways For more information visit: Earth Day Celebration - Take a self-guided The King With the Terrible Temper (Revised) A day of education, celebration, and 1-1/2-mile scenic, round trip tour to spectacularaction, Houston Earth Day 2003 is designed Gorman Falls, a 65-foot waterfall in a beautiful (Begin by introducing characters: would get a break, she would go to the moat to dragon (AAAHHHHHFFF), began running fasterto bring the local community together to Hill Country setting. See Gorman Cave in a King – GRR relax in the water, but there was less and less on the treadmill to make more electricity.encourage understanding of and participation The Woodlands water each day because the eldest prince walking wild cave tour (children must be at Eldest Prince – Bloopin local and global environmental issues. And FREE Event April 5, 2003 Middle Prince – SSSHHH (BLOOP, BLOOP, BLOOP) was wasting so Princess Conserva (A-HA!) said, “I do not want least 6 years old); bring flashlight and goodsince no one should be excluded from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Youngest Prince – Click much of it. to marry your eldest son (BLOOP, BLOOP, hiking footwear. Hike to Gorman Springs, acelebrating Earth Day, parking and admission Earth Day in The Woodlands – Water for life; Offalot – AAHHFF BLOOP) he wastes too much water. I do not want beautiful area of the park open to the publicare free to the public. preserving our freshwater resources Princess Conserva – A-HA! One cold winter day along came beautiful to marry your middle son (HISSSSSSS) he only twice a year, on this self-guided tour. See The focus of the day will be See, do, learn! Many of the 50+ booths Volts-wagon – Steering Motion) Princess Conserva (A-HA!) driving her solar- wastes heat. I do not want to marry your youngest fly fishing demonstrations or try your hand at powered Volts-wagon (STEERING MOTION). son (CLICK, CLICK, CLICK). He wastesenvironmental information and activities will showcase water, among them The Flower rope climbing. 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.; fees Gorman There once was a King with a terrible temper. The beautiful Princess walked up to the King with electricity. I would like a friend for when I amprovided by numerous non-profit groups from Garden National Marine Sanctuary, and a Frog Falls tour $3 adults, $2 children 6-12, free (GRRR) He lived in a drafty castle with his 3 the terrible temper (GRRR) and said, “I have traveling so I would like your dragon, Offalotthe Houston area. On the lighter side, the event Jumping preview. Exchange a Mercury fever children 5 and under; Gorman Cave tour $10 wasteful sons and one over-worked dragon come in search of a husband.” (AAHHHHHFFF).”will include performances from local thermometer, SHOP the Buy Recycled per person, reservations recommended. (915) named Offalot (AAAHHHFFF).musicians, dance troupes, and comedians as Boutique, have a ball in the Ecology Carnival, 628-3240. First the King with the terrible temper (GRR) This angered the King with the terrible temperwell as festival food and drinks. climb the rock wall, paddle a kayak, discover called his eldest son (BLOOP, BLOOP, BLOOP) (GRRRRR). You cannot have our dragon for a colorado/colorado.htm His eldest son liked to use lots of water (BLOOP, Houston Earth Day will also be energy-saving technologies, explore the BLOOP, BLOOP). He would take long showers into the throne room. He entered the room traveling companion.collecting old eye glasses, batteries, cell diversity of nature, be captivated by the Tipi or let the water run while he brushed his teeth or dripping wet from one of his long showers. “I April 26, 2003 - Lake Texana State Park -phones, inkjet cartridges, and computers (no Earth Day - Celebrate with us as we present washed the dishes. just ran out of water!” he shouted as he entered Just then, Princess Conserva (A-HA!) seized themonitors or printers, please) for local reuse and the room. Offalot (AAAHHHHFFF) looked sadly dragon, Offalot, (AAAHHHHHHFFF) rushed out nature programs throughout the day and plant His middle son (SSHHH) liked to use lots of heat. out the window at the moat which had run dry. the door, and jumped in the Volts-wagonrecycling programs. So bring them to the trees. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. (361) 782-5718. http:// He would wear shorts in the winter and turn up (STEERING MOTION) and sped off.festival and help out your community. w w w. t p w d . s ta t e . t x . u s / pa r k / l a k e t e x a / the heat, or he would leave doors and windows Then, the King with the terrible temper (GRR)For more information on this event in Houston, laketexa.htm open while the heat was running. summoned his second son (SSSHHH) to the The King with the terrible temper (GRR) orderedTexas, please visit their web site at: http:// throne room. He came into the throne room the princes to follow, but the eldest son (BLOOP, April 27 , 2003 - Bright Leaf State Nature His youngest son (CLICK, CLICK, CLICK) liked wearing shorts, flip-flops, and a tank top. “Can’t BLOOP, BLOOP) was turning on faucets trying Area - Earth Day Open House - Celebrate to use lots of electricity. He would leave the lights someone turn up the heat? Hey, you, dragon, to get water, the middle son (SSHHH) was Austin Earth Day with us. 2-5 p.m., (512) 459-7269 on when he left the room and he would leave his make more fire.” Offalot the dragon shivering in a corner since there was no heat, FREE Event April 26-27, 2003 or (512) 323-0544. (512) 243-1643. computer and radio on even when he wasn’t (AAAHHHHHFFF) breathed harder to make more and the youngest son (CLICK, CLICK, CLICK)Austin Parks Foundation’s Signature Summer using them. fire. was staring at his dark computer screenStarter Event If you are unable to find an appropriate wondering what to do next. Second Annual Austin ParksFest; a Now this castle was powered by Offalot, a very Finally, the King with the terrible temper (GRR) celebration in your area or if you are just simply sweet, but over-worked dragon. called for his youngest son (CLICK, CLICK, Princess Conserva (A-HA!) and Offalottwo-day festival featuring the city-wide “It’s My not able to attend one of the local Earth Day (AAAHHHHHFFF) Offalot would have to breathe CLICK). You could hear his stereo and Nintendo (AAAAHHHHFFF) rode off in the Volts-wagonPark” volunteer service day, Earth Day Expo, functions, try engaging your students in an fire to heat the castle, and run on a treadmill to still playing in the distance. He turned on all the (STEERING MOTION) and lived happily evermusic concerts, athletic events, the Texas earth-conscious activity. Examples are listed generate electricity for the castle. When she lights in the room when he arrived. Offalot the after. on our web site at ©Kathleen Hill 2001
  • 8. 8 13 ENERGY EDUCATION CLASSROOM IDEASIn Texas we celebrate Energy Education 4. Cut out your windmill and copy your list Tricky Energy Trios Energy from the SunMonth in March. WW decided we should give of facts inside of it. Directions:you a little help in planning projects and 5. Display your windmill of facts. Your 1. Decorate a shoe box in the theme of What are some of the ways we use the sun’sactivities for the month. Below we have listed classmates will enjoy reading the facts energy. Illustrate the box yourself or find an energy? Now it is possible to have: Solar and think how much everyone, includingsome great project ideas, books, resources, cut out magazine pictures related to energy, Cookers, Solar Furnaces, Solar Motors, Solar yourself, will learn!etc to assist you throughout the month. If you such as pictures of electrical appliances. Carsteach your energy lesson at a different time Energy Notes Place the title “Energy” on the outside coverof the year save these great activities for your of your box. What will you do?energy unit - the kids will love them! Ready for some fun? Then design your own 2. Make a list of 12 facts about energy 1. Select one of the topics or choose Watt Watchers of Texas Energy Note to paste on your notebook, glue using your science textbooks and one of your own concerning energy from the on your bicycle or display in your room. encyclopedias. sun. Infinite Power of Texas Projects: 3. Write each fact on an index card; 2. Use encyclopedias, science books What will you need? only one fact per card. Number each card. and the internet to gather information about Books: Aurora - Aurora is an educational web site that 1. Construction paper 4. Make up three facts that are not your topic, and study the pictures to give you focuses on how renewable energy 2. crayons, colored pencils, markers correct. For example: Abraham Lincoln ideas. Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Books – technologies work. Recommended for 3. scissors discovered electricity while flying a kite. (not 3. Make a model showing how your Electricity teachers and high school students. true) It was Benjamin Franklin solar invention works. Label the important Discover the story of electricity – from the What will you do? 5. Place all 15 cards in your decorated parts and write a brief explanation of how it earliest discoveries to the technology that has Energy Quest - California Energy Office. The 1. Write a “catchy” slogan about energy box. Place an envelope inside with the works. transformed our lives. web site provides energy information and conservation. numbers of the three incorrect cards. 4. Place your model and report on the ISBN 0-7894-5577-3 activities for teachers and students.Make Conservation Recommendations Example: 6. Now let your classmates read all of display for others to share. Another Clever Calvin Book from Barron’s Don’t dim the world – turn off the lights! the facts and try to guess which three are – Where does electricity come from? Ecovision - This Environmental BroadcastBased on their analysis and evaluations, Save gas – ride a bike! not correct. Then they can open the Other activities: ISBN 081204835 Network contains information and concernsstudents choose which conservation 2. Cut out a note any size or shape you envelope for the numbers of the three Plan a lesson for your class. Give an oral report Energy Activity Pack – includes research about our environment and is aimed formeasures they will recommend and plan how wish. Write your slogan neatly inside your incorrect cards and check their own work. and use your model to help you demonstrate. activities, creative writing ideas, math students in grades make a convincing presentation. patch. Cut Energy Use problems, art activities and much more. http://www.ecovision.orgPresentation displays will highlight the long- 3. Now illustrate your patch and color it This activity introduces students to common ISBN 0-86703-018-6 4E’s Connections Newsletter - Floridarange benefits of the energy saving ideas. with pencils, crayons, or markers. reasons for energy waste and basic Environmental Action -Energy Energy & Environmental Alliance, Institute of conservation measures. Conservation – Teacher resource guide. Science and Public Affairs. This quarterlyObjectives Other activities: Challenge students to investigate newsletter, available to non-Florida residentsAfter completing this activity, students will be Instead of an Energy note, make a bumper Objectives environmental issues and to actively contribute by internet, is published to provide timelyable to sticker for your family car or a door hanger for After completing this activity, students will be their ideas, time, and energy toward creating information on energy, environment, • Choose conservation your front door. able to solutions at the local level – in their schools, economics and education. It is an excellent recommendations that will be “The day the power failed” homes, and communities. information resource for teachers. effective and feasible in the school • Explain reasons for energy waste • Identify equipment, systems, and areas ISBN 0-201-49528-7 setting. We use electricity so much that we don’t even Where does electricity come from? Usborne The Jason Project - The Jason Project is a • Present their conservation think about how important it is to our lives. Measure Energy Use that might benefit from conservation measures Starting Point Science. year-round scientific expedition designed to recommendations in a visual display. But pretend that for 24 hours, all the electrical The simple text, detailed illustrations and lively excite and engage students in science andPrepare power in the entire world stopped. Students learn to read gas an electric meters and utility bills to measure energy use and Prepare cartoons combine to answer the question of technology and to motivate and provideBefore students decide on which Directions: each title in clear, step by step stages. professional development for teachers.recommendations to make to the class, meet 1. Make a list of all the things that you can compare energy use over time. Energy is wasted in three general ways: energy loss when, for example, heated or cooled air ISBN 0-7460-0358-7 www.jasonproject.orgwith each action group to review their cost think of which would no longer operate. How Benjamin Franklin’s Adventures with Kids’ Page - Office of Transportationand benefit evaluation. Assist groups in would this change your life? Try to include Objectives escapes through cracks around windows; After completing this activity, students will be human behavior, such as leaving lights on in Electricity by Beverley Birch and Robin Bell Technologies, U.S. Department of Energy. Thisassessing their analyses as needed. Remind things that would be different at your home, at Corfield. This is the true story of one man – webpage is meant for younger students whostudents to keep long term effects and school, in the city, in the department stores, able to empty rooms; inefficient or poorly maintained · Measure energy use by reading gas equipment. In this activity, students are his curiosity, and the discoveries he made want to have fun learning about alternative fuelmaintenance in mind as they consider each and other places important in your life. because of it. cars and helping the environment.idea. Students may be looking for a solution 2. Here are a few to get you going… and electric meters introduced to these conservation measures. · Calculate energy costs ISBN 0-8120-9790-4 is ideal in every aspect. Reiterate that Traffic lights would go off Discovering Electricity – written by Rae Kids’ Stuff - Energy Efficiency and Renewablethere are bound to be trade-offs for every Refrigerators would go off, food would spoil, · Read utility bills to compare energy Download the remainder of this activity from use over time or call 1-888- Bains and illustrated by Joel Snyder Energy Network (EREN). This web siteidea, and they must be considered as part of Video games would go off ISBN – 0-89375-565-6 provides a list of various websites that addressthe whole picture. 3. Now, write a story using all the items Prepare USWATTS to obtain a printed copy. Arrange for a school maintenance staff What makes everything go? An Energy energy education. you listed and call your story: “The day the Energy Collage Primer by Michael Elsohn Ross tabletop and bulletin board space so Power Failed” member to show students the gas and electric meters after they complete this activity. In Here’s a light-hearted introduction to important Roofus’s Solar and Efficientthat groups can set up their displays in the Remember – it is important to conserve What Will You Need? energy concepts for children ages 5 and up. Neighborhood - Energy Efficiency andclassroom energy so that we don’t have to find out what looking at the meters, point out how the dials 1. lots of magazines to find pictures are read (the dials in this activity are read from ISBN 0-939666-19-7 Renewable Energy Network (EREN). Roofus it is like “The day the Power Failed.” related to energy Young Discoverers – Energy and Power – leads kids on a virtual tour of his energy-efficientDownload the remainder of this activity from My Life as a Light Bulb left to right). 2. a large piece of cardboard or very stiff Environmental Facts and Experiments house to learn about renewable energy and or call 1-888- paper This book looks at energy and power and energy efficiency. Recommended for gradesUSWATTS to obtain a printed copy. Use your imagination and write about your life Request copies of the school utility bills from 3. scissors and glue the administrative office or district energy explains how we are damaging our 1 to 4. as if you were a light bulb…You might begin by 4. your good ideas environment by using too much of it. It Energy from the Wind telling where you area located. Are you in a manager. If the bills do not include compilation of gas or electricity used over time, try to suggests lots of experiments and things to look Renewable Energy, Environmental andDid you know that windmills were believed to store, at a school, or maybe in the home of a What Will You Do? obtain bills covering the past two years to the out for, as well as ways we can help to make Sustainability websites - Nationalhave arrived in Europe during the 1100’s? millionaire? What kind of light bulb are you, a 1. Go through the magazines and cut out current month. Information on the bills will be our world a cleaner and safer place. Renewable Energy Laboratory. This web siteThey were used for many purposes such as Compact Fluorescent, incandescent or pictures about energy. Also look for used in a supervised activity; they will not be ISBN0-7534-5502-1 lists sites providing information aboutgrinding grain and operating water pumps. halogen? words from ads that “fit” with your copied and taken home. Explain to students Power UP! 20 Thematic Science renewable energy and sustainability.Directions: energy theme. that information on the bills is confidential and Experiments for Home and School 1. Use your science books, What do you see humans doing from your place 2. Overlap your pictures and words and for class use only. If the bills are unavailable Investigates questions like: How can the wwwed.html encyclopedias, and other science up there on the ceiling, or nestled in a lamp? then glue them on the cardboard so or cannot be obtained, ask volunteers to bring energy in a peanut be used to heat a container The Solar Cooking Archive - The site materials to find information about that it’s all covered. bills from home, and remove the names and of water? contains information and resources about solar windmills. When your story is finished draw a large light 3. Display your collage in your addresses to protect the family privacy cooking. 2. List your facts on a sheet of scratch bulb on a sheet of yellow paper – the bigger the classroom. Project Ideas came from: paper. You should have at least ten better. Cut out the light bulb and copy your story Energy Activity Pack by Opportunities for Download the remainder of this activity from The Sun’s Joules - Center for Renewable facts you think are really interesting. neatly inside. Other Activities: Make a collage about Learning, Inc. ISBN 0-86703-017-8 or call 1-888- Energy and Sustainable Technology. 3. When your list is complete, draw a electricity or about appliances that use this Environmental Action - Energy Conser- USWATTS to obtain a printed copy of this Multimedia encyclopedia on renewable energy, large picture of a windmill using Display your story and have your classmates energy form. Or, make one about atomic, vation Student Edition ISBN 0-201-49529-5 activity. appropriate for middle school students to adult. pictures in your books to help you. read about your life as a light bulb. muscular, or chemical energy forms. http://