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Solar Energy Intelligence

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Solar Energy Intelligence

  1. 1. How stupid are Americans?Why are they fooled by their governments energy policy~Per the Sustainable Industries Journal:The Pentagon has blocked the construction of 16 Wind Energy sites in theUSA.The military claims the Wind Farms are a threat to national security.Maybe the Wind Farms are a threat to Big Oil and Big Coal?------------Are Americans Stupid?IS THIS YOUR ENERGY POLICY?(from United States of America - copy of american professors newspaper letter to the public)OUR LOVE AFFAIR WITH THE AUTOMOBILEWeve been depending on the internal combustion engine (ICE) for more than 100 years and over allthat time the efficiency of the ICE has climbed to just under 15%. The remaining 85% is waste heat,unfired combustibles.YOUR PERSONAL COST?For every $10 bill you put in your gas tank, $8.50 is wasted. Its not that 85% of that gasoline didntproduce anything, it means that only 15% was used to turn the wheels. The 85% produced wasteheat, unburned chemicals.THE HIDDEN STICKER COST?Were addicted. And an addict will do most anything to satisfy their addiction. Money will be found,people might get hurt, and well make deals with anyone to get what we want. We depend on foreignimports for over 50% of our oil. If this sounds familiar its because its the same scenario thatpreceded the Energy Crisis more than 20 years ago.THE ENERGY CRISIS WAS A SET UPOur trusted trading partners (the dealers) flooded the market with cheap gasoline (the drug) and we(the addicts) of course just started using more. Then they cut the supply and raised prices. The cost tothe nation was incredible. The cost to Detroit and the Big 3 was even worse. Suddenly, there was amarket for smaller, high mileage cars and Japan was there to take that market.D J VU IN 1999?
  2. 2. Were importing about the same, still making deals with anyone, the drug is cheaper than its everbeen (adjusted for inflation), were using more (SUVs), and driving more than ever. Its obvious wedont have a clue.DONT GET CAUGHT BETWEEN AN ADDICT AND HIS DRUG!Saddam Hussien was a dealer. We knew he was unstable and couldnt be trusted, but he was OURdealer. We depended on him. Things you normally wouldnt even think about doing arent anobstacle when youre addicted.When Saddam moved in on Kuwait (another dealer) our supply was threatened. It was war. Ouraddiction is so strong we are willing to send our own children to war for gasoline.Most drug addicts wouldnt go that far but for us its a logical step. We were willing to use up naturalresources regardless of the consequences. We were willing to pollute the air, the land and the water.Our kids can see their air.As kids we dreamed of the day wed get our drivers license. The fact that were willing to sacrificelives for gasoline is unthinkable, but that is our policy and what it says about our values is worse. Wepay more for a gallon of coke, than a gallon of gasoline. Or do we?THE PRICE AT THE PUMPThe cost of gasoline at the pump includes a tax which is meant for infrastructure.COSTS NOT INCLUDED AT THE PUMPValue of clean air?Value of clean rivers, lakes, ponds, drinking water?Value of Natural Resources?Value of quality of life?Cost of military defense of our oil ?USER PAYSThe cost of our military defense of our oil is a tangible amount. Its estimated that if that cost wereincluded, the price of oil from the Middle East would be $100 per barrel. The cost at the pump wouldbe at least $3 per gallon. Instead of including that cost in taxes at the pump, its being paid by everytaxpayer regardless of whether they drive or not or how many miles they drive. Instead of a taxpolicy that promotes efficiency, we build the best highway system in the world but not the bestschools. Our tax code allows corporations such as Exxon a tax deduction for the cost to clean up theoil spill from the Valdez.The CAFE standards were introduced to increase automobile efficiency but due to industry lobbyingthese standards have been frozen for the past 5 years and Congress just did it again in 1999.LET THE MARKET DICTATE COSTThis can only happen when the true cost of gasoline is levied at the pump. This is also known as atax shift and in this case well pay those taxes at the pump and not from payroll deductions.
  3. 3. The increase in the cost of gas would raise demand for high mileage (energy efficient) automobiles.Manufacturers, using currently available technology can and would build cars whose efficiencywould eliminate the need to import oil. This would go a long way toward eliminating our tradeimbalance as well as eliminating national security risks due to our dependence on foriegn imports.In the end, the environment is improved. Although weve grown up believing that its everyAmericans God given right to drive an automobile, the truth is that everyone has the right to breatheclean air.NUCLEAR ENERGYIt doesnt make any sense that this issue is even being debated. What was sold to the taxpayer was thepromise of energy so cheap it you couldnt even meter it. What we have instead is the mostexpensive electricity, without including the cost for decommissioning or the unknown cost of nuclearwaste.OPERATING COSTSThese of course are passed on to you but be aware that you also contributed more than 50 BILLIONdollars for its development.WASTE COSTS - YOURSHeres the Nuclear Waste policy: Remove nuclear waste from nuclear plants all over the country andtransport it through most every state, within 1/2 mile of more than 50 million citizens and store itanywhere we can regardless of what the locals residents have to say.The US Congress is moving ahead with the development of a nuclear waste site in Nevada over theobjections of not only the citizens of Nevada but their Senators and Representatives as well. Theproject will also violate EPA regulations.BENEFIT VERSUS RISKSure we take risks all the time just crossing the street. If your crossing the street to get to work yourrisk of getting hit by a car is low if youre a law abiding pedestrian. You took a small risk andreceived a large benefit .. you made it to work and wont be fired today.The problem with nuclear is we get all the risk and no benefit.By law nuclear waste becomes the property of the US taxpayer. Its your problem now. The nuclearplant will one day be decommissioned, dismantled and also become your property.Do you want the waste? Do the folks that produced that waste want it? If nobody wants it ? dontmake it.WHY MOVE WASTE?A nuclear plant is a nuclear waste dump. Why create another and then take the risk of moving it allover the country?CONCLUSION:
  4. 4. Why be foolish and reckless like the Americans? You can choose an intelligent andresponsible energy policy using sustainable technology. Sustainable technology createslong term economic growth with more jobs, a clean environment and healthypeople.Are you going to follow the ignorant Americans?Who Killed the Electric Car?http://www.whokilledtheelectriccar.com CLIMATE CHAOSand the DESTRUCTION of the POOR SOLARhttp://votesolar.orghttp://seia.orghttp://ases.orghttp://lcv.orgBlack Box Votinghttp://blackboxvoting.orgAlabama Conservation Votershttp://conservationalabama.orgAlaska Conservation Votershttp://acvoters.orgArizona Conservation Votershttp://azlcv.orgCalifornia Conservation Votershttp://www.ecovote.orgColorado Conservation Votershttp://coloradoconservationvoters.orgConnecticut Conservation Voters
  5. 5. http://ctlcv.orgFlorida Conservation Votershttp://www.flvotegreen.orgGeorgia Conservation Votershttp://gavoters.comIdaho Conservation Votershttp://conservationvotersforidaho.orgMaine Conservation Votershttp://mlcv.orgMaryland Conservation Votershttp://mdlcv.orgMassachusetts Conservation Votershttp://mlev.orgMichigan Conservation Votershttp://michiganlcv.orgMinnesota Conservation Votershttp://conservationminnesota.orghttp://mnvotercenter.orghttp://mncandidates.orgMissouri Conservation Votershttp://movotesconservation.orgMontana Conservation Votershttp://www.mtvoters.orgNebraska Conservation Votershttp://nlcv.orgNew Jersey Conservation Votershttp://njlcv.orgNevada Conservation Votershttp://nvgreenvote.orgNew Hampshire Conservation Voters
  6. 6. New Mexico Conservation Votershttp://cvnm.orgNew York Conservation Votershttp://nylcv.orgNorth Carolina Conservation Votershttp://nclcv.orgOhio Conservation Votershttp://www.ohiolcv.orgOregon Conservation Votershttp://olcv.orgPennsylvania Conservation Votershttp://www.conservationpa.orgSouth Carolina Conservation Votershttp://conservationvotersofsc.orgTennessee Conservation Votershttp://tnconservationvoters.orgTexas Conservation Votershttp://www.tlcv.orgVermont Conservation Votershttp://www.vlcv.orgVirginia Conservation Votershttp://valcv.orgWashington Conservation Votershttp://wcvoters.orgWisconsin Conservation Votershttp://www.conservationvoters.orgWyoming Conservation Voters Autos LInks and Veggie Autos
  7. 7. TAX CREDITShttp://dsireusa.orgSolar Energy Groups in Your Statehttp://solarstate.livejournal.comhttp://solarevent7.livejournal.com Today Magazinehttp://solartoday.orgHome Power Magazinehttp://homepower.comSolar Industry Magazinehttp://solarindustrymag.comGlobal Solar Technology Magazinehttp://globalsolartechnology.comSolar Progress Journal, Australian Solar Energy Society Energy Traininghttp://solarenergy.orgSolar Stirling Enginehttp://stirlingenergy.com Thermal Energy Solar Technologyhttp://raw-solar.comhttp://stginternational.orgSolar Panelshttp://www.firstsolar.com
  8. 8. http://evergreensolar.comhttp://solenergy.orghttp://energy.sourceguides.comSOLAR Heated SWIMMING POOLS, Spas, Hot Tubs, GREENHOUSES and Buildings http://www.fafco.com http://www.apricus.com http://heliocol.com http://chromagen.biz SWIMMING POOLS, Spas, Hot Tubs and GREENHOUSES with FIREWOOD.Backup your Solar Heating System with Firewood or Geothermal Systems http://swisssolartech.com http://waterfurnace.comhttp://radiantheat.cahttp://radiantsolar.comhttp://radiantcompany.comhttp://radiantsolartech.combook: Solar Hot Water Systems: Lessons Learned 1977 to Today; by Tom Lane heating and cooling ~ Earth Energyhttp://waterfurnace.comhttp://geoexchange.org - Geothermal Home Hybrid SystemsReduce Your Energy Costhttp://swisssolartech.com Energy Expo 2010http://geothermalenergy2010.comEuropean Geothermal Energy Council
  9. 9. http://egec.orgGeoExchangehttp://geoexchange.orgGround Source Heat Pump Design, Energy Information Services, Alabamahttp://geokiss.comSolar Refrigeratorshttp://sunfrost.comSolar AIR CONDITIONINGhttp://southwest-solar.com Solar Lightinghttp://solatube.comWinter Food Production In High Tunnels SOLAR Building HeatingEurope COOLING of Buildings HYDRO Power Generationhttp://microhydropower.com
  10. 10. RAM PUMPShttp://hi-ram.bizhttp://rampumps.com WATER PUMPShttp://www.lorentz.deSolar DESALINATION Energyhttp://vestas.comhttp://israelwindpower.com Power Generation Technology INTO THE FUTURE - Super Energy EfficientIndestructible Homes and BuildingsFire Proof, Earthquake Proof, Hurricane Proof, Tornado Proofhttp://monolithic.comhttp://jctropicalhomes.com Internal Combustion; by Edwin Black Sweet Crude; director: Sandy CioffiSandy Cioffihttp://sweetcrudemovie.com The Tyranny of Oil; by Antonia Juhasz
  11. 11. book: The Teapot Dome Scandal, How Big Oil Bought the Harding White House and Tried to Stealthe Country; by Laton McCartney Looters of the Public Domain; by Stephen A Douglas Puter Plundertown, USA: Coos Bay enters the global economy; by Al Sandine The high priests of waste; by Arthur Ernest Fitzgerald Terrorizing Ourselves: Why U.S. Counterterrorism Policy Is Failing and How to Fix It; byChristopher A. Preble Osama Bin Laden; by Michael F. Scheuer The Power Problem: How American Military Dominance Makes Us Less Safe, LessProsperous and Less Free; by Christopher A. Preble Pentagon Capitalism: The Political Economy of War; by Seymour Melman War on Terror Inc: Corporate Profiteering from the Politics of Fear; by Solomon Hughes The Pentagon Labyrinth; by Winslow T. Wheeler Confessions of an Economic Hit Man; by John Perkins Secret History of the American Empire; by John Perkins It Takes a Pillage: Behind the Bailouts, Bonuses, and Backroom Deals; by Nomi Prins
  12. 12. http://nomiprins.combook: Unforgiven: The American Economic System Sold for Debt And War; by Charles Walters Coach Wooden, The 7 Principles that Shaped His Life and Will Change Yours; by PatWilliams Coach Woodens Pyramid of Success: Building Blocks For a Better Life; by John Wooden OIL CARSPlant Drivehttp://plantdrive.comGreasecar Vegetable Fuel Systemshttp://www.greasecar.comConvert Used Cooking Oil into Diesel Fuel of Using Vegetable Oil CarsConverting your Diesel Engine to Vegetable Oil Powered Systemshttp://vegpoweredsystems.comGolden Fuel Systemshttp://goldenfuelsystems.comGood Greasehttp://www.goodgrease.comVeg Power
  13. 13. Power from Vegetable Oilhttp://www.vegpower.comELSBETT Diesel Technologyhttp://elsbett.comVeg Oil Motoringhttp://vegoilmotoring.comBio Carhttp://biocar.deEnviofuelStraight Vegetable Oil Productshttp://www.enviofuel.comFRYBRIDThe Future of Vegetable Oil Technologyhttp://frybrid.comVegie Carshttp://vegiecars.comOrganic Mechanichttp://www.theorganicmechanic.orgFattywagonshttp://www.fattywagons.comDVD: S.V.O. Seminar 2006 http://www.goldenfuelsystems.comDVD: Greasy Rider Liquid Gold 2 http://www.goldenfuelsystems.comuse search engines to locate dvdsDVD: FUELhttp://thefuelfilm.comGrease University to FOREVER
  14. 14. ~Global Warming Economic Impacts on Tanzania and Deforestation Warming Impacts on Uganda - Integral Farm-HouseholdManagement Impact of Global Warming on Coffee Production Warming Mitigation Practitioner’s Handbook to Mainstream Global Warming Adaptation for Agriculture - Up in Smoke - Global Warming Vulnerability for Global Warming Adaptation
  15. 15. Agriculture - Providing Food Security, Mitigating Global Warming Agriculture and the Global Food Supply Investing in Natural Capital Agriculture and Food Security in Africa Agriculture for IMPROVED Food Security in Africa agriculture and Global Warming Agriculture - a Guide to Global Warming and Food Security
  16. 16. Solutions to Global Warming and Food Security Agriculture: Mitigating Climate Change, Providing Food Security & Self-Reliance Capital: The New Political Imperative Sustainable Agriculture Green Economy Initiative Microfinance to Ensure Food Security, While Mitigating Global Warming
  17. 17. Women in Agriculture - Making Strong Case for Investing in Women Sustainable Development - The Importance of Women are the Key to Food Security and Rural Development & Organic Farming is improving Soil Fertility & Increasing Crop Yields in Africa helps Vulnerable Populations Adapt to Global Warming Call for Climate Justice Americans and Global Warming at a Cross Roads
  18. 18. Agroecology - How to Feed the World Without Destroying It and Sustainable Development and Church: How Global Warming Will Impact Core Church Ministries and Poverty Earth Day Sunday Resource Justice of Creation: A Call for Climate Justice Wariming Impact on Food Security in the Pacific - Vanuatu Warming Impacts on the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals Warming Impact on Nepal Warming Mitigation in Pastoralism Dry Lands Will Global Warming Impact World Food Supplies? Climate
  19. 19. Oxfam Launches East Africa Appeal for Starving PeopleDrought is Killing People, Food Prices Soar a Green Economy Agriculture - Organic Berry Farm Super Power Breathing: For Super Energy, High Health & Longevity, by Patricia Bragg good person leaves an inheritance to their children’s children.What kind of inheritance are you leaving?~Please email this web site to friends and others who are concerned about our childrens future and ourgrandchildrens future.Thank you for all of your help.~