Oxfam Launches East Africa Appeal for Starving People
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Oxfam Launches East Africa Appeal for Starving People



Oxfam Launches East Africa Appeal for Starving People

Oxfam Launches East Africa Appeal for Starving People



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    Oxfam Launches East Africa Appeal for Starving People Oxfam Launches East Africa Appeal for Starving People Document Transcript

    • `Oxfam Launches East Africa Appeal for Starving PeopleOxfam has launched an emergency appeal for £9.5m ($15m) to reach millions of people threatenedby hunger in Ethiopia and other East African countries.The UK-based agency says thousands of animals have already died because of a drought which is theworst in 10 years.Warning signs indicate that the lives and livelihoods of 23 million people are threatened - twice asmany as the last serious crisis in 2006.Seven countries are affected, with half of those threatened living in Ethiopia.However, Ethiopian officials say that fewer people will actually need food aid this year than in 2008.The government says it is confident it has done everything it can to feed its hungry people.Other worst affected countries are Kenya, Somalia and Uganda, with Sudan, Djibouti and Tanzaniaalso hit hard.Given upOxfam says many infants have fallen ill and the elderly - who traditionally are the last to get foodand water - are the worst hit."My body has had so little over the last few months it has given up [taking solid food]," MuyaEmaniman, an elderly woman from Kanukarudio, in the Turkana region of northern Kenya, told thePress Association."Usually if the rains fail, we have built up a reserve of food we can fall back on. But this time it isworse than that because they have failed again and again," she said. "We have nothing left."Mother-of-five Ajikon Lonok, said her children were getting ill with diarrhoea."Taking water here is no good because it is contaminated, but it is all we have unless we walk allday," she told PA from her village near Kokuro.Conflict, climate change and population growth have all played their part in worsening the effect of adrought this year which comes after four years of bad harvests, says the BBCs internationaldevelopment correspondent, David Loyn.He says if the rains do come next month, the El Nino effect might turn them into uncontrolleddeluges - causing more death rather than helping to grow crops.
    • A spokesman for the UK Department for International Development says that they too are gravelyconcerned and ready to provide emergency supplies as necessary.Oxfamhttp://www.oxfam.org.uk~Plant a Row for the PoorHave your Friends Help You Glean the Harvesthttp://bernzfalkenhage.insanejournal.comPlease setup and supportOrganic COMMUNTIY GARDENShttp://sorezhagensen.insanejournal.comFood not Lawnsworldcatlibrarything~GleaningYour Local Foodbank and Soup Kitchens Need YOUPlease Help. Thank You!http://glean4food.insanejournal.comGleaning Resourceshttp://www.scribd.com/doc/51068769The Student Guide to Gleaninghttp://www.scribd.com/doc/51067566Let’s Glean - Toolkithttp://www.scribd.com/doc/51067599Starting a Gleaning Program at Your Food Bankhttp://www.scribd.com/doc/51067621
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