RS Associates Accelerates Performance

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  • 1. At a Glance:RS Associates is a supplier of after-market auto parts serving off road racing enthu-siasts in the US and around the world. By providing the best brands of high perfor-mance parts such as Garrett, Brian Crower, and CP Pistons, the company has ex-perienced tremendous growth over the last year. Their parts experts provide cus-tomers with unmatched advice and recommendations by phone and chat. As theirreputation continues to expand, they have seen rapid growth in their eCommercechannels, which includes a NetSuite commerce site and an eBay store.Industry: Automotive, eCommerceOz Solutions: OzLINK ChannelApplications: NetSuite, ChannelAdvisor, PayPalKey Benefits: Automated eBay orders through ChannelAdvisor, cutting orderentry costs by 75% Facilitated adding SKUs to eCommerce channels, resulting in a35% growth Automated eCommerce order processing and fulfillment, re-sulting in $80K in annual savingsThe Challenge:Before NetSuite, ChannelAdvisor, and OzLINK, RS Associates had multiple frag-mented systems: Zen Cart, QuickBooks, a manual process of eBay, standalonePayPal, and a homegrown order management system. Their success and growthwas pushing this environment to its limits. Furthermore, given their expertise in au-tomotive parts, a majority of their orders came in through their sales team, whowere not able to leverage the technology effectively to grow the business. The is-sues this caused included: Manual orders from their eBay and eCommerce site resulted in extra costsand potential errors. It was too hard to publish additional SKUs through their eCommerce chan-nels, limiting sales opportunities. When the sales team needed to provide a quote via PayPal, the processwas labor intensive.The Solution:Selecting NetSuite and ChannelAdvisor, RS Associates had the order managementbackbone they needed to support their growth and by adding OzLINK, they wereable to fully integrate their solutions. OzLINK pulls orders from ChannelAdvisor andautomatically creates a sales order in NetSuite. For quotes that the sales team en-ters directly into NetSuite, OzLINK creates a PayPal invoice that, once paid, auto-matically releases the order to fulfillment. The results include: The number of SKUs available online has grown to 8,000 and managingthe listings is a lot simpler. Visibility and control of drop ship items and back orders ensures better in-ventory control and customer service. Sales people can now focus all of their efforts on customers by using Net-Suite end-to-end.RS AssociatesRS Associates Accelerates PerformanceWith OzLINK“eCommerce was an importantand growing channel for us. WithOzLINK we have been able toaccelerate that growthdramatically .”-Clay Marsh, CTO, RSAssociatesOZ DEVELOPMENT, INC.Phone: 508-366-1969sales@ozdevelopment.comwww.ozdevelopment.comOzLINK Customer Success Story