OzLINK for UPS & QuickBooks


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With OzLINK you can streamline the entire order management process by integrating and extending QuickBooks.

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  • Try to get the following info


    State from:

    UPS District:

    Is the person part of the CS team?

    if not, who do they usually use for those instances?
  • OzLINK for UPS & QuickBooks

    1. 1. OzLINK for QuickBooks
    2. 2. Agenda • Review of OzLINK Training Sessions • Oz Development Overview • OzLINK Models for QuickBooks • Customer Case Studies • Integration of QuickBooks and eCommerce • Advanced QuickBooks shipping options • Q & A
    3. 3. Title Summary of session Introduction to OzLINK for UPS • Provides an overview of the 4 OzLINK for UPS solutions: OzLINK, Plus, Pro, Custom • Pre-requisites: None Advanced OzLINK Custom • Provides more in depth capability of OzLINK custom modules • How OzLINK Custom modules are applied to create customer savings & efficiencies • Pre-requisites: Introduction to OzLINK OzLINK Custom Deep Dive • Highlights recent customer successes and use cases • Pre-requisites: Advanced OzLINK OzLINK for QuickBooks • Highlights OzLINK capabilities with QuickBooks and customer case studies • Pre-requisites: Advanced OzLINK Advanced OzLINK Plus Training • In depth use of batch capabilities of OzLINK Plus • Excel plus set up of styles • Review use cases such as QVM, origin analysis, etc. • Pre-requisites: Introduction to OzLINK OzLINK for UPS Training Offerings OzLINK for QuickBooks • Highlights OzLINK capabilities with QuickBooks and customer case studies • Pre-requisites: Advanced OzLINK
    4. 4. OzLINK: Payback for Thousands of UPS Customers 4 Oz Overview • Integrating and extending order management applications • 20 years experience in shipping • Part of UPS Ready for 10+ years • Rapid company growth A Solution for Every UPS Customer • Scales down and up with size of business • Integration from Excel to Enterprise ERP • Handle complex business rules • Premiere customer service
    5. 5. QuickBooks: The Most Extensible Options 5 Degree of Integration Value Target Customer • Greater than 40 shipments per day • Complex business rules Pricing • Set up fee starts at $999-$7999 • Monthly subscription $99-$399 OzLINK for UPS Plus OzLINK for UPS OzLINK for UPS Pro OzLINK for UPS Custom Target Customer • Greater than 15 orders per day • Basic business rules Pricing • No set-up fee • Monthly subscription $29 per station
    6. 6. OzLINK Supports 4 Models with QuickBooks 6 eCommerce eCommerce eCommerce
    7. 7. Atlanta Barber Supply Trims Costs • Streamlined 125 order per day, growing eCommerce • Cut cleric work from 7-8 hours to 25 minutes • Improved order accuracy & customer service Orders Orders Costs & Tracking Tracking
    8. 8. Image 3D Saves Over $10,000 per year • Streamlined order processing saving $10,500 per year • Improved customer service and visibility while growing at 42% • Increased ability to handle volume peaks with same staff New Orders Order Status • Rules for Mail Innovations • Pack rules for multi-piece & batch shipping
    9. 9. All QuickBooks Versions 9 • Three technologies • OzLINK for UPS Pro supports premiere, pro, enterprise, and online •OzLINK for UPS Custom supports QB POS
    10. 10. Integrate eCommerce, QuickBooks, and UPS 10
    11. 11. OzLINK Edge Applications 11 Order routing Supplier Fulfillment Order Screening Address Validation eCommerce Edge Apps Orders Inventory, Pricing, etc.
    12. 12. Streamline eCommerce with Batch Shipping 12 Orders Export Batch shippingTracking
    13. 13. Improve EDI/ASN Orders With Pack Verification 13 Retailer Front Office User Warehouse User EDI • Validate line items & quantity at pack time • Capture box level details of shipment • Generic UCC 128 compliant labels with UPS label
    14. 14. OzLINK Pro Versus OzLINK Custom Capability Pro Custom QuickBooks and Shipping Integration Tracking and Costs write-back QuickBooks Pro/Premiere/Enterprise, Online QuickBooks POS Basic Business Rules Advanced Business Rules Branded pack slips, emails Batch shipping, combo pack slip/label eCommerce order integration Advanced pack validation and EDI/ASN E-mail, phone support 14
    15. 15. OzLINK Custom Has a Simple and Rapid Go-Live Process UPS Finds Pain Joint Discovery Call OzLINK Documents Scope and Costs OzLINK Implementation Go Live • UPS manages account • OzLINK provides expertise in host integration • Customer goes live & starts shipping rapidly OzLINK Supports Customer Document ROI
    16. 16. Tools to Support You 16 Case Studies, Brochures Demo Videos https://www.youtube.com/user/OzDevelopment/videos http://www.slideshare.net/OzDevelopment/presentations https://www.ozdevelopment.com/upsready Sales 508-366-1969 sales@ozdevelopment.com https://www.linkedin.com/company/oz- development-inc-