Connect eCommerce into Your Warehouse


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With growing eCommerce business and many new channels such as eBay, Amazon, Groupon, the complexities only increase in the warehouse. Learn about integration models and extensions that can improve your operation.

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Connect eCommerce into Your Warehouse

  1. 1. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Are your eCommerce ChannelsIntegrated into your Warehouse?
  2. 2. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Agenda• Introduction & Welcome• Trends• eCommerce & order management• Oz Development Overview• Successful customer scenarios• Magento & QuickBooks Demo Scenario• Q & A
  3. 3. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Today’s SpeakersTroy GrahamDirector of Bus DevOz DevelopmentBrian HodgsonVP Sales/MarketingOz Development
  4. 4. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Where are you investing for growth?
  5. 5. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969What Sales Channels Do You Employ
  6. 6. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Growth, eCommerce, & the WarehouseInventory Control Pick/Pack Label & ShipExpandingeCommerce• Inventory visibility &allocation• Supplier drop shipprograms• Order mix • UPS services• Residential• Time in transit• Customer visibilityBroader ProductCatalog• Volume analysis • Picking speed andaccuracy• Varying weights, boxsizesInternational • Multiple locations,3PLs• Item detail information • Carrier options• Commercial Invoiceand export filing• Customs, duties, &taxesExpandingMarketplaces• Allotment acrosschannels• FBA, consignment• Order accuracy andcustomer ratings• Branded pack slipsSelling throughlarge retailers• Shared visibility • Box contents &accuracy• Order size• Advanced shipnotices• Compliant labels
  7. 7. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Options for Integrating eCommerceChannel Centric Order CentricERP
  8. 8. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Options for Integrating eCommerceChannel Centric Order Centric• eCommerce “born”• One channel dominates• Supports growth in single channel• Harder to automate inventory control• Adding multiple channels harder• Often have “traditional” sales channel• eCommerce is additive• Flexibility across multiple channels• Scalable across order management• Better end to end visibility
  9. 9. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969What Does Oz Do?OzLINK Integrates and AutomatesOrder Management ApplicationseCommerceWarehouseShippingERP
  10. 10. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969What Edge Applications Have We Built?Integration PlatformApplications UtilitiesDoc Templates E-mailBar codeData Parsing DBMobileCustomer Business RulesEdge ApplicationseCommerceWarehouseShipping• Routing• Address validation• Order screening• Batch processing• Wireless picking• Branded pack slips• Carrier selection• ASN/labels• BOL
  11. 11. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969What Applications Do We Integrate With?ERP/AccountingCRM/eCommerceHomegrownODBCWebServicesTerminalEmulatorsBatch Files XMLLegacyApplications
  12. 12. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969What Are Some Customer Examples?eCommerce Warehouse Shipping
  13. 13. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Magento, QuickBooks, & UPS WorldShipOrders OrdersCosts &TrackingTracking
  14. 14. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Integrating Groupon and UPS WorldShipUPSWorldShipCommerce InterfaceBatch fileof orders
  15. 15. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Automate Business Rules• Residential• Urban area• PO Box• International• Loyalty programs• Drop ship• Preferred service• Weight, dims• Value• Commodity• Delivery dateShipmentDetailsConsigneeOrigin/DestAddressOzLINKAutomate Business RulesCarrier & Service• Ground• Next Day Air• Mail Innovations• Freight• etcShipping Options• Return Service• Saturday Delivery• Int’l Commodity• etcPackage Options• Delivery confirmation• Flexible parcel ins.• Declared value• etc.
  16. 16. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Branded Pack Slips
  17. 17. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Alternate Pick & Pack ScenariosMaster PickingBatch Processing
  18. 18. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  19. 19. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  20. 20. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  21. 21. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  22. 22. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  23. 23. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  24. 24. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  25. 25. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  26. 26. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  27. 27. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  28. 28. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Summary: eCommere Checklist• Are your eCommerce orders seamlesslyintegrated into your fulfillment process?• Can you improve your inventory control tobetter service your eCommerce channels?• Do you have any costly manual processesin the warehouse as a result of channelrequirements?• Do you have a scalable fulfillment processto support eCommerce growth?
  29. 29. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Q & A
  30. 30. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Additional OzLINK InformationKeep up to date with both industry andOzLINK product newsVisit the OzLINK for UPS Site the OzLINK for NetSuite
  31. 31. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Additional Informationwww.ozdevelopment.com508 366 1969